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Apr 3

Jorge Garcia bio: weight loss, wife, net worth, where is he now? – Latest News in Nigeria & Breaking Naija News 24/7 | LEGIT.NG

Being overweight is an issue most people including celebrities battle with. It can affect one's self-esteem. Some Hollywood celebrities choose to share their weight loss journey with their fans and viewers. For American actor Jorge Garcia, his weight loss journey started when he was asked to lose some pounds by the producers of Lost. He opened up about his journey and shared his diet and workout plans.

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

Jorge gained public attention when he landed the role of Hugo Hurley Reyes in Lost. He was later featured in other films and TV shows like Mr. Sunshine, Fringe, iSteve, and Hawaii Five-0. Amidst the roles he had, viewers began to notice that he was gaining weight. Jorge Garcia weight gain became a point of concern not only to him but also to his relatives and family.

The actor was born on April 28, 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. His Chilean-born father was a doctor while his Cuban-born mother was a professor.

He was raised in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County and attended San Clemente High School. Jorge joined wrestling and was named 'Triton of the Year' during his senior year.

In 1995, Jorge graduated with a major in Communication Studies from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He also took classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.

Garcia started auditioning for TV roles while he worked at Borders Books and Music. He made his acting debut in 1997 when he played the role of Hector Lopez in the TV series Becker. He was cast for thirteen seasons of the show.

His role as Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes on Lost was specifically created for him. This was after the producers spotted him on the comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

While on Lost, he wrote a blog about the show called Dispatches from the Island. He discussed the script of season 6 in a podcast titled Geronimo Jacks Beard. He hosted the podcast alongside Bethany Leigh Shady.

In 2010, Garcia actor landed the role of Dr. Diego Soto in Alcatraz. He then made an appearance on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. The episode was titled Blitzgiving.

In 2011, he assumed the role of Bob Bobinson Bobert in Mr. Sunshine. He portrayed the role of Steve Wozniak in iSteve, a parody film produced by Funny or Die.

He appeared in a guest role in season four of Hawaii Five-0. He played the character of Jerry Ortega. He was later taken in as a regular on the show.

Is Jorge Garcia still on Hawaii Five-0? The actor left the show in September 2019. His last appearance was on season ten.

On November 14, 2016, the actor alongside Ralph Apel launched a bi-weekly podcast titled Kaiju Podcast.

The actor was also featured on the cover of Weezer's album, Hurley, named after his character on Lost. Does Jorge Garcia really sing? He performed with Weezer and even dropped lines with Rivers on Perfect Situation.

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

Here is a list of Jorge Garcia movies and TV shows:

The actor made an appearance in the following movies:

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

Jorge had roles in the following TV shows:

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

For his role in Lost, the actor earned these awards and nominations:

For his role in Alcatraz, he was nominated for Best Actor/Television at the Imagen Foundation Awards in 2012.

Jorge's weight gain was as a result of his unhealthy eating habits. Even though his weight was not much of an issue to him, but it was not good for his health. To have him around longer, his family and relatives advised him to lose weight.

For his role in Lost, the producers asked him to shed off some weight.

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

The actor teamed up with dieticians and personal trainers. He was advised by the doctors to try a Nooch diet (also known as Nutritional Yeast). The diet makes use of deactivated yeast to break down fats, thus causing a person to lose weight. He also stayed away from alcohol, processed meals, dairy, and fatty food.

His meals were mostly made up of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. He started to work out on a regular with his exercises comprising of push-ups, sit-ups, arm circles, jogging, breathing exercises and more. Was Jorge Garcia skinny after his weight loss? No, he lost about 30 lbs but quickly regained all of it back.

The actor was advised to follow the 7-day eating plan.

The exercises that the actor did during the weight loss journey were:

Image:, @efemerides_de_famososSource: Instagram

The actor became an inspiration to many people who wanted to lose weight. According to him, the dos and donts for weight loss are:

How much weight did Jorge Garcia lose? After following the diet and work out plan, Jorge Garcia lost over 100 pounds from his initial weight of 400 lbs.

How much does Jorge Garcia weigh? Jorge Garcia now weighs 175 kg or 386 lbs. Here is a Jorge Garcia weight loss photo:

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

Who is Jorge Garcia married to? The actor got married to Rebecca Birdsall on June 22, 2019. They tied the knot at Leixlip Monor, Ireland. Rebecca is an actress and she has had several supporting roles.

In 2017, Rebecca made an appearance in Maggie with the role of Marilyn Monroe. She also appeared on an episode of Hawaii Five-0 as Susan Barnes.

Image:, @pronouncedhorhaySource: Instagram

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor and comedian has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Jorge came into the limelight when he joined the cast of Lost. He did not let his weight shatter his dreams of becoming one of the best actors in the world. Jorge Garcia today is an inspiration to many aspiring actors.

