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Sep 22


SERMORELIN Now Available as Sublingual LozengesThe more I learn about the benefits of sermorelin, the more excited I become about recommending it to my patients. Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone releasing hormone peptide. There are many favorable research studies about the benefits of Sermorelin boosting Growth Hormone levels. In addition to the known benefits of HGH, sermorelin seems to have unique benefits of its own, such as sharper cognition, better energy,better sleep,faster recovery from exercise,improved muscle tone, loss of body fat, less aches and pains and improved generalized sense of well being.Based on my own personal use I am seeing loss of body fat with increase of lean muscle tone. However, in addition I am experiencing added energy, more strength in workouts, better endurance, faster recovery from exerciseand clearer thinking.Studies have also found that supplementing with GH Synergy can further enhance the boost of HGH.GH synergy is a proprietary blend of the two amino acids arginine and ornithine

Studies indicate that Sermorelin can be successfully absorbed under the tongue. I think it is still more effective administered subcutaneously as an injection. However, for those people who would like to use it, but are needle phobic, the lozenges offer a great solution.

Both preparations require refrigeration. The cost is very similar.

Data also indicates that sermorelin may condition the pituitary gland; meaning that it may make the pituitary more sensitive to responding to other hormone levels. The pituitary is the primary regulating gland of all hormones. It is similar to the thermostat in the house. When it senses that a hormone in the blood is low, it sends a signal to that gland to make more of that hormone. When the gland responds and the hormone level rises, the pituitary stops sending the stimulating signal. This operates just like the thermostat sensing how much heat there is.

Sermorelin is a derivative of growth hormone releasing hormone. It stimulates our pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. Growth hormone is an essential hormone made in the pituitary. It is responsible for maintaining muscle mass, bone density,energy,joint flexibility, skin tone and burning fat stores. It gradually declines as we age. Its decline is primarily responsible for the physical changes in the body from a young person to an older person.

Growth hormone administration is FDA approved only for growth stunted children and adult growth hormone deficiency syndrome such as wasting in AIDS. It is strictly regulated and generally not approved for use in normal ageing. However, Sermorelin is not in that category. It was also developed for growth stunted children and has been successfully and safely used for many years. Monitoring is done with a simple blood test of the IGF-1 level.

As an adjunct to a healthy anti-ageing hormone balancing program Sermorelin is proving to be a very valuable and beneficial tool. When used correctly it may enhance the balance of other hormones as well as helping maintain optimal health and function by slowing the ageing process.

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Sep 22

Research Peptides – Peptide Guide

Latest blog postsBrief overview of popular peptide products:

ACE-031 is an activin type 2 receptor, which is a myostatin inhibitor. ACE-031 is a protein that was designed to bind to myostatin before it can attach to its receptor and suppress muscle growth. Myostatin is a hormone produced by our bodies that signal muscles to stop growing and developing. Thus, by inhibiting or blocking myostatin, muscles would be able to grow bigger and stronger.

Adipotide is a completely different weight loss drug. It works by cutting off the blood supply to fat cells. Adipotide causes the blood vessels that supply the fat cells with blood to shrink and eventually leads to fat tissue death. The dead tissue is then reabsorbed and metabolized by the body. It also lowers the level of insulin resistance drastically which is the main sign of metabolic disorders like diabetes.

BPC-157 is a peptide that is derived from human gastric juice and is being researched for its regenerative and healing effects. BPC stands for Body Protecting Compound. Our body produces it in our own gastric juices in very tiny amounts where it protects and heals stomach and gut. BPC-157 speeds up the healing of existing injuries and protects the body from new injuries. It is completely free of side effects and research has shown that it can repair tendons, muscles, intestines, teeths, bones and more.

CJC-1295 DAC is a tetrasubstituted peptide used to increase Growth Hormone production. It is in the class of Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) analogs. GHRH is the name of naturally occurring hormone in the human body, it is not commonly used because of its high price and extremely short half-life. CJC1295 is the improved version of GHRH with addition of DAC - Drug Affinity Complex. CJC1295 DAC provides stable blood levels after injections and half-life of approximately one week. Generally, CJC1295 is not used alone, but used in conjunction with a peptide of the GHRP category, for instance GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin.

