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Sep 10

5 Pieces of Activewear To Help You Achieve The Tenniscore Look – mindbodygreen

The U.S. Open is in full swing, one of my favorite authors (Taylor Jenkins Reid) just published a book with a tennis player protagonist (Carrie Soto is Back), and everyone from Gen Z to retirees seem to be obsessed with pickleball. In short: It seems like everywhere I turn, I see court sports.

As a once-and-occasional tennis player, I'm all for this omnipresenceespecially since I'd consider tennis and pickleball great sports when it comes to longevity. Not only are both forms of fitness fantastic for moving your body and elevating your heart rate, but they're also well-suited for all ages. Plus, as a multi-person sport, they foster community and social connection, which can support mental health as well as lifespan.

One interesting offshoot of this rising trend, however, is the influence on activewear: Fitness brands everywhere are really leaning into court clothes (a look affectionately coined "tenniscore" on TikTok and otherwise). To clarify, I'm not talking about your classic tennis retailers, but rather, many activewear brands that didn't previously carry court clothes are now jumping on the trend. Again, as someone who loves an occasional game of tennis, I'm here for itbut you also don't need to own a racket to enjoy these comfortable and functional workout fits.

So whether you're hitting the courts, watching the U.S. Open, or simply running errands, I've roundup up some of my favorite recent activewear releases that I love for the "tenniscore" look.

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5 Pieces of Activewear To Help You Achieve The Tenniscore Look - mindbodygreen

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