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Jorge Garcia bio: weight loss, wife, net worth, where is he now? - Latest News in Nigeria & Breaking Naija News 24/7 | LEGIT.NG

Apr 2

Mindful eating for good health and easy weight loss | The Standard Newspaper – Waukon Standard

by Jill Fleming, MS, RD/LD

In todays fast-paced society, with people eating on the run and not planning ahead, eating has become a mindless act. Distractions have shifted our attention away from the actual act of eating and more towards televisions, computers and smart-phones. This can be problematic, since it takes your brain up to 20 minutes to realize you are full.

When we are dividing our attention, we usually eat faster and often overeat. If you eat too fast, the fullness signal may not arrive until you have already eaten too much. This is one of the contributing factors to our obesity crisis today.

Mindful eating is a technique that helps you gain control over your environment and eating habits. Mindful eating is about using mindfulness to reach a state of full attention to your experiences, cravings and physical cues while eating. Using mindful eating has been shown to promote weight loss, reduce binge eating and help you feel healthier.

Mindful eating includes the following guidelines:

Eating slowly and without distractions Listening to physical hunger and satiety cues Distinguishing between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating (emotions) Engaging your senses by noticing colors, smells, sounds, textures and flavors Learning to cope with guilt or anxiety about food Eating for good health and well-being Noticing the effects specific food has on your feelings and body Gratitude or appreciation for your food.

You may want to try mindful eating if you tend to eat too fast or would like to lose some weight. It is well known that most weight loss programs do not work long-term, with almost 90% of dieters returning to or exceeding their initial weight within a few years. The vast majority of studies agree that mindful eating does help you lose weight by changing your eating behavior and reducing stress.

By changing the way you think about food, the negative feelings that may be associated with eating are replaced with awareness, better self-control and positive emotions. When unwanted eating behaviors are addressed, instead of just the foods being eaten, your chance of long-term weight loss success increases.

Mindful eating has also been found to be an effective treatment for those who tend to eat in relation to emotions or external cues. Emotional eating may include eating due to boredom, frustration, anger, loneliness or stress. External eating cues may include the time on a clock, the sight or smell of food, or a social gathering where you eat regardless of true hunger.

To practice mindful eating, start by sitting down for all meals, without any distractions. This means that you will only focus on the meal, not a television, telephone or book. Have gratitude for the food on your plate and then eat slowly, chewing thoroughly.

Eating in silence will help you notice how the food makes you feel. You will also be able to tune-in to your internal hunger and satiety cures. Ask yourself why youre eating, whether youre truly hungry and whether the food you are eating is healthy. You want to stop eating once you feel satisfied, not full or uncomfortable.

You may initially want to start with just one meal per day to begin more mindful eating. It does take practice, so be patient with yourself. Mindful eating is a powerful tool to help you regain control of your eating and will be quite beneficial if conventional diets havent worked for you.

For more information, contact Jill Fleming, RD/LD, Dietitian at Veterans Memorial Hospital at 563-568-3411.

Mindful eating for good health and easy weight loss | The Standard Newspaper - Waukon Standard

Apr 2

How to choose a diet and weight loss app that’s right for you, according to a nutritionist – Business Insider – Business Insider

Let's face it when life hits a few bumps in the road, so, too, do our diets and food habits. As more people transition to a work from home lifestyle, the new normal of spending an inordinate amount of time confined to their homes and home offices takes some getting used to. There are shifts in work production, alterations of one's sleep and exercise habits, and drastic changes to what, when, and how food is consumed.

For many people, this change leads to eating habits and schedules that are less healthy than they're typically accustomed to, making it challenging to stay focused on their health and fitness goals.Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent resources a mere smartphone app away designed to help us stay on track no matter how difficult it might seem.

Both Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store are filled with apps offering the promise of losing weight and eating healthier. But wading through the choices can be both difficult and time-consuming, as even the best apps may not be right for everyone.

To help sort through the choices, we turned to Samantha Cassetty, an MS, RD, and national nutrition and wellness expert with a private practice based in New York City, for a bit of advice and her thoughts were especially insightful.

"There are many free and paid apps to help you learn how to eat more healthfully," Cassetty told Business Insider. "The most important thing is to find one that supports a variety of healthful foods in balanced amounts that are right for your needs."

Using a smartphone to track your diet isn't a new idea. In fact, some of the earliest apps on the App Store were aimed at helping iPhone users eat healthier. After all, we carry our mobile devices with us everywhere, making them ideal for providing insights and advice on what we should be buying at the grocery store or ordering at a restaurant.