DSIP is a neuropeptide that stands for Delta sleep-inducing peptide. It works by inducing spindle and delta EEG activity and by reducing motor activity. DSIP is used to improve sleep quality. It also lowers corticotropin levels and prevents its release. DSIP also helps the body to release more LH (Luteinizing Hormone). Additionally, it assists in Growth Hormone release and suppresses the production of Somatostatin. DSIP is also known to normalize the blood pressure and might slow down the cell damage by offering anti-oxidant benefits.

Erythropoietin (a.k.a EPO) is a glycoprotein made by interstitial fibroblasts in kidneys, that stimulate the red blood production. More red blood improves delivery of oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. The extra oxygen greatly increases the muscles energy production and can help to improve athletic performance output - longer duration and higher intensity. Endurance athletes are highly attracted to EPO because of the effect it has on red blood cell production.

Epitalon is a synthetically produced tetrapeptide. Its main function is to increase the production of telomerase, a natural ferment that aids cells to produce telomeres, which allows the body to regenerate old cells and grow new ones. Epitalon has also been shown to suppress the growth of cancer cells, allowing to live longer, happier and healthier life. Studies show that Epitalon is a strong antioxidant which gets rid of free radicals that are responsible for damaging and destroying cells.

Follistatin is an interesting protein that is able to increase the muscle growth beyond natural limits by inhibiting myostatin, a hormone that regulates muscle growth negatively. Follistatin is naturally produced in almost all mammals. Follistatin works by binding and inhibiting myostatin. Myostatin also has a role in a regulation of fibrosis, too much myostatin can cause chronic diseases in internal organs, bones, and tissues.

GHRP-2 is a hexapeptide which is in the class of drugs known as Growth hormone secretagogues. This drug class includes GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin and it's main function is to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone which also results in elevated IGF-1 levels. GHRP-2 is a ghrelin agonist and it helps to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone in two ways. Firstly, it stimulates the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone and secondly it suppresses a hormone which restricts the release of growth hormone - Somatostatin.

GHRP-2 is the second generation GHRP and it is mainly used for increasing Growth Hormone and IGF-1 levels. In this regard, it is better than GHRP-6 and at the moment is preferred peptide for reaching highest increases in GH. The use of GHRP-2 can potentially lead to increased appetite.

GHRP-6 is a hexapeptide which is in the class of drugs known as Growth hormone secretagogues. This drug class includes GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin and it's main function is to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone which also results in elevated IGF-1 levels. GHRP-6 is a ghrelin agonist and it helps to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone in two ways. Firstly, it stimulates the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone and secondly it suppresses a hormone which restricts the release of growth hormone - Somatostatin.

GHRP-6 is the first generation GHRP and bodybuilders use it for two reasons - the first is the elevation of Growth Homone and IGF-1 levels and the second is increased appetite. GHRP-6 is great addition for individuals who are struggling with appetite.

Gonadorelin is a synthetic version of GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone) which is released naturally from the hypothalamus gland. GnRH stimulates the synthesis and secretion of FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone). LH and FSH control the fertility in adults and development in children.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced by females in the early stages of pregnancy to help balance and control woman's hormones In males, HCG mimics LH (Luteinizing Hormone), which tricks the Leydig cells into producing testosterone when natural levels of LH are suppressed. This can theoretically aid in keeping the HPTA functioning while using anabolic steroids and make recovery easier. HCG is also used to help diagnose cancers.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced, stored and secreted by the pituitary gland. It is very important in human development and HGH is at the highest levels during youth. HGH is responsible for growth and regeneration of our cells, it affects our bones, muscle, internal organs and also plays important role in countless other areas of our body.

