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Apr 4

‘A new way of life’ – The Daily Progress

Culpeper resident Paul Flynn, Jr. lost 266 pounds because he wanted to be able to get on the floor to play with his granddaughter.

It took him more than three years, but the 61-year-old auto technician vows to keep it off for good.

At his heaviest in January 2014, Flynn weighed 427 pounds, and had been battling obesity for 15 years. He had diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension in addition to a bad back and knees. Flynn admitted he was working too much and not taking care of himself.

I was working two jobs, eating fast food in between and sleeping two or three hours a day, he said. It didnt take long to pack on the pounds. You ache all over. I lost two jobs because I weighed too much.

Flynn, originally of Falls Church, actively played in two softball leagues as a younger man when weight was not an issue. But then he and his wife, Coleen, started a family and his personal fitness took a back seat.

He wasnt happy and he was very short a lot of the times, said Coleen Flynn. His quality of life was deteriorating.

While taking a class for a state inspection license, Pauls legs collapsed beneath him.

To try hold himself up, he grabbed a bar above him and when he did, he pulled his arm out of the socket and dislocated his shoulder, said his wife.

Doctors could not repair the injury and he had to go out on disability.

Tired of feeling bad all the time, Flynn decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery at the University of Virginia Medical Center, but before he could get the procedure, he had to lose weight on his own.

At the encouragement of friends, he signed up for the local chapter of Take Pounds Off Sensibly (TOPS), which has met for decades every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at Precious Blood Catholic Church with weigh-in at 5 p.m.

I kept thinking to myself what good is this going to do me? I didnt understand, but the more you listen the more the meetings started to help, Flynn said. I stopped eating fast food and Cokes that was the biggest thing.

Within three months, he had dropped 30 pounds. By September 2014, he was 60 pounds lighter and ready for surgery. Flynn spent a week in the hospital recovering.

It was torture, said his wife of 38 years, Coleen. He regretted doing the surgery that first week. But once he healed, the weight started coming off very quickly.

Gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries make changes to a persons digestive system to help them lose weight by limiting how much you they can eat or by reducing the absorption of nutrients, or both, according to the Mayo Clinic. After surgery, recipients must follow strict diets and consume less food that their now-smaller stomach can comfortably and safely digest.

Flynn with buy-in from his wife had to completely change the way he ate with most meals prepared at home. The first few months after surgery all he could eat was pureed food. His diet these days consists of lean meats, yogurt, fruit, vegetables and diminished portions.

We cut our food in half and use a small plate, Coleen said.

Added Paul, Its not a quick fix. You got to follow a plan.

That plan includes weekly support sessions at TOPS.

The doctor told him he needed an accountability partner, Coleen said. Something to help keep him motivated.

She went with him from the start and the couple still attends the Tuesday gatherings. Coleen started to lose weight, too 60 pounds altogether.

They are so positive and encouraging, she said. They helped keep us motivated by knowing we had to weigh in every week.

Through his multi-year journey with TOPS, Paul has won various awards for his drastic weight loss, including last year, when he received a trip to Disney World for his accomplishment. More recently, he was named the Virginia Division Winner.

Barbara Cady, president of TOPS Club, Inc., based in Milwaukee, said the Flynns are an outstanding example of the importance of support in the weight loss journey.

This includes accountability at weekly weigh-ins, discussion of successes and challenges and solid educational information on healthy living, she said. It has been a privilege to watch Pauls steady loss.

Having a supportive life partner is also crucial, Cady said, noting that Paul and Coleen regularly encourage each other.

Their TOPS friends cheer them forward. Together, all of us are getting healthier, she said.

Paul said he doesnt miss the fast food. He doesnt miss the diabetes or hypertension either that is all under control now that the weight is gone. As of last week, he weighed 161 pounds and was looking to gain about 10. Hes gone from a size 60 pants to a size 36.

Being able to play with his granddaughter has made the struggle more than worth it.

They have those little tunnels you crawl through, of course I couldnt fit my big butt through there, but now I can climb right on through the tunnel with her, he said. It was a big motivation, oh, my gosh, yes, and now I got a grandson. I love the heck out of them.

Losing more than half your body weight is not easy, Paul emphasized. It takes a lot of hard work.

