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May 29

Hcg Diet Plan: Get to Know the REAL Hcg Diet | HCG DIET …

What is the Hcg Diet Plan? (And how to do it right.)

The Hcg Diet Plan is a doctor-supervised, medical weight loss program that combines hormone therapy with whole food eating. Menu options are heavy in vegetables and lean proteins, as well as fruit options and limited grains. Allowed calories on the protocol, range from 500 to 1600 calories, depending on the specific protocol followed.

The very specific food list can teach healthy eating, portion control and establish healthy relationships with food. While the protocol was initially outlined by Dr. Simeons, modern day variations have become increasingly popular. This guide, focuses on the original protocol, with modern adaptations noted by the editor.

How the diet started

Dr. Albert Simeons was a world-renowned endocrinologist recognized for his pioneering work in tropical diseases. He was awarded the Red Cross Order of Merit for his advancement in the research and treatment of Malaria and honored for a number of research-breakthroughs. While working with severely malnourished women in India, Dr. Simeons discovered a link between the Hcg hormone, and its ability to utilize stored fat to nourish and deliver healthy children. After years of research, he was able to develop a protocol that utilized this effect of Hcg, to treat obesity, and published the groundbreaking manuscript, Pounds and Inches.

Here are a few basics for those who are ready to jump right in and start with the plan immediately. With these simple articles, you can easily get started today. Take note however, that anyone new to the plan, should read through this guide thoroughly, and NEVER proceed with the protocol without consulting a physician (FDA approved telemedicine Hcg programs are listed below.)

The Original Hcg Diet Protocol Concise summary of the original protocol with tips and guidelines.

Original Hcg Diet Manuscript: Pounds and Inches The original manuscript by Dr. Simeons.

Hcg Diet Foods Lists What you can eat on the Hcg Diet (Phase 2 and Phase 3)

The Hcg Diet Phases

Hcg Diet Results and Success Stories

Buying Hcg Kits and Doctor-supervised Hcg Programs online

The Hcg Diet is a medical weight loss plan, and should ONLY be prescribed and overseen by a licensed medical doctor. While it can be challenging to find a local physician that specializes in Hcg hormone therapy, there are a few options available online, through FDA-approved telemedicine companies in the USA. These sources provide complete prescription Hcg kits for injections, drops and tablets/pills/pellets, and provide expert guidance throughout the duration of treatment.

Where to Buy Prescription Hcg Injections Online: Kits and Programs ( USA, FDA-approved sources)

Hcg Diet Drops Buying REAL Hcg drops vs. fake drops


Preparing for the plan, is absolutely essential and should not be skipped. Much like building a house, you want a solid foundation and to be prepared for the steps and challenges that come along with the protocol. In fact, most challenges can be avoided completely by reading the following articles before getting started.

What is the Hcg Diet Plan?A thorough explanation of the Hcg Diet and how it works for weight loss.

Hcg Diet and Mindset

Hcg Diet Weight Loss Averages (Progress Averages)

Hcg Diet Stalls and Plateaus: Causes and Solutions

When to Stop the Hcg Diet Early and Regroup*

Setting Hcg Diet Goals

Hcg Diet Timeline and Calendar

Hcg Diet Journal and Tracker Spreadsheets


These tools can be beneficial for those starting out on the plan for the first time. They are all free to download. We will be adding more here, so please check back often.

Hcg Diet Resources (free downloads: tracksheet, manuscript PDF and Audiobook Mp3)

Help and Support: 3 Reliable Options

The Hcg protocol consists of 3 phases, with a newer 4th phase that has been added to the original protocol, being coined as P4, longterm maintenance. Each phase is extremely important and should not be skipped. The Loading Phase (P1) is 2 (in some cases, 3 days,) while Phase 2, the weight loss phase, can vary in length depending on your protocol's specifics. For example, one Hcg source's protocol can differ from another such as 26 days or 29 days. Phase 3, the Transition Phase, lasts 3 weeks and is an expansion of increased calories and foods that do not include any sugars or starches. The 4th phase refers to life after the diet's first 3 phases and includes a lifestyle of healthy choices learned while on the protocol. This includes exercise, portion control, clean eating and healthy living in general.

Hcg Diet Protocol Basics

Plans and Protocols(The original protocol vs. alternative and modern protocols.)

Hcg Diet Foods and Eating

Hcg Diet and Exercise

Hcg Diet and Medical Conditions*

The HCG Diet Protocol consists of separate phases. Together, they are referred to as a round. Dieter's typically lose 18 to 25 lbs per round (approximately 1 month.) If more weight is needed to be lost, there is a 3 week break after the final phase, and thenanother round is started. Rinse and repeat until goal weight is reached.

HCG Diet protocols include the following4 phases. Note on protocol variations: Some protocols actually include 3 and 4 as the same Maintenance phase and have only 3 phases total. Other protocols, including Dr. Simeons Original protocol, do not include phase 1, loading phase. This can be a personal preference, however we will say that the following phase example, has shown great results from our readers, and has certainly appeared to be the most successful.

1. Hcg Diet Phase 1 Loading

Phase 1 is the loading phase. Also known as the preparation phase. This phase is not on all HCG Diet protocols but it is on most and is very popular. During this two day phase, the dieter eats as much healthy fats as possible in preparation for starting the next phase. They are also welcome to eat as many cheat foods as they would like, with the intention of satisfying cravings prior to beginning the next phase where these foods will not be allowed. Read more

2. Hcg Diet Phase 2 Weight Loss

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet is the weight loss phase. This begins on day 3 of taking HCG where the dieter adheres toa specifiedcalorie intake and carefully selected food list. For most dieters, this is the most challenging phase of the plan because there is very little room for error. Read more:

3. Hcg Diet Phase 3 Transition

Phase 3 of the HCG Dietis at the end of HCG is discontinued and the same foods from phase 2 are still eaten, but increased slowly. In this stage, this is areintroduction period where calories and foods are slowly adjusted to maintain weight loss. Read more:

4. Hcg Diet Phase 4 Maintenance

Phase 4 of the HCG Diet is the phase of continuing weight maintenance for life-long health and fitness.This is an essential part of the HCG diet and it actually begins during Phase 2. This is where you will begin to build the skills necessary for lifetime weight maintenance and healthy living. For example; reading labels as a habit (this will become 2nd nature and shouldn'tstop once you reach your weight loss goals. Also, portion control and learning to listen to your body. Read more about these skills and implement them starting NOW:

The absolute best (&Free!) HCG Diet tips for reaching your weight loss goals safe and fast!

Hcg weight loss foods and recipes are the backbone of the Hcg weight loss program. Not only do the allowed foods help you to lose weight, but they also help get our body into a healthy state.

It is important to understand that while the Hcg hormone does NOT make you lose weight, it does changehowyour body loses weight, and creates a reaction in your body that allows for the rapid weight loss. It is the carefully selected Hcg Diet food list that is responsible for your weight loss; the Hcg just allows your body to continue to burn fat when it would normally go into starvation mode under the calorie restricted diet.

This is good news! This means the Hcg weight loss plan can be surprisingly versatile with the right recipes, and can work with any number of menus, foods sensitivities. The allowed foods are clear of processed and prepared foods and carefully measured for portion control. Instead of processed foods, the food list focuses on clean eating, and consists mostly of vegetables and healthy portions of lean protein, along with some, but limited, carbohydrates. To be clear, this is NOT a ketosis diet when done correctly, and in fact the amount of vegetables and fruit permitted, do not allow the body to go into ketosis. Compared to ketosis diets, this particular approach has been shown to average much higher weight loss rates that range from .5 to 1.5 pounds per day.

In a nutshell: The Hcg Diet allowed foods and guidelines focus on portion control, increased vegetables and proteins, and a food list that is comprised of clean, unprocessed foods.