HGH Fragment 176-191 is a hormone of the Growth Hormone class. As its name indicates, it is an isolated fragment of the Growth Hormone that is responsible for fat burning properties. Scientists have found that HGH Fragment regulates fat loss 12.5 times better than regular synthetic HGH. It also stops formation of fatty acids and other lipids. In addition, HGH Fragment 176-191 increases lean body mass, protein synthesis and improves the quality of sleep.

Human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG), also known as Menotropin, is a medication used for treating infertility and fertility issues. HMG peptide is made for women where it stimulates the ovaries to mature follicles, therefore making them more fertile. HMG can also be used in men that are suffering from hypogonadism to increase sperm count. HMG contains LH and FSH activities in nearly identical proportions.

Hexarelin, also known as, Examorelin is a hexapeptide which is in the class of drugs known as Growth hormone secretagogues. This drug class includes GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin and it's main function is to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone which also results in elevated IGF-1 levels. Hexarelin is the strongest GHRP in terms of Growth Hormone release. It has no effect on ghrelin (the peptide that induces hunger) but just like all other GHRP's will lead to increased IGF-1 production. The use of Hexarelin will quickly lead to peptide receptor desensitization which doesn't make it ideal for long term use but studies has shown that the pituitary gland recovers its sensitivity quickly so there is no pemament loss of sensitivity. According to studies, the constant use of Hexarelin will most likely lead to desentitization within two weeks.

IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor-1) is a hormone that is produced primarily by the liver and also in target tissues in a paracrine/autocrine fashion. The main role of IGF-1 is to promote cell growth and division. It is involved in cell repair, especially in the brain, heart and muscle.

IGF-1 DES is the shorter variant of the IGF-1 chain and is 10 times stronger than regular IGF-1. It has a half-life of approximately 20-30 minutes, which means it is a very fragile peptide. Thus, it should only be used at the site where muscle growth is desired. IGF-1 is a polypeptide and it stands for insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 is primarily responsible for bone growth in children and muscle growth, recovery of adults.

IGF-1 LR3 (Long R3) is a synthetic analogue of naturally occurring hormone IGF-1. IGF-1 LR3 is chemically modified to avoid deactivation by IGF-1 binding proteins in the blood. Therefore, the modification results in a half-life of around 20-30 hours instead of 20 minutes. IGF-1 LR3 will travel through the body for approximately one day, binding to receptors and activating cellular communication that promotes muscle mass growth and bodyfat loss.

Ipamorelin is a pentipeptide which is in the class of drugs known as Growth hormone secretagogues. This drug class includes GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin and it's main function is to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone which also results in elevated IGF-1 levels. Ipamorelin is the third generation GHRP and is solely used for Growth Hormone release and production of IGF-1. IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, which is produced in liver is highly anabolic in its nature and plays a significant role in general growth, repair of muscular and skeletal tissue.

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is a growth factor that is derived from damaged muscle cells. MGF has a unique role in muscle development. MGF has the capability to induce damaged tissue growth and improvement by activating satellite cells and increasing the sensitivity of protein synthesis. This exclusive ability can make the recovery faster and accelerate speed up the muscle growth.

Mod GRF(1-29), also known as, tetrasubstituted GRF (1-29), is an injectable peptide used to increase Growth Hormone production. It is in the class of Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) analogs. Mod GRF(1-29) amplifies Growth Hormone pulse in the same fashion that GHRH does but it doesn't induce the pulse of GH. That's why it is recommended to combine Mod GRF(1-29) with a peptide of the GHRP (Growth hormone releasing peptide) category because if no GH pulse occurs during the time of Mod GRF(1-29) injection then it has nothing to amplify.

Melanotan 1, also known as Afamelanotide is a synthetic analogue of a-MSH (alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone) and is used to avoid skin damage caused by exposure to UV. Alpha-MSH is responsible for pigmentation of the skin and it also has influence in other body processes like appetite, lipid metabolism and libido. Melanotan 1 causes the skin to achieve tan by producing more melanin. The effectiveness of Melanotan 1 is thousand times more effective than naturally occurring a-MSH.

