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Sep 2

New Study Reveals A Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods And Cancer Risk – Tasting Table

The BMJ study that followed more than 200,000 participants for over 25 years found an increased risk of developing bowel cancer when over-processed foods were a prevalent part of their diets, especially in men (per CNN). Consumption of highly processed foods by both genders leads to obesity, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease, which is associated with increased cancer risk.

According to Eureka Alert, analysis of study results showed that men consuming processed meats, ready-made meals, and sugary beverages had the strongest association with the development of colorectal cancer. There was no direct link between women consuming processed foods and bowel cancer. This could be attributed to women's choice of ultra-processed foods such as yogurt which might counter the effects of other more harmful counterparts. More research is needed to identify whether women's lessened risk of developing bowel cancer from processed foods was affected by uncontrolled influences or by chance.

The study directly linked nutrient-lacking foods to an increased risk of developing chronic diseases that can shorten the lifespan of both men and women (per CNN). Cardiovascular disease was the most prevalent of the comorbidities caused by an unhealthy diet, especially when foods low in nutrients were also ultra-processed. Returning to a diet of whole foods and reserving ultra-processed foods for a rare treat can help clear the path to a longer, healthier life.

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New Study Reveals A Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods And Cancer Risk - Tasting Table

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