The Original HCG Diet is known for its restrictive and unforgiving500 calorie VLCD (very low calorie diet.) Some versions of the diet have evolved to allowfor an HCG Diet expanded food list.

Learn what to eat on the HCG Diet and how to eat: Portion sizes, HCG Diet-friendly recipes for all phases, foods lists, plus HCG Diet cooking and shopping tips.

Learning to cook on the diet, can be a struggle for some patients, however, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn how to cook new foods that are clean, nutritious and healthy. Since the protocol does not allow foods that are processed or prepared (bye bye alcohol, fast food and frozen dinners) this can be an excellent path to learning how to prepare meals that will nourish your body, and make long term weight maintenance easy.

Take a look at our recipe section, and discover amazing Hcg Diet Recipes that include Southwestern chicken, strawberry cupcakes, garlic baked shrimp, mouth-watering grilled asparagus, and chai beverages. While it may be intimidating to look at the allowed foods list and feel limited, it won't take long before you realize just how versatile and delishous it can be.

We have also included a list of our best recipe and cooking articles that cover everything from how to cook on the protocol, spices to use to increase your metabolism, tips for dining out and tips for eating during special occasions.

Sample menus and menu tips for the HCG Diet.

How to Buy Hcg Injection Kits, Drops and Pellets

Hcg Diet Info has put together a complete guide to buying Hcg Kits and Programs online: How to Buy Hcg injections online (Drops and Pellets too.)

In the last few years, the FDA-approved telemedicine industry has grown and allowed doctors to prescribe and care for individuals wanting to follow the protocol. You can now safely buy Hcg kits online, that come with a complete program overseen by a medical doctor and Hcg weight loss experts and nutritionists. This has grown to be one of the most beneficial medical weight loss programs in the world now.

Tips for buying Hcg and Hcg weight loss programs: One of the first things to take into consideration when buying Hcg, is which form of Hcg you feel comfortable with, how soon you would like to start your diet, and the level of support you will need. The latter tends to be the biggest difference between various Hcg sources with some companies offering minimal support (better for veterans and pros that want to buy a bare bones Hcg kit to save money) and other companies offering extensive diet support, while yet another offering custom dosage and protocol support, and complete medical doctor hand-holding, along with a year of nutritionist services (even after the diet is completed.) These may seem like small differences but they can add up to be an extreme value for your money, as well as offer peace of mind.

The sources recommended in Hcg Diet Infooffer each of the acceptable choices that can be used with the original Hcg weight loss protocol: Hcg injections, Hcg Diet Drops (Prescription or Homeopathic), and Prescription Hcg Pellets. The Hcg Buy Guide also offers answers to dozens of frequently asked questions about buying Hcg Kits and Hcg weight loss programs online. Please note: Over the counter hormone free diet drops should NOT be used with the original protocol and can be dangerous if combined with the VLCD (very low calorie menu.) These over the counter drops have been addressed and dismissed largely by the FDA for good reason- they are NOT safe with the original protocol. Read: How to know if my Hcg Drops are Real, for more information.

Exercise is an important part of healthy living, even without wanting to lose weight. While the original protocol insistedexercise was not necessary, most of the evolvedprotocols include and encourage a consistent exercise routine simply because it is a healthy lifestyle option and the benefits are many.

For those currently active, in most cases, it is ok to continue as usual, although some may find it useful to lighten their workout for the first week of being on the protocol. For those who are new to working out, a low impact daily workout of at least 20 minutes a day is recommended to start. Recommended activities include: walking (brisk), swimming, yoga (no hot yoga practices yet), and pilates. Level of activity is extremely light the first week of phase 2 on the HCG Diet and increases as the individual feels ready. It is highly advised that the chosen workouts are something enjoyable, and not something you dread doing every day.

The HCG Diet can be complicated and so specific,you are almost certain to experiencechallenges along the way. While it might not seem welcome, It is a large part of the learning process for long term managementsuccess. There will be temptation to stray from your planned diet, and there may even be times when you stray by accident. Yes, it can happen: Aunt Sally forgot to tell you she adds sugar toher famous holiday vinaigrettedressing, or the restaurant neglected to tell you there's bread crumb mixed right into the hamburger patty which you so carefully ordered without a bun. Of course there's the good old oops, I assumed that hot sauce was just hot sauce and didn't realize it had 9 grams of sugar. There's your first lesson; always double-check ingredientsand don't eat it unless you're sure. A better lesson if you can't see all ingredients, don't eat it! The less processed foods you eat, the better. See, it's all part of the big picture and building the skillsto be fit and thin for life.

Original Hcg Diet Manuscript (available to download PDF and Audiobook)

Hcg Diet Food Lists

Hcg Diet Phase 2 Food List with Calorie Counts

Hcg Diet Coaching (FREE)

HCG Diet Myths & Misunderstandings

HCG Diet Tracker Spreadsheet

HCG Diet Acronyms and Abbreviations

Dr. Simeons manuscript, Pounds and Inches is the original book that outlines every detail of the Hcg weight loss protocol. Dr. Simeons has been very specific in his words, outlining all aspects of the diet. This includes the original 500 calorie menu, the effects of hCG on the body, hCG dosage, how to inject hCG, how to handle stalls and plateaus, and a solid overview transitioning from phase 2 to phase 3, which many dieters can find challenging.

Regardless of which version of the protocol the patient is following, it can still be helpful to read the manuscript. Not only does this allow the Hcg dieter to understand the intention of the diet, but it can also help establish a solid foundation of preparation, and help avoid challenges by answering many of the most frequently asked questions.

Our editor has taken the time to separate the original manuscript by chapter, making it easy to navigate and locate individual topics. We also offer an MP3 audio version (audiobook) of the Pounds and Inches manuscript, as well as a PDF version. These will be automatically sent to those who sign up for our newsletter but they can also be found here:

Read more from the original source:
Hcg Diet Plan: Get to Know the REAL Hcg Diet | HCG DIET ...

May 13

The Real HCG Diet site | Buy the Web’s only Non …

The Real HCG Diet site | The Webs Only Non-Homeopathic HCG Drops Supplier 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: Results discussed on the website are not typical. Information provided herein has not been reviewed by the Food & Drug Administration and is not intended to replace or circumvent the advice of your personal physician or health care professional. No claim or opinion on this website is intended to be, or should be construed to be, medical advice or a substitute for professional medical advice. No intent to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease is implied or intended. We make no claims about specific products and any information contained herein is personal opinion only and should not be construed as medical advice in any way. The information contained on this website is provided for information purposes only. No information or opinion contained herein is intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice relative to your specific medical condition. You should always speak with a health care professional before taking or using any dietary, nutritional, weight loss, herbal supplement or any other product. We recommend you visit your doctor and discuss your health needs before beginning any diet or exercise program. Views and experiences notated here are not typical, but based on the protocol of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, MD. Any and all forum discussions will default to Dr. Simeons HCG + very low calorie protocol.

See the original post here:
The Real HCG Diet site | Buy the Web's only Non ...

Apr 24

2018’s Best HCG Drops -100% Real Reviews On Popular Diet Drops


My name is Gracy and I am certified Nutritionist. I have been in HCG Drops industry for the last 8 years, helping visitors to find the best HCG drops on the market.In my research, I found out that use of HCG diet drops is the ultimate solution for quick and safe weight loss.

Most of the time people ask me questions like what are the best HCG Drops on the market, please suggest the best drops reviews, which are the best diet drops for women, can I use HCG Drops before the age of 30, Hormone free hcg drops, Where to buy hcg diet drops, and many other questions related to use of HCG products for weight loss.

During past 8 years I have been gathering information about real diet drops, and finally came up with top 10 on market. In addition, from top 10, I filtered to top three to save my visitors time.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer is going on.


