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Sep 2

Obese woman loses 10st in 18 months you won’t believe what she looks like now – Daily Star


When Amanda Roberts stepped on the scale in 2014 and saw 23st staring back at her, she knew she needed to make a change.

The mother of one then turned to gastric bypass surgery which helped her lose an incredible 10st in just 18 months.

She said: When Talia started walking, I could barely keep up with her. I had such intense back pains from my weight that I could barely carry her, and even just playing on the ground with her exhausted me. I knew that I'd have to get my health on track if I wanted to be the best Mum I could be for her.

Amazingly, these reality TV stars have lost more than 40st between them... all thanks to healthy eating and exercise

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Jennifer Ellison from Brookside loses three stone in weight


The 23-year-old continued: For a long time, I thought I felt okay. I had tried so many ways to lose weight that never worked, so I had pretty much given up on trying and was ready to just live contently as a plus size person.

It wasn't until after I had my daughter that I realised how depressed I really was. I shut myself in the house all of the time, didn't want to go anywhere, didn't want to talk to anyone, mostly because I was ashamed of how much weight I had gained.

I was just tired and unhappy, and that's not how I wanted to be as a mom and person, especially since I was only 21 years old!


Good news dieters! The 23 foods that contain NO calories because you burn more than you consume as you eat

1 / 23

APRICOTS - Calorie content: 12 kcals per apricotEating apricots is said to help reduce the risk of strokes, and heart attacks. They're also full of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre, which all promote good heart health

The surgery and ditching her unhealthy snack habit allowed the massive weight loss but it also left Amanda with 3st of excess skin.

The California woman had skin hanging from her stomach, legs and arms and the only way to get rid of the skin was through surgery.

Amanda fundraised the 7740 she needed for surgery in which doctors removed the excess skin and left Amanda with a flat stomach and weighing a svelte 12.8st.


Amanda stated: I went from eating junk food and living a very sedentary life, to now eating a high protein, low carb diet and working out 5-6 days a week.

The weight came off easy at first, but now that I am almost 3 years post op, maintaining the weight loss and losing more is getting more difficult. After about 18 months post op, the effects of the gastric bypass start to wear off and it's basically relying on your new healthy lifestyle to keep you going.

Losing the excess skin has resulted in Amanda being more confident than ever as she happily shows off her new body.

She added: Im more confident than ever! I know I've worked hard for my current body, and that makes me love it that much more!

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Obese woman loses 10st in 18 months you won't believe what she looks like now - Daily Star

Sep 1

TOWIE star loses 7lbs and gains abs in ONE week this is how – Daily Star

Ex-TOWIE star, Ricky Rayment has lost fat and gained abs in just one week.

The reality TV star has lost a whopping 7lbs after visiting a military fitness camp.

Ricky lost belly fat and firmed his abs with a gruelling exercise regime that was formulated by ex-forces physical training instructors.


Amazingly, these reality TV stars have lost more than 40st between them... all thanks to healthy eating and exercise

1 / 15

Jennifer Ellison from Brookside loses three stone in weight

Ricky said: "It was great to be ripped again - it is amazing what you can achieve in a week.

"Everything was a little firmer afterwards and it was nice to lose a bit of flab around my belly and get my pecs nicely toned."

Ricky spent the week at the No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk which has seen a host of other stars like Melanie Sykes, Ashley James and Spencer Matthews.

TOWIE couple Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment kiss by the pool in Marbella

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Ricky used to appear on The Only Way Is Essex for five years and was engaged to Jess Wright who has recently launched her own fitness brand.

Post-TOWIE, he got engages to Geordie Shores Marnie Simpson but the pair have since split.

Now single, he said: I had a great time in TOWIE and I wouldn't ever rule out going back. I'm still good mates James Lock, Mario Falcone and Bobby Norris and I have such happy memories of my time on the show."


