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Aug 25

How To Lose Weight Fast As Possible: These 8 Science-Backed Tips Will …

Weve all seen them. Plastered over magazine covers at your local grocery store, reads Lose 20 pounds in 1 week!

New diets are coming in hot and every day it seems like theres something new to the weight loss game that works better. But, if diets worked, why are we having to keep doing them?

Despite what the media conveys, there is no secret to weight loss. Whether you are doing Keto, Paleo, Carnivore, Whole30, or anything between, a diet is a diet.

Research continues to prove that diets dont work. Any eating pattern change that is too drastic harms sustainability.

If we are unable to sustain the changes we make, any weight loss we have achieved in the process will come right back on.

Instead of hanging on to the yo-yo train, take the next stop and consider some of the tips below.

The key to successful weight loss is being able to stick with the changes you make. This means making changes that are a little bit smaller and less drastic.

Without further ado, here are 8 science-backed tips that can help you lose weight fast and sustainably.

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According to theDietary Guidelines for Americans,a balanced diet should include the five food groups. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and protein.

You should also aim to consume low amounts of processed foods. These tend to be high in added sugar, sodium, and saturated fats.

To help you balance your plate, the USDA has created theMyPlategraphic for reference. This graphic shows what a typical meal should include, along with the portions.

For example, they recommend aiming to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. The other half of your plate should consist of a fourth protein and a fourth carbohydrate.

To put this together, consider you are planning to have chicken with rice and a side salad. When you make your plate, fill half with the salad, a fourth with chicken, and a fourth with rice.

If you are planning to have pasta that contains only noodles and a cream sauce, throw in some protein and some veggies. Any meal can be adjusted to fit within these guidelines.

Balancing your meals helps to ensure you are getting a variety of nutrients. It also helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer.

Protein, healthy fats, and fiber, all help to keep us fuller during our meals. If we are missing one of these components, we are a lot more likely to overeat throughout the day.

Its a mistake many of us make, some daily, and thats drinking your calories. What we drink, although often overlooked, can be impactful on our waistline.

Cutting out sugar-laden beverages can mean big weight loss for those who consume them regularly. These include sodas, juices, energy drinks, sugary coffees, sports drinks, and more.

Although they are delicious, they can be packed with sugar and calories, even in drinks, we may not consider sugary, such as fruit juices.

For example, a 12-ounce can of Pepsi contains 150 calories and 41 grams of added sugars. For someone who consumes 3-4 of these daily, enough to be an extra meal.

Consuming excess amounts of added sugars can have a large impact on our weight and our health. According to theAmerican Heart Association, added sugars should be limited to no more than 6-9 teaspoons per day, about 24-36 grams.

Research shows that a high intake of sugar-sweetened beverages can skyrocket our risk of developing obesity. It can also raise our risk of developing other chronic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and more (1,2).

Instead of reaching for a sweet drink, opt for water. Many Americans are not consuming enough water throughout the day.

This can lead to low energy levels and increased incidences of snacking. Although there is currently no set guideline for recommended water intake in adults, a good rule of thumb is 64 ounces.

If you dont love water, try dressing it up by infusing it with fruit. You can also choose to eat more hydrating foods, such as watermelon, cucumbers, grapes, and celery.

You may think youre doing yourself a favor by choosing to cut out a meal or two, but this is wreaking havoc on your metabolism. When we go long periods without eating, its more likely that we will over-eat later in the day.

Instead, plan to eat consistently, whether that means three meals per day, snacks in between, or small, frequent meals. The key is what best controls your hunger levels so that you do not feel the need to overeat at your next meal.

Be sure to use tip #1 to help build your meals and always include a snack that contains a protein source to get the most bang for your buck.

If you are a snacker, re-evaluating your snack choices can help lead to significant progress when it comes to weight loss. When choosing a snack, its important to be mindful of the choices you make in terms of food quality and calories.

Try to limit choosing highly processed food items for snacks, such as chips, cookies, crackers, etc. These foods are easy to overeat and often contain high amounts of calories, sodium, added sugars, and saturated fats.

Instead, try pairing a fruit or vegetable with a protein source to keep you satisfied without all the additional calories. This could be apples with cheese, a banana or celery with peanut butter, or cottage cheese with pineapple.

Aim to keep more of these options in your fridge or pantry to encourage you to choose them over processed snack foods. This tip could help you cut down on the extra calories and boost your nutrition with a simple swap.

Being fully present during your meals and snacks can make a big difference when it comes to your eating habits. Many of us are guilty of distracted, emotional, and even boredom eating.

Its no secret that eating can be pleasurable. Because of this, we often reach for food to cope with different emotions. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.

Practicing mindful eating strategies can help us make better food choices overall. This can lead to progress with sustainable weight loss.

Mindful eating is an approach created to help us recognize and better cope with our emotions when it comes to food. Studies on mindful eating show weight loss promise from behavior change and overall stress reduction (3,4,5,6).