I would recommend it to anybody, but its a new way of life, he said.

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'A new way of life' - The Daily Progress

Apr 4

Diet Doc Discourages Fad Diets and Promotes ‘Healthy Eating’ Through Doctor-Supervised Ketogenic Diet Plan – Marketwired (press release)

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - April 03, 2017) - Many individuals follow a strict diet regimen to balance their weight and prevent weight gain in the long run. Some dieters, however, are simply searching for a quick solution to achieve the perfect 'summer body'. Fad diets seem to offer temporary solutions but can often be unhealthy as they are often starvation-based and potentially dangerous. A better option is to follow a healthy eating plan with nutrients that benefit the body without exceeding daily calorie intake goals. A healthy eating plan can be customized to an individual's dietary needs but often involves the following:

The Keto Diet, or the Ketogenic Diet, is one example of a healthy diet that promotes weight loss by modifying the body's utilization of the energy from food. It involves high levels of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and low amounts of carbohydrates. Generally, the human body burns carbohydrates before fats for energy; the ketogenic diet removes carbohydrates from the diet for bit so the body is forced to burn stored fat.

If not managed properly, the Keto Diet, like any other diet, can be unhealthy or even dangerous. Although ketone bodies are a sign of weight loss with the Keto Diet, they can also be a warning sign of serious issues like diabetes. Therefore, it is important for a medical professional to supervise any major dieting endeavor. At Diet Doc, a nationally recognized weight loss center, the unique dietary needs of each individual are considered in order to maximize efficient, safe, and long-term weight loss.

All Diet Doc patients receive custom-designed weight loss programs and diet consulting. With a safe, doctor-supervised diet plan and guidance for life, Diet Doc patients gain the following benefits within the very first month:

For patients who struggle with portion control or emotional eating, Diet Doc offers solutions like Metwell, which helps balance metabolism and reduce appetite without harmful side effects. Medical weight loss solutions like these, especially in combination with popular diets like the Ketogenic Diet, have been shown to be effective when doctor-supervised and customized to an individual's dietary needs, according to Diet Doc Weight Loss Center's resident medical expert, Dr. Rao.

With a team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and motivational coaches, Diet Doc products help individuals lose weight fast and keep it off. Patients can get started immediately, with materials shipped directly to their home or office. They can also maintain weight loss in the long-term through weekly consultations, customized diet plans, motivational coaches and a powerful prescription program. With Diet Doc Weight Loss, the doctor is only a short phone call away and a fully dedicated team of qualified professionals is available 6 days per week to answer questions, address concerns and support patients.

Getting started with Diet Doc is very simple and affordable. New patients can easily visit to quickly complete a health questionnaire and schedule an immediate, free online consultation.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation's leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.




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Diet Doc Discourages Fad Diets and Promotes 'Healthy Eating' Through Doctor-Supervised Ketogenic Diet Plan - Marketwired (press release)

Apr 2

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Don’t be fooled by weight loss claims – Aiken Standard

Diets dont work! Exercise can actually make you gain weight! You can take supplements that will melt fat away while you sleep! Claims like these should make you wonder if someone is trying to fool you. Since April Fools Day just past, it is worth learning the truth about these common weight loss myths.

Considering that most people who lose weight end up gaining it back, this belief is understandable. The fact is that diets do work that is how people lost weight in the first place! The problem is that many diets simply arent sustainable and dont teach healthy eating habits necessary to keep the weight off. The result is that after the diet ends, a return to old eating patterns leads to gaining the weight back. The solution is to find a diet that you can stick with even after you have lost weight, one that teaches you how to make healthy choices and adapt your lifestyle.

The traditional advice for losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. But some research suggests that exercise itself doesnt lead to significant weight loss. In fact, exercise alone results in lower weight loss compared to diet only or diet plus exercise. While this is true, concluding that exercise isnt important is a mistake.

First, even if exercise only leads to a small amount of weight loss (about a half pound per week in my research) it does add up over time and can help someone achieve their weight loss goal more quickly.

Second, research involving individuals who have succeeded at long-term weight loss in The National Weight Control Registry shows that exercise is important. It is noteworthy that 94 percent of these successful losers increased their physical activity in order to lose weight and 90 percent said that they maintain their weight by exercising an average of 60 minutes every day.

