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Jul 8

Seated Workouts to Improve Your Fitness With AS – Healthline

Exercise can be an effective way to manage life with ankylosing spondylitis (AS). Regular movement has a number of physical benefits such as increasing strength and reducing pain. Over time, AS can lead to limited mobility of the spine.

If you use a wheelchair, there are many adaptive exercises you can use to stay active.

Exercise can help keep a range of motion, lengthen muscles, and decrease pain and stiffness if you have AS. Maintaining fitness can help you to manage your AS symptoms and flares.

A 2019 review of randomized clinical trials of exercise programs for people with AS found there was evidence exercise helped reduce pain and increase spinal mobility.

Exercise is good for your:

Participating in a fitness program can also help improve sleep, which contributes to better overall well-being.

Fitness activities can take many forms, including modified forms of yoga, tai chi, and gentle stretching.

A physiotherapist can help you to decide what kind of exercise is right for your body and health. Here are some possibilities from the Spondylitis Association of America that may work for people with AS who use a wheelchair.

This can help stretch your spine and upper back.

This can help your shoulders and upper back. It can also help to strengthen lung capacity.

This can help stretch your chest muscles. Talk with a physiotherapist for a modification of this activity if the back of the wheelchair you use is higher than your shoulders.

These can help to strengthen muscles in your shoulders and upper arms.

These raises can also help your chest and shoulder muscles.

Exercise is an important part of managing ankylosing spondylitis. People who use wheelchairs have the opportunity to choose and modify activities that help to improve strength, flexibility, and spinal mobility. Working with a physiotherapist, you can find the right exercise program that supports your long-term health and well-being.

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Seated Workouts to Improve Your Fitness With AS - Healthline

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