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Aug 9

Shiver Yourself Thin: Cold Exposure A Possible Solution To Lose Weight Without Dieting – Medical Daily

Obesity is an American epidemic. More than 40 percent of Americans are obese. This is not an ideal situation since obesity is a harbinger of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and some types of cancer. Now, Harvard scientists have found a possible solution to break down that extra body fat.

In a study published in the journal Nature Metabolism, diet-induced obese mice models were able to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance while resolving obesity-induced inflammation when they were subjected to cold temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extensive evidence indicates that obesity and metabolic syndrome are linked with chronic inflammation that leads to systemic insulin resistance, so interrupting inflammation in obesity could offer promising therapies for obesity-related disease, said co-author Yu-Hua Tseng, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

During the study, the mice were fed a standard high-fat western diet which led to obesity development in them. These mice models were compared to control group animals which were maintained at a thermoneutral zone- the temperature at which the body does not need to generate heat to maintain its core temperature.

The researchers from Brigham and the Joslin Diabetes Center found that the mechanism was dependent on brown adipose tissue or good fat. When exposed to cold temperatures, these fattissues released a naturally occurring molecule called Maresin 2.

We discovered that cold exposure reduced inflammation and improved metabolism in obesity, mediated at least in part by the activation of brown adipose tissue. These findings suggest a previously unrecognized function of brown adipose tissue in promoting the resolution of inflammation in obesity, Tseng added.

Maresin 2 was found to play a pivotal role in the experiment.

We found that brown fat produces Maresin 2, which resolves inflammation systemically and in the liver, said co-author Matthew Spite, Associate Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. These findings suggest a previously unrecognized function of brown adipose tissue in promoting the resolution of inflammation in obesity via the production of this important lipid mediator.

The results suggest that Maresin 2 could be used in clinical therapy for patients with obesity, metabolic disease, or other diseases linked to chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, the lipid mediator breaks down quickly in the body. Tseng and colleagues wish to find a more stable chemical analog of Maresin 2 for clinical use.

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Shiver Yourself Thin: Cold Exposure A Possible Solution To Lose Weight Without Dieting - Medical Daily

Aug 9

2 Salad Ingredients Experts Say You Should Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight – SheFinds

This article has been updated since its initial 03/06/22 publish date to include more expert insight.

A salad is widely considered to be the epitome of a healthy meal, and one that is frequently recommended in any well-balanced diet.If you still find yourself experiencing weight gain, heartburn, stomach aches or other negative effects tied to indigestion, its worth looking into what you consume every day and what might be a major culprit.

If youre trying to lose weight, youve probably been advised to eat salads or similar veggie-heavy bowls, so we checked in with registered nutritionists for advice on how to make them optimal for weight loss, and what common ingredients might cause it. Read on for tasty salad ingredient ideas and healthy eating and weight loss tips from Jay Cowin, NNCP, RNT, RNC, CHN, CSNA, registered nutritionist and Director of Formulations at ASYSTEM, as well as Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet.

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Thick, creamy and heavily sugared salad dressings are often linked to heartburn and bloating, and essentially defeat the purpose of a salad which is intended to be a go-to healthy meal. Creamy salad dressings, especially commercially made ones, Cowin notes, can worsen indigestion because they're high in acid and are usually full of fat, sugars, and other additives. This slows down the digestion process or makes it difficult to break down food properly resulting in the extra production of stomach acid, Cowin says. Additionally, the acid regulators in salad dressings can irritate the stomach and also cause heartburn.

Regarding weight loss, creating a filling and satisfying salad is a great way to ensure you're actually full after eating, which can prevent overeating or binging at other points in the day, Richards says. She adds that a filling salad doesn't have to have lots of unhealthy ingredients to get the fullness you're wanting to accomplish. She explains that satiety is based largely on activating the stretch receptors and nutrient receptors in our stomachs.


Rather than adding fried chicken or other proteins to your salad, Richards suggests opting for grilled versions. "Grilled or smoked chicken provides lean protein without the excess calories and fat from frying and breading," she explains. "Steak can be a decent protein," she says, but you'll want a leaner cut of beef.

