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Nov 7

Increasing physical activity could add $100B to world economy – HealthExec

Beyond higher productivity in the economy, mortality rates for individuals improved between 11% to 28% by adding exercise. That comes out to roughly 2.5 more years of life based on an average 40-year-old male.

The findings come at a time when more workplaces are implementing health programs that incentivize healthy habits, including exercise. Health insurer Humana has its own wellness program for its employees, called Go365, that uses digital wellness tools like Fitbit. Vitality, a health and wellness solutions company that commissioned the study, has also partnered with John Hancock, a financial services and life insurance company, to reward insurance members for healthy behaviors, including physical activity.

This groundbreaking study provides proof of the relationship between physical activity, productivity, mortality and economic growth, Tal Gilbert, CEO of Vitality USA, said in a statement. The stakes are enormous for the individual and for our society as a whole."

More here:
Increasing physical activity could add $100B to world economy - HealthExec

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