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Apr 29

Horned Frogs in the News, April 8-25 – TCU

From Reconciliation Day on campus to civil rights issues across the state of Texas, Horned Frogs are being featured in the news.


Were not going to sugarcoat this. Students, faculty grapple with TCUs racist past.April 21, 2022Fort Worth Star-TelegramAn auditorium full of students, faculty, staff and alumni listened to some ofTCUsracial history at the universitys second annual Reconciliation Day. It might be embarrassing. It might be a dark chapter but that actually positions us to change and influence the future,said Frederick W. Gooding Jr., chair of TCUs Race & Reconciliation Initiative.


Avant Chamber Ballet and Dallas Chamber Symphony Wrap Up the 2021-2022 SeasonApril 23, 2022NBC DFWDallas Chamber Symphony and Avant Chamber Ballet are preparing for the final performances of a season like no other. The 2021-2022 season was the first full season of live performances following the pandemic shutdown. The program included BlochsSuite Hbraque, which featured the orchestras principal violist, Misha Galaganov, professor of viola and chair of strings atTexas Christian University.

TCU decoding the 'sweet science' of boxing and its benefit to Parkinson's patientsApril 19, 2022WFAA-TV TCUis studying the Punching Out Parkinsons exercise program in Fort Worth. Christopher Wattshas partnered with former professional boxer Paulie Ayala and eight Punching Out Parkinsons participants to identify and document exactly how the exercises used in the boxing program impact and stimulate the nervous system, improve motor skills and improve cognitive function. We want to scientifically test if this Punching out Parkinsons exercise program can impact Parkinsons disease in a positive way, and will that impact last over time. And the hypothesis is that it will,said Watts, the Marilyn and MorganDaviesDean of Harris Collegeof Nursing & Health Sciences.

Can empathy for Ukrainians fuel global solidarity against imperialism?April 19, 2022The Washington PostRanda Tawil, assistant professor of women and gender studies, wrote an op-ed discussing the impact the war in Ukraine will have on global solidarity against imperialism. Most of the world has reacted to Russias attack on Ukraine with shock, anger and disgust, she writes. But inmainstream mediacoverage andthe response of the U.S. government, there has been a stark difference between the treatment of Ukrainian refugees and refugees from other parts of the world.

Why Is Good Friday Good? History, Meaning Behind Christian FestivalApril 15, 2022NewsweekShelly Matthews, professor of New Testament at Brite Divinity School,suggests there are many intriguing contradictions in the account of Good Friday that can be explained if we understand that the Gospel authors are evangelists, not modern historians. They are concerned to communicate the meaning of Jesuss life and death, as they understand it,Matthewssaid.

Brandon J. Manning, 'Played Out: The Race Man in 21st Century Satire'April 12, 2022New Books NetworkBrandon Manning, assistant professor of Black literature and culture, discussed his new book, Played Out: The Race Man in 21st Century Satire. Part of what the book is attempting to do is trying to show precisely what the stakes of Black men engaging humorous and in particular, satirical spaces what the weight of that and expectation of that is from a broader societal view, but also how theyre able to leverage that visibility,Manningsaid.

TCU School of Medicine panelists discuss how to navigate patient care during RamadanApril 11, 2022Fort Worth ReportTCU School of Medicine faculty memberDr. Imran Siddiqui, professor of medical education, along with first-year medical students Sana ChowdhryandNaimah Sarwar,will share insight about the meaning of Ramadan and its connection to medicine during a Facebook Live chat.

New Books in Latino Studies Podcast - Max Krochmal and Todd Moye, 'Civil Rights in Black and Brown: Histories of Resistance and Struggle in Texas'April 11, 2022Google PodcastsMax Krochmal, associate professor of history, spoke about the process for collecting histories of the long liberation struggles in Texas. Krochmal partnered with others to create a coalition of professionals to spearhead the creation of Civil Rights in Black and Brown, a digital oral history project that holds over 100 oral interviews, and discussed the project on a podcast.

Raise The Future Uses Trust-Based Relational Interventions to Help FamiliesApril 11, 2022KCNC-TVTrust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) provides comprehensive help for children and families that are struggling as a result of trauma. TBRI is about growing healthy brains and bodies and teaching healthy relational skills, saidAmanda Purvis, training specialist with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development atTexas Christian University.

Survivor tells her story of brutal attack on Trinity Trails, aims to make Fort Worth saferApril 10, 2022Fort Worth Star-TelegramTo prevent crime, Fort Worth is looking at emergency posts on its Trinity Trails, similar to that on a college campus. Locally, TCU has nearly 200 emergency phones active on its campus, TCU Chief of Police Robert Rangel said, adding that though the call boxes may not always be used to stop a crime, they have a deterrent effect and have been utilized to assist individuals with non-emergency matters. From Jan. 1, 2021, through April 6, 2022, TCU police responded to 86 activations from our emergency, blue light, phone towers, Rangel said. The majority of the calls were non-emergencies, with only one event resulting in the reporting and interruption of a crime in progress. The phones help provide security for our campus as part of a broader, multi-layered crime prevention and response strategy.