Fried onions and croutons are two toppings that quickly add "empty calories, carbs and fat" to any otherwise healthy salad, she warns. Instead, she says to "look for salads that are packed with nutrient-dense toppings like black beans, avocado, tomato, cucumber, low fat cheese, corn, peppers, and other fruits and vegetables." Romaine lettuce or a mixed green blend is preferred over iceberg lettuce, she adds, as the "nutrient content is greater."


Its definitely difficult to adjust to a major dietary change and stop eating your favorite foods when trying to lose weight, but as these experts note, if your favorite salad ingredients are contributing to indigestion or weight gain, you are much better off without them. If you can't skip the dressing when eating a salad, then the helpful alternative is to make one on your own, Cowin advises. This is so you know exactly what goes in and you can avoid any ingredients that will aggravate your GERD or acid reflux. He suggests adding a bit of extra virgin olive oil, since it is a good ingredient to use as dressing since it has a low acidity level.

By adding a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables, nuts, and even some whole grains, Richards says, we can ensure we are full, satisfied, and well-nourished. She continues; Some of my favorite salad toppings include asparagus, cucumbers, walnuts, artichoke, olives, quinoa, corn, and almond slices. These are just a few to choose from and can be added in a variety of combinations!

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2 Salad Ingredients Experts Say You Should Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight - SheFinds

Aug 9

Weight Loss Tips: If you want lose your belly and waist fat, follow these amazing home remedies – PardaPhash

Weight Loss Tips: Due to modern lifestyle and wrong ways of eating, peoples weight has started becoming uncontrollable. Due to the carelessness of people towards health in the busy routine, the problem of fat on the stomach and waist part of most people has become very common, which is making them a victim of obesity.

However, when peoples body weight is out of their control, then they make slight changes in their diet to remove the fat of their waist and stomach, while some people are forced to resort to medicines to become thin. Huh.

If you are also troubled by the fat accumulated near your stomach and waist and want to make your thick waist thin, then we have brought for you 10 very easy home remedies, with the help of which your thickest waist can be thin.

Honey and Lemonade

To make your thick waist thin, you should consume it every morning in the morning by mixing honey and lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water.

Trachyspermum ammi water

To get rid of the fat of your stomach and waist, do not forget to consume Trachyspermum ammi water every night before sleeping. Trachyspermum ammi water is considered one of the effective tips to control weight.

Drink only lukewarm water

Water helps to remove harmful toxins from our body, so we should consume plenty of water throughout the day, but for quick weight loss, drinking lukewarm water will be more beneficial.

Fasting once a week

To quickly reduce the fat around your stomach and waist, it is important that you fast at least one day in a week. If you cannot fast, then stay on liquid diet for the whole day. If you want, you can drink lemonade, fruit juice, soup and milk.

Eat Salad and Green vegetables

To lose weight, you should use more amount of green vegetables and salads in your diet. Nutrients present in salads and green vegetables help in controlling weight, but using black pepper with them is more beneficial.

Dont drink milk tea

If you really want to get a slim waist, then you have to give up the habit of drinking milk tea. Instead you can drink green tea, lemon tea, black tea and black coffee. The antioxidants present in them help in controlling weight.

Eating papaya

To make your thick waist slim and attractive, you should start consuming papaya from today itself. By eating papaya everyday, you can control your weight quickly.

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Weight Loss Tips: If you want lose your belly and waist fat, follow these amazing home remedies - PardaPhash

Aug 1

Keto diet: ‘Eat regularly’ and still lose weight – what you can eat on a high-fat diet – Express

Listen to your body

While some keto diets are strict, Hannah recommends always putting what the body needs first to avoid any unnecessary health issues.

"If you are hungry or feeling low on energy, eat a keto friendly snack," she said.

"Make sure you eat regularly through the day and listen to what your body needs.

"This can lead us to reach for carb heavy convenience food to lift our mood and banish the hunger."

Eating less processed foods on a keto diet can lower the body's sodium level and Hannah revealed this knocks electrolytes "out of balance".

She said: "Sodium plays an important role in regulating our internal water balance, too little sodium can mean the body does not absorb water as well as it should causing issues like brain fog, fatigue, muscle cramps and stomach problems as well as causing the initial 'keto flu' side effects to be more intense.

