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Jul 24

5 tips to stay fit without breaking the bank – NewsNation Now

Amidst rising costs and the seemingly never-ending rates of inflation, gym memberships may now be out of the price range for many Americans.

But there are still plenty of ways to exercise without stretching your budget on a pricy membership.

NewsNation spoke to Chicago-based personal trainer DeAngela Hale, who offered advice about affordable ways to exercise.

Hale suggested that people interested in working out at home can use simple exercises like jumping jacks.

You can do some old-school gym class exercises and get a great workout, Hale said. Everyone thinks you have to go to a high-end gym or have a membership to work out when actually you dont. Your body is a machine itself.

You can do jumping jacks in twenty-second sets, or consider a technique called jumping jack presses, where you take a water bottle in each hand and press them as youre doing the exercise.

They both will get your heart rate up, either way, Hale said.

In addition to burning calories and keeping your heart healthy, jumping jacks benefit many of your lower body muscles strengthening everything from your glutes to your shins.

Another easy exercise to do at home are squats, which especially benefit your core muscles. As Axioss Erica Pandey notes, squats have been shown to improve posture and reduce lower back pain.

There are also different variations to vary your workout such as the single-leg squat, where you squat with one leg while keeping the other extended. Hale suggested doing what are called goblet squats, where you hold a weight, such as a gallon of water, in order to work your leg muscles.

If youd like to make sure youre getting the basics of a squat right, check out this video from kinesiologist Jeremy Ethier.

Hale noted you dont have to buy expensive training weights; common household items can work as great substitutes.

There are so many things you can do without equipment, Hale said.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced her clients to get creative in order to continue exercising.

I even had a client use two wine bottles, and use those as weights! she said.

You can also use canned goods, bottles of detergent and other weighty items to do exercises like curls.

Lets say you wanted to work on your arms, you could do three sets of ten or twelve curls with wine bottles, Hale said.

Although paying for gym classes or a personal trainer can be money well spent, there are also plenty of free resources to build upon your exercise knowledge. Although not every fitness video on YouTube is credible, there are some professionals who operate channels that are worth watching.

One of my absolute favorites is Fitness Blender, Hale said, noting the channel has an emphasis on safety.

Another way to expand your knowledge is to look into free local resources in your area. Many parks and recreation departments offer free or low-cost exercise classes and gym access.

The Chicago Park District, for instance, operates affordable fitness centers and will waive fees for people who have a doctors prescription for exercise.

One thing youll want to avoid are diet or exercise schemes that tell you that you can lose weight or get healthy in a hurry.

Id say avoid all fad diets, Hale said. Look out for gimmicks I dont suggest like doing even liquid diets for long periods of time or cleanses for long periods of time because once you start to eat again, your body holds onto the nutrients. It slows your metabolism down.

Diet and exercise take time and commitment to work.

You want to look for a lifestyle change, Hale said. You want to look for programs that are long-lasting. Not lose weight quick. Anything that says lose weight quick is not typically sustainable.

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5 tips to stay fit without breaking the bank - NewsNation Now

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