Melanotan 2 is an injectable hormone analogue of Alpha-MSH and it is used to promote tanning. Melanotan 2 works by stimulating Alpha-MSH receptors, which promote the production of melanin in response to Ultraviolet exposure. When Melanotan 2 is used, the user develops a tan as if he were a naturally darker skin type. As Alpha-MSH also contributes to sexual arousal, Melanotan 2 causes enhance libido and erections in males.

Oxytocin is a hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. It plays a role in human bonding, sexual reproduction and during the childbirth. Oxycotin is released into the blood during the childbirth and during the breastfeeding. The presence of Oxytocin helps with childbirth, maternal bond and lactation. Newer studies show that Oxytocin can also combat and prevent aging of skeletal muscles. Scientists are also investigating Oxytocin as a treatment for depression, autism, emotionally unstable personality disorder, alcohol withdrawal syndrome and other diseases.

Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, PEG-MGF, is a peptide mostly used for faster recovery after exercise. It is recognized being capable to repair muscle damage more effective than IGF-1. Since PEG-MGF is a variant of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1, it is known for inducing better growth in adult muscles. It has also been proven that PEG-MGF causes growth of new cells near damaged muscle tissues which act as replacement cells in the damaged muscle. That means that by using PEG-MGF it is possible to create new muscle cells while repairing existing ones.

PT-141, a.k.a Bremelanotide is a synthetic peptide analogue of alpha-MSH. PT-141. Alpha-MSH (Alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone) has significant influence in improving the body's ability to control appetite, metabolism and sexual desire. PT-141 is a derivative of Melanotan 2 that lacks C-terminal amide group. PT-141 primarily used for treating erectile dysfunction in males and arousal disorders in females.

Selank is a heptapeptide developed by Russia. Selank mimics the effects immunomodulatory peptide tuftsin. It has been shown that Selank increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter that is linked to mood regulation and it also has ties to sleep and hunger regulation. The presence of Selank and it's capability to increase the serotonin secretion means that users can experience improvements in terms of emotional state, hunger and sleep.

Semax is a heptapeptide mostly produced and prescribed in Russia for a wide range of health conditions but mostly for its evident neuroprotective, nootropic and neurorestorative effects. Semax has been found to produce anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. Semax can be effective in the treatment of ADHD and depression. Medically Semax is used to treat stroke, TIA, PUD (peptic ulcer disease), cranial nerve disease and to improve immune system.

Sermorelin Acetate (GRF 1-29) is a peptide analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). It means that Sermorelin stimulates the part of the brain that secretes and releases Growth Hormone. Sermorelin acts exactly the same as naturally occurring GHRH. By stimulating the brain, Sermorelin preserves growth hormone hypothalamicpituitaryadrenal axis that declines with aging. Sermorelin provides all of the effects of HGH and more. Another great benefit of Sermorelin is that it stimulates the pituitary gland to regenerate.

TB-500, also known as Thymosin Beta 4 is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring peptide that is used to accelerate healing, increase range of motion of injuries, reduces inflammation. TB-500 has been used widely on race horses but just recently humans have started experimenting with this peptide. TB-500 is especially suggested for treatment of chronic muscle injuries, such as muscle strains, tears or tendonitis.

Tesamorelin, also known as Egrifta, is a synthetic form of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and is traditionally used to decrease abdominal fat in HIV patients. This injectable peptide reduces belly fat that's brought on by lipodystrophy. Tesamorelin works by signaling the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone. It has been approved by FDA medication for HIV-related lipodystrophy.

Triptorelin is a gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRH). GnRH is responsible for signaling the brain to produce Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). These hormones are used to produce testosterone and sperm. Triptorelin signals the HPTA to produce more GnRH, therefore it signals the pituitary gland to produce LH and FSH, which means that more testosterone is produced in males. The correct dosing with Triptorelin is very important because too much GnRH can lead to hormone production shut down.