Losing weight really does require making changes to your eating and exercise behaviors. Many of these changes can be difficult, so it is no surprise that people look for shortcuts. And there is no shortcut more appealing than a supplement that will increase your metabolism and burn fat while you sleep.

Keep in mind that there are no dietary supplements that have been shown to be effective for promoting long-term weight loss, despite what the manufacturers claim. In fact, some could even be dangerous. The only way to make a meaningful change in your metabolism is to exercise and significant weight loss simply wont happen unless you change your diet.

Be especially skeptical when you see words like flush and cleanse, which are meaningless and have nothing to do with weight loss. There are a few prescription medications and one over-the-counter drug (Orlistat) that has been shown to promote weight loss but only when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Hopefully this advice will help you make healthy decisions and avoid becoming an April Fool when it comes to weight loss claims. The good news is that you can start losing weight today by making some simple changes including reducing your portion sizes at meals, choosing water or other calorie-free beverages when you are thirsty, and making it a point to be active every day. These modifications can lead to weight loss now and are exactly the type of changes you need to make to keep the weight off in the long run.

Brian Parr, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Exercise and Sports Science at USC Aiken where he teaches courses in exercise physiology, nutrition and health behavior. You can learn more about this and other health and fitness topics at or on Twitter @drparrsays.

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HEALTH AND FITNESS: Don't be fooled by weight loss claims - Aiken Standard

Apr 2

Has dramatic weight loss aged these stars? – CelebsNow

These stars are no doubt healthier for their weight loss, but has their hard work aged them?

These stars are no doubt healthier for their weight loss, but has their hard work aged them?

Harley Street surgeon Mr George Samouris tells Now: When you lose a dramatic amount of weight, ageing accelerates. This is dependent on how quickly the weight is lost, age, genetics and lean muscle mass. Weight loss causes a decrease in skin elasticity the excess volume prompts skin to stretch and without this volume the dermis of the skin becomes thinner, lacking collagen and causing wrinkles.

It also affects the ligaments that support soft tissue in the face, so they stretch and then relax. When this happens it can result in gaunt cheeks, a sagging jowl line and the lowering of the brow.

Lisa Riley, 40

Lisa has lost a whopping 10st and has admitted she doesnt recognise herself in old snaps. Shes just had surgery to remove excess skin and says: One stone, one pound in loose skin removed Im a size 12 now. Im still getting used to it.

Tina Malone, 54

Tinas change in appearance is astounding. Shes lost 12st and has already had some excess skin removed.

Pauline Quirk, 57

Pauline lost a massive 8st in just 12 months, saying: I was miserable I was tired of not being able to find clothes to fit, tired of sunbathing on a hotel balcony on holiday because I was too self-conscious to sit by the pool.

Scarlett Moffatt, 26

The Gogglebox star has lost over 3st and dropped five dress sizes. But her dramatic weight loss has caused concern among her fans. She followed a SuperSlim diet, limiting herself to 1,350 calories a day.

Sam Smith, 24

The singer lost 3st last year, dropping a stone of that in just two weeks. He credits his weight loss to nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, saying: Shes completely changed my life.

Natalie Cassidy, 33

Natalies weight has yo-yoed over the years, but following the birth of her second baby last August she looks slimmer than ever.

Chris Moyles, 43

Chris looks like a different person after his 5st weight loss, but has since admitted: My weird problem is that I dont eat enough now.

Tinas change in appearance is astounding. Shes lost 12st and has already had some excess skin removed.

Credit: Rex Features

Lisa has lost a whopping 10st and has admitted she doesnt recognise herself in old snaps. Shes just had surgery to remove excess skin and says: One stone, one pound in loose skin removed Im a size 12 now. Im still getting used to it.

Credit: Rex Features

Pauline lost a massive 8st in just 12 months, saying: I was miserable I was tired of not being able to find clothes to fit, tired of sunbathing on a hotel balcony on holiday because I was too self-conscious to sit by the pool.

Credit: Rex Features

The Gogglebox star has lost over 3st and dropped five dress sizes. But her dramatic weight loss has caused concern among her fans. She followed a SuperSlim diet, limiting herself to 1,350 calories a day.