Ricky's typical day at No 1 Boot Camp

6.30am Rise and shine7:00 45 minutes of cardio exercises8:00 Breakfast9:15 First circuit10:30 Break10:45 Second class12:30 Lunch13:30 Hike15:30 Break16:30 Weights, sprints and second circuit19:00 Dinner21:00 Bed

Ricky's diet at No 1 Boot Camp

Breakfast - home-made granolaLunch - quinoa and steamed salmonDinner - lamb shank with steamed broccoliSnack - crushed avocado and chilliDrinks: two litres of water

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TOWIE star loses 7lbs and gains abs in ONE week this is how - Daily Star

Sep 1

SBS show The Obesity Myth is breaking down stigma – The Weekly Review

Photo: supplied

Obesity is a predominantly genetic disease, rather than a lifestyle choice thats the central premise of a new SBS show calledThe Obesity Myth.

The show, which followed doctors and patients at the University of Melbournes Austin Health forsix months, aimsto dispel the stigma attached to obesity.

Austin Healths Weight Control Clinic head professor Joseph Proietto says obese people face constant discrimination.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about obesity in the community its an injustice, he says.Gluttony is seen as sinful, and to commit a sin you have to use free will. So the idea has been that people choose to be fat.

The world-renowned obesity management expert says he hopes the program will show obesity is far more complicated than generallythought.

Recent research has revealed how the body regulates weight through the hormones leptin (which decreases appetite) and ghrelin (which increases it). Whenpeople lose weight, their leptin levels decreaseand their ghrelin levels increase.

In 2011, Austin Health discovered levels of otherhormones also change according to weight gain or loss, and that those changes are enduring. Proiettosays this evidence points strongly to weight gain being genetic.

Finding that hormone changes after weight loss are long-lasting showed us that medication needs to be life-long, he says. Obesity is a chronic condition.

In 2014, another of the clinics studies showed the rate of weight loss did not affect how quickly weight was regained, and that more people succeeded in a rapid weight-loss program than a gradual program.

Professor Joseph Proietto. Photo: SBS

To combat obesity in patients, the clinics physicians conduct a thorough history and targeted examination, then offer a partial, very-low-energy diet thatreplaces breakfast and lunch.

After theyve lost all the weight they want to lose, whether it takes three months, six months or a year, then we wean them off the diet and back onto things like carbs and fruit, Proietto says.

A dietician will outlinea balanced, energy-reduced diet, and the clinic will continue to follow the patientsprogress. If theyre struggling to keep weight off because of increased hunger, medication is prescribed.

Proietto hopes the clinics research intoobesity will become common knowledge.

GPs are getting better at treating this condition than they used to be, he says. Hopefully they will continue to educate the public to try to dispel this myth.

If youre struggling with obesity Proietto says not to beat yourself around the head, because its probably genetic. He suggests seeking medical assistance.

Speak to your doctor about it, and see if you can get some help, he says.

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SBS show The Obesity Myth is breaking down stigma - The Weekly Review

Aug 25

Here’s what Conor McGregor may be doing to his body as he sheds weight for his fight against Floyd Mayweather – STAT


efore he faces off against undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, UFC champion Conor McGregor must conquer the scale.

And that could prove an even more dangerous opponent.

In pre-fight trash talk, Mayweather has claimed that McGregor looks extremely heavy and has been scrambling to try to drop 10 pounds. (Both fighters have to come in under 154 pounds at the weigh-in on Friday afternoon if their much-hyped bout is to proceed.)


The truth is, though, shedding 10 pounds in a couple days is no big deal for most MMA fighters.In the past, McGregor has reportedly cut more than 25 pounds in eight days time.

The key question is whether they can do it without damaging their health. And even the nutritionist charged with guiding McGregor to his fighting weight said thats a difficult balance.

Its nothing Id recommend to everyday people, George Lockhart, the nutritionist, told STAT in an interview. I always tell people if health was your number one priority, MMA is not the sport you should be going into.

MMA fighters are known to dehydrate themselves using everything from saunas to sweat suits, hot baths to water pills to shed up to dozens of pounds in the days ahead of a weigh-in. After making weight, they try to quickly regain it by eating food and drinking water in hopes of gaining the competitive advantage of size over their opponent.

