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Oct 13

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Banner Payson | Health – Payson Roundup

Banner Payson Medical Center is excited to share its newest health care program for the Rim Country community. Banner now offers cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services in Payson. Qualified rehab staff is available to complete assessments and treatment and are accepting new patients.

They are also joined by a mental health professional to help those who may struggle with anxiety or depression because of their health issues. It can be difficult to follow through with treatment when a patients emotional wellness is also challenged. Seeking to remedy this, the cardiopulmonary rehab treatment uses a holistic approach to manage ongoing health concerns.

Physical fitness is also a big part of the overall treatment. The programs goal is to get patients exercising in a closely monitored environment. Through the benefits of exercise patients feel better and improve chronic health conditions. We hope that the positive experience will lead patients to a lifelong relationship with exercise outside of their cardiac treatment and a higher quality of life, explains Lance Porter, Banner Chief Executive Officer.

According to the American Heart Association, cardiac rehabilitation can greatly improve the health and recovery of those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. Benefits include a 47% reduction in all-causes of mortality in patients who participated in cardiac rehab compared to non-participants.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Tennessee School of Nursing, it was found that Enrollment into a pulmonary rehab program after COPD exacerbation results in decreased dyspnea (shortness of breath) at six-month follow up and quicker recovery time as compared to patients who are referred to pulmonary rehab longer than six months after exacerbation. The facts are in and rehabilitation programs like this one deliver truly excellent patient results.

Potential patients

The cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help patients who have recently experienced a cardiac event. This program helps patients regain strength and energy, speed recovery, and prevent heart issues in the future. This program uses exercise conditioning, strength training, nutritional counseling, education and emotional support. Candidates include those who have experienced:

A heart attack or heart failure

Angioplasty or coronary artery bypass grafting for coronary heart disease

A heart valve repair or replacement

Any other recent cardiac event

The pulmonary or respiratory rehabilitation programs are designed to help patients breathe easier, despite any lung condition. This program uses exercise conditioning, strength training, nutritional counseling, education and emotional support. Candidates include those who have experienced chronic obstructive and pulmonary diseases such as:

Interstitial lung disease

Course of treatment

After an initial evaluation, patients will receive an individualized treatment plan designed around his or her specific needs. The plan is developed jointly with the patient and their health care provider(s). Most patients complete their treatment within 8 to 12 weeks. Benefits from the program can include:

Reduced symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue

Reduced emotional stress, depression and anxiety

Improved flexibility and muscle tone

Improved energy level and mood

Quicker return to work or other activities

Reduced medication costs

Meet the experts

Banner has brought on experts to lead the program: Judy Lee, MSW, LCSW, is the program director and counselor; David Gorr, CRT Respiratory Therapist, oversees treatment.

A person gets referred either by calling us directly or through their physician, says Lee, We the program staff take things from there. We will check insurance, contact the primary care physician, and get the patient scheduled for an evaluation/assessment. Thereafter, the respiratory therapist and other clinical staff communicate with the patient, physicians, and even family on a regular basis. All reports get sent to the patients doctor.

Lee is an experienced leader and has worked with similar programs in the past. She recognizes how crucial the conversation is with both the patient and their doctor.

Once we begin working with a patient, we maintain communication with the physician, as this is a vital part in tracking a patients progress, says Lee.

Her passion for this program is contagious and her concern and care for her patients is apparent in all she does. Looking to the future Lee also plans to bring a behavioral health program for older adults to Banner Payson Medical Center. I have seen so many people whose lives have been transformed by programs like this one. Its pretty amazing and I am honored to be a part of that.

The new Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center is on the hospital campus and open for new patients. Please call 928-596-4577 for more information.

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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Banner Payson | Health - Payson Roundup

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