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Sermorelin GHRP-6, Precautions, Dosage, Benefits, Side …

Sermorelin, or sermorelin acetate in full, is part of the amino acid that triggers the release of the human growth hormone. It makes up part of the most important hormones necessary for your body. Sermorelin comes in vials, ranging from 0.5 mg to 5 mg, and is intended for injection to treat hormonal deficiency. The specific action it performs in the organism is increasing the level of plasma growth hormone.

It does so by activating the release of the hormone by its primary source the pituitary. After performing its intended action sermorelin is eliminated naturally from the bodys circulation. Women and men alike can benefit from sermorelin, as well as children with natural hormone deficiency, popularly known as stunted growth.

Sermorelin main information

Sermorelin, or sermorelin acetate in full, is part of the amino acid that triggers the release of the human growth hormone. It makes up part of the most important hormones necessary for your body. Sermorelin comes in vials, ranging from 0.5 mg to 5 mg, and is intended for injection to treat hormonal deficiency. The specific action it performs in the organism is increasing the level of plasma growth hormone. It does so by activating the release of the hormone by its primary source the pituitary. After performing its intended action sermorelin is eliminated naturally from the bodys circulation. Women and men alike can benefit from sermorelin, as well as children with natural hormone deficiency, popularly known as stunted growth.

Before accepting treatment of any kind through drugs that are not yet familiar to you, it is extremely important to have all the facts. Even with the word of a self-proclaimed specialist, you could be in danger of an allergic reaction or worse. Start by familiarizing yourself with the different variants of human growth hormone therapy.

With the help of a certified physician sermorelin therapy can be prescribed after a hormone test and diagnosis of low levels of human growth hormone. Sermorelin should not be injected if one has hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid. Your doctor can also test levels of the thyroid hormone to determine if you are at risk. In addition to risk analysis prior to treatment, post-treatment tests should be conducted as well. This will prevent any side effects and allergic reactions.

It is critical to consider all proposed benefits and risks of human growth hormone therapy with sermorelin. Some patients, such as pregnant or nursing women, run a far greater risk. For this reason everyone should get in touch with a physician that will be able to guide the treatment procedure.

Sermorelin acetate consists of a total of 44 amino acid residues, making up part of the peptide that formulates the circulation of the human growth hormone, more commonly known as HGH. The empirical data of sermorelin is as follows formula corresponding to C 149 H 246 N 44 O 42 S and exact molecular weight corresponding to 3,358 atomic mass units. Sermorelin acetate itself is a powder, but combined with Sodium Chloride Injection (USP) it becomes suitable for injection. Naturally it has a pH balance of 5-5.5, a bit on the acidic side. For this reason it is balanced out with a dibasic solution of sodium phosphate and monobasic sodium phosphate buffer.

The scientific description of sermorelin acetate is quite complicated to say the least, but its use is simple to stimulate the pituitary gland for the release of the human growth hormone. The human growth hormone is natural to a healthy functioning organism in decent doses throughout life. Unfortunately, some people grow to be deficient of it with age or injury; meanwhile others may lack it even as a child. Usage of sermorelin acetate as a human growth hormone replacement therapy is common to men, women, and children alike.

Sermorelin works efficiently and effectively, administered both subcutaneous (below the skin) and intravenous (through the veins). Directly after injection, its concentration shoots up to peak levels in as little as 5 minutes. After doing so it stimulates the pituitary, releasing the human growth hormone that the body lacks. Once it has performed its role as a catalyst, sermorelin is flushed out of the system at a rate of 2.4-2.8 liters per minute for adults. Sermorelin is directly associated to function of the pituitary gland, which is further connected to the human growth hormone and growth in general, as well as overall physical and mental health.

Thyroid replacement therapy, common for those with hypothyroidism, has a contradictory response to sermorelin, and therefore it is highly recommended that patients re-establish their level of thyroid hormone before taking to the human growth hormone.

Furthermore, it is not an exception that one out of many patients enrolled in therapy may have an allergic reaction to sermorelin. An allergy is simply your body identifying the substance you are giving it as foreign and rejecting it. Allergic reactions can vary in intensity, as well as being local or systemic. Immediate medical attention is recommended in any case so that therapy can continue safety and to rule out the possibility of any harm to your health.

