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Oct 12

Eddie Hall reveals his insane new diet as strongman piles on the pounds for return at Worlds Strongest N… – The US Sun

STRONGMAN Eddie Hall is bulking up as he heads back into competition.

Brit star Hall, 34, slimmed down from a whopping top weight of 434lbs for his heavyweight boxing fight with Hafthor Bjornson earlier this year.





He tipped the scales at 310lbs for the exhibition bout which saw Game of Thrones actor Thor come out on top.

Now Hall - who has 3.4m Instagram followers - is ditching his foray into the squared circle and returning to his strongman roots.

Later this fall, the strongman officially returns to the sport at the 2022Giants Live Worlds Strongest Nation competition.

It'll be the UK taking on the USA in the team-led event, with Hall a team caption for the Brits andRobert Oberstfor Team USA.

The event is all set for November in Liverpool, England and the 2017 World's Strongest Man is taking his prep seriously.

Although he's not looking to return to his 400lbs-plus days, Eddie is having to fuel his intense workouts with a new diet.

And that involves a lot of effort - as shown by a viral video he uploaded of his daily food routine.

With wife and usual chef Alexandra out on errands, it was up to the strongman to don the apron and cook his own meals.

He kicks off his day with a hefty breakfast shake, which provides around 700 calories of crucial early morning fuel.

Packed full of protein, the shake includes two hefty scoops of whey protein, peanut butter, one banana, chocolate spread, milk and a hearty helping of ice.

Training for Hall doesn't start until after lunch, which is when he really starts to chow down.

All about the protein again, the man mountain demolishes five chicken-filled wraps before his afternoon workout.

They provide him with around 1,500 calories and 80 grams of protein, with a further two wraps held back for after his training session.

Following an intense couple of hours in the gym, Eddie concludes his food marathon with two humungous burgers.

He packs two massive patties into buns along with sauce, tomatoes, cheese and bacon - before adding a whopping amount of home-cooked potato wedges.

In total, he guzzles 4,600 calories and 385 grams of protein during a typical day.

Eddie is looking forward after his boxing defeat to Thor in March, where he was dropped twice by the giant Icelandic star.

He told Men's Health: "Obviously, losing the fight is hard to take, but I think losing is a big part of life.

"I didn't win World Strongest Man first time around.

"You've got to take those losses, learn, go away, recoup and come back bigger and stronger.

"Sometimes, losses are better than the wins, because they really do shape you, and who likes somebody that wins everything?"

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Eddie Hall reveals his insane new diet as strongman piles on the pounds for return at Worlds Strongest N... - The US Sun

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