Next time you plan to enjoy a meal or snack, consider the following:

Its common to want to perfect the art of weight loss however, this often leads to the all-or-nothing mentality. This thought process can be detrimental to any weight loss progress. Remember that all foods can fit in a healthy diet.

Instead of focusing on what foods you cannot eat anymore, or labeling foods as good or bad, practice moderation. Emphasize adding more good foods to your diet versus cutting out everything you feel is bad.

If you have a bad meal, a bad day, or a bad week, instead of filling yourself with guilt, focus on moving forward.

Just because you didnt eat as well as you had hoped during that time, doesnt mean you failed. Failure only occurs when we stop trying.

Many people underestimated how important getting adequate sleep is. To be present, energized, and make the best decisions each day, we need to be well rested.

In fact, there is a strong connection between sleep and weight. When we dont get adequate sleep each night, our hormones become disrupted. This includes hormones that play a role in appetite, Leptin (which promotes fullness), and Ghrelin (which promotes hunger).

Its also believed lack of sleep can affect our food preferences. This can increase our chances of reaching for high carbohydrate, calorically dense foods (7).

Its recommended to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. If you struggle with getting enough sleep, consider the following:

Last, but certainly not least, get your body moving. Physical activity is a great way to accelerate your weight loss progress.

To make the most out of your weight loss journey, aim to incorporate both aerobic exercise and strength training.

TheCenter for Disease Control and Preventionrecommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week. That is about 30 minutes per day of any exercise that gets your heart rate up.

Its also recommended to include at least 2 days of strength training exercise. These exercises should target the major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abs, chest, shoulders, and arms).

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How To Lose Weight Fast As Possible: These 8 Science-Backed Tips Will ...

Aug 25

5 Low-Sugar Smoothies for Rapid Weight Loss – Eat This Not That

Since two-thirds of Americans have obesity or are overweight, it is no wonder that many people want to find ways to lose weight. Making a habit of exercising, eating fewer calories, and managing stress are all common ways that people try and tackle their weight management goals. And among the good-for-you food choices that make frequent appearances on a weight loss diet, smoothies tend to top many peoples' lists.

Sure, sipping on a mixture of fruit, veggies, and other smoothie ingredients can be a simple way to sneak in some important nutrients. But if you aren't careful, your concoction can be loaded with excessive amounts of added sugar, calories, and other factors that may work against your weight loss goal.

If you are on a quest to find some low-sugar smoothie recipes that may help you lose weight, you have come to the right place. Enjoying these smoothies along with incorporating proper exercise, eating balanced meals, and prioritizing sleep may help you reach that goal weight that you have been striving to achieve in a natural way.

Be sure to bookmark these five low-sugar smoothies for rapid weight loss the next time you are craving a smoothie but don't want to sip on a sugar bomb. Read on, and for more on how to eat healthy, don't miss Eating Habits to Lose Abdominal Fat As You Age, Say Dietitians.

Berries are a quintessential smoothie ingredient, thanks to their natural sweetness that comes in a lower-calorie package. But the stars of this weight management-supporting smoothie are the surprising additions of ginger and cayenne.

Data shows that ginger intake can reduce body weight, and cayenne pepper may help with optimizing hunger control and burning calories. Having a smoothie made with these powerhouse ingredients may be your secret weapon on your weight loss journey.

Get the recipe from Minimalist Baker.

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The addition of zucchini and greens gives this smoothie some bulk with very few calories, helping provide a major satiety factor that may help people support their weight loss goals. The burst of blueberry may help improve weight maintenance, according to data published in Advances in Nutrition.

Get the recipe from Minimalist Baker.

A Fall Green Smoothie can be enjoyed any time of the year, as it is loaded with low-calorie ingredients along with weight loss-supporting additions like flax seeds and apple cider vinegar. In fact, according to the results of a systematic review and meta-analysis published in Obesity Reviews, the authors conclude that whole flaxseed is a good choice for weight management, especially for overweight and obese individuals.

This refreshing smoothie can also be enjoyed as a frozen pop. Simply pour this mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

Get the recipe from With Food and Love.

Dragon fruit is a perfect addition to a lower-sugar fruit smoothie or bowl thanks to its powerful flavor that goes well with almost any other fruit out there. With three grams of fiber and six grams of proteinall for just 182 calories, this smoothie bowl certainly qualifies as a great option for weight loss plans.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

Get our recipe for Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl.

This smoothie is a major nutritional powerhouse made with no added sugars or anything artificial. Packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber, this smoothie is a perfect recipe for those trying to manage their weight and limit their added sugar intake.

Adding turmeric to this smoothie gives this dish even more weight management support, as data shows that consuming curcumin, an active compound found in turmeric, is linked to reduced BMI and weight among those with metabolic syndrome.

Get the recipe from With Food and Love.

Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, CLEC

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5 Low-Sugar Smoothies for Rapid Weight Loss - Eat This Not That

Aug 25

How To Lose The Last 10 Pounds Fast – News Azi

Whether youre just getting back on track with your weight loss goals, or youve been at it for a while now, you may have noticed that the last 5 to 10 pounds feel like the hardest to lose. Youre not imagining it.