Almost 80% of endurance athletes use supplements: SurveyApril 8, 2022NUTRA ingredients-usaData published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements indicated that 78% of the 200 endurance athletes surveyed were current users of dietary supplements (DS), with almost 54% reporting that they used at least three supplement products. Scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi andTexas Christian Universityreport that the top 10 supplements used were multivitamins; electrolytes; vitamin D; protein; B vitamins; fish oil; probiotics; melatonin; amino acids/BCAAs and glucosamine chondroitin.

With elective politics behind her, ex-Mayor Betsy Price has time to unwind - but still worries about the futureApril 8, 2022Fort Worth Business PressJust over a month after Betsy Price was defeated in a bitterly contentious Republican primary race for Tarrant County Judge, sheis extremely worried, as are her many supporters,about the countys future.James Riddlesperger, political science professor, believes that Tarrant County remains solidly Republican at the county level, especially in the judicial races.


From the artist: Daily routines, paths on maps inspire Greg Bahr to create abstract piecesApril 22, 2022Fort Worth ReportGreg Bahr 01began to examine his own routines on a map and was inspired to turn it into art. He has lived in Fort Worth for 35 years with his wife and two children. He received his bachelor of fine arts degree with an emphasis in painting fromTCUin 2001. I started pulling up maps and tracing out the lines of my routes and started playing with those lines. It was kind of this nice discovery where these patterns and forms evolved,Bahrsaid.

Cook Children's director wins AHA ChallengeApril 21, 2022Fort Worth ReportChristi Thornhill 90 (DNP 18), a nurse practitioner at Cook Childrens Medical Center, won the Tarrant County award in the American Heart Associations 2022 Woman of Impact competition.Thornhillreceived both her bachelor of science in nursing degree and her doctorate of nursing practice fromTexas Christian University.

With positivity and dedication, principal aims to bring joy to schoolApril 18, 2022The Washington PostAmy Schott 00, the principal of Henderson Elementary, brings dedication and positivity to her work as principal. Her focus has turned to teaching social skills that children lost during the pandemic.SchottattendedTexas Christian University, where she got a bachelors in early-childhood education. I remind students every day that you belong here, we are glad you are here today, and we love you!,Schott said.

Jeremy Moreland excited to be WWU 13th presidentApril 16, 2022Fulton SunWilliam Woods Universitys newly appointed presidentJeremy Moreland MS 96was inaugurated this month as the 13th president at the university.MorelandattendedTexas Christian University for graduate school. I love being a part of a university that has teaching and learning at the center of what we do, Morelandsaid.

Cash House Honors a Prolific Teacher, Author, and ScholarApril 14, 2022hbs.eduThe Harvard Business School - Cash House is named to honor the legacy and contributions ofJames Cash 69.The buildings name celebrates and honors the contributions ofCash, who exemplifies the schools mission of educating leaders who make a difference in the world. It's quite important symbolically to have a name on a building that helps people feel represented but the thing were all actually going to have to work on together is the lived experiences of the students here, of the people we come into contact with in our lives. Its those lived experiences that we can influence that will really make this world a better place,Cashsaid.

New Life on Historic FoundationApril 11, 2022Fort Worth, Texas MagazineA new house sits on what was once Camp Bowie a short-lived military tent camp that closed down in 1919 and was quickly replaced by a residential area. Breanna 08 and Matt King 08have renovated the home to give an inviting ambiance. When I first saw this house, it was pretty spooky; Im not going to lie, Breanna said.

Justin Anderson shows his spicy side on store shelvesApril 8, 2022Dallas VoiceDuring the pandemic,Justin Anderson 09sparked his entrepreneurial side and discovered he wanted to add some flavor to his steaks, and he had had enough of his own pantrys offerings.I wanted to change things up for people cooking at home. You can rub it on any protein, put it on a baked potato or make a ranch dip out of it. Its universal in its application and elevates any flavor,"Andersonsaid. Andersonmoved to Fort Worth to attend TCU, where he was recruited into the entrepreneurial program and studied both business and liberal arts.


Coaching change has energized TCU football. Now Frogs just need to keep it goingApril 25, 2022Fort Worth Star-TelegramThere is a buzz surrounding the program these days as it enters theSonny Dykesera. Fans have enjoyed the program becoming more accessible with spring practices being open. More players and assistants are sharing their stories with greater media access. Overall, there is a different vibe from previous years and it was on full display at TCUs spring game. Theres an excitement around the program right now and I think there always is when theres a coaching change,Dykessaid. Thats part of the evolution of college football. There was a great energy in the stadium tonight. I think we have an incredible fan base. I think theyre hungry to win.

Horned Frogs in the News, April 8-25 - TCU

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