Lockhart, a former fighter and Marineveteran, generally starts on the Tuesday before a weigh-in. He removes sodium from a fighters diet and offers herbal diuretics that include potassium to replenish lost nutrients. Hell also have a fighter taper water consumption over several days two gallons on Tuesday, one gallon on Wednesday, occasional sips when thirsty on Thursday. The day before the weigh in, Lockhart takes carbohydrates out of fighters diet and cleans out his or her intestinal tract. On that final night, fighters sometimes work out or take a hot bath.He monitors vitals, including body temperature and blood pressure, throughout the process.

Ten pounds in four days is like a hiccup, Lockhart said. What Floyds talking about, it just shows hes probably never cut weight before.

But dropping weight that fast even just 10 pounds draws concerns from doctors. Dr. Larry Lovelace, a ringside physician in California, told STAT several fighters have died over the past few years from the practice, which athletic officials have called the biggest problem in the sport today.

A 2013 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that 39 percent of MMA fighters studied experienced significant or serious dehydration before their fights. Lovelace said the body doesnt fully rehydrate for at least two days well after a fight ends. That means fighters could experience muscle cramps and loss in agility while in the ring, he said.

It only takes 2 percent dehydration to impair your performance, Lovelace said. Theres no way theyre going to recover, and its definitely going to affect their performance.

There are bigger health risks, too. They include:

The brain: When a fighter takes a punch to the head, the brain rattles off the front and the back of the skull. Thats not healthy in the best of conditions. Dehydration makes it worse. The brain is bathed in fluid, said Dr. Edmund Ayoub, vice president of the Association of Ringside Physicians. Without that fluid, the brain has less cushion. Therefore, the risk of injury could be greater for a fighter who spars during the process of weight cutting. The brain can hit harder against the skull, Ayoub said. You may have more [risk for] brain injury.

The heart: A fighters heart beats faster than normal when dehydrated. If you normally walk around with a resting heart rate of 72, now it may be 90 or 100, Lovelace said. So going into a cage to fight, there are potential cardiac risks.

In a 2013 interview with Vice Sports, ringside physician Dr. Michael Kelly said dehydration can impact how the body regulates sodium and potassium levels and, in turn, mess with the cardiac fibers conducting electricity inside the heart. So if those signals arent propagating along the channel correctly, Kelly said, the heart can go into an irregular heartbeat or fatal heart rhythm and wind up in cardiac arrest.

The kidneys:Nephrons, the tiny structures inside the kidney that produce urine to remove waste from the body, malfunction without enough water.Your kidneys literally dry up, Ayoub said. When kidneys get dried up, you can get kidney damage. In 2015, fighter Johny Hendricks had to be rushed to the emergency room after weight cutting led to intestinal blockage and a kidney stone. Doctors say theyre also at risk of sustaining chronic kidney issues due to the practice.

Ayoub thinks fighters would remain healthy if they made sure to lose no more than 2 percent of their body weight each week. If McGregor had to lose 10 pounds, for instance, he should aim to shed it over three weeks instead of just one, Ayoub said.

Lovelace, though, said there is nothing to be gained from the practice of weight cutting,in part because both fighters are often doing the same thing, canceling out any potential advantage from packing on pounds immediately after the weigh-in.

Lockhart, for his part, believes fighters will keep cutting weight no matter what. So he considers it his job to help them do it as safely as possible. Theres no degree for weight cutting, Lockhart said. You need people to show them how to do it in the proper way.

MMA writer Iain Kidd, who has observed Lockharts training methods for a forthcoming book, puts it this way: There are ways to do it safer but not ways to do it safely.

Southern Correspondent

Max covers hospitals and health care.

Excerpt from:
Here's what Conor McGregor may be doing to his body as he sheds weight for his fight against Floyd Mayweather - STAT

Aug 25

Struggling to lose weight? This is probably what you’re doing wrong – SmoothFM (registration)

Coming out of the winter months, its not unusual to be carrying a few extra stubborn kilos (cold weather all but calls for starch and carbs who are we to question that?). As we move into the early stages of spring many of you may be thinking of changing up your diets (or not you do you!) in the hope of slimming down for the warmer months. However, its all too easy to pick up bad habits in the attempt to drop weight fast which may just be stopping you from losing weight altogether.

For this reason, we chatted with Susie Burrell, a nutritionist with Bounce, about her tips on making healthier choices when eating.