The truth is plateaus on the scale and slow weight loss arent uncommon.

So why does fat loss become more difficult as we age, when in our teens and 20s the weight would melt off?

When youre busy with family, work, school (or all the above) prioritizing exercise or even finding the time to be active can be difficult, especially if youre exhausted. If youre not active, you could easily eat more calories than youre burning.

After age 30, we continue to lose lean muscle at a rate of 3-8% per year. [1] Lean muscle burns more calories than fat. But if you dont actively strength train to maintain your muscle, metabolism slows and your body will burn fewer calories than it did before, making it easy to gain weight.

This one is huge! Stress can make us feel too tired to want to exercise, but whats worse, it can make us crave junk food while raising cortisol, the stress hormone linked to weight gain. Cortisol is especially notorious for causing that stubborn belly fat. [2]

Sleeping fewer than 7 hours a night has been linked in many studies to a higher body mass index (BMI) and weight gain. [3, 4]

Those who sleep poorly quality are also more likely to make poor food choices and eat more. [5] This can make a tremendous difference when youre trying to lose weight.

Convenient prepared foods, takeout, and grab-and-go food are easy and quick options when were too busy to cook. But these foods are often high in calories, sugar, and unhealthy fats that promote weight gain and negatively affect our fat-burning hormones. They also usually have little to no nutrition, which can leave us hungry and prone to constant snacking and overeating. [6]

Natural drops in estrogen in women and testosterone in men after 40 can encourage weight gain as can pregnancy and menopause.

Poor thyroid function (hypothyroidism) can trigger thyroid hormones to go out of balance needed for healthy metabolism, causing weight gain. [7]

The good news is that if youre ready to lose the last 10 pounds, it may take a determined mindset and commitment, but it is possible!

Whether youve been trying to lose weight for a while, or youre ready to get back on track, here are a few tips to help you finally lose those stubborn pounds.

If you want to lose weight, eating whole and plant-based foods is key for a few reasons. [8]

Full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, whole foods not only nourish our body but also keep us fuller longer with fewer calories than processed foods, which can increase hunger cravings, encourage us to eat more, and sabotage our weight loss goals. [9]

The body also uses whole foods more effectively while promoting balance so we can burn more fat.

Healthy whole foods to include in your diet can be lean meats, fish, eggs, veggies, leafy greens, berries, whole grains, plain Greek yogurt, and sweet potatoes.

When cooking, also skip frying and roast, bake, saut or steam instead.

You cant underestimate the power of protein! Eating protein in the right amounts can promote weight loss. But unfortunately, most of us dont eat enough of this important macronutrient.

Not only does the body finds it harder to store protein as fat, but it stimulates hormones that make us feel more feel full and satiated after we eat (peptide YY, GLP-1, and cholecystokinin) while also decreasing our hunger hormone ghrelin. [10]

In fact, a study published in Nutrition Journal found that protein is more satiating than fat and when we eat a high-protein diet, we snack less. This strategy can help us take in fewer calories, lose more weight and maintain that weight loss over the long term. [11]

We also need protein to build and maintain lean muscle. More muscle requires our body to burn more calories, which can speed up fat loss when were active. [12]

Excellent sources of lean protein include chicken, turkey, beef, fish, shrimp, Greek yogurt, tofu, tempeh, and beans.

To lose those last 10 pounds, cut refined sugar from your diet.

The problem with sugar is that it is high in calories with zero nutrition to show for it. Whats worse is that sugar can stimulate our hunger hormone (ghrelin) encouraging us to overeat, making it a major cause of weight gain. [13, 14, 15 ]

Plus, we usually find sugar in foods with other high-calorie, high-fat, low-fiber ingredients, foods like white flour, butter, and oil. Hello, baked goods! These make us feel good in the short term, but in the long run can cause energy crashes, leaving us craving more and more of the bad stuff.

Obvious sugary treats that can sabotage our weight loss include foods like muffins, doughnuts, cookies, candy and soda, and cake. But sugar can also hide in prepared foods like BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, salad dressings, energy drinks, granola bars, protein bars, yogurt, and ketchup.

Always check labels for clean ingredients and only buy items that are made with foods you can pronounce. Skip anything with preservatives and artificial flavors.

Even natural sources like honey and maple syrup are still sugar and should be avoided.

When your sweet tooth strikes, reach for a piece of fruit, Greek yogurt with berries, or a piece of zero-sugar, chocolate instead.

To lose fat, you consistently need to burn more calories than you consume each day.

The problem is most of us dont know the nutritional value of the foods were eating in relation to the portions were eating them.

And many foods marketed as healthy have sneaky amounts of sugar, high amounts of fat, or lower amounts of protein, which can put us in a calorie surplus.

For example, only 2 tablespoons of peanut butter have a whopping 188 calories!

Thats why its helpful to track your food so you can see which eating or drinking habits are sabotaging your weight loss.

