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May 18

The Real HCG Diet 3 Week Eating Plan Pelosi Medical Center

The HCG DIET Program consists of HCG injections for the first 23 days with a high-fat high calorie diet for the first 2 days, then a very low calorie diet for days 3-26. After the HCG diet, you will do a Maintenance Diet for three weeks.

For women, the diet works best if started at the end of a period.

We will take your measurements before, during and after the diet. No matter how strange or insignificant some of the dietary restrictions and instructions may sound, they must all be followed strictly in order to get the results you seek.

WARNING: This diet is not suitable for anyone with diabetes, gallstones or gallbladder disease, heart disease, gout, pregnant or breastfeeding, or with a history of blood clots, or a history of cancer, or allergies to certain foods. This diet is not recommended without a preliminary medical evaluation.

Days 1 and 2 of the HCG Diet consist of taking a daily HCG dose and eating 3000 to 4000 calories of food per day. This is not a typo. The only requirement is that this two-day feast should contain as much high-fat food as possible.

Examples of foods that are high in fat are whole-milk dairy products, fried foods, oils, and nuts. Do a Google search for foods that are high in fat for more ideas.

DO NOT hold back on eating during these 2 days. If you hold back, you will have severe cravings and fatigue by the end of the first week.

From Day 3 to Day 26 you will be on a strict 500-calorie-per-day diet. On Days 3 through Day 23 you will take a daily HCG shot. You do not need to count calories. You simply need to measure your food portions on a food scale and the calories will fall into place automatically. You must also drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. This is essential for your health.

Each day you will have two scheduled meals lunch and dinner, and two scheduled snacks. The snacks consist of one breadstick (or melba toast) and one fruit. The snacks can be taken with the meals or in between meals, but they cannot be taken together at the same time (a double snack is not allowed). Many people take one of their snacks at breakfast time.

From Day 3 to Day 26 you must take a potassium supplement and a vitamin D supplement to support your system. This is not optional.

From Day 3 to Day 10 you must take one 325mg aspirin tablet daily unless you are allergic. It must be a tablet. Capsules or caplets are not allowed.

Drinks You must drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. Thats eight 8-ounce glasses. You may also drink mineral water, sparkling water, black or green tea or black coffee in any quantity at any time. Sugar or creamer is not allowed. Only one tablespoonful of milk (skim only) is allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin (brand name Sweet n Low) or stevia (pure without additives) may be used. You may not drink anything else.

Vitamins You should take a potassium supplement containing 99 mg of potassium three times daily, and a Vitamin D supplement containing 1000 units once daily. Do not take multivitamin supplements or fish oil during the very low calorie diet because they contain sugars, starches and fats that will stall your progress. Dont worry about developing a vitamin deficiency. You will not develop a vitamin deficiency in three weeks.

Breakfast There is no scheduled breakfast meal on the HCG diet. However, the fruit or the bread portions of your lunch or dinner (see below) may be eaten at this time or as a snack between meals instead of with lunch or dinner, but they must come out of your meal serving. You may NOT eat TWO portions of any item at the same meal.

Meat Portion Size: 100 grams (3.5 ounces) weighed raw without bones or fat.

Meat Choices:Veal, lean beef (96% lean only), skinless chicken breast, turkey, buffalo, fresh white fish (halibut, cod, haddock, tilapia, flounder), lobster, crab, or shrimp.

Meat Preparation Options:Meats may be grilled or boiled, but no oil, fat or butter may be used.Seasonings may include salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc., but no oil, butter or dressing.

Meats that are NOT allowed:Deli meats (cold cuts), salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish. Regular (non-lean) beef cuts or ground of 80/20, 90/10, 93/7 are not allowed.

Vegetable Portion Size: Depends on the vegetable. Weighed fresh/ raw.

Vegetable Choices:Raw spinach (3 cups), chard (3 cups), chicory (3/4 cup), beet-greens (3 cups), green salad (3 cups), tomato (1 medium), celery (1.5 cups), fennel (1 cup), onions (1/2 cup), red radishes (1 cup sliced), cucumber (1 small), asparagus (6 medium spears), or cabbage (1 cup). You may only eat one type of vegetable with each meal.

Vegetable Preparation Options:Vegetables may be grilled, boiled or raw. Vegetables in broth can be used for a soup. Seasoning options are the same as for meats. No oil, butter or dressing is allowed.

Canned vegetables are NOT allowed.

The bread portion is a choice of one of the items below. There is one bread portion with lunch and one bread portion with dinner. They may be eaten along with the meat and vegetable portions at lunch time or dinner time or as a separate snack at breakfast time and between meals. However, your two bread portions for the day cannot be eaten at the same time.