Credit: Instagram

The singer lost 3st last year, dropping a stone of that in just two weeks. He credits his weight loss to nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, saying: Shes completely changed my life.

Credit: Rex Features/Instagram

Natalies weight has yo-yoed over the years, but following the birth of her second baby last August she looks slimmer than ever.

Credit: Rex Features/PA

Chris looks like a different person after his 5st weight loss, but has since admitted: My weird problem is that I dont eat enough now.

Credit: Rex Features/PA

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Has dramatic weight loss aged these stars? - CelebsNow

Apr 2

Skipping meals will not help in weight loss – Mathrubhumi English

What is the diet for ladies who are trying to conceive, for pregnant ladies and for women post-delivery. I prefer vegetarian food mostly. I take chicken, egg but rarely eat other non veg food. (Lekha, Kerala)

Stick to a balanced diet to boost your chances of a healthy baby. Eat several servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk every day. Not getting enough nutrients can affect your periods, making it difficult to predict when you ovulate. And you may not ovulate at all if you're significantly underweight or obese.

During pregnancy, the goal is to be eating nutritious foods most of the time. For prenatal nutrition include:

Fruits and vegetables:Pregnant women should focus on fruits and vegetables, particularly during the second and third trimesters. These colourful foods are low in calories and filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Lean protein:Pregnant women should include good protein sources at every meal to support the baby's growth, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, cheese, milk and nuts.

Whole grainsare an important source of energy in the diet, and they also provide fiber, iron and B-vitamins. Half of a pregnant woman's carbohydrate choices each day should come from whole grains, such as oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta or breads and brown rice.

Dairy:Aim for 3 to 4 servings of dairy foods a day such as milk, yogurt and cheese, which provide good dietary sources of calcium, protein and vitamin D.

There's no magic pill to help you lose weight after Pregnancy. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is the best way to shed the pounds and to keep them off. And it's important to exercise while trying to lose weight to ensure you're losing fat instead of muscle. Once you're begin losing weight, start by eating a little less and being more active even if you're just taking a quick walk around the block with your baby in the stroller.

I am a mother of an 8-year-old. I pack her off to school at7 amin the morning and most often she skips breakfast and often eat some ready-made snacks in the morning.Can you please advise an alternative which is healthy? Also please tell me what are the most important food that she should have at this age? (Sreedevi, Kozhikode)

Your child's nutrition is important to her overall health. Proper nutrition, which should include eating three meals a day and two nutritious snacks, limiting high sugar and high fat foods, eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low-fat dairy products, including 3 servings of milk, cheese or yogurt to meet their calcium needs can also prevent many medical problems, including becoming overweight, developing weak bones, and developing diabetes. It will also ensure that your child physically grows to her full potential.

Im a media person aged 32 years. Given the nature of my work, Im unable to perform exercise on a daily basis. Accordingly, Ive resorted to fasting or skipping lunch once in 2-3 days to reduce fat belly. Is this a healthy practice? (Rijin Krishnaraj, Thiruvananthapuram)

The largest factors for fat loss are your overall caloric intake and exercise. Also, starvation mode is said to kick in after 72 hours of fasting. So, skipping lunch would really not lower your metabolism, but it could affect your energy levels for the day.

When trying to lose weight quickly it may severely restrict calorie intake or skip meals as a way to cut back on calories. While reducing caloric intake is necessary to shed unwanted pounds, skipping a meal does not lead to successful weight loss. To lose weight and keep the weight off, it is necessary to develop a lifelong healthy eating plan that should include at least three balanced meals a day and a wide variety of foods rich in the nutrients your body needs.

Can a person get enough nutrients through a vegetarian diet? Do vegetarians get enough iron and proteins? (Ganghadharan, Thrissur)

If youre eating a well-balanced vegetarian diet with plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, you are eating one of the healthiest diets on the planet. While it's true that protein is necessary, equally important for vegetarians are calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

Now, about getting enough iron. Its an extremely important mineral thats present in all cells and is essential for transporting oxygen through your body. But although its true that red meat is high in iron, the mineral is also available in a slew of plant foods. In fact, its so prevalent in vegetarian diets from soybeans to enriched cereals that many studies have documented that vegetarians actually get as much iron as meat eaters do.