Speed of Results : Fastest

Ingredients Quality : 5/5

Product Safety : 100% Safe

Customer Service : 4.85/5

Customer Satisfaction : 100%

Reorder Rate : Highest

Return Policy : Risk Free

Amazon Ratings : 98% Positve

Walmart : 94% Positive

Note: Based on Amazon, Ebay ratings, this brand ranks in Top #1. Out of every 1000 verified buyers, 970+ satisfied customers.

There are many negative reviews on this product. This product also seen on CNN, BBC, CNBC and other Media network. But not as popular as HCG Complex.


Speed of Results : very slow

Ingredients Quality : 1.7/5

Has side effects.

Customer Service : 2.21/5

Customer Satisfaction : 57%

Reorder Rate : Below average

Return Policy : Risk Free

Amazon Ratings : 44% Positve

Walmart : 67% Positive

Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 702 positive reviews.

This product was scientifically approved but reorder rate is too low. Also, customer satisfaction rate is below 66%.


Speed of Results : Average

Ingredients Quality : 3/5

Product Safety : 100% Safe

Customer Service : 3.85/5

Customer Satisfaction : 66%

Reorder Rate : Average

Return Policy : Risk Free

Amazon Ratings : 51% Positve

Walmart : 68% Positive

Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 640 positive reviews..

I know that it is very time consuming and nerve wrecking to spend lots of time in searching for worlds best weight loss Drops. Thats why I did that instead of my visitors I sorted list of HCG products available and placed top 3 in the table above. If you have time to go through top 10 list, then start reading from paragraph below.

As anyone struggling with excess weight knows weight loss trends come and go.

There is a huge demand for weight loss results, yet very few weight loss brands actually deliver with any sort of consistency.

If youve tried every new workout routine, fad diet, or superfood on the market and still havent gotten rid of those extra pounds and you are looking for BEST treatment, then HCG drops may be for you.

This product contains most powerful Ingredients like Panax Quinquefolius, Fucus Vesiculosus, Vitamin B12, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine etc (more information on ingredients). By far the best reviewed HCG brand available online, the HCG complex diet plan is 100% natural, making this product perfectly safe. From Amazon and Ebay data statistics, this product has received 96% positive ratings.The team behind this product offers excellent customer service that addresses consumers concerns quickly and professionally. Trustworthy television networks such as CNN, BBC, and CNBC have put it in the spotlight.



People interested in using homeopathic HCG drops should begin researching these products to see how one product can represent such great value, and why customers award such high numbers of positive reviews to it.

Click here to read full review

The 1234 Diet Drops (formerly sold as HCG 1234) is another product which, for an unknown reason, experienced a significant drop in customers satisfaction last year. The product contains no HCG hormone. Instead, it contains an artificial approximation that achieves the same results.For some people, this product works magnificently. On Amazon, 1234 Diet Drops have garnered 50% 5-star reviews, with positive reviewers saying it really works. Some of the more common complaints in the negative reviews are the bad taste and too much alcohol.. Certain reports suggest that the formula was revised and improved since then, but we advise you to stay alert and be extra careful if you opt to drop weight using the 1234 Diet Drops.



Click here to read full review.

It contains several bio-active ingredients that work together to boost metabolism and burn fat, producing powerful results for some of its users. This product enjoys scientific approval, but does not have a very high re-order rate.In 2016 the conversion rate for HCG Triumph dropped by 8%, and many customers were not satisfied by the effect they got. This was rather strange, as HCG Triumph was one of the best option on the market for years straight. Now, months after their drop in popularity, things seem to be returning to their old ways, although its hard to tell for sure. Lets hope that the companys revised quality standards will help them to bring back one of the best HCG products ever.

We have updated HCG triumph review page with some reasons why this brand has lost popularity and re-order rate after 2016. May be you should go through those reasons before you choose this brand.



Click here to read full review.

Created in accordance with all modern Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), NiGen Biotechs HCG oral drops are a strong challenger for the old-school HCG titans, but it has got many side-effects. The company decided to restrain from including shady components into their formula, or chasing the fancy homeopathic standards. NiGen Biotech claims their HCG Solution Diet Drops contains the full set of human chorionic gonadotropin amino acids, isolated from the purest ingredients available on the market. Their formula is constantly being revised and improved. But still negative reviews are significantly increasing at Amazon and Walmart.



Click here to read full review.

This homeopathic HCG oral drops, created by AminoDrops, are accompanied by a great set of extra products and information. Many customers reported that the official diet manual and cookbook that comes with the actual HCG drops are one of the most detailed out there. But, alas, this is not enough to compensate the rather medium effect that the drops actually have. Undoubtedly, they are much better than many fraudulent diet drops for weight loss sold over all around the internet (thats why they are on this list, after all!) but still. For the price the company asks for their products, one usually expects a greater effect than most customers get in the end.



Click here to read full review.

The manufacturers of this miracle product affirm that they managed to create a formula that works faster and better than traditional HCG. Thus the name, actually. This statement might even be true, as their proprietary solution contains thyroidinum, a homeopathic component made from the dried thyroid gland of a sheep. It is believed that thyroidinum boosts metabolism, promotes breakdown of fats, and prevents their compensatory build-up.

Drawbacks: For an unknown reason, many customers reported this product to be ineffective for them. We were unable to verify if this was due to a flaw in the proprietary formula or because of the customers not following provided instructions of use. Still, we include this product in the list of the best HCG oral drops because the company is clearly striving to bring something new into the HCG market. Its hard to say whether thyroidinum will become a popular component in modern diet pills and drops, but nevertheless, the efforts of the company cant be commended enough.

Click here to read full review

This option is currently one of the most cost-effective on the market, as the manufacturer often presents the buyer with huge amounts of free HCG drops. For example, you buy (for a tiny price) 2 oz of HCG drops and get 2 oz for free, and the same goes for 4 and 6 oz packs. But isnt this a bit strange for a good HCG product? Well, it may be, but theres no basis to complain for now. Most of verified customers said they were satisfied with the results, as well as with the additional information provided (recipe books, weight loss manuals, etc.) by the seller.

Drawbacks: Its impossible to predict long-term results of this product. Although fairly effective now, its still unknown why the manufacturer is being so generous in giving away its own products. We recommend opting for products with verified, safe, and long-term effects on your weight.

After the initial success of their 2000 formula, MaritzMayer Laboratories are now back with an even more powerful solution: the 4000 homeopathic HCG weight loss drops. The primary difference between this version and the previous one resides in the power of effects and the presence of a unique ingredient: African mango. Numerous studies have confirmed that this component is able to reduce weight, waist and hip circumference, as well as metabolic parameters (blood cholesterol and triglycerides). The price is also rather democratic, often with special offers and discounts available.

Drawbacks: Many customers reported that the taste is awful. So, if you want to diet in comfort and still get the best results, we recommend trying out something more pleasant. After all, its 2017, medicine should be neutral, if not pleasant. But never awful.

Click here to read full review

AnuMed is an international company which develops and sells dietary supplements, weight management products, pain relievers, and sugar-free sweeteners (e.g. stevia) on a worldwide basis. Some time ago they decided to enter the HCG market with a proprietary formula which allegedly helps to release previously stored body fat in order to easily break it down for energy. As AnuMeds HCG products are relatively younger than their competitors, they are now building their audience with tasty prices for rather consistent results!

Drawbacks: AnuMeds homeopathic formula is still a long way from being perfect, although it clearly works. Thats why their e-DROPS is in this list of top 10 HCG drops on the market, but just on the tenth position.

Click here to read full review

Although the traditional way of taking HCG is either through oral drops or injections, Rejuvimedical has allegedly come up with a way of administering HCG via oral troches (tablets). One of the companys main benefits is that they offer a personal medical consultation for every customer, in order to make sure that HCG is the perfect weight loss option for each specific buyer. They check your medical history, answer all your questions, and sell you the actual product only if it will bring you the desired effect.

Drawbacks: Oral troches are a disputable way of administering HCG. Although many customers reported that they prefer troches to the usual oral drops, theres scarce scientific data on whether this from is as effective as traditional HCG products.