"Keep everything in balance by adding a pinch of good quality salt like rock salt or Himalayan sea salt to your meals," she told the Daily Record.

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Keto diet: 'Eat regularly' and still lose weight - what you can eat on a high-fat diet - Express

Aug 1

This 5-spice tea can help you lose belly fat quickly – Times of India

All the spices used in making this drink are very effective when it comes to weight loss. While some of the spices help in easier digestion and boosting metabolism, others help remove excess fat from your body. Here are some of the common benefits of each spice that you must know about.

Cumin Seeds They are known to be highly digestives and soothe the stomach. Cumin seeds have essential oil in it which can stimulate the acidity. They are also known to be rich in iron and manganese and thus prevent several deficiencies.

Cinnamon Stick This spice is known to be loaded with antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. In the past, cinnamon stick has been used as a powerful medicine to treat diarrhea, gas and GastroIntestinal (GI) diseases. It has also been used to treat the period cramps. Cinnamon is also known to lower blood sugar levels while reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Carom Seeds Commonly known as ajwain in India, this spice has anti-inflammatory properties in it and can also help in improving cholesterol levels. From improving the digestive tract to losing weight, carom is known to be very useful for those people, who are trying to lose weight.

Fennel Seeds This spice is known to be a rich source of fibre that helps you stay away from all the extra food. This also means that the spice makes you feel full for longer duration & thus prevents overeating. All this leads to the consumption of lesser calories and which helps in staying fit all day.

Coriander Seeds Did you know that the coriander seeds are known to help by reducing radical activity as they have antioxidants present in them. This means that these seeds boost the defense mechanism while giving your stomach a little rest, which further helps in lowering the cholesterol levels. As the Chinese can have full year.

If you like this 5-spice tea, then do try it and let us know your feedback on it.

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This 5-spice tea can help you lose belly fat quickly - Times of India

Aug 1

Ways to shed pounds after 40 – The Daily Star

It might be difficult to lose weight after the age of 40. Slowing metabolism and a decrease in daily physical activity can lead to weight gain if these biological changes are not matched with a corresponding reduction in dietary calories. Still, shedding pounds after age 40 is not a hopeless endeavour. Here are a few ways to tackle mid-life weight loss.

Over the 40s, may find it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. Changes in activity, diet, hormones and fat storage can all have a role. But a few simple steps may help you slim down.

Halve your plate at each meal. Green produce has more nutrients and less fat and calories than meat, dairy, or grains. It may help you feel full when eating less. Apples and berries replace high-fat or high-sugar snacks.

Oatmeal or whole wheat toast with fruit is recommended for breakfast. It can curb midmorning hunger that leads to unhealthy grab-and-go or lunch overeating. Small meals or snacks every few hours can control your appetite.

If you consume most of your daily calories before 3PM, you may lose more weight than if you eat a large meal later. But what you eat is still more important than when you eat it.

A lot of extra fat and calories can come from the way you prepare food. Instead of frying, baking, or broiling food. Avoid indulging in fried and creamy foods.

As you age, you become less active and need fewer calories. To lose weight, reduce your calorie intake. A food diary or app can help you track calories and eat less.

When you are busy with work, children, and life, you may be tempted to eat on the go or multitask. If you do not focus on your food, you will soon overeat and be hungry again. At mealtime, focus on your plate, not your TV or computer. This helps your brain recognise fullness.

Switch to water if you drink sugar-sweetened coffee, tea, soft drinks, or energy drinks. Your sugary drinks can cause weight gain and diabetes.

Not all beer bellies are alcohol-related. Alcohol can contribute to middle-age "spare tires." A glass of beer or wine has 150 calories, which adds up quickly. Plus, alcohol makes you hungry, so you may eat more.

Many 40-somethings don't have time to exercise between desk jobs, commuting, and family activities. At least 2 hours of moderate physical activity (such as brisk walking or light yard work) is crucial for weight and health. Prioritise calendar times.

Following age 40, people lose muscle naturally, especially women after menopause. Because muscle consumes more calories than fat, it can decrease your metabolism and make losing weight more difficult. Lifting weights or performing body-weight workouts such as push-ups and squats at least twice a week might help you keep those muscles.