The use of drugs other than sermorelin simultaneously can become a problem as the effect of sermorelin or the other drug can be inhibited or create a negative response of the body. It is imperative to discuss with your physician all ongoing treatments and uses of drugs before starting HGH therapy with sermorelin.

Side effects of sermorelin are extremely uncommon as proven by clinical studies. However, miniscule chances still lie in adverse reactions such as headache, dizziness, hyperactivity, nausea, and tightness in the chest. Get a full description of risks of sermorelin from a specialist.

Drug abuse of sermorelin is highly uncommon, but patients must be warned of drug dependence and over dosage should they disobey instructions for proper and safe use of sermorelin. The recommended dosage is 0.2-0.3 mcg once a day. Follow administration instructions carefully for the best results from sermorelin and HGH therapy in general.

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Sermorelin GHRP-6, Precautions, Dosage, Benefits, Side ...

Aug 1

Sermorelin Dosage and Side Effects – HGH Releasers

Sermorelin, often named GRF 1-29, is actually a HGH releasing hormone analogue. This is a twenty nine-amino acid polypeptide which represents 1-29 fragment by endogenous HGH releasing hormone, which is considered to be the quickest completely functional fragment of GHRH, Its used like a test for human growth hormone release. Its also used like doping product in sports activities. Used generally in Anti-aging Treatment usually along with Testosterone. Less dangerous substitute for Growth Hormone

USES: Sermorelin can be used to deal with growth problems (often in children) because of growth hormone deficit. It will work by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce natural human growth hormone.

No, its a human growth hormone secretagogue, it means that effects your pituitary gland to create more HGH. Sermorelin is known as a tiny peptide that contains just twenty nine amino acids while HGH is actually a larger molecule that contains 191 amino acids.

Right now, the only technique for successfully applying Sermorelin is simply by subcutaneous injection. Nevertheless, considering that the molecule is really a lot smaller compared to HGH, it could be possible to effectively administer it with the nasal mucousa by using a spray method. This kind of theory is already being analyzed scientifically and the final results must soon be ready.

If you dont want to get hardcore with Injections Click Here and take a look and try this safer alternative HyperGH14x (HGH releaser)

Even though the compounds act on totally different parts in your body (HGH in the liver and Sermorelin in the pituitary), the quantity of substance required to be useful in increasing serum IGF-1 are usually almost identical. HGH is mostly prescribed in every day dosages of 1 or 2 international units (IU) although Sermorelin is actually prescribed into micrograms.

Nevertheless, 1 IU is equivalent to 333 micrograms and so the weight of efficient doses is nearly between three hundred and six hundred micrograms a day. All the beneficial doses for Sermorelin tend to be between two hundred to five hundred micrograms a day; a range that is similar to that for Human growth hormone.

Sermorelin is used by shot daily just before going to bed. The moment of injections is essential for the reason that extra GRF supplied by Sermorelin supplements that which normally happens while sleeping and also thereby helps the night time release of HGH which is typical of youngsters. Dosage range must be fitted to everyones personal requirements. Nevertheless, recommendations for dosing are usually:

200 ug/day for males with BMI via 18.5 / 24.9 300 ug/day for males with BMI among 25 / 29.9 400 ug/day for females and males with BMI among 25 / 29.9 500ug/day for females and males with BMI among 25 / 29.9

Swelling/pain/redness from the injection could happen. If some of these effects continue or get worse, inform your physician.Quickly inform your physician if these unlikely negative effects appear: flushing, boost in hyperactivity, headache.

In under one percent from the people prescribed Sermorelin in medical studies, symptoms such as:

Inform your doctor right away if these unlikely but really serious side effects appear: trouble swallowing, chest tightness, vomiting. An allergy to the drug is not likely; however look for fast medical assistance if it takes place. The signs of an allergic attack contain: rash, swelling, itching, trouble breathing and dizziness. You may notice additional side effects not listed in this article, speak to your physician.