Some of the apps that are available even create extensive meal plans, provide diet and exercise routines, or offer consultations from dietitians and nutritionists. Others simply track what we're eating in order to raise awareness of the calories we're taking in. Cassetty says there are benefits to both and that even basic food trackers are valuable.

"Free tools allow you to track your food intake, which is a form of self-monitoring that's been found helpful for reaching or maintaining a comfortable weight," she said. "They can also expose when you might be grazing or over-snacking, which happens when you're spending more time working at home with a stocked kitchen."

While Cassetty does find plenty of value in the use of smartphone apps to track dietary intake, she also urges caution, saying that "unless you're getting the tools and information you need to make lasting changes, it's unlikely that you'll be able to maintain any weight you've lost."

She recommends working on developing an understanding of how to balance meals so they fill you up while tasting great at the same time. She also stresses the importance of developing healthier coping strategies rather than turning to food when we're bored, stressed, anxious, depressed, or even happy.

"Rather than focus on a goal weight, I think a better way to go is to focus on small steps you can take to create healthier habits," Cassetty said. "Examples include, limiting soda, upping your veggie intake at lunch and dinner, cooking an extra meal or two, drinking more water, and aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep each night."

Those are words of wisdom, no doubt, but Cassetty also expressed the importance of cutting ourselves some slack when things get especially stressful and difficult.

"I think it's important to be flexible and compassionate with yourself during these challenging times," she added. "You may not be able to eat as well as you'd like or maintain your healthy routines, and that's alright. As long as you're putting in some effort versus none at all it's a step in the right direction."

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How to choose a diet and weight loss app that's right for you, according to a nutritionist - Business Insider - Business Insider

Apr 2

The best tips to lose weight of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon –

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon they are like sisters, and not only because they have played those roles in the legendary series of Friendsbut because they are very well in real life. After more than a decade, both have become to match on television in the program The Morning Show. There have shown that time does not pass for them, as a they remain almost as young like ten years ago.

What are your secrets? What workout routines perform? What meal plans used to do not aging? Were not going to deny that some retouching aesthetic there is also, especially Aniston, but to have 50 and 43 years, are a type and have a health enviable.

A. Lopez

Your partner has left you for another, but not by one/anyone: is one of the people that you trust. What would you do? We will help you to overcome this evil drink

The key to be so great, as they have confessed, is the fasting or intermittent fasting (16:8)a method that both stars follow it religiously and that has become a whole philosophy of life among many celebrities. Additionally, they take many green juice and train six days a week.

According to research, this system causes the pancreas to regenerate cells that regulate the sugar in the blood. Essentially, this type of plans can have the potential to help fight diabetes.

Fortunately, after these written plans, have one day of rest per week in which you can skip the diet and eat what they crave

It is very simple. The regime proposes limit the food intake to just eight hours a dayone technique that supports the weight control. All calories must be ingested in that period. Gives an equal amount of fat that you take if its within that time. Yes, the sixteen hours you will not try to bite (calm, water yes).

I practice intermittent fasting, so I dont know anything about what is breakfast, reveals Aniston on this way to lose weight and activate your metabolism by controlling the time in which they perform the meals. In a recent interview to Radio Times, revealed some of the habits that continue to keep them perfect year after year: I have noticed a huge difference from that step 16 hours without taking any food solid, he adds, the one who lets it pass this time since that dinner at the the first intake of the next morning.

Only zomo juice and green coffee at first timesays Reese. Jen knows a lot about health and sport as well that I always talk with her about this. Its great giving advice of well-being, he continues. In an interview in 2005 also revealed that for lunch takes a plate full of proteins with steamed vegetables or white fish while for dinner I ate a taco mexicano with grilled chicken.

Reese was up at 5:30 and Jennifer at 9:00, but both exercised the first time in the morning such as jogging or surfingtheir favorite activities to stay active. In addition, Aniston ensures that trains six days a week, and even when not fasting starts the day with a juice of celery, followed by meditation and a routine of physical activity.

Fortunately, after these written plans, have a day of rest. We are sure that you are familiar with the term cheat meala day trap to the week in which can skip the regime and eat what they crave (but also not overdo it, you can do it does not mean that you have to go to some type of fast food restaurant. You can eat a burgerbut made by you, for example).

The key to being healthy is the fasting or intermittent fasting (16:8), a method that both stars follow it religiously

Both actresses are allowed on this day because if you dont life would be unsustainableensures Aniston. The celebrities are involved in the presentation of his new series and still follow to the letter their plans. We are entering a time in which womens voices are important in Hollywood, because women see things in a different way. Jen and I probably would not have been able to do this show ten years ago. But people take us more seriously as musicians and producers now, apostille Reese.

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The best tips to lose weight of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon -

Apr 2

How Israeli universities are at the forefront of defeating coronavirus – Jewish News

Israeli scientists and students have leapt to the challenge of defeating the novel coronavirus which is causing tens of thousands around the world to die from Covid-19.

