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Aug 23

Obese woman loses 5st you won’t believe what she looks like now – Daily Star


At 25-years-old, Destiny Gonzalez stepped on the scales and saw 20st 3lbs staring back at her.

The American woman had experienced a turbulent few years and as a result turned to emotional eating for comfort and gained weight in the process.

Destiny grew up in an abusive, drug-addled home and as a young adult she was diagnosed with a series of medical conditions including endometriosis and began to suffer from depression.


Amazingly, these reality TV stars have lost more than 40st between them... all thanks to healthy eating and exercise

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Jennifer Ellison from Brookside loses three stone in weight

When she moved in with her husband in her early 20s, Destiny said she stopped caring about her weight.

The woman from Sarasota, Florida added: "I was very comfortable being overweight.

"But it didn't completely spiral out of control until I got married, and unfortunately my husband and I both share the same love for food. I am an emotional eater and I'm also a binge eater, and at the time I had no self-control.

"In 2014 I reached 263 pounds, my heaviest weight at the time, and at that point I did start working out and losing weight. I lost 53 pounds at first, but then I plateaued and lost motivation. I didn't want to keep working out. I wanted to eat what everyone else ate.

"So I quickly gained my weight back and then some, and in February 2016 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. And then in March 2016 my little brother passed away from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and I started struggling badly with depression."

High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are all the rage right now and for good reason. Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein and your body uses protein to build and repair tissues.

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This is the point when Destiny tipped the scales at 20st, which left her feeling constantly tired and lacking motivation.

Destiny decided to make a change in September last year and hasnt looked back. So far she has lost 5st 3lbs after changing her diet and adding weights to her exercise routine.

She explained: "One day I just decided I'd had enough. There was going to be no more 'I'll start Monday.' I was just done being emotionally unstable, done being tired and lazy and obese.

"I didn't have a nutritionist or trainer, I just went to the gym and started on the elliptical for the first couple of weeks for just an hour a day. Then, as silly and pathetic as I probably looked, I started incorporating weights, and I started eating cleaner and limiting my portions.

"I did some research on how to lose weight, but I didn't have any tricks up my sleeve. There were no diet pills, no wraps, no shakes and no surgery.

"I go to bed when I start getting hungry, and I wake up at 4:30 am to go to the gym. I even bring my own snacks everywhere I go to avoid temptation.


The hardest part for Destiny has been watching her family and friends continue to eat junk food and not be able to eat any of it bit its been worth it. As well as the weight loss, Destiny has gone from a size 26 to a size 16.

Destiny added: "I am now able to do things I've never done. I am going skydiving in a week, and I've already signed up for my first 5k. I even plan on going zip lining soon!

"Being overweight really limited the activities I could participate in. Now I feel so confident. No one and nothing can get in my way now. I'm unstoppable."

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Obese woman loses 5st you won't believe what she looks like now - Daily Star

Aug 23

3 tips to help you shed that extra weight – Good4Utah

Is your blood sugar blocking your efforts to shed pounds and causing health problems? Total Health and Fitness explains how your blood sugar and body weight are connected. And extra weight puts us at risk for other health problems that involve blood sugar.

Every time we eat, our pancreas produces insulin. This hormone helps our bodies harness the energy provided by food by "unlocking" your cells, helping to move sugar (aka glucose) inside each one, where it's used for fuel. The cycle starts when you gain weight so if you have excess weight you may find you are fighting an endless cycle of trying to lose weight only to find the scale doesnt budge or the weight quickly comes back on.

Once you have blood sugar problems, it's much harder to do the one thing that can really help: slim down. The good news: losing weight is not impossible if you understand the correlation between blood sugar, belly fat and insulinand how to make the necessary changes you want to see both in your physical appearance and your overall health statistics.

The problem starts with insulin resistance, in which our cells no longer respond to the hormone. Weight gain can bring it on, especially if we add visceral fat (the kind around our abdominal organs) because it churns out inflammatory chemicals that harm cells' response to insulin. This starts an endless cycle of adding more and more weight with starting and stopping diets that are not balanced for our lifestyles.