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Sermorelin Dosage and Side Effects - HGH Releasers

Jul 31

Sermorelin | Sermorelin GHRP-6 | Sermorelin Benefits

First developed in the 1970s, Sermorelin is relatively a small peptide which contains 29 amino acids. This is all that is necessary to encourage the pituitary gland to increase its production of life-restoring Human Growth Hormone (HGH). In compounding Sermorelin for injection, it is combined with GHRP-6, a growth hormone releasing peptide. Lets take a closer look at HGH itself. HGH is secreted every night while we sleep by the pituitary gland. HGH controls the reproduction and growth of the cells and each of the organs in the body. Our bodys natural HGH production is most active during childhood when the growth rate is at highest level, and HGH peaks at around age 20. By age 30, we are experiencing a 14% reduction in HGH production for every decade of life. By the time we are in our 40s, the production of HGH is only about 40% of what it was at age 20. Fortunately, we can stimulate the sleepy pituitary gland to begin production of HGH once again, even once this dramatic decline in HGH production has occurred, by using a Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF).

In order to provide the greatest benefit from naturally secreted HGH, we compound Sermorelin with GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Hexipeptide). In addition to the positive functions of Sermorelin outlined above, GHRP-6 is a secretagogue (which means that it causes another substance to be secreted in the body) which also encourages the pituitary gland to secrete HGH. GHRP-6 also acts on the hypothalamus to cause the HGH to be secreted in natural waves just like it was when your body produced it naturally in abundant quantities.

One of the most welcomed Sermorelin Benefits is that is completely possible to reclaim your youthfulness using injectable Sermorelin, and quickly and effectively reverse the signs of aging by encouraging the increase in natural release of HGH. Sermorelin GHRP-6 is the safest and most effective combination therapy for this purpose. The benefits of Sermorelin GHRP-6 will reverse or completely alleviate many health problems and maladies associated with aging. Injectable Sermorelin benefits are numerous. To name just a few, you will definitely experience improved skin elasticity, fuller hair, better mental function, more defined muscle tone, and an increase in sex drive, energy level, sex drive, stamina, and bone density. With injectable Sermorelin treatment, you will also experience deeper, more restful sleep, and improved recovery time from illness or injury. You will see much appreciated decrease in fat, wrinkles, cellulite, fatigue and depression. You will also experience an improvement in your cholesterol level and any muscle or joint pain. Experience these amazing Sermorelin benefits and prove that youth need not be wasted on the young anymore!

The goal is to utilize the most effective program to quickly reverse the symptoms of aging. Using a combination of Sermorelin and HGH, you will have an immediate relief of the symptoms of low HGH levels, such as reduced sex drive, decreased energy, increased body fat, decreased mental alertness, wrinkling, and weakened immune system, from the injectable HGH therapy. In addition to the HGH injections, you will be taking injectable Sermorelin GHRP-6 to stimulate your body to produce its own HGH and relieve these symptoms for the long term. Our local doctors who prescribe Sermorelin GHRP-6 injections and injectable HGH will review your charts to determine the best protocol of rotation for your greatest benefit. This will give you the best of both worlds, with the bioidentical HGH injections giving you an instant increase of human growth hormone, and Sermorelin encouraging your pituitary gland into producing its own HGH. This is the most powerful combination therapy designed to prevent the side effects of HGH therapy alone.

In order to determine the cost of the best program of Sermorelin GHRP-6 and/or HGH Injections for you, it will be necessary for our local doctors to evaluate your particular situation. Our local doctors who prescribe Sermorelin injections will evaluate your blood test, physical exam, and medical history report, and prescribe your dosage protocol for Sermorelin GHRP-6 and HGH. Bear in mind that in determining What does Sermorelin cost? that Injectable Sermorelin treatment is an investment in your health and overall well-being, your longevity and productivity. This is not a short term band-aid solution to wellness. This is an investment which will reap long term amazing rewards in absolutely all areas of your life. Please contact our clinical advisers by completing the short form at the top of this page for more information about a program of injectable Sermorelin GHRP-6 therapy specifically designed for your needs.