And research is showing evidence that eating your macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) in the right ratios can be more effective than counting calories alone. [16]

The best way to keep track of your macros and your daily food intake is to start by downloading a food tracking app like MyFitnessPal, MyPlate, or Calorie Counter.

These apps will quickly calculate your daily calorie needs along with the ratio of macros you should eat for your weight loss goals. You can also use a macro-counting calculator online (like this one) to find the macro ratios best for you.

Though not totally necessary, using a kitchen scale can make tracking your food more accurate. But it will help you see the nutritional value of foods in relation to portions.

For example, if you exercise less than 1 hour each day, its recommended your total food for the day should contain 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbs.

The best part is that counting macros apps work with any diet (keto, Mediterranean, vegan, etc.) and most of the macro counting apps also have meal plans, so you dont have to struggle with figuring out what to eat.

You may find logging your food tedious at first, but understanding the nutritional value of what youre eating can be a huge eye-opener and the difference between seeing the scale move or not.

Drinking more water is one of the simplest changes you can make to help you burn more fat to get the pounds off.

Thirst from dehydration can mimic hunger, which means if were not drinking enough water, we may take in excess calories we dont need.

A 2015 study found that drinking about 16 ounces (500ml) of water 30 minutes before meals may help with weight loss, while an earlier study in the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism found that drinking 16 ounces of water increased metabolic rate by 30 percent. [17, 18]

Experts now recommend drinking half your weight in ounces of water per day. So a 150-pound person would drink 75 ounces of water per day. But you may need to drink more if you sweat and exercise a lot or live in a dry area.

If you forget to drink enough water throughout the day, try using a water tracker app on your phone. Or grab yourself a water bottle with time markers to help you remember to drink enough H20 throughout the day.

Vegetable oils like canola, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, safflower, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and foods made with them like margarine, were once mass-marketed as heart and body healthy alternatives to olive oil, butter, and lard. In fact, increases in vegetable oil consumption have coincided with greater rates of chronic diseases and obesity.

A recent animal research study found that soybean oil caused 25% more weight gain than other fats and may even be worse than sugar for weight gain. [19] And may be because of their high content of omega-6 fatty acids, which can promote inflammation in the body and weight gain.

While we need some omega-6 fatty acids to stay healthy, the typical Western diet can supply 10 or more times the amount of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids ideal for health. [20]

Studies show that getting more anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids in your diet may not only increase metabolism but help you burn more fat. [21, 22, 23]

To get more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, eat at least 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of fatty fish like wild-caught salmon at least twice a week or take a fish oil supplement.

A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found participants who took fish oil supplements lost an average of 1.1 pounds (0.5 kilograms) of fat and also a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, thats associated with weight gain. [24]

When cooking, choose other healthy oils like ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.

For another healthy fat, it may be worth working MCT oil(medium-chain triglycerides) into your diet, which research has shown can increase metabolic rate, reduce hunger and preserve muscle mass during weight loss. [25, 26, 27 ]

A flavorless oil extracted from coconut oil popular with keto dieters, MCTs are quickly and easily absorbed short molecules of fat that the body can use for immediate energy needs.

A small study with 8 men found that 12 tablespoons of MCT oil daily increased their metabolic rate by 5%, burning them an average of 120 additional calories per day. [28]

Thats over 12 pounds per year!

Never use MCT oil for cooking with heat. Try adding it to your morning coffee, and protein shakes, stir it into soups, or drizzle it over salad.

Practiced for centuries by cultures around the world, intermittent fasting (IF) is a simple practice that alternates periods of eating followed by periods of not eating. Inter With Intermittent Fasting since youre eating in a smaller window of time, youll most likely consume fewer calories, which can help you lose more weight. [29]

Studies show that intermittent fasting can also lower insulin levels and balance blood sugar while increasing Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This can boost metabolism and fat burning, and may promote building muscle mass as well [30, 31, 32]

According to a 2014 study review, intermittent fasting can help you lose anywhere 38% of your body weight and 47% of your waist circumference over 24 weeks. This is a huge amount. [33]

There are various ways to incorporate fasting into your routine, but the 16/8 method is the easiest to adopt. Simply fast for 16 hours (during sleep counts) and only eat during an 8-hour window. An eating window from noon to 8 p.m is popular and I find it easy to stick to.

And be sure to continue drinking water during your fasting window. Zero-calorie beverages like coffee and tea are okay to drink, but adding milk, creamer, or sugar will break your fast.

With intermittent fasting, its best to start slowly and work your way up over a few weeks to get your body used to not eating for extended periods of time.

Meal planning can help you avoid binge eating or grabbing unhealthy food when youre hungry. And when you have food ready to go, youll be more likely to stick to making better choices.

There is a variety of meal planning websites and apps available to help you. If you dont have time to prep and cook, consider a healthy meal delivery service.