3 tips from Total Health and Fitness

Find out how your blood sugar could be affecting not only your weight loss efforts but your overall health with a Free consultation at either their Centerville or Draper locations:

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3 tips to help you shed that extra weight - Good4Utah

Aug 21

Lose weight by changing your lifestyle – Daily Sabah

As obesity becomes an increasing concern around the world, American scientists have been trying to determine the preliminary precautions toward finding a potential cure. Therefore, new information is being revealed every day about the disease. While some of the findings aim to shape people's nutritional habits, some hint at certain clues that will change people's lifestyles. Here are a few clues to help you finish the summer in a fit state.

Add vinegar to your salads and soups

The latest research shows that vinegar has a positive impact on cholesterol and lipodiosis in the blood. Balsamic vinegar also triggers fat burning genes and is much richer than asedic acid and thus, helps you lose weight. While you should not directly consume vinegar, you can enrich your salads and soups with just two spoonfuls of vinegar.

Sauerkraut can help you lose weight

Even though it sounds weird, pickled cabbage is one of the main foods that helps people lose weight. Known as sauerkraut, or pickled cabbage, it helps with weight loss and includes lactobacillusplantarum bacteria, which helps the body produce good bacteria in the intestines and digestive system. If you are not consuming yogurt along with your meals, try serving sauerkraut as a side dish.

Endless benefits of ginger

Just like many other spices, ginger is a "medicine" used to treat inflammatory diseases, muscle pain, harmful intestinal bacteria, digestive system and fatigue. Widely used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, research has proven that the traditions of people who lived thousands of years ago were effective and ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory effects. It can also treat calcification along with sore throats and colds. Ginger is even effective in treating muscle pain and calcification. When compressed it seriously helps calcification pain as proven by research. Another benefit of ginger is that it helps in losing weight. Research conducted at Columbia University has revealed that adding a spoonful of ground ginger to a glass of hot water helps create the feeling of being full.

Fresh ginger is a food that can easily spoil and mold. Therefore, you have to consume it quickly and while it is fresh. If you want to add ginger to your food, you need to do it right before taking your food off the stove and when it is cooked with oil for a long time, it leaves its essence and aroma.

Mustard instead of mayo

Use mustard instead of mayonnaise. Research shows that if you replace your normal amount of mayonnaise with mustard you will reduce your caloric intake by 85 calories.

Consume cinnamon

It has been proven that cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar levels and is used by diabetics. Recent research has proven the health benefits of eating cinnamon. In addition to it being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, cinnamon also has been revealed as a spice that helps lower the risk of heart and coronary diseases. It is also effective in treating cytolysis and abnormal growths. It is also a good natural way to fight cancer. Consuming three to six grams of cinnamon daily can also make you feel full and help you lose weight.

Chew slowly

According to research, fast consumption of food leads often leads to overeating. Chewing your food twice as long as you normally do can help make you feel full sooner.

Don't sit still

According to Mayo Clinic research, people who fidget burn 350 more calories during the day compared to their colleagues. In order to burn an additional 150 calories, go window shopping during your lunch break.

Useful tips:

Eat red pepper flakes in the mornings. Research shows that starting the day with a full stomach can prolong your time of feeling full. If you consume red pepper flakes for breakfast it will decrease your desire for food for the rest of the day.Use smaller plates. Using children's plates with a width of 22 centimeters (8.6 inches) are actually large enough for a portion of food that will make an adult feel full.Remove sugar, crme and caffeine from your coffee. Decaf coffee has lower calories and also helps you to suppress your hunger.Add cinnamon to fruits such as bananas and melons.Don't skip breakfast. Research shows that people who eat breakfast regularly have a higher metabolism.Eat an apple before meals. Apples are high in fiber and are one of the most important things for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Eating apples before meals will help you feel less hungry and help your digestion.Instead of constantly calculating calories and grams, it is more efficient to calculate your waist circumference. The target for women is below 82.5 centimeters and 80 centimeters for men.Consume full wheat pasta. Research shows that wheat pasta makes you feel full longer and is healthier.Do not turn your targets into numbers as it has been proven that people who aim at wearing a smaller size is more successful at losing weight.If you cannot lose weight any more, try exercising and extend your exercises for five minutes.Turn your kitchen into an orchard. Plant green plants in cups in your kitchen. Therefore, you will have green plants in front of your eyes and it will enter into all of your meals.