Click here to read full review

For in-detailed comparison between top three products, take a look at comprehensive analysis section. Out of 115 HCG Brands we have selected only worlds top 3 most selling brands which have highest ratings on Ebay and Amazon. Also Weve rated these three HCG products according to price, product safety, speed of results, and average rates of customer satisfaction and weve announced a clear winner, as well.

Unlike weight loss trends, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone that aids in the break down of fat. Pregnant women naturally generate this hormone to produce protein that feeds the unborn baby.

By focusing on the scientifically valid theories of Dr. Simeons, M.D., overweight people can supplement their bodys production of this hormone and burn fat without committing to fad diets and excessive, time-consuming workout routines.

Many people associate HCG drops with powerful daily injections that place the hormone directly into fat tissue. This is the way that Dr. Simeons originally formulated HCG treatment.

However, advances in modern medicine now allow for a much less invasive way to undergo HCG therapy HCG diet drops.

By concentrating the hormone into small, eyedrop-sized doses you can place right under your tongue, doctors have eliminated the biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss results with homeopathic HCG drops.

Now, instead of undergoing daily injections, you can shave off pounds with a natural, affordable, and painless solution for weight loss drops of HCG that enter the bloodstream sublingually. This allows the body to process the hormone naturally and generates weight loss results in a less demanding way.

For most peoples weight loss needs, homeopathic products are sufficiently powerful to produce results. As an additional benefit, they are far more accessible than prescription HCG products anyone who shops online regularly can gain access to these types of products and have them shipped directly to their home.

Because of the way this hormone works, medical professionals recommend that people who wish to lose less than 25 pounds focus on homeopathic HCG drops, while significantly obese individuals look towards the prescription variety.

HCG diet drops are a great supplement for overweight individuals who cannot exercise, and for whom diets dont seem to work.

Obesity is, in many cases, a genetic or hereditary trait. Using natural human hormones to treat the condition can offer better results than trying to force the body to drop fat through diet and exercise. For people predisposed towards obesity, weight loss is not a matter of willpower, but of biology.

Real HCG drops generate a message that triggers a hormone called leptin to send messages to the brain. The most important of these messages is the one triggered when you are sated when you feel full after a big meal, in everyday terms.

More here:
2018's Best HCG Drops -100% Real Reviews On Popular Diet Drops

Apr 9

What Is HCG Diet?, How Does HCG Diet Works? and How Safe …

In this article we have given in-detailed explanation on : What is HCG diet? How to start HCG diet? What are HCG diet phases? History of HCG Diet, HCG Diet phase 1 foods with recipes, HCG Diet phase 2 with recipes and HCG Diet phase 3 with recipes. Almost we have covered everything about HCG diet program and its diet plan. You need not have to browse any other website looking for information on HCG Diet. Just keep reading till the end of this page.

Note: If you have landed over this page in search of the best hcg drops, then it is recommended to visit our HCG drops comparison page where we have discussed worlds best HCG drops based on Amazon, Ebay and Walmart ratings.After purchasing HCG drops, you need to come back to this page to follow the low calorie diet.There is a famous saying, Weight loss without HCG diet is No weight loss..

Synopsis of the article:

hcg diet falls in the category of very low calorie diet, restricting the calorie intake to 500 calories per day. The hcg diet plan was formulated by Dr. Simeons. The VLCD HCG dietary regime has four phases. Food lists and recipes are different for each phase. The first two phases of the hcg diet plan is accompanied by the administration of hcg drop shots. The hcg drops help in shedding the excess weight faster as well as remedying the hypothalamus gland.

HCG diet is the unique contribution of the famous British endocrinologist Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons. The world came to know about this dietary regime, Very Low Calorie Diet HCG or VLCD HCG, through his book Pounds & Inches in the year 1954. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a human hormone, found aplenty in the urine of the pregnant women. It was observed that, when the pregnancy hormone diet is administered in small amounts, it helps in burning the abnormal fats and reduces weight fast.

There is apprehension, does HCG diet work?. Due to its strict dietary plan the FDA even banned this diet plan.

Dr. Oz HCG diet, however, is slightly modified from VLCD HCG. In the article you will know what is the HCG diet plan?

HCG diet program has four phases. The first phase is called Loading Phase. The daily doses of HCG diet shots start in this phase. No restriction is imposed on the dieter. On the other hand the dieter is encouraged to eat oily and fatty foods which are high in calories. You will get to know about the various recipes for phase 1.

The second phase is called Working Phase. The HCG doses continue. The calorie intake is restricted to 500 calorie per day. There are restrictions in foods. You can know about the list of foods and various recipes for phase 2.

The third phase is called Stabilization Phase. From phase 3, HCG drops are stopped. Calorie intake is still restricted to 500 calories per day. Some addition in food varieties is allowed. You will know about foods and recipes for phase 3.

The fourth phase is called Maintenance Phase. Calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories. More food choices are permitted. You will get to know about the food recipes for phase 4. In this phase you get accustomed to the optimum calorie intake, exercises and positive living styles. This serves as the gate way for your future life. You get stabilized in living without HCG drops and without any increase in weights, happily, energetically and in high spirits.

How much the HCG weight loss diet cost?The cost varies from $30 to $60 per bottle.

HCG diet and pregnant women:The pregnant and lactating women need to consult doctor before starting HCG diet.

At the end of the article you will know, how to lose weight faster on the HCG diet. When you are through the plan you will feel energetic and be in high spirit with reduced weight. By now you have endeared positive and meaningful lifestyle. It is expected to follow this newly acquired living style for retaining the benefits accrued from the dietary regime.

For some extreme cases, needing shedding of excessive weights, the diet plan may require to be repeated. In such cases you have to give a break of some weeks after which you may again repeat the VLCD HCG dietary regime. This article gives lots of hopes and encouragements for the obese and overweight people of the world.

When armed with proper and detailed instructions, you minimize the risk of failure and thats true for anything in life, hCG diet included. By strictly following the original hCG diet protocol created by Dr. Simeons and the specific recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your hCG oral drops, youll be staying on the path of effective and durable weight-loss.

In this article, you will find a detailed description of the hCG diet in general and of each phase specifically, receive valuable recommendations and info on many tricks that will help you follow through every crucial aspect of your diet. Weve tried to keep it as simple and as informative as possible, but if youre still left with unresolved questions of any kind feel free to contact us for more information. Lets get started!

This particular weight-loss regime was designed by Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons, a British endocrinologist. After years of studying the problem of excess weight and obesity, in 1954 he proposed an innovative dietary model that became later known as the hCG VLCD diet (human chorionic gonadotropin very low calorie diet) in his book Pounds and Inches. A New Approach to Obesity. And moreover, this strict diet is being followed by top celebrities around the world.

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Doctor Simeons came up with the idea of using hCG for weight reduction while studying the effects of the said hormone both present naturally (in pregnant women) and taken from the outside (for pituitary disorders treatment). The result was basically the same: under guidance of hCG, the human body burns body fat more actively under conditions of calorie and fat deficiency. This is thought to be one of hCGs main benefits during pregnancy and serves to protect the developing fetus from possible malnutrition. In other words, when the mother hasnt the possibility to eat well, the hCG resent in your body will gently break up the excess fat present in her body in order to provide her baby with the nutrients and energy necessary.

The diet itself is a complex of recommendations that, when followed strictly (this is the reason why FDA banned HCG products in the market), reveal the hCGs potential to its maximum. We will cover in details every aspect of the diet, so you can understand the underlying processes, but in any case always double check with the instructions and details provided by your manufacturer.