Stress might increase your tendency to overeat unhealthy foods and make it more difficult for your body to break down fat. Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, going on a stroll, or reading a good book are all good options. Everyone's stress reduction needs are different, so figure out what works best for you.

After the age of 40, a variety of factors can disrupt your sleep, including health issues, stress, drugs, and, for women, menopause. On the other hand, people who do not get enough sleep are more prone to acquire weight. If you do not get enough sleep because you are too busy or anxious, attempt to adjust your behaviours and get into a pattern.

If you eat well and exercise consistently but still cannot lose weight, your thyroid may be malfunctioning. This affects roughly 5 percent of the population, with women and persons over 60 being the most vulnerable. It can induce weariness, joint or muscular discomfort, and depression, in addition to weight gain. Medications can assist, so get it tested if you suspect there is a problem.

Many people find that losing weight with others is easier than losing weight alone. For example, you may enter a weight-loss contest at work, join a social media group, or invite a friend to join you for early-morning walks or gym courses. Other people who share your goals can hold you accountable and encourage you as you improve.

If you are having trouble meeting your weight-loss goals after age 40, a careful observation of lifestyle and consideration of the above list can help towards losing weight in your 40s.

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Ways to shed pounds after 40 - The Daily Star

Aug 1

What Is The Healthiest Way To Cook Your Veggies? We Asked Weight Loss Experts – SheFinds

When trying to lose weight healthily, its imperative to eat a well-balanced diet powered by nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. With that said, there are some ways to cook veggies that are healthier than others, and we checked in with health, nutrition and weight loss experts to learn more. Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Josh Schlottman, CSCS, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet.

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"Roasting your vegetables is the healthiest and easiest way to cook them," Schlottman says, when it comes to healthily preparing veggies for weight loss. "Ive found as a personal trainer that the easier you can make eating healthy, then the more likely youll end up doing it," he explains. Schlottman adds that "the harder and more complicated you make cooking your veggies," then the "less likely you are" to keep it up over time.

"Youre able to cook up a lot of vegetables while quickly preparing yourself for a handful of days of ready-to-eat veggies," he continues. "You can conveniently add a handful of already roasted vegetables to the plates youre eating the rest of the day." He adds that you can also "roast up vegetables" that arent in their freshest, salad-ready state.


"All you have to do is cut up the vegetables in about the same size so theyll end up cooking at the same pace," he advises. Schlottman suggests then "sprinkling some avocado oil over the veggies" and also adding some salt and pepper. "Then, just cook until you can use a fork to easily prick the veggies," he recommends.

Richards agrees, and points out that vegetables "can be cooked and maintain their nutrients and health through other means than frying."There are a few reasons, she says, why frying vegetables is so much "less healthy than other possible cooking methods," like roasting them. One of the primary concerns, Richards says, is "the amount of fat you're introducing to a relatively low fat food naturally."

This fat equates to an "increase in calories, at 9 calories per gram," which she says can greatly impact the possibility of healthy weight loss. "Heart health and dangerous weight gain become a concern for those taking in excess dietary fat," Richards concludes. Even if healthyfats are chosen, these are often "high in omega-6 fatty acids, which can be inflammatory and damaging" if not balanced with omega-3 fats in the diet. With that said, roasting seems to be the way to go!

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What Is The Healthiest Way To Cook Your Veggies? We Asked Weight Loss Experts - SheFinds

Aug 1

Nutritionist shares five healthy foods you should avoid if youre trying to lose weight – Express

Over the years, several health foods have been developed, and are extremely popular within the diet industry. Take avocado toast, for example, or trendy almond milk, while they seem healthy and nutritious, they can hinder weight loss efforts. Registered nutritionist Amy Shapiro and registered dietitian Maria Bella gave their thoughts on several foods.

Amy explained how avocado toast has lots of heart-healthy fats.

The NHS recommends men eat no more than 30g of saturated fat a day, and women no more than 20g.

100g of avocado contains 20g of fat, of which 5g is saturated.

But its important to pay attention to the type of bread the avocado is spread on.

If you are using whole wheat bread, make sure it has at least five grams of fibre per serving, Maria said.

There is such a thing as eating too much of an ingredient thought.

Amy said: People need to avoid adding too much avocado to the toast when they are making it.

