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Jun 19

This Will Help You (Finally!) Pinpoint The Eating Style Your Body May Need –

The elimination diet is not a long-term eating plan and should not be followed for the sake of weight loss. By nature, it is a highly restrictive plan, so if you have a history of disordered eating, it's even more important to discuss a safe approach with your health care professional.

"Individuals with no clinical symptoms related to diet and food consumption do not need to follow an elimination diet," notes Barreto. "Individuals going through treatments or on medications should consult with the medical team before trying an elimination diet."

Moday also adds that those who struggle with vitamin and mineral deficiencies or are presently underweight should avoid following this eating plan.

It's also worth noting that eliminating foods that don't need to be removed from your diet may actually have a negative effect on your body over time, as you deprive yourself of vital nutrients. "Recent studies have found that people who eliminate gluten when they don't need to increase their risk of heart disease," integrative gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., MSCI, previously shared with mindbodygreen. Eliminating any and all grains can also be harmful to the gut, he adds.

This also extends to vegetables that may be causing you stomach discomfort. While it may seem like the natural next step to remove veggies from your diet that are making you feel ill, Bulsiewicz says this may not be the solution. "Digestive distress after eating fiber and plant foods is due to a gut that's overwhelmed. For some, this is just overdoing it with one big meal. But for most, this is evidence of a damaged gut," he explains. "You may have been told that this is proof that these foods are causing inflammation. They're not. It's just sloppy digestion."

This Will Help You (Finally!) Pinpoint The Eating Style Your Body May Need -

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