Plant-derived diets tend to contribute significantly less fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and foodborne pathogens, while at the same time offering more fiber, folate, vitamin C, and phytochemicals, all essential factors for disease prevention, optimal health, and wellbeing. And the more whole plant foods the better. If we compare the nutritional quality of vegetarian diets with omnivorous diets, traditional healthy diet indexing systems consistently indicate that the most plant-based diet is the healthiest one.

Im a middle aged woman and interested in a light diet as I fear I may gain weight. However I try, my weight is 62 and does not come down. I have heard drumstick leaves boiled in water is an excellent source to reduce weight. Is it true? (Janaki, Mattannur)

Mature and young moringa leaves are edible, though the older they get the tougher they feel. While the raw leaves have a better vitamin content, in a cooked state, theyre still a good source of vitamin A, B, iron and other minerals.

Moringa foliage is also low in fat and carbohydrates. While this may mean that moringa leaves dont make you put on weight, it certainly doesn't prove that they help you lose weight. A purgative is a powerful laxative that can cause your body to lose a lot of water. Since your overall weight includes the water in your tissues, when you lose that liquid, your weight naturally drops. It is possible that someone who associates moringa leaves with weight loss is thinking of their purgative effect. Losing weight through purging is a dangerous practice that can cause dehydration.

Nutritionist Priyadarshini R Menon will answer your questions on diet, health and wellness, every fortnight. Send in your queries to

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Skipping meals will not help in weight loss - Mathrubhumi English

Apr 2

Alabama Football Notebook: Hand looks to ‘showcase’ self – Times Daily

TUSCALOOSA DaShawn Hand arrived at Alabama in 2014 as the nations No. 1 overall recruit according to

But as one of a nations-leading five five-star signees in the Crimson Tides recruiting class that year, the 6-foot-4 Hand was quickly humbled, settling in as just another elite recruit who had to earn his place.

Now, after three years of serving as a key reserve along Alabamas loaded defensive front sitting behind future NFL stars Jonathan Allen, Jarren Reed, Ashawn Robinson and Dalvin Tomlinson Hand enters his senior year as the frontrunner to finally start.

It was a humbling experience, but Im glad I went through it, Hand said Thursday. God has no mistakes in a mans life, so I was just riding the wave. I just kept chopping at the wood, and nows my time.

While serving as in a mostly backup capacity in his first three seasons, Hand combined for 44 total tackles, 12 tackles for loss and seven sacks.

But with all expectations that Hand will occupy one of the two open starting spots at defensive end, the 282-pound senior is ready to finally break out in his final season at the Capstone.

Its a very important season for me, just because I have to showcase my athleticism, Hand said. Ive been waiting. Ive been working. So, Im just ready to showcase.

Despite having to essentially wait his turn, the former No. 1 overall player says he never once considered transferring.

Not at all. Its all a mindset. Im a competitor, so I just like to compete, Hand said. When it was my time to go, I just had to suit up and go. So, just like now, its my time to showcase what I can do as a starter, so thats what I plan on doing.

Over the first two weeks of Alabamas spring practice, Hand has consistently seen reps with the first-team unit, beside junior defensive tackle DaRon Payne and sophomore end Raekwon Davis. Among the others looking to crack into the defensive lineman rotation include redshirt freshman Quinnen Williams, junior college transfer Isaiah Buggs and senior Jamar King.

*Hentges eager to step up

With O.J. Howard likely to be taken in the first half of the first round of next months NFL Draft, Alabamas tight end position will look a little different in 2017.

But, after watching and learning behind Howard the last two years, rising junior Hale Hentges is ready to step up and carry on the Crimson Tides recent tradition of play-making tight ends.

Weve had a lot of great role models along my two years here, you know like OJ Howard and Brandon Greene, who have taught me so knowledge and instilled a lot of confidence in me, Hentges said Thursday. So Im just kind hoping I can take what they taught me and use that to kind of expand to a larger role on the field and use that knowledge to help the younger guys out too.

Hentges and rising sophomore Miller Forristall are the only tight ends with any significant playing time, serving mostly as blockers last season. Appearing in all 15 games last season, Forristall finished with just five receptions for 73 yards and Hentges added three catches for 10 yards.

