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Jan 23

What is balance training? | Types Of Exercise Programs …

Traditional balance training was always tested and addressed in a static environment. An example is the individual was asked to stand on one foot, and see how long they could hold it. The results then one indicate their level of balance. Over the years though, experts began looking at balance through a different lense. Identifying balance as the ability an individual can move away from their body's base of support through various movements patterns, and return efficiently to the starting position. Balance training can be incorporated by utilizing authentic drivers (arms, legs, head, eyes) or balance tools. As always balance training needs to be individualized to the person/task/goal. A general progressive balance training program might look like this:

Balance Leg Reaches: Standing on one foot (ensuring safe environment) reach opposite leg away from starting position to various angles of motion returning to balance start position each repetition.

Balance Arm Reaches:Standing on one foot (ensuring safe environment) reach arms away from your hips to various heights and angles of motion returning to balance start position each repetition. The individual could reach arms from hips to knees, hips to shoulders, shoulder to overhead for examples.

Lunges: Perform lunges at various angles of motion (forward/backwards - laterals - right&left rotations) and return to start position after each rep. Challenges can include how far away you can lunge, adding arm reaches with lunges, starting from a 1 leg balance position-lunging-and returning to balance position.

Hopping: Perform hopping patterns similiar to lunging patterns, The individual can hop 1 foot to the other foot or same foot to same foot, returning to start position each time.

* It is important to work within your thresholds with the above movements. Meaning you move as far away, fast or slow, how high by your ability to control the motion and return safely to the starting position each rep. Once you can control your own body, the individual can progress to adding equipment to the balance program.

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What is balance training? | Types Of Exercise Programs ...

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