According to Burrell, the single biggest mistake when it comes to dieting is going too hard, too fast. The nutritionist shared that extreme diets are not sustainable and will likely cause you to fall back into old habits quickly:

Choosing a diet that is too restrictive, lasting a few days then resorting to their regular eating habits! When it comes to long term weight loss, slow and steady always wins the race.

On snacking (a vice for many of us) Burrell suggested replacing sweet treats with healthy alternatives like frozen fresh fruit pured into yoghurt, fresh fruit dipped in a little dark chocolate or healthy baked vege and fruit muffins or banana loaves.

You can also add protein balls into the mix as a snack that will keep you full between meals:

There are very few high protein, nutritionally balanced snacks and Bounce balls tick all these boxes in a tasty, portioned controlled snack.

For those who are fans of breaking a sweat, Burrell stressed that the food you fuel your body with before and after a workout can have a major impact on your results. Dont be afraid of carbs in this case, she advised:

You need a small amount of carb to actually burn body fat so a couple of crackers or a banana before a high-intensity workout is the key followed by a decent recovery meal such as eggs on toast or a chicken or tuna sandwich or wrap.

With a few tweaks and an active lifestyle, you should be shedding the winter weight in no time.

Images: Getty, La Tessa Photography,Supplied

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Struggling to lose weight? This is probably what you're doing wrong - SmoothFM (registration)

Aug 25

Gastric balloon helping Kiwis lose weight without surgery – New Zealand Herald

An Auckland clinic is offering obese Kiwis the chance to lose weight and feel full without resorting to stomach stapling.

One in three New Zealand adults are obese, making us the third-fattest nation in the world behind the USA and Mexico.

As many patients struggle to get in shape through conventional diet and exercise regimes, Remuera's MacMurray Centre has introduced a non-surgical weight loss system to help fight the epidemic - but there are risks involved.

The procedure involves a gastric balloon which can be inserted in 20 minutes and makes people feel full faster.

A soft, silicone balloon is inserted down a patient's throat, placed in the stomach, filled to the right size with sterile salt water and taken out six months later.

MacMurray Centre director Dr Alasdair Patrick said the Orbera balloon took up about a third of a person's stomach once inflated and helped to control over-eating.

"The person starts eating and they quickly feel full. It really does change their behavior," he said.

"They learn how to eat smaller meals. If you think about people carrying all that extra weight, they find it difficult to exercise. This gives them a second chance."

The product is part of a growing international trend of non-surgical weight loss options. A similar product, the Elipse Balloon, which is available overseas, can be swallowed like a pill and filled using a thin catheter. After about four months it spontaneously bursts and is excreted.

However, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about such devices earlier this month, stating there had been seven unanticipated deaths that occurred in patients with liquid-filled intragastric balloon systems in the last 18 months - five of them with the Orbera system.

The agency said the root cause and incidence rate had not yet been established, nor had the deaths been definitively attributed to the devices. The organisation recommended close monitoring of patients with the devices.

Patrick said it was five cases out of 277,000 and none were definitively due to the procedure.

"These are often morbidly obese people who have significant health problems. When you take 277,000 of these sorts of patients there is a good chance that, unfortunately, some may have an unexpected event that may well have happened whether they had a balloon inserted or not," he said.

Patrick said he always warned patients of the risks and would inform future patients of the FDA warning but believed the benefits outweighed the risks, particularly because performing gastric bypass surgery on obese people was also risky.

Patrick said people using the Orbera technology could expect to lose three times as much weight as diet and exercise alone.

People typically lost 10-15kgs, about 10 per cent of their body weight, in the six months it was in place and 70 per cent of people kept the weight off, he said.

During the six months it was in place and the six months following, patients worked with weight loss experts on a personalised plan to adopt new eating and exercise habits.

Patrick said the procedure had been used to treat about 220,000 people around the world over the last 20 years and he believed Kiwis could benefit from it.

"The biggest problem we are facing in New Zealand is obesity. It's hard to believe we are the third most obese country in the world," Patrick said.

"Obviously because it's such an epidemic in New Zealand we need things to fight that."

Considering all the issues caused by obesity, including heart disease, strokes and diabetes, it was worse than cancer, he said.