Popular diets that many have had success losing weight with include:

Keto: This ultra low-carb high-fat diet focuses on switching your bodys energy-burning system from carbohydrates to ketones to help us burn that hard to budge fat. The benefit of the keto diet is that those who stick with it report losing fat rapidly. With a higher intake of dietary fat, you wont feel hungry. While good for quick weight loss, you may find sticking to the keto diet not sustainable in the long run.

Mediterranean Diet: This anti-inflammatory diet that doesnt cut any food groups focuses on eating the way they do in the Mediterranean with lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats from fish, olive oil, and walnuts. A British study found that those who stuck with the Mediterranean diet for over 12 months lost 5-10% of their body weight and were twice as likely to keep it off. [34]

You cant exercise the pounds off if youre not eating right. It wont work.

But combined with a healthy diet, exercise is the next best thing to help you lose pounds.

Not only can exercise help you burn more calories to put you in a calorie deficit you need to achieve weight loss, but it can also reduce stress, boost mood, improve sleep and help build and tone muscles. And more muscle equals more calories burned.

Walking: Studies have shown this low-impact form of exercise is an effective way to lose weight. A 12-week study of 20 obese women found that walking for 5070 minutes 3 times per week reduced body fat and waist circumference.[35]

And walking is easy to work into any routine or budget. Aim to walk at least 30 minutes 5 times a week, working your way up to 7000-10000 steps per day.

Get a simple pedometer, fitness watch, or app on your phone to help you keep track.

Running/Jogging: Studies have shown that while burning calories, jogging and running can also help burn that stubborn belly fat (visceral fat) linked with the onset of a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. [36, 37, 38]

HIIT: High-intensity interval training is a great way to torch calories in a short amount of time and includes periods of intense exercise alternated with a short period of rest. You can do HIIT workouts in as little as 10-30 minutes and exercises include planks, burpees, situps, squats, jumping jacks, and more.

According to a 2019 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, HIIT workouts burned 28.5% more fat than continuous forms of moderately paced exercise. [39]

You dont need any special equipment, but if youve never done HIIT before, its best to seek out the help of a fitness professional to help guide you through a workout thats safe and effective for your fitness level and ability.

Weight Training: Lifting weights can help you get stronger, but also help build muscle and burn more fat. [40, 41, 42]

A study over 24 weeks found weight training boosted metabolism by 9% in men (140 more calories per day) and 4% in women, burning them an additional 50 calories per day. [43]

If you dont know how to weight train or what HIIT exercises to do, try a remote personal training app.

Our favorite is Future, where you take a quiz and get paired with your own live elite fitness coach, who will make you effective workouts and guide you to burning more fat every day. You can give Future a try for only $19!

To lose the last 10 pounds exercise is important. But you can also increase your calorie burn throughout the day by doing ordinary tasks like laundry, cooking, going up and down stairs, and standing or walking more when shopping.

Referred to as NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, doing these simple tasks can add up to thousands of calories throughout the year and help you lose extra pounds over the long term with little extra effort.

The last 10 pounds can be the hardest to lose, which means staying consistent with your food tracking and exercise routine is key. And while we might drop weight quickly in the beginning, most of us will lose weight at a rate of 12 pounds per week.

Research shows that when we hold ourselves accountable, were more likely to reach our weight-loss and fitness goals.

Ways you can keep yourself accountable include:

If you really want to lose the last 10 pounds, but youve had a hard time sticking with a diet and exercise routine on your own in the past, getting a fitness coach is the most effective way to help you stay motivated so you can reach your weight-loss goals.

Research finds youll be 95% more likely to reach your goals and make better choices if you have a person outside your to report your activity to. This can be a nutritionist, trainer, or even a workout buddy.

Luckily, theres an app for that. Future Fitnessis a virtual training app that pairs you with your own remote fitness coach.

Designed based on the science of what motivates us to stay on track with our fitness goals, the Future will make you a workout program customized for you.

But whats really unique about this app is that your Future fitness coach will check in and message you every day to keep you motivated to exercise and make healthy choices.

Ive been using it for over a year and its the only thing Ive ever tried thats helped me stay consistent with my health and wellness goals.

Its like having a friend who also is also a fitness pro and can help you whenever you need fitness advice, nutrition advice, and motivation.

Future is unique because it gives you more intensive support than most other personal training apps out there.

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How To Lose The Last 10 Pounds Fast - News Azi

Aug 25

Try These Food Combinations to Speed up Weight Loss – News18

You should avoid processed and junk food to achieve weight loss results.Most people have a notion that food and weight are directly proportional. As a result, they starve themselves thinking that it will help them lose weight. What many people are unaware of is that eating properly can also help them lose weight. However, you have to follow a healthy diet regimen. You should also avoid processed and junk food to achieve results early.

To be precise, how quickly you can lose weight depends on the right combination of food items in your daily diet. The right nutrients can aid you on your weight loss journey. For instance, the right combination of protein, fibre and carbohydrates could accelerate your weight loss process.

Here are a few food combinations you can try to achieve positive results in your weight loss journey.