Thinking outside the box, researchers are using modelling and Artificial Intelligence to better understand the virus, how it spreads, how to vaccinate against it, and how to emerge from the pandemic on the other side.

At the Weizmann Institute social engineers led by Prof Uri Alon have presented an exit strategy model, focusing on how to restart the economy after the crisis.

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Think of dieting, they said. You can fast for two months and lose weight, but youll probably die. Even if you survive, youll quickly gain weight again. Similarly, a two-month lockdown will suppress the virus but kill the economy.

Amid mass unemployment and poverty, sectors of the economy could collapse, with every resurgence forcing another lockdown the so-called yo-yo effect. When the dust settles more people will have died of hunger.

Alons team has suggested a policy that suppresses the virus and at the same time allows sustainable if reduced economic activity.

This is based on intermittent lockdown five days of lockdown and two days of work every week, causing the number of people infected by each infectious person to drop below one, the magic number needed to cause a decline.

A four-day work/ten-day lockdown strategy is even better, they said, allowing those infected at work to cease becoming infectious at home after several such cycles, the number of infected people will drop dramatically.

Until there is a vaccine, they said intermittent lockdown may be the only viable option It allows millions to work two days a week, sustaining key economic sectors an economic and psychological game-changer.

In a different Weizmann department, researchers led by Prof Ron Milo have been organising the flood of data on the coronavirus from around the world to come up with a universal language on measurement and estimation methods.

Technology created by Bar-Ilan profs Zalevsky and Garcia

Working with US colleagues, they filed through hundreds of studies to translate and consolidate the findings on cell numbers and biomass distribution, and found similarities between this novel coronavirus genome and those of other viruses.

For instance, this new virus was found to be 96 percent identical to an existing virus that infects bats, and 91 percent identical to an existing virus that infects scaly anteaters known as pangolins.

The team also shone further light on how the virus attaches to targets such as the bronchi and lungs, which they hope will be useful when developing a vaccine, in particular understanding how the virus may bypass any such drug.

Milo said the new viruss mutation accumulation rate was relatively slow compared to influenza viruses, and said this may indicate that drugs and vaccines developed by scientists will be more durable.

At Bar-Ilan University, medical researchers are working with a Swedish pharmaceutical company on a vaccine, using a different virus which contains parts of the novel coronavirus.

In another project, researchers are using remote-sensing technology to monitor the initial stages of pneumonia, which the virus causes, while new technology developed by Bar-Ilans Dr Amos Danielli is hoping to cut diagnosis times down from one hour to fifteen minutes using saliva testing.

Device developed by Prof Amos Danielli

The university is providing vital equipment for Poriya Medical Centers corona-testing laboratory, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines, which enable rapid diagnosis of coronavirus.

At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem there are more than 50 projects related to the novel coronavirus ranging from diagnosis to vaccine production to the identification of genetic components impacting the bodys response to the disease.

Israeli scientists at Hebrew University have been busy researching to find a cure for Covid-19

Working with the virology laboratory at Hadassah, headed by Prof Dana Wolf, the university said it had managed to increase in the number of tests being conducted, while a team led by Prof Yehuda Neumark have been examining community initiatives for underprivileged and vulnerable populations during the pandemic.

Scientists from Weizmann and Hebrew University are working together on a new method of predicting and monitoring the viruss spread using data based on 60,000 completed questionnaires from the Israeli public since 22 March.

Their analysis relies on big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence to signpost clusters early, with local interventions aimed at slowing down the spread. The joint project will enable authorities to direct efforts and resources to the right areas.

Yet it is not just academics playing a role. Faculty of Medicine staff, together with Magen David Adom paramedics, have been training students how to carry out Covid-19 tests, with those students now integrated into the labs of hospitals such as Hadassah and Shaare Zedek.

Their social action focus has extended beyond immediate medical concerns too, with many students volunteering to babysit for the children of doctors and nurses, as well as assisting schoolchildren and the elderly.

At Technion, researchers have been employed to more than 20 labs, with a team led by Prof Roy Kishony pioneering a method of simultaneously testing of dozens of people at the same time, while a team led by Prof Hossam Haick developing a test for anyone with Covid-19 who is not yet symptomatic.

Meanwhile Technions Prof Josu Sznitman and his team is working on technologies for delivering drugs to the lungs in a bid to tackle the principal cause of death among Covid-19 patients acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Ben-Gurion University President Prof Daniel Chamovitz said they would be diverting research, development and projects to relevant aspects of the crisis, having already embarked on studies of anxiety around the crisis, compliance with government guidelines and the use of medical emergency drones.