Patrick said the clinic already had 10 patients enrolled and in various phases of the procedure, which costs at least $8850.

Anyone over 18 with a Body Mass Index between 30 and 40 was eligible but had to show they were determined to see it through.

"The person has to be motivated to understand that this is their second chance. The person has to be committed."

One patient signed up for the procedure when he realised, while planning a family holiday, that his weight meant he could not do the things he wanted to with his children.

He still had a month left until the balloon was removed but had already dropped down from 132kg to 114kg.

Dunedin School of Medicine dean and childhood obesity specialist Barry Taylor said gastric balloons had potential because they were less invasive and cheaper than bariatric surgery but more research was needed first.

More work was needed to reduce the risk and to study the long term outcomes for patients, he said.

Clinical trials did not yet have any long term data to show whether patients kept the weight off a few years down the track, he said.

A soft balloon is inserted down a patient's throat and inflated in their stomach to make them feel full. Doctors using the procedure say patients typically lose10-15kgs - about 10 per cent of their body weight - and 70 per cent keep the weight off. An independent expert says gastric balloons have potential and are cheaper than surgery but the long term effects are not yet known. The cost of the programme in New Zealand starts from $8850.

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Gastric balloon helping Kiwis lose weight without surgery - New Zealand Herald

Aug 25

Susie Burrell reveals fastest ways to lose weight – Gears Of Biz

While you might be aware that fad diets are not always the answer for those who want to keep off weight, there are some ways you can quickly shed kilos and stay that way.

Australian nutritionist, Susie Burrell, recently shared the fastest ways to lose weight and they include cutting carbs, ditching liquid calories and switching one meal for soup, salad or a shake.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of Susies top tips. Youll be in shape for summer in no time.

Top of Susies list for quick and healthy weight loss is carbs or rather a lack thereof.

While carbohydrates are necessary for proper metabolic and brain function, Susie said in general we eat far too many of them and a quick way to shift kilos is to cut back:

Overall a slightly lower carbohydrate intake, where we keep our fuel low at night by focusing meals around protein and vegetables is a safe and sustainable weight loss strategy, she told

Try salmon with zucchini noodles for a nutritious but filling dinner option.

While you might think that a snack here and there has little effect on your ability to lose weight, Susie said that often we underestimate the impact snacking has on our daily calorie intake.

In general the message of small regular meals has been translated into large regular meals with us frequently enjoying milk coffee, fruit, nuts and snack bars throughout the day, or an extra 400-600 calories, she told the publication.

The nutritionist said that unless you are training for an hour or more each day, you only need one or two small snacks.

Alternatively, cut out the smaller things altogether, in favour or slightly bigger or more protein-rich meals.

If you want to lose weight quickly, Susie said you need to keep at least one mealtimes calories low.

But whether you choose a meal replacement shake, soup or salad is up to you.

In each of these cases, calorie intake at one meal is cut to just 200-300 calories, which can be half of that of regular meals which keeps your overall calorie intake lower without you even realising it, she said.

Susie recently shared a recipe for her Spring Reset Detox Soup.

Serves six


2 teaspoons of olive oil

1 leek, thinly sliced

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cups salt-reduced vegetable stock and 3 cups water

410g can chopped tomatoes

1 carrot, peeled and cut into 1cm cubes

500g pumpkin, cut into 1cm cubes

1/2 celery, chopped


1) Heat the olive oil with onion in a large saucepan. Add the leek and gently cook over a low heat until soft, then add the stock, tomatoes, carrot and pumpkin.

2) Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 30-40 minutes.

Lastly, its a case of ditching the coffees, wines, smoothies and liquid sugars if you want to shed fat.

According to Susie, not only does drinking liquid calories mean we will automatically eat less, but it also plays havoc with our natural hunger and fullness signals.

Susie recommends keeping your liquid calories to a minimum. If you find it hard to give up coffee, at least choose a piccolo. Alternatively, drink herbal tea or water.