Things to do to stay healthy:

Research proves that beans, which are high in protein, also help you feel full.Mushrooms soy with low sodium and asparagus keeps you full.Avocado is one of your friends on the way to losing weight. In addition, with the good oils it contains it is also ideal for those looking to lose weight.The right posture is important. Standing or sitting with the wrong posture might make you look fatter than you actually are. This way, your muscles will work without you even noticing and you will burn calories.Do yoga. While it seems like a calm, stationary sport from afar, if you do yoga everyday for half an hour, you will burn 350 calories.Do you feel like you are in for a snack? Lie down on the nearest chair or sofa. Experts believe that this movement minimizes the urge to eat unhealthy snacks.Instead of fried potatoes, eat baked potatoes. Instead of deeply fried potatoes, turn them into wedge potatoes without peeling the skin and adding spices and olive oil and cook them at 450 degrees Farenheit (232 degrees Celsius).Fruit that has to too much water such as melons, tomatoes and celery keep you full.Move. Park your car a bit further when you are around a shopping center and similar places. Also, avoid using elevators and use the stairs, which will help you burn more calories.The Mediterranean diet is a friend for the heart. Food that is good for your coronary system also helps you to lose weight.Get some protein at every meal. For those who want to lose weight, protein is much better than carbohydrates and fat. Consuming even a little bit of protein at every meal will boost your metabolism.

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Lose weight by changing your lifestyle - Daily Sabah

Aug 17

This guy lost 24 kg in just 16 weeks. Here’s how he did it – GQ India

While youre still browsing through fitness articles and contemplating howto lose weight quickly, LinkedIn manager Adam Bowden has already achieved the fitness transformation of your dreams. The 34-year-old Singaporean has lost 24 kg in 16 weeks! Thats more than you could ever aim to lose in a year. Obviously we wanted to knowthe details. So we simply asked:

Determined to bring about a healthy change to his lifestyle, Adam Bowden enrolled for an intensive fitness programme at Ultimate Performance Singapore. The programme was initially supposed to be a 12-week coursebut eventually extended to 16 weeks.The programme managesyourexercise, nutritional needs and also suggestssome lifestyle changes (like sleeping hours etc). Every session is with an experienced personal trainer but they still put the emphasis on you to manage your food habits based on their recommendationsand also complete the required exercises.

Hisworkout routine

Though the overall requirements were consistent, the workouts at each stage differed. Bowden explains how his regular fitness regime went down:

Bowden also incorporated a fewminor changes in his daily routine.Hetookthe stairs rather than an escalator orwalked for20 minutes instead of taking the bus.

His diet

No amount of workout can help if you dont eat right. And so Bowden cut out all carbs from his diet for the first eight weeks. After that he incorporated some amount of carbohydrates in his diet sincecarbs were required to help build up some of the muscle. But, broadly, this washis diet plan:

Breakfast: 3 eggs (cooked, scrambled or boiled)

Mid-morning snack: 25 gm almonds

Lunch: 250 gm chicken breast, turkey breast or white fish with two handfuls of green vegetables (such as spinach, asparagus or broccoli)

Mid Afternoon: Protein shake

Dinner: Same as lunch

During his 16 weeks, Bowdenconsumed fourlitres of watereveryday and no more than three black coffees a week. The only time he cheated was with theoccasional extra cup of coffee.I was fully committed to the program so I followed the food plans every day, he says.

Today he is comparatively less harsh on himself.Do I still have food that isnt good for me? (like Steak, Pizza and Pasta). Yes, and I do enjoy that but I also am a lot more knowledgeable. I now typically eat similar to the above plan for maybe four to fivetimes a week and on the remaining days I am a little more relaxed. I definitely dont eat as much fatty food or carbs but if I want to enjoy the occasional meal then I will go ahead and do so. I consume a lot less alcohol now,just a quarter of what I used to drink and I no longer drink beer, he says.

His motivation

Long working hours and lots of travel gave me lesser and lesser time to exercise. Traveling also impacted my lifestyle to a certain extent and Alcohol was a keyfactor. However, I came to realise that none of these were preventing me from making the change. It was me and me alone that stopped any changes from happening.