Psychologist Dr Eli Somer at University of Haifa also warned of the accumulative stress on the elderly, migrants, unemployed, domestic abuse victims and those with a history of anxiety and depression.

Children are vulnerable because they dont understand the situation, he said. They take cues from their parents. Kids react to what they say and how they say it, so parents should make themselves available to listen and answer any questions.

Reassuringly, the former IDF profession said most people would not develop long-term psychological effects from self-isolation. Many may even come outof this pandemic with a deeper appreciation for life.

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How Israeli universities are at the forefront of defeating coronavirus - Jewish News

Mar 31

How to Lose Weight With Yoga in A Month – Longevity LIVE

Have you ever considered yoga as an activity that can help you lose weight? No? Well, it might surprise you, but this wonderful traditional Indian discipline is perfect for this. Lets look at some ways of using yoga for weight loss.

There isnt a person on Earth who didnt hear at least one thing about yoga. It originated in India several thousand years ago but began to spread all over the world as quickly as people realized how beneficial it is. Nowadays, folks of all ages practice these exercises in every part of the world.

It is a known fact that doing yoga has a lot of benefits for both physical and mental health. Nevertheless, we generally see it as a slow activity, so it is not simple to imagine that it can be in any way effective in terms of weight loss.

What many of us dont know is that there are specially designed yoga weight loss exercises, and they are giving surprisingly good results.

Considering the current situation with rampaging pandemic of coronavirus, we all need to stay at home for some time. This is a situation that creates and elevates a lot of emotions, and so many of us are experiencing depression and anxiety for various reasons. However, because self-isolation and social distancing measures are now implemented in most countries, it is not possible to attend sports classes. Thats why in todays post, we are talking about yoga weight loss exercises at home. You can practice yoga at home for weight loss by yourself if you are already experienced or watch online videos to get instructions on what to do. Remember, too, that no exercise is effective unless you are eating correctly. So ensure during this time you are following a relevant healthy eating plan. Avoid junk food, sugary food and the stuff that is going to work against any good yoga you do. If you want to see the result faster, you need to combine the exercise routine and your healthy diet plan to boost your immune system with the best MCT oil.

If you consistently practice yoga you will lose weight. Here are three poses that will help enable the process:

If you are wondering is yoga good for weight loss and toning, then you should try this exercise. With this Asana, you will work the abs and thighs, but also the shoulders. This Asana reduces stress on the back, improves digestion, blood pressure, and so on.

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat, hip-width apart, heels directly below your knees. Leave your upper arms on the floor and bend your elbows alongside your ribs, pointing your forearms and fingers toward the ceiling. Turn your palms to face one another.

2. Press your elbows and shoulder heads down into the floor, lift your chest, and bring your shoulder blades onto your upper back, wrapping your outer arms toward the floor. Keep your gaze straight up.

3. Press into your feet and slowly send your knees forward, wrapping your outer hips toward the ceiling; then lift your buttocks away from the floor. Lengthen your tail bone toward the backs of your knees.

4. Straighten your elbows and interlace your fingers underneath you, drawing your shoulder blades deeper into your upper back, keeping the tops of your shoulders in line with the base of your neck.

5. Gently press the center of the back of your head to the floor. Broaden your collarbones and lift your chest, bringing your sternum toward your chin. Lightly reach your chin away from your chest, keeping space between the back of your neck and the floor. Simultaneously extend out through your knees as you lift your sternum. Take a few rounds of breath here.

6. To release, unlace your fingers and slowly lower your torso back to the floor.

This pose focuses on strengthening the thighs and core muscles. It also works with muscles of the buttocks, and through this, it helps you to target belly fat. It is a good exercise to include in the yoga weight loss plan as it stretches the back, strengthens the lower back, etc.

Include the frog pose in your 30-day Yoga Challenge weight loss, and we guarantee you will see the results quickly. It stretches the abdomen and chest and stimulates organs in the abdomen.

As you can see, there are good yoga weight loss exercises that you can do at home. Hopefully, this health care crisis wont last too long, and you will be able to continue with yoga classes soon. In the meantime, stay healthy, take care, and practice yoga it will surely help.

Interested in reading more about how to lose that muffin top? Then click here

Adam Reeveis a nutritionist and fitness instructor from Chicago. He discovered yoga almost 10 years ago after a major crisis, and it changed his life. Since then, he is learning, and sharing information with other people. Adam became a licensed instructor 4 years ago and for the past 2.5, he is writing about health and wellness.

Legal Disclaimer Before participating in any exercise program or using any fitness products or services that may be described and/or made accessible in or through the Longevity Live Website and/or the Services, you should consult with a physician or other healthcare provider. Please read our site terms and conditions for more information.

