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Nov 17

Workout Wednesday: YMCA launching North Baton Rouge Initiative to bridge health gaps in the community –

BATON ROUGE, LA (BR-PROUD) The YMCA is launching a new program to help bridge health gaps in our community.

We really try to make sure that were serving all communities. I think more importantly right now especially in the communities we know that are more lower income communities and access to good health and access to appropriate facilities is not easy to come by.

YMCA CEO Christin Ingle said this program, funded by a $25,000 grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, will help the Y expand the work already happening in North Baton Rouge.

Weve been doing farmers markets, weve been doing a health fairs, weve been providing wellness activities. I think this really just gives us the opportunity to expand that and do more with it.

The monetary donation allows the YMCA to offer up to 170 three month memberships to residents.

Really it is whatever their wellness journey is. So, if its somebody thats pre-diabetic and they need to improve their nutrition we can do that. If its somebody who is a cancer survivor and they want to participate in our cancer survivorship program were going to have that as well. Even those that just I want to come in, I want to have somebody show me how to use a treadmill and get me in a group exercise class, whatever they think theyre interest is going to be, all of those programs are taking place at that YMCA.

Ingle said the YMCA is now taking applications at the Exxon Mobile location on Howell Blvd.

Its within an income bracket. So, they just need to go to their local YMCA and well take care of them. We will look at what their financial situation is and well establish a membership for them. It could be anywhere from five dollars a month to $30 a month. It all really depends on individual circumstance.

Ingle said this program is one step closer to a healthier Baton Rouge.

To learn more about the program visit the YMCAs website.

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Workout Wednesday: YMCA launching North Baton Rouge Initiative to bridge health gaps in the community -

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