So he decided to build a rock solid mental stamina. My motivation was to find the only happiness missing from my life. I knew I had gained too much weight and it was affecting me mentally. I didnt like what I saw in the mirror and had spent almost twoyears hiding it with what clothes I would wear. I had tried a number of different ways to lose weight which didnt work and it caused some lack of confidence and a sadness within my life. I wanted to change these as it was affecting my work and more importantly my relationship. So every down moment, every extra rep on the gym came from that motivation.


Bowden accepts that after the first 2-3 sessions of the programme, he felt sick since his body had not been accustomed to the rigorous workout for a long time. Although after that, things have improved for him health wise. He says, I can honestly say that all of the health changes during this programme were beneficial. Since I started the programme and even after completing it, my sleep has dramatically improved, having a deep consistent 7-8 hour sleep every night.


The initial goal set with the trainer before beginning the program was to bring down 14 kg from 92kg to 78kg (Since that was the weight with which he felt healthy). He ended up over-achieving his target when he came down to 67 kg. More importantly I started at 32 per cent body fat and dropped down to 14 per cent. My muscle mass increased by about 2-3 kg but the biggest achievement was in the fat per cent loss.

Bowden says that his weight has gone up only three kg in the lastnine months since he stopped the programme. He has maintained a regular balanced diet since and works out twice a day (1 cardio and 1 weights exercise). He also continues to play soccer 2-3 times per week.

Week 3 was tough and the trainer did warn me about this at the start. I had a couple of occasions when the weight loss seemed to slow down. I basically trusted the processes and reminded myself why I was committing to this. Those two factors always helped me and it proved to be right, he says

Not everyone who works a 9-5 job can go through such an intensive fitness program and achieve theirgoals. But Bowden did. According to him, time management is the key to success. He had always incorporated it in his professional life and he just needed to do the same with his personal life as well. He said, I changed my diary around at work. Moved all 1 hour meetings to 45 minutes. Avoided needless time spent on unproductive activities and used my time traveling between meetings and back and forth from work, to manage my e-mails. With this I usually gave myself back an additional 1.5 hours a day which I invested inextra workouts. I also made sure that I spoke to my fianc, my manager and my close friends to convey that I needed their support during this process which would enable me to be a better person and employee.


Research finds that having tattoos has a big impact on your workouts

Best cardio exercises for fat loss

This is the most ridiculous way to burn o-n-e calorie

> More on Fitness

Have a weight-loss story to share? Write to and tell us all about it!

This guy lost 24 kg in just 16 weeks. Here's how he did it - GQ India

Aug 16

7 ridiculous questions dieticians get asked All. The. Time. – VOGUE India

As nutritionists, we are constantly subjected to various kinds of people who have been struggling with weight loss. Thanks to the freely circulating (mis)information there are plenty of myths being created all the time. Here are the seven of the most frequently-askedquestions that dieticians receive, with myth-busting responses for each.

So, Ill definitely lose at least one kg a week, right?No one can guarantee your weight loss except you. A nutritionist can prescribe you an eating pattern and keep changing it based on your bodys response, but if you simply make your own changes and increase or decrease your calories on a whim ,your weight will definitely fluctuate. Besides, all of us do not have the same metabolism, so while some people can lose weight quickly, others may do so at a much slower rate, and asking your nutritionist for a guarantee is like asking her to predict when it will rain next.

Is all of the food you want me to eat calorie-free?Some people fool themselves into believing that when the label says diet food, it means virtually no calories. Remember, apart from plain water, there is no food that is calorie-free. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling you.

If I have a night of binge-drinking planned, can I detox the next day and lose weight?Our bodies are naturally equipped with detoxification processes that are working 24/7, which is why we perspire and pass out all the waste from the body. When you drink alcohol, you may eat lighter food the next day to feel less clogged up, but this is not going to help lose the calories that are now stored in your system. The best way to rid yourself of these calories is to exercise and burn them off.

Im going for an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner; is it okay if I go to the gym for two more days this week to burn the calories?If only things were so simple. Exercising a little extra the week that you eat morewill not help rid you of those calories. Whats more, if you are not consistent with your workout,your metabolism is not going to rise either. Exercise is not something you can store in your body but calories are easily stored, so dont switch one for the other.