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How to Lose Weight With Yoga in A Month - Longevity LIVE

Mar 31

6 Easy Tips to Sugar, Lose Weight and Have More Energy Right Now – The Beet

I confess: I have a sugar problem. I love to addspoonfuls of sugar in my green tea, which when I need a little break or quick jolt of energy while working from home.I know this is bad, but everybody has their thing.

So I called MichelePromaulayko, who wrote the book on how to quit sugar, to get her help in ditchingmy bad habittoset myself on apath toward being fitter by the time this whole working from home thing is over (hopefully soon). She wrote Sugar Free 3, a plan thatguides the readerto be sugar-free in three weeks. The full title of the book is

Q: How Can I resist heading to the cabinet for a sugar fix at 4 p.m. every day?

A: You have to know where it's coming from. For most people, one of the reasonsthey crave sugar is that they are on the dependency cycle. They are eating more than they realize.You have these really intense cravings because you are on the cycle of dependence because you're eating it in hidden resources, like savory sources -- bread and tomato sauce or granola, Think what you had for breakfast. Was it toast? Cereal? Chances are you got on the cycle then.

Eating breakfast with hidden sugar starts the day with a surge of quick energy and then it dips again, about an hour and a half later. So that keeps you on the highs and lows. The more sugar you have, the more you want.

Q: Got it. True. Toast this morning was the culprit. Let's diagnose the problem of why we crave sugar, and then give people (okay me) five tips on how to solve it.

A: You need the awareness piece. So the first piece is the ingredient education. You have to have the awareness piece.

Most of it is from a hidden source. There are 60 or 70 places where sugar is in your food and youprobably don'tknow it. Sugar, the simple kind (not fruit or whole grains) exists as table sugar but also in agave or honey or food additives. It's in oat milk, and of course dairy milk. Anything with an "-ose" at the end of the word. Lactose is sugar. There is naturally occurring sugar in things like milk or in fruit (whole fruit).

Finding the hidden sources by knowing how to read the labels is the key to getting off sugar. You can't get off it if you don't know where it's coming from!

You have to understand that packaged foods generally include added sugars, so you need to learn how to look ata label and see the added sugars. It's added to make the food more palatable and addictive, but don't fall prey to that. You just don't want hidden sugar in your tomato sauce or your crackers.

So instead of cereal or toast, start the day with whole foods -- even if it's fruit, you can have that because of the fiber, which will keep your blood sugar steady. The point is to avoid the spikes because it sends you on a sugar roller coaster, and for every spike, you experience a dip. That dip is when you feel low energy and reach for more. Instead, curb your consumption from the first thing during the morning and eat more vegetables and protein, and no added sugareven from hidden sources and when you do that you will crave it less.

A side note about plant-based products and sugar. Beware of the health halos, so just because something says organic or enriched or natural or gluten-free does not mean it doesn't contain added sugar. Basically whole foods are the ones to eat, not processed.

This is controversial since fruit has a lot of naturally occurring sugar. But here is the difference: It also contains fiber, and that means that your body breaks it down slowly, and the steady form of energy is going to keep you going, but not make you fat. It's hard to eat enough whole foods of any type to gain weight.

We are not a nation that is grappling with obesity or being overweight because we are hooked on whole fruit. I have never heard of someone being overweight or obese by eating too much fruit. If the sugar is naturally occurring in whole food, such as an apple or an orange, you should have it, because it comes with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and is packaged with fiber,which keeps fruticose from entering your bloodstream all at once, so it gives you a steadier form of energy and your blood sugar stays steady.

On the Sugar-Free 3 plan, you are allowed to eat whole foods because you are eating naturally occurring sugar. It comeswith healthy fiber and nutrients that allow this natural energy to enter your bloodstream slower and keep your energy going, like a natural time-release capsule.

And more good news: You can eat whole grains, such as wild or brown rice or quinoa becausea whole grain has all of the nutrients. But not processed or white rice, since the minute you process the rice, you strip away all the fiber and it becomes empty calories.

Let's purge from your mind thatsugar is a quick source of energy. since the opposite is true. In adults -- and in kids --sugar becomes energy-draining becauseitactually makes you more tired. Your body needs some sugarto function but you are already getting it from natural sources, so don't add more, since the spike of quick sugar then mobilizes insulin, which tells the body to store the extra as fat, and then you have no energy at all since it's tucked away into fat storage. So you end up feeling drained and gaining weighta bad combination.

Stress eating? We all do that. One of the things I really truly believe is that there is such an ingrained thought process in our brains, that habitually we have been socialized to think sugar is harmless and celebratory and it's our friend, so when we are stressed we reach for this "harmless" reward. Its' also really too easily accessible and you can pop it in your mouth when stressed. It might even be crackers or chips, something you don't think of as sweet, but it has simple carbs that act like sugar when it hits your system. So next time when you think let me just throw it in the pie hole, stop yourself and do something else. Breathe, walk, call a friend, drink a glass of water. Just don't mindlessness eat a source of sugar.