Bread Portion Options:1 Grissini breadstick (pencil sized), or 1 Melba toast, or 2 Melba snacks (original, garlic, whole grain, or sea salt).

The fruit portion is a choice of one of the items below. There is one fruit portion with lunch and one fruit portion with dinner. They may be eaten along with the meat and vegetable portions at lunch time or dinner time or as a separate snack at breakfast time and between meals. However, your two fruit portions for the day cannot be eaten at the same time. It is perfectly acceptable to eat your fruit portion along with your bread portion as a separate snack.Fruit Portion Options:1 medium apple, 1 handful of strawberries, one half grapefruit, 1 medium orange.

Same choices and portions as HCG Lunch.

On days 24 through 26, you stop taking your HCG, but continue the 500 calorie diet to let the HCG exit your system. If you do NOT do these last three days as described, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT.

You will start the Maintenance Diet immediately after the HCG diet for three weeks. To see the Maintenance Diet, click here.

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The Real HCG Diet 3 Week Eating Plan Pelosi Medical Center

May 7

Want to lose weight fast? Pick the diet that suits you best – TheHealthSite

If you are thinking of losing weight, you must have checked out the fad diets that promise quick weight loss. By the end of this exercise, you must be seriously confused. There are so many diets all promising the same things, it is very easy to get confused. If you want to lose weight fast, you need to be sure of what you are getting into. Some of these diets will suppress your appetite and some will restrict certain foods. But all claim to help you lose weight. Also Read - Weight loss: Have a cup of green tea daily to shed your excess kilos

You must choose a diet that is easy to follow and which you will not leave midway. Otherwise your efforts will go waste. The popular diets in the market today are effective no doubt. But some may be difficult to follow, and some may be more effective that the rest. You need to know the little things that will go on to make a huge difference. Here we do a quick review of a few popular fad diets that promise to help you lose weight. Choose one that you think you will be able to stick to. It will help you attain your weight loss goals and you will come out successful. Also Read - You don't need fad diets and grilling workouts to lose weight: Small lifestyle changes will help

These are very popular among weight watchers. If you follow this diet, you will have to limit your carb intake and increase your protein and fat intake. You are allowed only about 20 to 150 grams of carbs a day. This diet induces your body to burn more fats energy instead of using carbs as fuel. When you reduce your carb intake, fatty acids move into your blood and is taken to your liver. Here, some of them are turned into ketones. Your body uses the fatty acids and ketones as the primary energy source. Also Read - Weight loss: Best yoga asanas to burn off your extra kilos

Advantages: This can help you lose a lot of weight very fast. It is ideal for obese people. You must definitely go for it if you need to lose lots of belly fat. It also reduces your appetite and bring down your risk of high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar and hypertension.

Disadvantages: But this diet may not be suitable for everyone. In some people, it may actually increase the level of bad cholesterol. Lactating women may experience non-diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening condition.

This is an extreme diet that induces a weight loss of almost 1 kg per day. It boosts metabolism and fat loss by suppressing hunger. Basically, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that a pregnant woman has in high levels during early pregnancy. The diet is divided into three phases. During the first phase, you take HCG supplements. In the second phase, you follow an extremely low-calorie diet of only 500 calories per day. You will continue to take HCG supplement in the form of drops, tablets, injections or sprays. In the third phase, you stop taking HCG and slowly increase your food intake.

Advantages: This diet can facilitate rapid weight loss.

Disadvantages: The weight loss may be due to just the HCG hormone and not because of the diet itself. Your hunger levels may also not go down significantly and you may gain back what you lost once you go off the diet. It can also cause muscle loss. It can cause headaches, fatigue and depression. Some experts say that this diet is dangerous.

This is a low-glycemic load diet where you limit carbs to 35 to 45 per cent of daily calories and protein and fat to 30 per cent each. You can only have those carbs that have a low glycemic index.

Advantages: It can reduce diet-induced inflammation, lead to rapid weight loss and bring down your risk of many chronic diseases.

Disadvantages: It limits the consumption of some healthy carb sources like bananas and potatoes. It can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Its weight loss benefits are also inconsistent

Published : May 2, 2020 8:40 pm

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Want to lose weight fast? Pick the diet that suits you best - TheHealthSite

Feb 24

Uterine cancer has to be treated holistically: Dr Rani A Bhat –

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld spoke to Dr Rani A Bhat, head & senior consultant, division of gynaecological oncology, HCG, Bengaluru, to know more about the latest advancements in endometrial cancer care and the growing burden of obesity and its impact.

