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Oct 8

Recognizing Civilians: Danielle Spragley – Public Affairs Office of Headquarters, US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee

Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C.

Time in current position (and military if served): Two years working at the Fort Lee Army Wellness Center

Position: Health Educator

Duties: Promoting readiness by providing health education services to military members and their families, retirees and civilian employees. This is achieved by teaching various health education classes, providing health coaching services, creating personal exercise programs, and conducting exercise testing and body composition assessments.

Biggest accomplishments in your career: Receiving a coin from the 262nd Quartermaster Battalion for ensuring Soldiers receive services and education to improve overall health and readiness. Also being the coordinator for the annual AWC Fit for Duty Challenge.

Biggest personal accomplishment: Completing my Bachelor of Science degree in physical education with a concentration in exercise science.

The aspect of your job thats most challenging: Creating and innovating fitness challenges that will interest the Fort Lee community.

The job aspect you like the most: Keeping my clients happy by maintaining an excellent rapport with them and seeing them achieve their goals.

Best thing the boss, a co-worker or customer has said about you: I have frequently received positive client satisfaction comments such as Excellent young lady to work with, Very professional and thorough with explaining my results, and Very competent and professional.

What is your strength in working with co-workers or customers? I believe my strength is Im always willing to step up and take on any additional responsibilities. I also have been regularly commended for my ability to analyze and critically discover a solution.

Whats the best advice you can give people stressing out right now? To never give up by focusing on what is within ones control and keeping sight of individual goals.

Do you volunteer with your community, and if so, how? I enjoy helping out the community by picking up trash and pitching in at different family events.

Best memory from childhood: Living in Germany and being able to visit London, England and Paris, France.

Worst fear: Not meeting my personal standards regarding being successful.

Whats your favorite way to relax and why? My favorite way to relax is going for a run or lifting weights. A form of physical activity is the best stress reliever for my body and brain.

Favorite saying and why: Walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7. This has been my favorite saying because I believe we may not see that God is working, but I trust and believe he is preparing me for my blessings.

Favorite book and why: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. I enjoy the positivity of love stories and this book depicted an interested story of a young adult learning about life and its lessons."

One person you admire: I admire my Dad; that answer has been the same all of my life. He has accomplished many admirable achievements, and as an adult, I strive to mimic similar behaviors to also reach my personal goals.

If you could get a do-over, would you take it and what would it be? I would have taken piano lessons at a younger age. I feel having a stronger musical background would provide another stress management technique.

If you could do anything you wanted at this very moment, what and where would that be? I would explore all 50 states via a recreational vehicle to gain further perspective of different regions and people.

When are you most satisfied? When I am spending time with my baby girl Audrey.

What are you (and your family) doing to stay sane during this more stressful time than usual? We have been doing a lot of different activities such as planning and cooking our own meals as a family, having movie nights, working out at home/outside, and going for walks. We also started a small business selling jewelry.

Whats the first thing you plan to do when things return to normal? Definitely travel. There are a few places Ive been wanting to go to that I had to put on hold such as Miami, and I want to go on a cruise to the Caribbean islands.

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Recognizing Civilians: Danielle Spragley - Public Affairs Office of Headquarters, US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee

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