Q: How about alcohol or wine? Are those allowed? Please?

A: We drilled down on this one. During the three weeks, I askyouto give up alcohol. The reason is that alcohol is a sugar. And it is a disinhibitor.What that means is that when you drink, you eat, and when you eat while drinking, you throw caution to the wind. It's true that you can get the drunk munchies, but you can also just eat more than you intend to, including bread and simple carbs. The one exception is that red wine does not actually have a lot of sugar. Almost all of it is gone in through the fermentation process. But basically you have to think of all alcohol as a sugar and a toxin. So why challenge your body more with this adjustment.It's hard enough to break bad habits so for three weeks try to limit your alcohol intake. Now, of course, there is an exception. Read on.

Once a week during this three-week period you can have a mindful indulgencereally goodpizza or something you miss. But think about what that is. There might be a certain cookie or treat. You have to let yourself have it if it means that much to you. It's okay in life to indulge mindfully once in a while. It's unrealistic to say "I am never going to have birthday cake again" or if you are in a special place, like when I was in Italy last summer, I let myself have gelato and you can tell yourself "I am going to mindfully enjoy it."

We know that these are the exceptions and if you feel too guilty about it, the stress of guilt can change the way the body takes calories and holds onto them. The feelings you attach to a thought -- the cortisol created by that stress can actually cause your body to maintain the calories as body fat. Healthy, naturally slender people indulge from time to time and don't sweat it. They enjoy it.

For my birthday last week, I enjoyed myself. I was with a friend and she has a pizza oven. So we made homemade pizza and a dessert pizza. The whole thing was full of refined carbs. It was not a Sugar-Free 3 approved meal, but it all worked because a lot of other ingredients were healthy like I added broccoli to the pizza, but more importantly, I was withmy friend in a joyous moment and we had dessert pizza and toasted with wine. And the next day I was back on track. That's how to stay healthy, and sugar-free, now.

To watch the videoand learn more about how to kick off your three-week Sugar-Free 3 plan, click here.To try The Beet's Clean Eating Plan, sign up here.

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6 Easy Tips to Sugar, Lose Weight and Have More Energy Right Now - The Beet

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Weight loss benefits that go beyond slimming – Times of India

Losing weight is a tough journey for all of us. We spend so much time fixing our workout routines and planning out diets but this these habits are also the easiest to give up. Many give in to their cravings and many dont wish to continue when they dont see the desired results fast. However, we forget the benefits we reap by even losing those few extra pounds. Losing 5% of your body weight can have drastic effects on your body.The most obvious and visible benefit is slimming and overall fitness. However, the effects of weight loss go much beyond what appears from the outside. Here is a list of those hidden ways in which you have helped your body by losing those extra kilos.No more heartburnThe extra pounds put pressure on the stomach which leads to acid reflux and heartburn, a fiery sensation in the chest. Losing weight would help you relieve this pressure and cure you of the recurring feeling of heartburnsNo more knee painYou relieve a ton of pressure off your knees and legs when you lose those extra pounds. Each extra pound tends to put four times the worth of pressure on the knees. The moment you relieve the extra pressure off the knees, they are able to handle the weight of the body and ache less. This is an important benefit of weight loss and prevents complex joint problems later in life.

Reduced blood pressureThe risk of developing high blood pressure is more in adults who weigh a little extra. Each kilo shed can help in reducing the systolic and diastolic pressure by one point. Therefore, weight loss has a huge role to play in controlling high blood pressure.Reduces risk of diabetes

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Weight loss benefits that go beyond slimming - Times of India

Mar 31

Nutrisystem Is The Key To My Healthy Work From Home Diet – Popdust

Since I've been working from home a lot recently and making less trips to the grocery store, my diet was definitely suffering. I'd been snacking a lot more and eating things like frozen pizzas and oven fries for dinneranything that's convenient and saves me unnecessary trips to the store.

I've always had a sweet tooth and now that I had easy access to my cupboard full of junk food all day, I'd been unable to resist the pastries, chocolates and all the sugary treats. After a few days of binging, I had noticed how my increased sugar intake had been affecting my body and I was determined to make a change, but eating healthier would be a challenge while avoiding trips to the store as much as possible.

I started looking into meal delivery services, and I found a few smoothie companies that would provide some nutritional valueI quickly realized this would not be enough to satisfy my cravings. I still wanted to avoid weight gain during my working from home period, so I continued searching.

That's when I came across Nutrisystem. I heard about it before, but I never considered it as I thought it was mostly for weight loss. I never had a huge issue with my weight, but when I saw Nutrisystem sends a monthly shipment that includes breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks--I was intrigued, so I kept reading.