Restaurants, in particular, tend to add an entire avocado on one slice of bread instead of her recommended quarter amount.

The experts suggest adding other ingredients to avocado toast, such as eggs, smoked salmon or sunflower seeds to boost the benefits.

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Maria said: The good part is that it is low in calories. The bad is that it is low in protein.

Almond milk is a great alternative for those who cant or prefer not to consume dairy.

But even though almonds are a good source of protein, almond milk is not.

It is also low in calcium compared to regular milk.

If youre looking for a low-calorie milk alternative, consider almond milk.

If youre looking for high calcium or protein, then switch to another type of milk.

Amy also recommends buying unsweetened almond milk because it gets rid of the added sugars.

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Protein shakes can provide a quick form of protein for the body.

Since it is in liquid form, it is digested more quickly by the body making it fast-acting.

This is good for rebuilding muscles after an intense workout.

If consumed as a meal, protein shakes can help slow down the digestion of sugars, Amy said.

But, studies show that chewing solid foods sends signals to our hypothalamus - a brain region responsible for satiety and hunger symptoms - that we are full, Maria told The Daily Mail.

So if given a choice between drinking blended produce or eating real fruits and veggies, I would recommend the latter.

Protein shakes can also hinder weight loss.

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Nutritionist shares five healthy foods you should avoid if youre trying to lose weight - Express

Aug 1

Shaquille O’Neal shaved 50lbs of pandemic weight through 4 workouts a week – The Sportsrush

NBA Players are supreme athletes, even if they reach the ripe old age of 50. Shaquille ONeal showed off this capacity by shedding 50lbs!

Athletes, especially professional athletes can get in shape fairly quickly. No matter the age or current status, they have the experience and the ability to gain or lose weight rather quickly.

This is very evident in their transformation from when they were in their rookie years to their primes. NBA players especially have gone from looking skinny to putting on pounds and pounds of muscle.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, is one example but perhaps the biggest one is Shaquille ONeal. The center arrived in the league slender and strong, and he was dominant almost off the bat.

However, he rapidly gained weight and started to increase his explosive strength along with a supreme ability to score in the post. There was no stopping him.

During his career, he went from 290lbs during his rookie year to a whopping 395lbs during his final year with the Lakers. The drastic loss and gain helped him adjust his game to a great degree and exploit his opponents.

But his real adventure came after retirement and, in fact, it happened just a few months ago.

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As per Shaq himself, he had gained a significant amount of weight during the pandemic. Staying locked up in the house and consuming calories meant that the big man went through a significant weight change.

He decided that he had ballooned enough and didnt want to be ridiculed for it, *cough* Charles Barkley *cough*. So he put himself through the paces.

As per reports and comments from Jewel Wicker of Mens Health magazine, Shaq put himself through four workouts per week!

He typically trains four days a week now for about an hour, blasting through 20 minutes of cardio and banging out 40 minutes of strength work.

The goal? Jewel says, He wants to slim down to 350 pounds and be ripped enough to go topless and post an Instagram thirst trap for his 50th birthday in March.

He also doesnt want his belly to go over his belly. As per Jewel, He doesnt want to develop the dreaded OTBB, or over-the-belt Barkley, as he puts it.

It is funny to see this banter between Shaquille and Charles motivate him enough to lose weight. As long as it resulted in something good, its great.

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Shaquille O'Neal shaved 50lbs of pandemic weight through 4 workouts a week - The Sportsrush

Aug 1

BMI: How to calculate it and what it really means for your health –

If youve ever had a standard check-up with your physician or other healthcare provider, its likely they calculated your BMI. This is a simple formula using your height and your weight to work out whether you are carrying too much fat.

Its been a standard way of judging a persons health since the early 20th century (with tweaks along the way) but although it gives a good outline of the condition that person is in, being such a simple test, it isnt the complete picture and should be looked at alongside other considerations.

To get the most accurate picture of how healthy an individual is, its important to look at what BMI doesnt take into account. Although BMI is a good starting point, considering the age, sex, ethnicity and build of a person will help create a better outline of that persons situation and whether they need to make changes to their lifestyle. There are also other ways to measure body fat (opens in new tab) that could be more accurate but these are usually based on more complicated calculations.