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Traditionally, the classic hCG diet is divided into four separate stages: loading, diet (weight-loss), stabilization and maintenance. This segregation is explained by the fact that your body needs several consecutive steps when adapting to something new boy weight included. Its impossible to cut off 40 pounds off yourself in a couple of days without going under the surgeons knife. If you want it done naturally and sustainable in the long run, its crucial to give your body the necessary time and resources to get used to the process of weight loss and to your new weight as well and the 4 phases of the hCG diet ensure that just right.

Also known as the gorging or bingeing days, this phase is somewhat paradoxical: in order to lose weight in the following stages, you must first stuff yourself for a couple of days. Eat up to the point of nauseating mostly with the help of fatty high-calorie products and dishes.

What is the goal of this phase? To load your body with enough energy substrate that will be used up later in the following stages. This is of particular need in the beginning of phase two, while your body still has not adapted to its fullest. Any given hCG product needs a couple of days to start burning your fat reserves. Meanwhile, you need to receive plenty of energy from any other source available so the food you intake during the loading phase will do just fine.

Keep in mind that people that neglect the meaning of this stage usually feel a lot more hungry and tired on the following weeks, while those who follow it and eat plenty of fatty food usually feet energetic and ready to keep on dieting.

To summarize: on the phase 1 (loading) you start taking your hCG oral drops and eat as much high-calorie and high-fat food as you physically can (without traumatizing yourself, of course) in order to give your hypothalamus the time it needs to tune your metabolism into burning excess fat. This phase usually takes 1-2 days (3-4 days if youre going out of a previous different diet).

Here is a list of products particularly recommended to eat during phase 1:

This is the stage in which the magic starts. Lasting from 15 to 40 days (depending on multiple factors, including the peculiar properties of the specific hCG oral drops youve chosen), the main goal of this diet is to get rid of your abnormal fat for good.

This is done through a strict following of a 500 calorie per day diet. The effect is astonishing because the normal calorie intake for an adult male is about 2500 calories per day, while females should intake at least 2000 calories. The difference between these two numbers will be the amount of fatty tissue your body will be burning in order to receive the energy necessary. For example, if your usual calorie intake is 2500 and you receive just 500 with your food 2000 calories will be received by means of breaking up your body fat.

One may ask what is the point in taking hCG here, if I can just follow the VLCD diet itself? Of course, if you dont take any hCG and still stick to your 500 calories per day diet, youll lose weight just right. But:

Besides that, as strange as it may sound, your body is more inclined towards building fat during the hungry times than burning it for energy. And thats explained simply: your body will do its best to store every single calorie left just in case this hunger will last on. hCG helps you to prevent and break that mechanism, adjusting your inner processes towards fat burning. Other components of popular modern hCG formulas aid you in muscle building too, so youre not just losing excess weight: youre giving your organism the resources necessary to be stronger and healthier by increasing muscle mass.

Therefore, take your hCG oral drops according to the official instructions that come with your oral drops and stick to the following diet: 2 servings of identical proteins per day (lean meat or fish), 2 identical vegetables per day, 2 identical fruits per day, 2 pieces of one type of bread from the allowed (breadsticks or melba toasts) per day, 2-3 liters of allowed liquids (water, mineral water, sugar-free tea, sugar-free coffee) daily.

Main principles of the second phase of the hCG diet:

A viable example of the menu suited for phase 2:

Breakfast: unlimited coffee without sugar (but with 1 tablespoon of milk), half a grapefruit.

Lunch: 100 g of fat-free grilled chicken breast, a tomato, a melba toast.

Afternoon snack: half a grapefruit, unlimited tea with stevia.

Dinner: same choices as for lunch.

You can make your meal the way you like it, as long as you follow the main principles listed above. Also, it is recommended to always have at hand a table with the caloric value of everything youre eating in order to be sure that youre not eating more than 500 calories per day.

By this stage youll be already feeling like a hero, a winner, a triumphant achiever of your goals. If youd followed the recommendations for phases 1 and 2 of the hCG diet, the weight lost will be easily noticed with the naked eye no need to measure anything at all. But you know thats not the end. Not yet. And thats the reason why theres a third stage in the hCG diet protocol. The goal of this phase is to carve in stone the results you managed to achieve, because were aiming for long-term results here, not just a fleeting experience, a fading image of something healthy. Were seizing real well-being; therefore your weight needs to be stabilized.

During the stabilization phase, you should stop taking your hCG drops and start eating some new foods, previously forbidden during phase 2. Be sure to still follow the 500 calories per day restriction and carefully count the caloric value of everything you eat! Wouldnt want to destroy everything youve fulfilled, right?

Heres a list of some the new vegetables allowed during phase 3: broccoli, eggplant, pumpkin, pickles, sauerkraut, zucchini, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers or red chili peppers, kohlrabi, bamboo shoots.

Or, maybe, you were craving for a couple of new fruits? Check these ones out: cranberries, papaya, pears, plums, watermelon, kiwi, guava, pineapples. Just be sure to check their calorie content and adjust the portion accordingly. Especially, be aware of those fruit that taste sweeter than the others the slightest error in counting their weight or value may cost you enormous amounts of efforts put previously into your diet.

New approved sources of proteins: nuts, tofu, soy, bacon, elk, turkey, duck, ham, lamb, liver, eel, herring, mussles, oysters, salmon, sardines, trout, pork chops, Vienna sausages, ground beef. Be sure to weight your protein servings before preparing them 100 g for one serving is just the right amount to go. Also, its preferred to prepare your proteins without adding extra fat just like you did during the previous phase of this diet.

Main principles of the third phase of the hCG diet:

This is the grand finale, so to speak. On this stage, you gradually increase your calorie intake level up to 1500 calories per day. Its important that the things you eat are still healthy, but now youre not restricted as violently as on the previous stages. During maintenance phase, you can slowly re-introduce sugars (hooray!) and starches into your diet. Main point here: re-introduce them SLOWLY, bit by bit. By now, you shouldnt have much of a craving for them, due to the long period of abstinence. Yet still, dont be over hesitated on the matter and stay on the healthy lane.

One more important point: as in the previous phase, if on any given day you find your weight 2 pounds (or more than that) greater than the one you saw on your last hCG assisted day, give yourself a steak day. Just like on phase 3, skip breakfast and lunch and savor an enormous steak with one vegetable or fruit of your liking. Dont forget to drink plenty during steak days.

Main principles of the fourth stage of the hCG diet:

But remember that every single hCG product has something that makes it different from the other ones. Therefore, the diet regimes can slightly vary, and thats understandable. Weve disclosed you in details the general scheme of the traditional hCG VLCD diet, but in order to achieve the best results and discover for yourself the true power of hCG stick to the official instructions provided by your hCG product manufacturer. Also, if any questions arise at any phase of your diet never hesitate to ask for help either somebody from the community or your authorized manufacturer and seller.

If you had a lot of excess weight and you couldnt get rid of it in one single hCG diet session give yourself a break of a couple of weeks and repeat the diet at will.

But, in general now youre free! Free of your fatty burden, ready to engage in all sorts of healthy exciting activities. Do your best to stay on the right path and always strive to keep your well-being a top priority. With the help of the hCG diet, youd seen how great a life without excess weight can be. The best you can do after that is to keep up with the good work! Well, and maybe share the word with a friend that needs help with dealing with his excess weight too.

Remember that the hCG diet is not a dead soulless alimentary regime. Its the base for a community of happy people that became passionate about healthy lifestyle thanks to the effects of hCG! Join the crowd, share your experience and help newbies with their diet. Together with hCG, we can make the world a better place, thats for sure!

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Apr 6

About HCG Diet – HCG Diet

Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons , born in 1900, was a British endocrinologist who is responsible for multiple advancements in research of many diseases.

When researching boys with low testosterone levels, Simeons began giving them HCG and discovered that they began losing abnormal belly fat and slimmed down.

In 1967, Simeons published Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, which would help summarize and deliver his weight loss findings to the world.

The stage of gain before loss. This is a period of anywhere from 3 days, to one week before treatment, where patients are asked toforce feed to maximum capacity.