How long do I have to follow the diet? I can eat everything after I lose weight, right?Going on a diet to lose weight should mean a lifestyle change, and this change should be permanent. If you are a person who keeps going on and off diets, you will constantly find yourself losing and gaining weight constantly. It is not a great idea to only look at the calorie value of food, instead start looking at food from the point of view of nourishment and what makes you fitter, and you will find making healthy choices far easier.

It was diet food so I ate a few extra helpings. Why does the scale not show any weight loss?The diet food tag itself somehow makes people fail at their diets. Dont fall for gimmicks that promise no-sugar, low-fat, fat-free or sugar-free labels. Usually, one ingredient is simple replaced with another and the calorie values are altered only very slightly. If you end up eating too many portions of this food you will end up making up for those calories anyway.

I ate a large meal, but I swear I had a diet soda with it. Is that okay?This is the weirdest logic. You are reducing the calories you get from sugar, but what about all the extra fat that you have consumed in your big meal? Topping it with the artificially-flavoured drink may ease your guilt temporarily, but it wont do anything for your waistline for sure.

The bottomline is to eat healthy because it is good for you, not because your dietician wants you to. And whatever plan you get on, make sure its one you can keep up with, even when your excess weight has dropped.

Samreedhi Goel is a Mumbai-based nutritionist, fitness expert and proprietor at Size Wise The Fitness Studio. You can contact her

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7 ridiculous questions dieticians get asked All. The. Time. - VOGUE India

Aug 16

‘I want to live a long time’: Mom drops 78 pounds, goes from size 18 to 4 –




In January 2016, Kari Hammond stumbled upon her 15-year-old daughter, Alexa, crying. When Hammond asked Alexa what was wrong, she said she was worried about her mom because Hammond was so overweight at 5 foot 5 inches tall, she weighed 217 pounds. And, Alexa was also afraid shed grow up to be "fat."

It was kind of a come-to-Jesus moment for me, Hammond told TODAY.

How this mom lost 78 pounds in 1 year Play Video - 0:52

How this mom lost 78 pounds in 1 year Play Video - 0:52

But Hammond had been overweight since she hit puberty and wasnt quite sure how to lose it. She had tried loads of diets where shed lose weight and then gain that weight back and then some. She decided to ask her mom, who always exercised and ate healthy foods, what to do. Her mom, Randi Longmeier, gave Hammond four recommendations:

I tried a lot of different things than these four things [in the past], Hammond said.

But this time she followed her mom's advice and started by cutting sugar. After eating no sugar for two weeks, she downloaded an app, Lose it! to track all of her calories and her exercise. Next she started tabata workouts, high-intensity training with a 10-second break between each 20-second interval of exercise. At first, she could only work out for 10 minutes before she felt exhausted. But she kept trying and built up her stamina.

In a few weeks, the weight started coming off quickly. But then it leveled off.

It was a really steady loss for me, she said.

When Kari Hammond's daughter, Alexa, told her mom she was worried about her health because Hammond was so overweight, Hammond decided to get healthier.

As she continued losing, she altered her goals to match what she was doing. Originally, she thought shed like to be at a health body mass index, which was 150 pounds. After reaching that, she adjusted and lost more weight and now weighs 135 pounds.

In total, she lost 78 pounds. Being flexible helped her be successful. She also added some muscle by doing tabata-style exercises for 40 minutes and walking for an hour each day.

I used to think I had no time for exercise. Forty minutes of exercise is four percent of my day, I can give myself four percent of my day, she said. That was life changing.

For the past nine months, she has been maintaining her loss. She still relies on the four suggestions that Longmeier gave her and learned she was stronger than she realized.

I can do really hard things, she said. Health is important and I want to live a long time.

In less than a year Kari Hammond dropped 78 pounds by following four tips her mother gave her.

Hammond provided tips to others hoping to lose weight.

When the number on the scale doesnt budge, it can feel overwhelming. Thats why Hammond looked at other wins during her weight-loss journey. She celebrated milestones, such as feeling more comfortable in a chair, having a noticeable collarbone or seeing one chin instead of two. This kept her from feeling frustrated.

Logging every single thing she ate and her exercise helped her lose steadily and keep the weight off.

I am super consistent. I have literally logged every single thing I have eaten for 450 days, she said. I am that dedicated to this process.