This season, though, each are likely to become more of an option in the offense, a change both welcome with open arms.

As you get in and you grow and you develop and you gain muscle, you lose weight, you get faster or whatever, your position changes, Hentges said. I saw me, I put on a good bit of weight and now Im playing that Y position. Miller is also putting on a good bit of weight right now cause thats something we all have to do to in order block these freaks that we block every day.

Forristall and Hentges arent alone, with 6-5 freshman early enrollee Major Tennison, 6-8 sophomore Cam Stewart and 6-4 redshirt freshman Irv Smith Jr. also eager to contribute in 2017.

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Alabama Football Notebook: Hand looks to 'showcase' self - Times Daily

Apr 2

Kevin Creekman tattooed over his weight loss scars and learned to accept his body in the process – Metro

Kevin Creekman tattooed over his weight loss scars and learned to accept his body in the process
They motivayed each other to keep going, and slowly, through a low carb diet and cardio, Kevin began to lose weight. 'I lost about 80 kilos in one ... He began to cover his scars with custom tattoos, and quickly fell in love with body art. What started ...

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Kevin Creekman tattooed over his weight loss scars and learned to accept his body in the process - Metro

Mar 31

Georgia’s defensive line is slimmer, faster … and better? – DawgNation

ATHENS, Ga. It used to be that coaches beamed with pride when they talked about the size of defensive lineplayers. The more pounds the better. Three-hundred pounds, the minimum. The closer to 350 the better.

Those days are gone, at least atGeorgia, and most of college football, where the proliferation of sped-up offenses has led to a need for speed and flexibility on defense.

Which is another reason you can expect a lot of snaps this season from Jonathan Ledbetter.

Yes, the rising junior actually put on weight just a couple pounds, up to 280, according to his Twitter feed. But when Kirby Smart saw peoples reactions, he disagreed with the notion Lebetterput on weight, and meant it as a compliment.

I think he looks better, I agree with you there, Smart said. I think hes transformed some of that. But its not actual pounds. Hes quicker. Hes playing faster.

What that means: Ledbetter, already one of the teams most talented defensive linemen, now also might have the best stamina, and he might be in such good condition that itll be hard to come out of the game.

Hes got the stamina to go play three-four plays in a row and go run plays down. Where some of those other guys, they cant do that, Smart said. You cant sub. (Offenses) are not going to let you sub. So how many guys can you play up front and just leave them in the game. Right now he may be the only guy thats playing at that level.

On the other side of it is Julian Rochester.

As a freshman last year, Rochester weighed in at 304 pounds and blended that with uncanny athleticism. The result was a 36-tackle, 2-sack season in which he started six gamesat defensive tackle.

Julian really surprised me last year. I havent seen a big guy like that who could move like that, senior outside linebacker Davin Bellamy said. And with our great strength and conditioning program hes kind of toned that body up, and hes moving better.

Indeed, Rochester dropped about 15 pounds in the offseason, at the request (OK, demand) of Bulldogs coaches. That put him a bit under 300 and ideally in better position to be another guy with the stamina to stay in the game when the plays are happening too quickly to sub.

But Smart isnt as impressed yet.

Julians the same guy right now that he was at the same time last year, Smart said. Julians got to improve. Hes got to work to get him in better conditioning shape. So the weight is really off the guy but hes not really playing fast. And I think its really important for him to do that.

If you go by the most recent roster and the listed weights in Georgias pre-Liberty Bowl media, most every defensive lineman has either lost weight or stayed about the same.

That includes the nose tackles, whose job it is to clog up the middle. They arent that big by old-school standards: John Atkins lostseven pounds, to 308, and DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle losttwo pounds, to 318. Compare that with the excitement around the program a few years ago to have John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers weighing about350 pounds.

Even after signing only two defensive linementhis year, Georgia has depthheading into the season. Six returning players started at least four games, plus key reserve Tyler Clark.Those seven combined for 208 tackles, 11 sacks and 20.5 tackles for loss.

And yes, that includes Trent Thompson, the rising junior who isnt participating in spring practice because of shoulder surgery and amedical issuethat caused him to withdraw from classes. What is Thompson doing during practice? Hes running on the side, keeping off the pounds: He went from 309 at the end of last year to 295 in the most updated roster.