The HCG injection phase is the bulk of the treatment. Each meal includes 100g of meat, 3.5 ounces of vegetables, a fruit and slice of bread.

In this phase, patients have completed their injections or drops and follow the 500 calorie diet for 3 more days as they finish out the program.

First Time Dieter Steps & Tricks

Take HCG drops 3 times per daydo this before breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Begin taking HCG drops, eat fatty, calorie-rich foods to stock your body up

Continue taking HCG drops 3 times per day, follow 500-calorie protocol

Stop taking HCG drops, begin increasing calories slowly, adding proteins and fats

Step 1:Remove blue cap that covers the tip.

Step 2:Make sure plunger is pushed to the bottom of the syringes barrel.

Step 3:Place syringe into the open bottle of HCG so the tip is touching the bottom of the HCG bottle.

Step 4:Pull plunger up so that the HCG diet drops fills the syringe barrel

Step 5: Keep syringe tip over the mouth of the open HCG bottle and push the plunger down the barrel. This will release the excess HCG liquid from the syringe back into the HCG bottle.

Step 6:Push the plunger down. The entire black stopper of the plunger should be below the .38ml line mark on the syringe. Extracting the right amount of HCG diet drops with every dose.

Step 7:Place the tip of the syringe under your tongue and pish the plunger all the way down making sure all the HCG diet drops are dispersed under your tongue. Hold for at least 15 seconds then swallow.

Step 8:Clean syringe. Rinse with room temperature water.

HCG Triumph customers have lost an average of 20-25 pounds while on the HCG 26-day kit. If you have more to lose, you can do multiple rounds of 26-day (with a maintenance phase between), or try our 40-day kit. If you have any questions we encourage you to call us at:1-877-485-1030. Free shipping Continental United States Only.

Beginning of HCG hormone and 500 calorie diet

First Days of Phase 2

Ending the HCG hormone and beginning to increase calories

Phase 3 Basics

Two Common Post-Diet Problems

HCG Cautions and Warnings

1. The HCG is not simply something you can take-up without research and that any patient who thinks he can reduce by taking a few shots and eating less is not only sure to be disappointed but may beheading for serious trouble.

2. While the hormone can provide incredible benefits and results in just a few weeks, the way in which it should be done is strict, but easy to follow.

3. The most important thing, is to follow a physicians instructions when thinking about joining the HCG diet.

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About HCG Diet - HCG Diet

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HCG Diet System – Lose Weight Fast

If you are tired of struggling to lose weight and keep it off then the HCG DIET SYSTEM SA is definitely the answer for you.

Best weight loss solution in record time. We will show you How to lose weight quickly without starving yourself, no crazy exercise regime, no pricey meals nor expensive supplements or pills.

I am sure you have tried endless diets which have left you feeling deprived, hungry depleted, no energy, even anxious or irritable. Well the good news is that you will have none of these side effects whilst using this Weight loss program. In fact most people say they have never felt better.

Many people think Fat is Fat.. but do you know that there are 3 different types of Fat in the body. Normal Fats, structural Fats and abnormal fats. Normal fats and structural fats the body needs. Abnormal Fats are the guilty culprit .. tummy rolls, saddle bags, love handles, double chin, batwing arms. The HCG attacks this abnormal fat, mobilising it to use as ENERGY and FUEL thus allowing you to Lose Weight Quickly, in the areas where you need it most.

HCG Diet System - Lose Weight Fast

Feb 11

HCG Diet Plan Food List & Meal Plan Menu Guide

Trying to stick to a strict diet can be hard right? I know it is for me!

In this article I'm going to show you how you can create a super healthy meal plan that is tasty and easy to stick to!

In order to be successful on the HCG weight loss protocol, not only is it important to follow the guidelines set forth by Dr. Simeon, but it is imperative that you follow and maintain a very low calorie diet, consuming no more than 500 calories a day. More importantly though is how those 500 calories are made up. While most of us eat more than 500 calories in just one sitting at our favorite restaurant, the HCG diet is very specific in just how to spread those calories out through your day.

While the list of HCG approved foods may seem short, it is compiled carefully so your body can easily lose weight and you can plan your meals easily. Some of the most successful dieters will tell contribute their success to meal planning and finding recipes that change things up, meaning they dont get bored with their food choices.

Whats on the HCG Phase 2 Food List?

Before we go through the list of food you are allowed to eat during the diet, its important to take your own dietary needs into account. If you are diabetic, or have food allergies, you and your doctor will need to come up with a complementary diet plan that is tailored to your specific needs. If there are foods on the list that you just dont like to eat, you cannot replace it with a food you like, unless it is also on the list.

To ensure you are eating the correct amount you may want to invest in a small kitchen scale, especially for your protein. If possible, your proteins should be organic, and look for grass-fed red meats. For all other approved foods, they should be organic as well, and most of your fruits and vegetables can be found at your local farmers market.

For protein, you can eat up to 200 grams per day, but only 100 grams per meal. Trim the fat, and do not cook anything on the bone.

Vegetables should be on your plate regardless of if you are on HCG phase 2 or not, but you have a bit more variety when it comes to these. Vegetables should only take up one cup of two meals, making it two cups per day. Dont eat all two cups in one sitting, break them up as the protocol says to.

Many of the fruits we enjoy can contain high amounts of sugar, so although they are a part of a healthy daily diet, there are only a few fruits you can safely eat while on HCG phase 2, and even then you can only eat two servings a day.

Just about everyone likes a little starch throughout their day, whether its a morning bagel or a warm dinner roll. The HCG diet protocol is very limiting in what starches are allowed, so while you might miss that danish from your favorite coffee shop, you wont miss the weight you lose.

The only starches allowed are Melba toast or Grissini breadsticks, and these should be used as sparingly as possible.

For everything else you eat throughout the day, there are rules attached to that as well. While you may not pay much attention the seasonings you use to add flavor, the HCG diet makes you become keenly aware of everything you eat. Although a short list, it does make sense since the diet is trying to keep you from mistakenly eating foods that could sabotage your progress.

These miscellaneous items can be added to your HCG meal plan throughout the diet:

Instructions for HCG phase 2 can seem limiting, but they work to help your body lose weight quickly, and to not retain fluids.Sounds tough right? Trying to keep all these rules in your head certainly can be!

Although we'll be getting into some more detail shortly you can cut out most of the hard work in remembering all the rules by grabbing a FREE COPY of my Top 7 HCG Diet Recipes. I've even thrown in a little bonus for you. My top list of recipes will help take the hard work out of meal selection and grocery shopping.

How you consume these foods daily is why meal planning really helps. Youll already know what youre eating when, so you can look forward to your favorite meal, and you dont need to worry about what you can eat later. Most users of the protocol find it best to have two small meals a day at lunch and dinner, and only drinking coffee or tea at breakfast.

Still, other people find they have better success by spreading their meals out and eating breakfast and dinner, or dividing up their meals and by eating lunch and having a fruit serving at breakfast time. A lunchtime option is especially important to some dieters who may feel pressured to go out to lunch with their coworkers, or dont want to talk about their lack of lunch with friends.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when following the HCG diet is that you should never combine two of any one category together in the same meal, that means you should not eat your apple and orange at lunch, while having cabbage and celery for dinner. My free Top 7 HCG Diet Recipes takes all of this into account so I highly recommend you check that to make sure you're on the right track.

While you are making your way through the HCG diet phase 2, youll find that changing up your daily meals and snacks alleviates the boredom you can sometimes feel when you eat the same thing each day. While a small, grilled chicken breast is easy to make and refrigerate for the week, it might not seem appetizing four days later.

A Typical Day On The HCG Diet

Breakfast: Coffee or tea with one serving of fruit

Lunch:100 grams of any one approved protein, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, and 1 starch. Some dieters like to eat a heavier protein at lunch time, and a light one, such as fish, for dinner.