There are days when Hammond eats twice the calories she was supposed to eat. When that happened in the past as she tried losing weight, shed give up. Now, she takes a more realistic approach.

Since losing 78 pounds, Kari Hammond finds that she enjoys being active and has a harder time just sitting on the couch.

I made many mistakes, she said. I recognize it and move on from it.

For more weight-loss inspiration, check out our My Weight-Loss Journey page.

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'I want to live a long time': Mom drops 78 pounds, goes from size 18 to 4 -

Aug 14

‘What Would You Do?’ recap: Man pushes pregnant wife to lose weight – ABC News

Here is a recap of this week's episode of "What Would You Do?" with ABC's John Quiones.

A young boy picks out a doll for his mother to buy him at a toy store. She is ashamed by his choice and wants him to select what she considers a boys toy. A young girl wants to play with a truck, but her mother does not agree with her choice. What will other shoppers think when they see the mothers disapprove? Watch what happens:

A single father is introducing his daughter to his girlfriend for the first time. The daughter doesn't approve of his falling in love with a much younger woman. How will others react? Watch what happens:

A waiters obsessive-compulsive disorder is upsetting a pair of diners who say it is affecting their dining experience. How will other customers react? Watch what happens:

On a busy street, a motorist doesnt know how to change his flat tire. How quickly will passersby offer to assist? What happens when the stranded motorist is an attractive blond woman? What about a Muslim man? Watch what happens:

A lesbian couple is being denied a wedding cake at a bakery because the owner says same-sex marriage is in conflict with his beliefs. With whom will the other customers side? Watch what happens:

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'What Would You Do?' recap: Man pushes pregnant wife to lose weight - ABC News

Aug 14

What You Need to Know About Low-Carb Diets –

By now you've probably seen and heard the term "low carb" used in hundreds of scenarios from flashy headlines to celebrity endorsements and even the snack aisle. That said, internet buzz around a weight-loss diet one morning can be entirely contradicted by another trend the next day.

That's why I'm breaking down everything you need to know about the low-carb life and redefining which carbs you should eat versus the ones to cut back on.

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Little known fact: Carbs are actually in almost everything we eat, but in very trace amounts. Let's start with some basic biochemistry: Dietary carbs are made up of sugar molecules called saccharides. Saccharides break down in order to be digested and absorbed in your body, where they are responsible for literally everything: metabolism, tissue and organ function, even the synapses your brain is firing right now!

In the plainest of terms: These simple sugars fuel our organs. While protein, fat and carbs break down into smaller molecules to provide energy, glucose (the simplest sugar molecule) is the preferred source. Our very smart and energy-saving bodies do everything in their power to provide enough glucose to get stuff done, including using fat and protein when necessary.

They use what they need for metabolic functions and ultimately store whatever's left over in adipocytes a fancy, science-y way of saying "fat cells." What happens if we're storing more than we're using? We gain weight. What happens if we use more than we store? We lose weight. Easy as (crust-less) pie, right?

Er, sort of.

Eating plans that cut carbs to less than 50 grams per day can induce ketosis, a physiological state in which your body uses fat cells for energy. There are two main reasons why low-carb diets show results quickly.

First: Since we use carbs for energy, cutting them means we have to pull from somewhere else to keep our organs functioning. Our bodies then turn to the glucose stored in our muscles as glycogen for fuel.

What else happens when we break down muscle glycogen? We lose water weight! Our muscles store about 3 grams of water for every gram of glycogen, meaning we can lose quite a bit of weight right away when we tap into glycogen stores for fuel. That's why someone who loses weight in "just one week!" from a low-carb plan is likely losing water weight, not necessarily real weight that stays off over time.

Second: Most of us eat too many carbs to begin with. About half of our calories should come from carbs, according to the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. That's about 250 grams per day for a 2,000 calorie diet, or even fewer if you're eating less than that. When you consider all of the grain-based foods and sneaky sources of added sugar, it's easy eat a whole lot more than the recommended amount.


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There's a major misconception about low-carb diets that I hear frequently: "Steak, bacon, butter, cheese, oils, avocado, coconut oil You can eat all of the meat and fat you want, right?!" Not quite. Ultimately, all diets rely on the same principle: Calories in versus calories out.