Oatmeal and BerriesAdd oatmeal topped with berries into your regular diet. These two foods are abundant in insoluble fibre. Insoluble food fibres are excellent for the digestive system.

Pistachios and AlmondsConsuming pistachios and almonds together result in positive outcomes when it comes to weight loss. Almonds are abundant in the amino acid L-arginine. L-arginine assists the body to burn more carbs and fats.

Chicken and Cayenne Pepper SauceAccording to WebMD, this combination is not only delicious but is also good for weight loss. Chicken is abundant in protein. One chicken breast contains fewer than 150 calories and can provide a person with about 27 grams of protein. Protein makes a person feel full for a long time as it takes time to digest while making sure that they do not feel hungry. Combining your chicken with a sauce made of cayenne pepper increases your calorie burn, as spicy food increases the bodys metabolism for a short time.

Bean and vegetable soupA mouth-watering broth-based vegetable soup can be extremely filling. As a result, it leaves less room in your belly to consume higher-calorie foods. Adding beans, like chickpeas or black beans into the soup can increase the dishs nutritional profile because they are rich in protein and fibre.

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Try These Food Combinations to Speed up Weight Loss - News18

Aug 25

Princess Beatrice likely lost weight with ‘easy & accessible’ tip – ‘never have to starve’ – Express

Princess Beatrice looks great at 34 - despite giving birth a few months ago, she has a slim frame thanks to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. The royal lives with her daughter Sienna and husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in St James Palace.

Two experts have previously spoken to about the diet and fitness regimes Beatrice likely follows to stay slim.

Dr Charlotte Norton, Medical Director at The Slimming Clinic, said: Im sure there would have been a lot of factors which contributed to Princess Beatrices impressive post-baby weight loss.

One of the things that aids with weight loss significantly is breastfeeding.

While the amount of weight that can be lost via breastfeeding varies person to person, typically an individual could look at burning between 500 and 700 calories per day.

READ MORE:Gregg Wallace shares foods he ate to lose 4.5st - 'Wasn't a struggle!'

Dr Norton explained: In addition to this, stocking up healthy proteins such as lean meats, eggs and dairy would have boosted metabolism and decreased appetite which would have aided in weight loss.

Even drinking enough water can contribute to weight loss as this also makes one feel fuller for longer.

Surprisingly, drinking a glass or two of warm water first thing in the morning can aid in weight loss and belly fat reduction, Dr Norton said.

Personal trainer and founder of Fitter Confident You, Matt Boyle, spoke to about Beatrices weight loss too.

He said: There are some fundamental rules of health and fitness that Princess Beatrice will have needed to follow to make the progress she has made, but they're easy and accessible for everyone.

For fat loss, she will have created a calorie deficit and consistently stuck to it - this means she's giving her body slightly less food than it needs over a set period.

There are two ways to do this: burn more calories through movement and reduce the amount of fuel you take in.

Matt went on to explain how its far easier to reduce your food intake a small amount at each meal to create a 300 to 400 calorie daily reduction than it is to use exercise to burn off the same amount of calories.

The personal trainer stressed that a 300 to 400 calorie daily reduction is all you need to lose weight.

You never have to starve yourself, he said.

Matt continued: Im confident in saying that Princess Beatrice will have reduced her portion sizes.

A really simple tip for this is to save your leftovers from your food before you serve yourself.

As for what kind of foods Beatrice ate to slim down, Matt agreed with Dr Norton, claiming that it was likely the Princess would have consumed a lot of protein.

Eating more protein - especially at breakfast - is great for people looking to eat a bit less.

This is because its slower to digest than other macronutrients, so youll feel fuller for longer and snack less too.

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Aug 25

Menopause diet plan that works – and helps burn calories ‘more efficiently’ – Express

Menopausal weight gain can be notoriously hard to shift and while there are many diets out there promising fast results, experts warn that while they are "appealing", they're not "evidence-based". So what can women do to prevent expanding belly fat in their abdominal region?

Nanette Santoro, the chair of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora and a longtime menopause researcher explained: "There are a lot of compelling theories and good science being done around his question, but there are currently few answers.

"Mid-body weight gain is almost universal among menopausal women."

She noted that weight gain will differ from person to person, with a percentage of women experiencing "more rapid weight gain and more fat accumulating around the abdomen during the menopausal transition".

"Still, little is known about why these women seem to have to work much harder on maintaining their body weight during this time," she added.

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Due to declining oestrogen levels and age-related loss of muscle tissue, what a woman eats and how she exercises is very important when it comes to her weight.

Lifestyle factors such as a balanced diet made up of whole foods, fruits and vegetables is recommended by nutrition experts at Free Soul who also noted a recent study finding that vegan diets in particular could actually help them maintain a healthy weight.

The 2018 trial, published in the National Library for Medicine, uncovered that menopausal women who followed a vegan diet with no other food restrictions lost "more weight at a higher rate overall" than those following a low-fat restricted diet.

This indicated to the researchers that a balanced vegan diet could help to support a healthier lifestyle for those concerned with weight gain during menopause.

