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Jun 13

This Morning viewers ‘switch off’ and ‘nearly vomit’ over guest’s ‘disgusting’ diet habit – Yahoo Movies UK

This Morning viewers were left feeling queasy and compelled to turn off their TVs during the latest episode. Wednesday's episode (June 12) featured hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard chatting with American guest Weston Rowe from his home.

He first sparked comments when he appeared on Friday's Celebrity Gogglebox episode, where the celebrities were seen reacting to My Strange Addiction.

On the show, Weston revealed his unusual diet: "I'm addicted to eating raw meat. The real game changer is when people find out that I'm eating raw chicken", and he shared more about his dietary habits: "In four years I've eaten about 100 raw chickens and I've never been sick. I actually also eat raw internal organs.", reports the Mirror.

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Following the response, This Morning got him on the show in which he discussed his raw meat diet, which costs him over $9,000 annually. Weston, who switched to raw meat for health reasons, explained how he initially struggled with the taste but now claims he's accustomed to it.

Despite medical advice to the contrary, Weston boasts of consuming hundreds of raw chickens without ever contracting salmonella. In a stomach-turning moment, he ate a raw chicken leg on air, describing it as 'squishy' and 'slimy', followed by raw liver, prompting disgusted reactions from viewers.

Taking to Twitter, now X, one person said: "#ThisMorning Ive had to turn over, this man eating raw chicken almost made me throw up. It was disgusting. I dont know who even thought of having this segment. So wrong!", a different account put: "Oh I think I'm gonna be sick!! #thismorning", another wrote: "Stop with the raw meat bloke it's knocking me sick #ThisMorning".

A different account put: "Urgh what im i watching #thismorning" with a sick emoji, another said: "Sorry but this is not necessary to see that!!!! #thismorning" while a different account added: "Stop with the raw meat bloke it's knocking me sick #ThisMorning."

During the first episode of the new series of Celebrity Gogglebox on Friday (June 7), Rylan Clark, watching alongside his mother Linda, was astounded by Weston's confession, exclaiming: "How the f**k is that bloke sniffing a chicken's a*****e and eating raw chicken..." His humorous reaction continued as he joked about his own love life: "And I'm still single! ".

As the programme progressed and Weston was seen indulging in his raw meat, Rylan found it too much to stomach, leading him to leave the room. Struggling with nausea, he coughed while his mother laughed and advised, "Go out, go out as you're going to be sick, go out there! " Rylan then excused himself, saying, "I can't watch it! Just give me a minute, I need to walk away! ".

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This Morning viewers 'switch off' and 'nearly vomit' over guest's 'disgusting' diet habit - Yahoo Movies UK

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