Some diets cut calories from all macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) in equal amounts. Others cut from fat, and some buzzy types cut from carbs. But the end result is the same: You cut calories, you'll lose weight. If you eat them in excess, you'll gain weight. So just because you've eliminated one macronutrient doesn't give you free rein to chow down on another type of food!

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What You Need to Know About Low-Carb Diets -

Aug 14

Victoria’s Secret model trainer reveals which diet made models gain rather than lose weight –

Justin Gelband has trained Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shaik, Karlie Kloss and Martha Hunt and while exercise is important, he says, what you eat is "85% per cent of what you do".

Speaking to Business Insider he said he is a fan of the Paleo Diet, also known as the "caveman diet" which sees people eating mainly foods that were around in the stone age including fruit, veggies, roots and nuts.

However, he is not such a fan of juice diets.

"At Fashion Week some models went on a juice diet and didn't tell me," he said. "Not one lost weight, some actually gained weight. That got me in big trouble."

The diet involves dramatically decreasing your calorie intake very quickly which can cause the body to hold on to extra calories.

"There's a time and place for juice fasting - just not for weight loss," added Gelband.

"If you're on a yoga retreat in Bali, you're meditating and doing yoga and you want to drink juices becuase you don't want any heavy foods in your body that's fine."

Of the women's enviable figures, he said they're "not beanpoles" and he "makes them eat" as this is key to having the energy to train.

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Victoria's Secret model trainer reveals which diet made models gain rather than lose weight -

Aug 12

After Surviving Family Tragedy, This Man Lost 100 Lbs. and Became a Bodybuilder –

Javier Hernandez has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where he is today.

I was always overweight, Hernandez, 32, tells PEOPLE. Out of eight kids, I was the fat one with the huge appetite. But life at home was hard. Raised by a single mother in the projects of Tempe, Arizona, Hernandez and his family didnt have a lot of money. My food options werent the best we would have cheap fast foods, donation boxes of foods, he says. Playing outside wasnt much of an option due to the high crime rate in our projects. They even endured bouts of homelessness.

He continued to struggle throughout his childhood, losing his older brother when he was 16 years old and going through a painful breakup a few years later. He became severely depressed. Friends intervened when they saw him struggling. They reminded me of a promise I made to my late brother to fix myself, says Hernandez, who weighed 325 lbs. at his heaviest. Iknew I was damaged inside and out and needed to make a change.

In 2011, he began the process of losing weight.When I first started, I knew that I didnt want to be thin I wanted to be built, says Hernandez, who shares his weight loss journey on Instagram. I also knew that I had to get rid of all the things that could be making me overweight, like sweets, fried foods and tortillas.

FROM PEN:Half Their Size: Lindita Weighed 250 lbs. Before Deciding To Lose The Weight

So he ditched his food vices for a mix of healthy proteins (eggs, chicken, protein shakes) and complex carbs (quick oats and sweet potatoes). To help battle my appetite, he says, I would consume a ton of veggies like broccoli, green beans and spinach.

Hernandez also found solace at the gym, where he worked out seven days a week. By 2012, he had lost 120 lbs. and decided to enter bodybuilding.coms male transformation contest. He was ecstatic when he actually won. I was super surprised, he says. Nothing like that ever really happens for me.

The experience inspired him to enter a physique show and he continued losing weight, getting down to about 170 lbs. But a couple weeks before the 2012 competition, Hernandez was hit with another blow: He lost a second brother. It sent him into an unhealthy spiral, and he gained back some of the weight.

I knew drinking and eating myself away wasnt going to help, says Hernandez, who finally decided to recommit to his healthy routine.

After losing weight a second time, he got a tummy tuck to get rid of loose skin.

He also renewed his commitment to physique shows, competing in his first in 2014. Hernandez put on more muscle after his surgery, currently weights 180 lbs. and continues to compete. He is also studying to get certified in sports medicine.

And he also now has a strong support system cheering him on.

When I first started [this weight loss journey] I was on my own, says Hernandez, who is married with two young sons. [Now] I want to keep up with [my kids]. They keep me driven; they keep me motivated. They are never going to be my excuse, they are always going to be my reason.

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After Surviving Family Tragedy, This Man Lost 100 Lbs. and Became a Bodybuilder -

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