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A vegan diet, like any, can be done under intermittent fasting regulations.

Dr Lynn Pattimakiel, a certified menopause practitioner, said this method could aid weight loss, adding: "This type of eating pattern can help you burn calories more efficiently."

She made it clear that skipping meals is a "no-go", but revealed some people have success by consuming their healthy goal calories within an eight-hour window.

While many diets need further research and scientific approval, there is evidence supporting the idea that intermittent fasting can help some people lose weight.

In a 2021 review published in JAMA Network Open, found there was "moderate to high quality" evidence of weight loss benefits for those suffering with the menopause.

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Menopause diet plan that works - and helps burn calories 'more efficiently' - Express

Aug 25

Popular Condiments That Will Make You Gain Weight – Health Digest

Most condiments contain a mix of spices, herbs, and veggies, but they may also have sugar, white flour, molasses, fruit juice, and refined oil in their composition. Store-bought ketchup and tomato sauce, for instance, boast large amounts of sugar and can add inches to your waistline, says Cornell University. Mayonnaise, on the other hand, contains a lot of fat and sodium. One serving, or 2 tablespoons, provides 180 calories, 20 grams of fat, and about 7% of the maximum daily recommended sodium intake, according to MyFoodData.

Low-fat salad dressing isn't healthier either, as manufacturers may add sugar, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, and other extras to boost its flavor, resulting in empty calories. What's more, beta-carotene and other nutrients in vegetables are fat soluble, meaning that your body absorbs them better in the presence of lipids. Fat-free and low-fat salad dressings are low in lipids, which may affect nutrient absorption, explains Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce, and ranch dressing can sabotage your diet, too. These extras are usually loaded with sugar, fat, or salt and the calories will add quickly. For example, ranch dressing delivers around 140 calories, 14 grams of fat, and 4 grams of carbs per serving (perMyFoodData). Barbecue sauce is lower in calories and fat, but you'll still get 14 grams of carbs per serving, depending on the ingredients used. Similarly, teriyaki sauce has around 50 calories and 10 grams of carbs per 2 tablespoons.

Popular Condiments That Will Make You Gain Weight - Health Digest

Aug 25

Kaju Health Benefits: 6 Reasons Why You Must Consume Cashews Everyday –

Kaju Health Benefits:Cashew is a favourite snack all across the world because of its adaptability and flavorful taste. The famous ingredient cashew, also known as Kaju, is used as the backbone for many Indian recipes. To improve the flavour of Indian desserts and traditional dishes, cashew nuts are typically utilized. The nut, which is accessible all year long is a nutritious powerhouse. Despite popular belief, adding a considerable amount of cashews to your diet can provide you with a number of health benefits.Also Read - Tomato Flu: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention Tips and It's Relationship With Tomatoes Explained | Watch Video

People who consume nuts on a modest and regular basis lose weight more quickly than those who follow regimens that forbid them. Cashews and other nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help to speed up the metabolism and burn fat. Because they are healthy and tend to keep you fuller for longer, nuts are a wonderful snack for people trying to lose weight. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Sweats Hard to Lose Her Pregnancy Weight; Watch Inspiring Workout Video

Kaju aids in giving your skin a vibrant and glowing appearance because it is rich in copper and antioxidants. Cashew oil, which is made from cashew seeds, is wonderful for your skin. Selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous are all abundant in cashew nut oil. They are also excellent providers of proteins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Also Read - Health Benefits Of Basil: From a Happy Tummy To Clear Skin, Basil Leaves Work Wonders For Our Body | Watch

High concentrations of lutein and other essential antioxidants found in kaju shield our eyes from harm. It also guarantees good vision. Zeaxanthin, an antioxidant found in cashews, is essential for shielding the macula in the eyes from harm. This antioxidant protects your eyes from the impacts of the suns rays by acting as a UV filter.

Magnesium shortage can cause a variety of health problems. Regular use of Kaju will guarantee that your magnesium levels are balanced. Cashews are a good source of vitamin that lessens the sensitivity of the nerve cells and raise blood pressure when its down.

One of the major benefits of eating cashew nuts is that it reduces the risk of cancer. Cashews are a rich source of proanthocyanidins. It is a type of flavonol that is known to prevent the replication of cancer cells in the body. This is especially beneficial because the cancer cells replication process is specifically fast and once it starts, it is next to impossible to stop it.

Monounsaturated and unsaturated fats found in cashews are great for the heart and assist to maintain blood vessels healthy by lowering cholesterol levels. Kaju is associated with a healthy heart since it includes heart-protective fat.

Dont forget to munch this snacky delight now!

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Kaju Health Benefits: 6 Reasons Why You Must Consume Cashews Everyday -

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How To Find The Most Useful Diet Regime To Aid Your Weight Loss Journey – VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE –

Its no secret that the amount of individuals who are overweight is increasing. And if youre one of them, you know how difficult it can be to discover a nutrition plan that works for you. Dont worry were here to assist! Well talk about various diets and how to choose which one is best for you in this blog article. So, if youre ready to lose weight, keep reading!