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Susie Burrell reveals fastest ways to lose weight - Gears Of Biz

Aug 23

Amazing Home Remedies For Quick Weight Loss – Doctor NDTV

Losing weight requires you to spend huge amount of time and money which at times take on your nerves. Ayurveda provides a plenty of easy methods to lose weight at fast and without having to spend hefty amounts

Daily intake of medicinal herbs helps in weight loss

Are you sick of tiring gym sessions and are looking for easy options to lose weight? Well! there are many easily available herbs which can help you lose weight quickly. Gym training is quite tenacious and often takes a toll on the person's health who fail to abide by its requirements. Ayurveda, on the other hand, makes your job easy by healing you from the inside. This self-healing process involves spreading sufficient amount of oxygen to the cells of your body and eliminating its harmful constituents.

Read on to find out interesting home remedies which can help you in weight loss-

1. Lemon and Honey

2. Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd magically works in dissolving the extra fat from the body. Moreover, it is rich in fibre which keeps you full, thus reducing your appetite.Bottle gourd should generally be consumed in a liquid form for weight loss.

3. Black pepper

A regular intake of black pepper in whatsoever form helps really well in weight loss process. It shows better results if taken with lukewarm water early in the morning.You can use ginger, lemon, honey, tulsi, cinnamon, or green tea bags to prepare the tea. Drink this before breakfast for weight loss.

4. Basil leaves

The nutrient content of the commonly used herb-Basil leaves, is extremely helpful in lowering your body's cholesterol and therefore helping you in weight loss. Basil leaves can be taken in a capsule form or infused in one cup of hot water to drink as a herbal tea for losing weight.

5. Triphala Powder with Honey

An easily available Ayurvedic Powder- 'Triphala' helps really well with weight loss and can also ease out the digestion process if taken twice a day with lukewarm water. This can also be prepared at home by mixing gooseberry powder, turmeric powder and 'Bibhitaki' in equal amounts.

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Amazing Home Remedies For Quick Weight Loss - Doctor NDTV

Aug 23

4 ways your quick weight loss diet is harming your body – VOGUE India

The whole world seems to be on a diet. Adietician is now like a family physician; every urban family has one. At most social gatherings, you will find people commenting onwho has lost and who has gained a few kilos, and discussions on what their dietician has said belongs to the avoid list, while tucking into a portion of everything that is on offer.

Wanting to lose a few kilos to reach your ideal weight according to your height and body frame is a great idea. Being overweight can be an indicator of various changes going on in your body, apart from it indicating that your lifestyle and food choices are not very healthy. However, what most people dont think about is that there is a right way and a wrong way to lose weight. Speed dieting and crashing your way towards your goal might look like the easy thing to do but if you want to lose and keep that weight off for good read on.

To lose weight quickly you

need to go on a fad dietThats what those weird diets that you get off the internet are called. Some dieter will claim to have lost weight by eating only proteins, another might say they ate nothing after 6pm every day, while yet another will have eaten all high fat foods and avoided carbs (everyones favourite enemy) and will have lost tons of weight. Most people willnever be able to sustain these fad diets beyond a period of time and eventually get back to eating all the foods they may have sacrificed to lose the weight.

Fad diets are usually boring and repetitive, and havestrange side effects like bad breath, constipation, gas and even dizziness and fatigue. The reason? They are imbalanced as far as nutrients go, so eventually you will eat what you normally do, and you will reward yourself often for being good, and soon you will have gained back double the weight you had lost.

need to starveDieting became a bad word ever since people started to assume that when you say dieting, you actually mean you are not eating. When a person who eats a certain amount of food a day suddenly cuts it to one-fourththe original quantity, the results begin to show very quickly, no doubt, but then so do the deficiencies; the hair loss and the pale skin. Starving to lose weight makes you feel deprived, puts you in a bad mood and makes you low on energy at all times. It may make you lose a few kilos, but that is only short-lived.

tend to give up bad habits, only for a short timeIn an attempt to lose kilos before a set deadline, many people give up some bad habits till the date they have in mind, only to get back to those bad habits with a vengeance. You have to find a better alternative for a bad food habit rather than just swearing off that food for a short interval. If you decide to give up on that midnight chocolate bar for some time, replace it with something else that you will enjoy and something that benefits you. This will make sure youre not tempted to go back to that habit. Try one-twopieces of dates or a cup of milk, or even a cup of chamomile tea that will relax you.

may be consulting with someone unqualifiedThere are a lot of quacks who pose as weight loss experts or dieticians/nutritionists. These are people who have just done a certificate course from unknown institutions for a few weeks and have decided to start their practice. They might not even have the basic knowledge of the physiology of the human body or the biochemistry of nutrients and what they do. They will ask you to measure and calculate each grain that goes into your mouth and make you not just fear food but also hate your own body. In order to succeed at what they are doing, since they have no qualification backing them, they will promise to give you fast results without you realising what it costs you health-wise.