Dinner:100 grams of any one approved protein, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit and 1 starch.

It is not uncommon, while on the protocol, to find that you do not feel hungry, and you should not feel alarmed. The most important thing to remember about the diet is that you should never exceed 500 calories. So, if you find youre not as hungry one day, then its alright to skip a fruit, vegetable, or starch. However, do not skip your protein, because your body needs it in order to function properly. If you find yourself weak, or feeling hungry, then do not skimp in any way.

The goal is to always eat to your hunger.

It is through this mechanism that your body will begin to breakdown the fat stored in your body, and you will see changes not only in your weight but in your overall shape.

What HCG Phase 2 Recipes Are Available?

If you search online for HCG recipes youre sure to find hundreds of them. HCG diet recipes are unique in that there are only a few ingredients to work with, you cant add too many vegetables to one plate, and no starches are allowed either. Although its restrictive, the lack of variety means dieters need to be creative, so youre not likely to run out of HCG recipes anytime during phase 2. Here are a few HCG diet recipes that are most popular:

Roasted Steak and Onions -100 grams of flank steak seasoned how you like, in a medium sized skillet. Brown your steak on both sides to seal in the juices before putting in a preheated oven set to broil. Add one small sliced onion and a splash of water to the skillet and saut the onions to desired doneness.

Chicken Apple Wraps 100 grams diced cooked chicken cooked with a dash of pepper, salt, and smoked paprika, 1 small apple diced, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon cardamom, and a sprinkling of stevia.

Whitefish Taco Wraps 100 grams of whitefish, c. water, 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 clove crushed garlic, teaspoon ground cumin, teaspoon chili powder, dash of salt, season with cracked black pepper to taste. Bake fish with juice from half a lemon; add the spices until evenly coated. Bake at 350 until fluids run clear. Once the fish has been removed from the baking dish use a fork to lightly break up the fish, spoon into iceberg lettuce leaves and enjoy!

Roast Tomato Slices 1 tomato per serving, 1 clove crushed garlic, 1 sprig rosemary chopped garlic salt. Slice tomatoes into thin slices, spread out on parchment paper lined cookie sheet, sprinkle with garlic salt and chopped rosemary. Place the garlic between the slices. Roast for 6 hours at 200 degrees.

Cucumber Dill Salad 1 medium cucumber sliced and quartered, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon dill, black pepper and stevia to taste. Mix vinegar, stevia and dill, pour over cucumbers and stir. Pepper to taste.

Oven Roasted Asparagus 1 bunch of asparagus. 3 tablespoons water, 1 clove minced garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, black pepper to taste. Preheat oven to 425 F, toss asparagus in water and lemon juice to coat, sprinkle with dry ingredients, arrange on a baking sheet in a single layer and bake for 12-15 minutes until desired tenderness is reached.

For some tasty treats to break up the monotony, these HCG diet phase 2 recipes for drinks can keep you motivated.

Frozen Strawberry Slushy

Blend the ice, strawberries, and vanilla in the blender until a slush forms. Taste, and add stevia to desired sweetness. Pour into a cup and enjoy! Strawberries out of season? No worries! Instead use 4 frozen strawberries and 1 cup of water. Additional alternatives are to use flavored liquid stevia to give yourself some variety and avoid boredom and cravings. Try replacing your vanilla and stevia with Chocolate flavored stevia for a super tasty treat!

Blended Coffee

Blend and enjoy! Once again you can get creative with flavored liquid stevia and use any of these flavors of Stevia, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, cinnamon, or peppermint! Who needs a coffee shop now?

Grapefruit Spritzer

Mix the grapefruit juice and orange stevia drops together, gently stir into sparkling mineral water and pour over crushed ice.

If you think you cant have desserts on the diet, think again. To satisfy chocolate cravings you can use cocoa powder, but it must be sugar free and all natural. Phase 2, or HCG P2 dessert recipes really rely on using the best cocoa powders, so be sure to read your ingredients carefully.

Chocolate Cheesecake -100g of low/no fat cottage cheese,1 Tbsp cocoa powder, splash of vanilla extract, liquid stevia to taste.Puree the ingredients together, and then taste to see if youd like more stevia added. Garnish with strawberry if youd like, and you can again use flavored stevia for some variety.

Baked Toffee Apples 1 apple thinly sliced, 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1tsp stevia, tsp. nutmeg, 1 tbsp. water, English toffee stevia. Combine all dry ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix well. Place the liquids into a small plastic zip bag along with apple slices and seal.Shake well, lay flat in baking dish and bake at 350 for 25 30 minutes until desired doneness.

Check out the video below for a great recipe for chicken wraps that is HCG diet friendly!

When planning for HCG diet recipes, phase 2, it can seem like you dont have many options, but you simply need to be a little creative. If youre not in a particularly creative mood, my free Top 7 HCG Diet Recipescan help you out. The HCG diet can be tough, especially if youre a foodie, but its worth it. Everything you learn from implementing HCG recipes in phase 2 will only help you be more successful as you move into phases 3 and 4.Enjoy and Bon Appetite!

Now that you have an idea if what you'll be eating it's time to decide how you want to take the HCG hormone. The options you have are:

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HCG Diet Plan Food List & Meal Plan Menu Guide

Jan 8

HCG Diet | HCG Diet Drops | HCG Diet Information | HCG …

The Your HCG diet program works because of the scientifically formulated combination of our Your HCG drops and diet plan. We provide you with the real HCG diet plan, based on the one created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950s. Our proprietary HCG diet drops formulation has helped thousands lose weight and is made in the USA in an FDA monitored laboratory. Take a look at some unsolicited HCG Diet Reviews.

Part of the the HCG diet program is a 500 calorie, or VLCD, diet plan. On the HCG diet program (1), youll be able to eat great meals like breaded chicken cutlets and roasted asparagus or rosemary garlic steak and asian salad. There are even many dessert options available. While on the Your HCG diet program, you are going to learn to eat healthier, and restart your metabolism. Learn more about the food and see a sample HCG diet meal plan.

Weve been in business for over 9 years and we were the first company selling homeopathic HCG drops online. All of our products are 100% safe. Active Ingredients: (hCG) 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (2). In other words, our product contains the real HCG hormone.

Weve all tried diets in the past and know how difficult it can be to lose weight and keep it off. The HCG diet isnt the newest fad, miracle cure, or food delivery service. In fact, the HCG diet has been around since the 1950s when the protocol was created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.

Simply put, the HCG hormone allows you to maintain a very low calorie diet (VLCD), while eliminating hunger pangs. The easy-to-take hormone allows your body to unlock stored fat around the midsection (hips, belly, bottom, and thighs) as well as the upper arms. We provide you with not only HCG, but the step-by-step specifics of the diet. Using HCG for weight loss, you will know when to start, what to eat, how to track your progress, and all the information you need to safely transition off of the diet once you have reached your goal.

I started the HCG Diet last Sunday morning at 261.5 lbs. When I weighed in this Sunday morning I was at 247 lbs. 14.5 pounds in the first week. Im impressed. This is way better than the HCG injections that I had used before.*


Day 10 on the HCG Diet and I have lost 15lbs!!! Actually LOVING the diet! Hunger is gone, no side effects, and still able to keep up with my almost 2 year old! Going to try to hit 115 by the end of my 45 days!*


THIS HCG DIET PLAN IS AMAZING!!! Ive lost 23 pounds in 25 days. This is an amazing program and a wonderful way to implement a lifestyle change. I never get tired of hearing people say WOW YOU ARE LOOKING GREAT!*

A. F.

The HCG diet isnt the newest fad or miracle cure. The HCG diet has actually been around since the 1950s when the protocol was created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons?

HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced by pregnant women by the placenta. It is a glycoprotein that is made up of 244 amino acids. HCG also helps the body create progesterone and helps line the uterus with a thick wall of blood vessels and capillaries to assist the growing fetus. HCG has been used to treat infertility in women and to increase sperm count in men. It has been found that HCG regulates the brain set point for hunger and also how your body metabolizes fat. HCG alerts the body to release stored fat when needed. This is apparent in pregnant women who have severe morning sickness or live an unhealthy lifestyle. They are still able to go full term and have a healthy baby.

Dr. A.T.W Simeons (4) researched the HCG diet for many years, as he was an endocrinologist, which is a doctor that studies the endocrine system, the diseases involved, along with the hormones the endocrine system creates. By studying the endocrine system and hormones that go along with it, Dr. Simeons was able to fine-tune the HCG diet so it worked for obese and overweight patients. In his book titled Pounds and Inches, he also states that patients that only need to lose 5lbs can also do the diet.

Simply put, the HCG hormone allows you to maintain a very low calorie diet (5) (VLCD), while eliminating hunger pangs. The easy-to-take hormone allows your body to unlock stored fat around the midsection (hips, belly, bottom, and thighs) as well as the upper arms. We provide you with not only HCG, but the step-by-step specifics of the diet. You will know when to start, what to eat, how to track your progress, and all the information you need to safely transition off of the diet once you have reached your goal.

Starting in 2009, we can proudly say that we were the first HCG Diet company selling homeopathic HCG online and our reputation speaks for itself. We have helped over 200,000 customers reach their weight loss goals. Our hormone-included HCG diet is manufactured in an FDA monitored laboratory right here in the United States. The Your HCG drops are homeopathic, so they are safe and have virtually no side effects. The HCG diet has been around for over 50 years, so HCG information is abundant and well documented.










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HCG Diet | HCG Diet Drops | HCG Diet Information | HCG ...

Dec 29

Dr. Csar Lara M.D.- Tampa HCG Doctor – HCG Diet Tampa

Csar A. Lara M.D

Tampa HCG Doctor, Csar Lara, M.D. helps women and men to lose weight using the HCG diet in the Tampa area.In his quest to empower his patients and get to the root of their problems rather than just contain them, Csar Lara, M.D. created a vastly successful weight management practice through which he has been able to help thousands of patients regain their health by getting rid of their excess weight and keep it off with lifestyle modification.

Dr. Csar Lara is board-certified in Obesity Medicine and has an Advanced Certification in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Dr. Csar Lara, HCG Medical Weight Loss Program is designed to treat obesity as a disease, NOT a weakness in character.

Dr. Lara has created a weight loss program that utilizes medical diagnostic tools to identify hormonal imbalances that hinder patients from reaching their optimal health, and creates a unique approach to bring balance back to their bodies and their lives. Csar Lara, M.D. has finally realized his dream of empowering his patients to achieve optimal physical health, thus restoring their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The HCG diet has been in practice for over 60 years after it was developed following the discovery of the affects of the HCG hormone in the 1950s by Doctor A.T.W. Simeons. While doing research and practicing medicine in India, Dr. Simeons noticed that malnourished pregnant Indian women were often able to give birth to healthy babies.

After extensive research, he found that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone was responsible for this phenomenon as HCG would use the mothers fat stores to supply her unborn child with the nutrients needed to develop and grow normally. Dr. Simeons then successfully began using the hormone in individuals that were not pregnant to trigger fat stores to be metabolized naturally by the body, resulting in dramatic yet safe weight loss results.

The HCG diet encourages the body burn fat reserves as fuel using HCG supplementation and a low-calorie diet. Because of the HCG hormones interaction with the hypothalamus, the body is able to endure a low calorie diet of around 500 calories per day without causing harm or undesirable side effects usually associated with other low-calorie diets such as fatigue, headaches, and stomach pain. Without the use of the HCG hormone, a 500 calorie per day diet would cause these side effects and would put the body into conservation mode, causing it to store up even more fat and burn muscle mass for fuel.

Tampa HCG Doctor Csar Lara, M.D. helps patients to lose weight more easily and effectively with the HCG diet.

Most people on the HCG diet are able to lose around one pound per day, which can add up to a total loss of thirty or more pounds of fat after only one course of an HCG diet plan.

Most diets cause a patient to only lose water weight and muscle tissue. Extremely low-calorie diets often cause the body to metabolize muscle as it is a fast protein source and provides immediate energy to the body. Consuming an inadequate amount of calories with the intention of losing weight without proper supervision and HCG supplementation can cause muscle loss and may even increase the bodys fat stores over time.

While on the HCG diet, thousands of calories from fat stores are being metabolized by the body, and despite the low calorie diet, most patients do not experience fatigue, hunger pains or other side effects generally associated with a low-calorie diet.

The HCG diet can cause patients to lose large amounts of fat in a short period of time, which sets it apart from other diets. Some diets can deliver weight loss results yet the weight is easily gained back shortly after finishing the diet program; however, the HCG diet plan can lead to greater amounts of weight loss with a low rate of regain due to the total metabolic reset instigated by the HCG hormone.

While the HCG hormone does not target specific areas in the body, it does tend to break down fat where it is most abundant. Typical results are seen in the waist, buttocks, thighs, and arms when following a properly administered and supervised HCG diet plan.

Because the HCG diet works directly with the hypothalamus, the bodys metabolism can get reset to a new point after weight loss. Many people have been able to retain their new metabolic function even after finishing the HCG diet.

The main reason that people fail to stay on diets is that subsiding on a reduced daily caloric intake makes them physically uncomfortable. They experience hunger pangs, weakness, irritability, headaches, and many other unpleasant symptoms. The constant cycle of losing and gaining weight takes a toll on the body and makes it increasingly difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Another problem with traditional diets is that the body stores fat for survival when it is in starvation mode. It pulls its energy from muscle instead, which helps to explain the overall fatigue most people feel when they are dieting.

If the thought of living comfortably on a 500-calorie per day diet seems impossible, you need to know more about the HCG diet. The HCG hormone, which a womans body produces naturally when she is pregnant, helps to keep your appetite under control during the first part of the program. Once you get past the first few days of restricted eating, you may be surprised to find that you feel satisfied and dont think much about food at all. The pounds drop off when you dont have to constantly fight the urge to give in to hunger, leading to an increase in confidence and an even greater desire to make the HCG diet your last one.

The HCG diet offers results that you just cant find anywhere else. The average participant loses between one and two pounds every day during the initial 23 to 40 days on the program. Just imagine for a moment how good you would feel with that much weight gone from your body. If you need to lose more, CsarLara, M.D. requires you wait for several weeks to let your body adjust before starting another course of HCG supplementation and dieting. The skills you learned during your first time through the program, such as making smart food choices and staying hydrated with water, will serve you well should you decide to enroll for a second time.

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Tampa HCG Doctor, Csar Lara, M.D. has used the HCG diet to help patients lose significant amounts of weight in a fast and healthy way. Countless people have been able to reach their weight loss goals and overcome the challenges of obesity with an HCG diet plan.

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The Everett HCG Diet is designed forrapid weightloss for patients with over 20 pounds or more to lose. This medically supervised program can be combined with prescription HCG, B-12 or lipotropics* and other cutting edge medical weight loss enhancers.

Our hCG diet is a modern updated version of the original HCG Diet introduced by a Dr. Simeons, MD over 50 years ago.

Over the last 50 years medical science has reported on many important medical discoveries that not only results in more effective weight loss but increased weight loss. The Everett HCG diet combines these latest medical discoveries with the basics of Dr. Simeons original HCG Diet program. Our modern hCG diet has eliminated the serious health problems associated with the original hCG.

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Disclaimer:As with any weight loss program, there are no guarantees for individual weight loss. Information provided herein is based on historical research, studies, and results from the many thousands of former HCG (human chorionic gonaditropin) weight loss clients. Individual success is dependent upon a variety of factors. Contact our Everett HCG weight loss center now to schedule a consultation.

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