All the meals are easy to prepare--they just need to be heated up. The menu is filled with healthier (and delicious!) versions of your favorite foods. Breakfast is as easy as grabbing a snack bar or muffinit's convenient and tasty which is exactly what I had in mind.

I decided to take the plunge and sign up. A few days later, my first monthly shipment arrived. The first impression I had of the meals was that they looked delicious. And once I tried them, I realized they were just as tasty as they looked. I could still eat my favorite foods like pizza and mac & cheese, but Nutrisystem's meals are all balanced with complex carbs, protein and fiber without sacrificing taste.

Nutrisystem has a team of experts who do all the work for youno need for counting calories or keeping up with your food intake. Something I always struggled with is portion control I used to pile my plate with at least twice as much rice as I needed, and I would end up eating it anyway. I never thought of it as much of a problem until I started eating perfectly portioned meals with Nutrisystem. I noticed that their portions and meals keep me feeling full for longer while providing me with the right nutrients I need.

The major benefit of Nutrisystem was the sheer convenience of it. All my meals were delivered right to my doorstep, with minimal preparation needed. This is just what I needed. Plus, I could still be satisfied while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My personal favorite is their lasagnadelicious!

I started Nutrisystem a few weeks ago, and it has already saved me so much time cooking. Although I still need my fresh grocery items, it has definitely lessened my trips to the grocery store. Plus, I find myself less tempted to reach for the snacks in my cupboards, as Nutrisystem allows me to still have my comfort foods. I am no longer worried about my weight.

I'd recommend Nutrisystem to anyone who is looking for a convenient way to lose weight while stuck at home.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Follow this link to Buy ONE Month, Get ONE FREE!

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Nutrisystem Is The Key To My Healthy Work From Home Diet - Popdust

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How Much Protein Should You Eat Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy? – Bicycling

One of the most important aspects of postworkout recovery is getting enough protein. Doing so helps repair and build your muscles, and, believe it or not, reduces soreness as well.

The recommended daily amount of protein for women in the U.S. is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight, so for a 140-pound person, thats about 51 grams per day. In the U.K., the recommendation is even lower, at 0.75 grams per kilogram of bodyweight daily. But new research presented at the American College of Cardiologys annual scientific session suggests that aiming slightly higher could benefit your heart.

Researchers examined data from nearly 100,000 women, with a median age of 64, over a 10-year period. The women filled out health questionnaires, providing information on what foods they ate and how much activity they got, as well as cardiovascular markers like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary and peripheral artery disease, diabetes, and history of heart failure.

They found that those who ate between 58 and 74 grams of protein daily were five to eight percent less likely to develop atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is a heart rhythm disorder associated with serious cardiovascular issues like stroke. Those with the lowest protein intake had the highest incidence of AFib, even if they were meeting U.S. recommendations.

Want to take action now? Luckily, it doesnt take much to boost your protein intake to hit that more beneficial range, lead study author Daniel Gerber, M.D., cardiovascular medicine fellow at Stanford University, told Bicycling.

Eating as little as 10 to 15 grams more protein a day could have a significant effect, and thats just a cup of Greek yogurt, for example, he said. Increasing healthy, lean protein intake could be a relatively easy way to lose weight and decrease your risk for AFib.

More research will need to be done to understand exactly why additional protein can lower your AFib risk, he added. But the answer may be related to the way higher protein consumption helps with fat loss, lower body mass index, and improved insulin sensitivityall of which are beneficial to your heart.

Also, the age of the participants is importantAFib is more common among older people, but also, as women become postmenopausal, they tend to lose bone mass and lean muscle mass. Not only can protein have a protective effect for the heart, said Gerber, but may also enhance these effects and reduce risk of frailty.

Although this affects women slightly more than men, Gerber said its likely that similar results would be seen in a study with male participants.

[Looking to start cross training but dont know where to start? The Beginners Guide to Strength Training will teach you all the fundamentals to get the most out of your weight session, priming you for stronger miles in the saddle.]

So, if consuming slightly more protein has so many heart and muscle benefits, does that mean even more could be extra protection? Not so fast, he suggested.

There does appear to be a sweet spot with regards to protein intake, where going above 74 grams per day is no longer beneficial, he said. We believe this may be related to concurrent higher calorie intake, and obesity in women eating the most protein, which negates the benefits.

Its also worth noting that your body cant absorb more than about 30 grams of protein at one time, so its best to split up your meals in this way and not try to cram as much protein as you can into them.

Gerber recommends sticking to that sweet spot and focusing on healthy protein sources like fish, chicken, lean beef, Greek yogurt, lentils and beans, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

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How Much Protein Should You Eat Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy? - Bicycling

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