If youre going to a nutritionist you havent heard of, ask them where they received the degree that qualifies them in their field. It takes three years of undergraduate studies to become an authentic nutritionist, after which some choose to do their Masters for another two years. Ask them if they are members of the IDA (Indian Dietetics Association), as IDA only issues life memberships to qualified dieticians with degrees from recognised institutions.

To sum it up:

Samreedhi Goel is a Mumbai-based nutritionist, fitness expert and proprietor at Size Wise The Fitness Studio. You can contact her

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4 ways your quick weight loss diet is harming your body - VOGUE India

Aug 23

‘This One Tweak Helped Me Lose All The Baby Weight And Then Some’ – Women’s Health

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I run five miles every day, Id tell myself. But it wasnt until I had my second son a year ago that it hit me: I was over-indulging, and it wasnt good for my health or my weight.

When I had my first son, I looked the same way as I did pre-pregnancy within hours after he was born (annoying, I know). But with my second son, I still looked five months pregnant after he vacated the premises. I reassured myself that this was super normal (which it is), but a few weeks later kept wondering why the weight was taking so long to drop off. I started running again two weeks after I gave birth and figured Id lose the weight then, but it still was coming off at a super slow pace.

Finally, it hit me: To lose the weight, I had to pay attention to my diet, too, and cut out all the crap I had been having. It was so obvious, but for some reason I had been kidding myself about what I was really eating. It was ridiculous for me to sit around wondering why I wasnt losing the baby weight while still having a chocolate bar after lunch each day and ice cream at night. And it was more than a weight thingI knew that all of that overindulgence had the potential to be bad for my health, too.

So, I got real with myself. I was mostly eating healthy but completely blowing it with treats every day. And unfortunately, Im not alone. Its a common issue to overestimate good eating habits and underestimate bad eating habits, says registered dietitian Sonya Angelone, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And those bad habits can add up over time, she points out.

Check out some of the weirdest weight-loss trends through history:

Somehow I had convinced myself that my regular treats didnt really count because I run every day, and thats also a problem, says registered dietitian-nutritionist Karen Ansel, coauthor of The Calendar Diet: A Month by Month Guide to Losing Weight. Exercising is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy, she says. However, the idea that exercising will help women lose a large amount of weight is a myth. Finding a sweet spot between balancing fitness and how much you eat is key to getting and keeping a healthy weight, she says.

Im not into the idea of dieting (Id rather just eat healthyfor real), and I knew that cutting out those extra sweets and rethinking my eating habits would make a difference. So, I did.

I noticed that I tend to grab candy or ice cream when I'm stressed, so I made a point to stop mindlessly eating while Im working. Now, if I have to eat while I work, I make sure its an actual well-rounded meal or piece of fruitnot a bag of chocolate chips. I also cut out those late-night ice cream benders, started eating more slowly, and paid more attention to how much I eat at meals.

Ice cream is a huge weakness for me, and its usually best if I steer clear of it. But Im also working on having a bite or two of it if I really want it. Ive learned that I can feel just as satisfied by eating it that way as if I had a bunch of ice cream at onceand thats worked out really well for me. Weirdly, the less Ive eaten, the less I crave it.

Not surprisingly, the baby weight melted off after I made those changes. I even lost an extra seven pounds that Ive been carrying around for years that I'm pretty sure is due to all those treats I've been eating.

Im not super hung up on the number on the scale, but I like the way my body looks and feels now. Im also happy with my eating habits and the fact that Im actually being honest with myself about my bad habits. Its taken three decades and some brutal truth, but I think Ive finally figured it out.

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'This One Tweak Helped Me Lose All The Baby Weight And Then Some' - Women's Health

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