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Jul 7

WM Community Ed has fun for everyone this summer – ECM Publishers

Looking for more to do now that restrictions are lifting a bit, or hoping to return to a class or hobby? There are plenty of chances to do so through your local community education, such as Watertown-Mayers Community Learning Center. With restrictions still in place for the Kids Company and other childcare programs, its still not 100 percent, but theres plenty to do on site or online, and theres lots to prepare for in the coming months.

Weve been increasing classes, especially with summer here, said Amy Dimmler, Director of Community Education at the CLC. Were still following safety and sanitation protocols, and people are very excited to see classes back.

The programs that are back include the sports camps for children, and environmental classes for all ages. Those camps and classes are mostly outdoors for anyone looking to participate, so remember to prepare for weather. For those kids that are into science as much as or more than sports, there are options for them as well, including a robotics class for them to try.

There are plenty of other classes, though. Science classes, art classes, Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) classes, and more are still running. Exercise classes are also continuing for anyone looking to get back into their routine after a year of COVID and improvising for exercise. Its important to remember that all offerings at the CLC are for several different age groups, from the young to the elderly, so there are opportunities for everyone big and small.

As for the community room at the CLC, it will remain limited.

There is a group that comes in and uses it once a week, said Dimmler. Were slowly reopening the community room fully and plan to have it fully open it this fall.

Since all children at the CLC are under 12, they are at time of writing unable to be vaccinated against COVID, so protocols are still largely the same as they were before. The children are separated into pods. While the amount of kids is steadily increasing per staff with lifting restrictions adjusting, they are still limited and arent allowed to be swapped around. Because of this, the community room as well as others have been used to accommodate the programs.

While physical space is limited during the day, classes are not experiencing large waitlists, which is a surprise considering the need everyone has to get out. What helps the CLC is the class variety and options, according to Dimmler, as well as class sizes able to take nearly all who sign up.

The programs that are having waitlists are the childcare programs. Infant and toddler care is full with a large waitlist, though this has more to do with staffing according to Dimmler. Kids Company is seeing plenty of families and filling fast, so anyone wanting to utilize this service should reserve a spot soon. The big one, though, is the preschool readiness program. This program is already nearly full at time of writing, so Dimmler recommended that parents get their little ones in soon.

A big event coming to the CLC this year, though, is Summer Youth Theater, playing the Olympic Trials. This is after having to canceling everything last year, so anyone ready to get back into theater, or just see an adorable play, opening night is July 22 and runs through July 25.

So whether youre an adult looking for support, a place for your child to have a great time and learn something new, or looking to try something yourself. The CLC is ready. Visit and click on the Community Education tab to look through classes, upcoming events, and more.

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WM Community Ed has fun for everyone this summer - ECM Publishers

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