When youve discovered the ideal diet for you, the benefits are limitless. Youll have more energy, feel better overall, and maybe even see a reduction in medical issues that are weight-related. Furthermore, youll be able to fit into your clothes better and feel greater self-assured!

A carefully planned diet will also help improve your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It can even ward off some types of cancer.

You might be asking yourself if theres a diet that you can make changes to so it better fits your lifestyle. The answer is yes! There are many registered dietitians and nutritionists who would be more than happy to help you create a plan that works for you. For instance, the experts from PhenClinics say that if you have gluten sensitivities, they can assist you in finding foods that are safe for you to consume. Similarly, if youre a vegetarian, they can help you find foods that are high in protein to ensure youre getting all the nutrients you need. When it comes to making a custom diet plan, the skys the limit! Here are some of the most common types of diets that people follow:

If youre looking to lose weight quickly, a low-carb diet might be right for you. These plans limit your carb intake and force your body to burn fat for energy. However, they can be difficult to stick to long-term, and some people experience side effects like fatigue and headaches. This is, however, one of the more popular dieting methodologies.

This type of diet is exactly what it sounds like youll consume fewer fats than you normally would. The thinking behind this is that by reducing your fat intake, youll automatically start losing weight. Although, its important to make sure youre still getting the nutrients you need, and some people find low-fat diets difficult to stick to. So you can pair this diet with another one of the options well mention below.

With this approach, youll consume fewer calories than you normally would. This can be effective in the short-term, but its not sustainable long term. Namely, the way it works is by making you feel constantly hungry which can obviously be tough to stick to! Also, its important to make sure youre still getting all the nutrients your body needs when youre on a calorie-restrictive diet. This means that this diet is often paired with another one, like a low-fat or low-carb diet.

Now that you know a little bit more about dieting, its time to figure out which one is right for you. This process will be different for everyone, but there are a few things you can keep in mind as you search for the perfect nutrition plan.

The first step is to decide how much weight you want to lose. This will assist you in narrowing down your choices and coming up with a diet that is doable for you. If you have a lot of pounds to shed, a low-carb diet might be more suitable. The thinking behind this is that youll be able to lose weight quickly, which can be motivating. On the other hand, if you only have a few pounds to lose, a low-fat diet might be a better option for you.

In a lot of cases, its better to lose weight gradually, so youre more likely to stick with your diet and not get discouraged. Also, in this way, your weight will not bounce as much, which can be frustrating. This is why a lot of people choose calorie restriction, as it allows you to lose weight gradually while still making sure youre getting all the nutrients your body needs.

Its also important to consider your lifestyle when choosing a diet. If you have a busy schedule, you might not have the time to cook elaborate meals. In this case, a meal delivery service or pre-packaged meals might be more your style. On the other hand, if you enjoy cooking, you might prefer a diet that gives you more freedom in the kitchen. This is where low-carb and low-fat diets come in they tend to be less time-consuming than other options.

For example, the keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can be very effective for weight loss. However, it requires you to cook most of your meals from scratch. If youre short on time, this might not be the best option for you.

Finally, youll need to consider your financial situation when selecting a diet. If youre on a tight budget, you might want to look for one that doesnt require pricey ingredients or meals. Alternatively, if youre prepared to pay a bit more, you could be interested in a premium diet program that includes extra services like coaching or meal delivery.

Also, your insurance might cover the cost of certain diet programs its definitely worth checking to see if this is an option for you. One last thing to keep in mind is that some diets require special equipment, like a juicer or blender. If you dont have this type of gear, it might not be the right diet for you.

To conclude, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. The best approach is to find one that fits your individual needs and lifestyle. With so many different options available, theres sure to be a diet out there thats perfect for you. Just remember to do your research and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new nutrition plan. Good luck!

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Local Spotlight featuring Innovative Lasers. Lose weight with the Zerona Laser – KTRK-TV

Local Spotlight

"Local Spotlight" is a unique and lively lifestyle segment covering a variety of topics concerning the Houston area! We are always striving to interview guests that, inform, educate, help and entertain you!

In our August 13 segment we will highlight Innovative Lasers of Houston to hear from the experts about their process and their mission, which is to help you with your all of fitness goals!

Learn how Innovative Lasers of Houston may be able to help you lose inches in just a few weeks. Innovative Lasers of Houston is dedicated to helping you along in your fitness journey by providing you with a customized plan designed to fit your individual goals and needs. They specialize in using the Zerona Laser to target areas where you would like to see fat reduction and "inch loss". Learn how Innovative Lasers can target specific areas of your body where you would like to see weight reduction. This simple pain-free process can be completed quickly, which means it can be done at a time that fits your busy schedule.

To learn more, watch the segment or visit their website:

***Individual Results may vary. Typically results are 3-11 inches with 6 treatments over 2 weeks

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Local Spotlight featuring Innovative Lasers. Lose weight with the Zerona Laser - KTRK-TV

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