Contributor: Dr Juliet McGrattan

A practicing doctor for 16 years, UK-based Dr Juliet McGrattan is now an award-winning author and run coach. In addition to her years spent as a GP, she was also the lead clinical champion for physical activity in the North-West for Public Health England (opens in new tab).

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it is commonly used to ascertain whether a person is at risk of obesity or being underweight. BMI measurements correlate with many obesity-related health issues, so it is a valid starting point when looking at a persons state of health. Its also easy to understand since its based on a numerical scale.

Each entry on the scale relates to the number of kilograms per square-metre (so a BMI of 25 would be 25kg/m).

According to the CDC (opens in new tab), a BMI of less than 18.4 on the scale is deemed to be underweight. For most individuals, a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9) is considered normal or acceptable, while people between 25 and 29.9 are categorized as being overweight. Anyone with a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese.

Yet since a persons BMI isnt focusing exclusively on fat and also includes muscle and other tissues, it is not a complete assessment on its own.

To work out your BMI, you need to know:

This can be in metric or imperial measurements. There is a formula for both.

For metric, you simply work out your height in centimetre-squared, then use this number to divide your weight in kilograms (weight height).

For imperial, work out your height (in inches) and use the number to divide your weight in pounds (weight (lbs) height (in)). This time, also multiply by 703.

For an easy way to work out your BMI, you could use one of the many online calculators available, where you input your weight and height and it figures it out for you.

Health care professionals use BMI to help them assess their patients' risk factors for certain weight-related health conditions.

Measuring your BMI can help to guide you and your nurse or doctor, as to whether you are a healthy weight. says Dr Juliet McGrattan, former GP and author of Sorted: The Active Womans Guide to Health (opens in new tab). There are health risks associated with being both overweight and underweight.

Working out your BMI is not only useful on a personal level, though. BMI can be used at an individual level to help you decide if you need to gain or lose weight but it is also used at a wider level where it indicates the health of populations, Dr McGrattan adds.

So knowing the average BMI of a population, in collaboration with other health statistics, can give health professionals more information on how to target communities that may need additional help with their lifestyle and healthcare options.

If youve put your details into a calculator and the results arent within the healthy margins, dont panic.

Its important to know that BMI is just a guide and can be misleading in some people. For example, if you are very muscular, your BMI may indicate that you are overweight when you are in fact very healthy, says Dr McGrattan.

But its always worth checking if youre not sure, as there are risks associated with being on either side of the unhealthy parameters:

If your BMI is outside of the healthy range, then its a good idea to discuss it with your doctor, Dr McGrattan adds. A very low BMI could put you at an increased risk of medical conditions including osteoporosis where bones are thin and fracture easily.

There are also many known health risks associated with being overweight or obese, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer. Your doctor can help you work out what your BMI reading means for you personally and whether there are steps you need to take to correct it.

BMI is a good starting point but some researchers would argue that BMI is not a good measure of healthy weight. As McGrattan explains, Your BMI does not tell the whole story. Someone with a BMI in the normal range can be very unhealthy if they dont do regular exercise, or they smoke or drink excess amounts of alcohol.

Similarly, someone with a high BMI can be fitter and healthier than someone with a low BMI. Its all down to a question of their lifestyle and habits. BMI always needs to be interpreted alongside other factors such as lifestyle, ethnic group and other medical conditions a person might have.

As mentioned earlier, the main drawback of BMI is that it doesnt measure fat exclusively, nor does it measure where that fat is distributed on the body. It is, therefore, important to look at a BMI score in conjunction with other tests such as waist measurement to quickly establish whether a person is healthy or needs further help.

Remember, too, that good overall health includes both physical and mental health and BMI does not measure your mental health, says Dr McGrattan.

BMI remains a good way to quickly get a picture of a persons health, but is not a one-size-fits-all solution and should be looked at alongside other considerations such as lifestyle, build, sex, age, ethnicity and overall health of the individual.

If you are at all concerned about your health in relation to your BMI, ask your doctor or nurse for advice.

This article is not meant to offer medical advice and readers should consult their doctor or healthcare professional before adopting any diet or treatment.

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BMI: How to calculate it and what it really means for your health -

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