Our local doctors who prescribe injectable Sermorelin GHRP-6 therapy will determine the dosage in a different manner than with bioidentical HGH therapy. Your dosage of bioidentical HGH therapy is determined by your current level of HGH in your body (as determined by a laboratory blood test), your body weight, any symptoms you are currently experiencing and your age. In contrast, Sermorelin GHRP-6 dosage is determined based on brain size. We know that sounds funny, but essentially the dosage is the same for most adults, whether male or female, and our local doctors find that the most common dosage of 200 mcg is sufficient. Sermorelin GHRP-6 is measured in micrograms (mcg) as opposed to HGH which is always measured in International Units (IUs). Your individual Sermorelin GHRP-6 dosage will spur your pituitary to produce more HGH naturally and in natural waves best utilized by your body, and it will return you to a level of health and wellness which you probably have not know since your younger days.

It is a sad fact that our bodies change with age, illnesses and injuries, and it is more than likely that your physique has shifted and reformed in ways that are no longer trim and sexy like it was in your younger days. While Kingsberg Medical chooses to not treat professional athletes or bodybuilders, we do enthusiastically recognize that turning back the clock on the ravages of time in your body involves shedding excess fat and rebuilding lean muscle mass. In short, you will be creating and sculpting a lean healthy and sexy shape. With injectable Sermorelin therapy, bodybuilding and athletic endeavors are possible once again as your energy, stamina, overall health and well-being return.

The process to buy Sermorelin GHRP-6 begins with the quick contact form at the top of this page. Our clinical adviser will give you a call and outline the process to enable you to buy Sermorelin for sale online. While you cant actually buy Sermorelin online, you can begin the process to be evaluated by our local doctor using our online process. Our clinical adviser will schedule blood tests at a lab near you, and help you get a simple physical exam. You will also be directed to complete the Medical History Form at the top of this page. After reviewing this information, if our local doctor who prescribes Sermorelin determines that you have low HGH levels, then he will prescribe Sermorelin GHRP-6 and/or injectable HGH to bring your low HGH levels back up to normal. Your body will begin to respond and feel like it did in your younger days. Our course of injectable Sermorelin GHRP-6 therapy will help your body to feel balanced and healthy, returning your feelings of youthfulness and complete well-being. You can also choose to call us directly for more information about how to buy Sermorelin injections safely and legally with a doctors prescription (877) 321-8885.

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How to Inject Sermorelin 9mg – Sermorelin Dosage Administration

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How to Inject Sermorelin 9mg - Sermorelin Dosage Administration

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Sermorelin Forte Plus | Titan Medical Nutraceuticals

What is Sermorelin Plus?

Sermorelin Plus is the next level of therapy available to our practitioners in our line of Sermorelin compounds. It is formulated to achieve the fullest potential from the bodies natural production of growth hormone. This is due to the introduction of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 (GHRP-2) to the Sermorelin compound. GHRP-2 is reportedly the most potent of these peptides. Sermorelin Plus is a unique combination of Sermorelin, Growth Hormone Release Peptide 6 (GHRP-6) and Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 (GHRP-2). Sermorelin by itself will stimulate the pituitary gland in the base of the brain to release Growth Hormone (GH). GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 are synthetic peptides that directly stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more GH. Additionally, GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 stimulates the hypothalamus to release naturally produced GHRH.10,11,13,20,21,23 Most importantly, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 work on separate receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary resulting dual site action. When using Sermorelin, GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 together, Sermorelin Plus should achieve the highest level of both the production and release of endogenous GH most likely resulting in increasing the bodys natural GH levels.

By increasing HGH as well as IGF-1, studies have shown that GHRP-2 yield the following benefits:

In addition to the above, the additional benefits of the Sermorelin Plus include:


Sermorelin Forte Plus | Titan Medical Nutraceuticals

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How to Mix and Inject Sermorelin 3mg GHRP-2, GHRP-6

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How to Mix and Inject Sermorelin 3mg GHRP-2, GHRP-6

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