In the new world of college football, coacheswant defensive linemen svelte and fast, ready to chase down the ball carrier and stay on the field.

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Georgia's defensive line is slimmer, faster ... and better? - DawgNation

Mar 31

4 Healthy Breakfasts That Cost $1 & Will Help You Lose Weight – Hollywood Life

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It can also be the cheapest meal, while still being super healthy and nutritious. Check out these under $1 combos to help you lose weight below.

Im one of those people where, if I dont have breakfast within an hour of waking up, I become very, very cranky.Im currently doing Weight Watchers and my coach says that a good breakfast is super important it helps you fuel yourself in the morning, whether you are trying to work out or just be a boss at work. Its also good to keep your blood sugar stabilized.

Food Network just shared a bunch of quick and easy recipes that cost under $1 to make insane!

The basic avocado toast breakfast isnt going anywhere. Avocado has healthy fats that keep you full, and an egg has a ton of protein.

Avocado Toast + Egg25 cents + 18 cents + 17 centsA slice of good, sprouted multigrain toast costs around 25 cents; a slice of avocado, 18 cents and an egg, 17 cents. Thats a super-healthy breakfast for well under a dollar (60 cents, to be precise).

Making overnight oats with almond milk will save you time in the morning.

Oatmeal + Milk + Raisins + Walnuts + Carrot (Optional)3 cents + 25 cents + 3 cents + 50 cents + 10 cents (carrot)Even with the addition of pricey walnuts, you can still get a super-nutritious oatmeal breakfast for 81 cents. Add cinnamon and vanilla to make this extra delicious. Throw in a grated carrot or apple for added nutrition.

This looks colorful and delicious:

Multigrain Toast + Ricotta + Peach Slices25 cents + 20 cents + 50 centsMix up your toast topper with nonfat ricotta and fresh (or defrosted frozen) peach slices, for a total of just 95 cents.

Frozen fruit is just as healthy as fresh fruit, and it lasts longer.

Chia Pudding: Chia Seeds + Coconut Milk 50 cents + 35 centsBrimming with healthy fats and fiber, trendy chia pudding can fill you up for 85 cents. Splurge on some mango for sweetness.

Bonus:Tricia Williams, executive chef and founder of Food Matters NYC, says chia pudding can actually help with constipation.

HollywoodLifers, do you eat breakfast every day? Will you try these breakfast recipes to lose weight?

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4 Healthy Breakfasts That Cost $1 & Will Help You Lose Weight - Hollywood Life

Mar 30

Reporter’s notebook: What I learned about my body after being in a metabolic chamber – ABC News

ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo shared her experiences after spending a day inside a metabolic chamber at Mount Sinai St. Lukes Hospital in New York City. Schiavocampo's journey, which aired on "Good Morning America," was the first time that TV cameras were allowed to peek into a metabolic chamber, which is used to monitor your total energy expenditure and better understand how your body uses energy in everyday tasks such as resting, eating and exercising.

Three weeks ago I spent an entire day inside a vacuum-sealed metabolic chamber at Mount Sinai St. Lukes Hospital in New York; 23-hours trapped inside a room the size of a prison cell. Why? Its the most cutting edge way to measure how your body burns calories, and just might provide a glimpse into the future of weight management. The room has previously only been available for research purposes, and Im one of the first people to ever use it commercially.

After analyzing the data for weeks, I finally got the results. As someone who spends a lot of time reading about health and wellness, I wasnt expecting to learn much. Instead, I was shocked by the results. Heres what I learned about the way I burn energy:

The chamber measures oxygen consumption and CO2 production to provide the most accurate measure of calorie burn available today. So we also decided to compare the results from the chamber with the estimates provided by online calculators and fitness trackers. Unfortunately, those weight loss tech tools often missed the mark. Here are some of my findings from the metabolic chamber compared to what was calculated with the other gadgets I have used.

The bottom line: The chamber reminded me how different we all are, which is why broad weight loss plans often dont work for many people. But it also reaffirmed my belief in focusing on overall health, as opposed to getting caught up in numbers, and my commitment to honoring my body with the joy of fitness and a diet of mostly whole, unprocessed foods.

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Reporter's notebook: What I learned about my body after being in a metabolic chamber - ABC News

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