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May 15

What Causes Stress? 21 Reasons You’re Stressed | –

If you live on a noisy street or a busy city, youre dealing with sound on the regular. Research has found that chronic low levels of noise can lead to things like trouble sleeping, which can then trigger stress. Noise can also directly stress you out if youre conscious of it (because, hello, who likes to go about their day to the soundtrack of jackhammers?). What tends to be the most stressing is noise thats less predictable and high-pitched, psychologist Frank Ghinassi, PhD, president and CEO of Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, tells Health. So basically, any noise youd hear in an urban setting. It can be frustrating to concentrate and that can lead to more energy to work against that frustration, he says. Noise specifically triggers a stress response in your amygdala, the part of your brain that regulates emotion, psychologist John Mayer, PhD, host of the Anxietys a B!tch podcast, tells Health. Your amygdala learns over time what sounds might signal impending danger, he explains. When one is detected, the amygdala triggers a release of cortisol. Cue the stress.

What Causes Stress? 21 Reasons You're Stressed | -

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