Obesity is exploding all over the world. After USA and China, we are one of the leading countries in obesity including malnutrition, we have seen that there is a high incidence of obesity in India. Obesity is there in childhood and it is seen in adults of reproductive age group. When women are obese, it not only affects their reproductive function like irregular menstrual bleeding, they can also have difficulty to conceive and if not guided properly or advised well, these women are at the risk of developing endometrial cancer as well.

When there is high-level of fat in the body it is converted to hormones which has an effect on the uterus and causes cancer. Once the uterus has cancer, it has to come out so when I see these women, the biggest challenge I face is "will I lose a chance of being a mother because there is only one uterus and what my in-laws and society will think about it."

Gynaeoncology: Latest advancementsReproductive age women with obesity and uterine cancer is not just one modality kind of treatment. There are various things which we have to tackle. One that obesity is the main cause leading to endometrial cancer, second is to treat cancer, and the third is that they are very anxious to become pregnant. So is there any chance that we can fulfil that factor for that lady. When it comes to uterine cancers especially in obese women, it is not only cancer but they also have other medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. With modalities that we have for cancer, we can tell the women whether we have to remove the whole of the uterus including the ovaries or only the uterus and leave behind the ovaries which give her an option later to have surrogacy.

Gynae oncology @ HCGUterine cancer has to be treated holistically. We include a dietician, a physiotherapist and yoga to guide them about their diet and exercise post-surgery. If we do not take this part into consideration and advise women to lose weight after surgery they are at risk of developing recurrence again. We need a reproductive medicine facility also so that we can guide her to that and yes she does have an option to have her pregnancy later.

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Uterine cancer has to be treated holistically: Dr Rani A Bhat -

Feb 6

Genuine HCG Regimen – Along the Boards

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) has become a significant questionable sign mark because, among other dietary plans, it has some rigorous nutritional principles which have both advantages as well as the side effects. According to many experts, HCG combines a deficient daily calorie intake with ingestion of the hormone genuine HCG as an effective way to lose weight. According to some other experts, the HCG diet program has become a significant question mark is it safe to continue the HCG diet plan? Sports scientist for Renaissance Periodization like MIKE ISRAETEL SAYS The HCG diet is almost the quintessential fad diet. Another interesting fact about this peculiar diet plan is that no clinical studies suggesting that this dietary plan, namely HCG, helps in weight loss. However, this parlance might lookalike a vague statement, especially for the HCG diet disciples.

The peculiarity of this dietary routine lies in its two chief components. The first component is limiting us from 500 to 800 calories intake per day. The HCG diet program immensely emphasizes the usage of protein from lean meats, poultry, and fish. However, the other component is injecting (getting an injection of) HCG, typically into your thigh, or taking it as an oral drop either in spray form as a pellet or tablet.

HCG triumph is one of the very well-known and recognized brands in the world. It has numerous positive reviews from its customers as well as the best results. People who have used genuine HCG triumph much time are immensely satisfied with the supreme quality of this product.

HCG plus drops are the next product in this list. They provide the best possible genuine HCG drops, and the customers could not stop trust them. However, some customers became worried while using this product. In the end, it all ended well for them due to the high ratio of positive reviews from other customers.

The real HCG hormone drop is undoubtedly a very trusted and highly recommended product available in the market. That is a well-known brand, especially in terms of high quality.

Under the strict Genuine HCG dietary plan, the disciples of this diet are allowed to consume a variety of vegetables, including cauliflower, celery, spinach, fennel, radishes, shallots, asparagus, tomatoes and broccoli, mixed greens and beet greens. One low-calorie vegetable for both lunch and dinner is another strict diet under this plan. The natural HCG diet is not easy, and it raises multiple questions like this one is the HCG diet praiseworthy or not? There are a variety of HCG approved fruits that can be taken under this plan, namely lemons, apple, oranges, raspberries, blueberries, grapefruits, and strawberries.

The genuine HCG is not that easy to follow; it has a variety of food restrictions. It would help if you were peculiar abstinent, especially of fat-free protein. Most of every calorie sources primarily come from protein. The lunch and dinner consisted of low-calorie protein sources that help energize the body. The genuine HCG has a strict schedule dietary plan which compels its followers to eat as low as 3.5 ounces(approx) of lean, fat-free protein at each meal. Seasonings that are taken regularly as a backup diet source such as parsley, pepper, sweet basil, parsley, and mustard powder are acceptable. Oil (even healthy cooking oils), butter, kromesky, cheese, and other healthy cooking oils are not allowed under the diet.

According to the Federal government from 1600 to 2400 calories for adult women and 2000 to 3000 calories for adult men. According to the dietitians and other food regimen experts, eating only 500 to 800 calories a day could be massively risky for your health as it lowers down the energy level both the adolescent men and women. It deprives the body of the many vital compulsory vitamins which are immensely important for a healthy human body. One of the most challenging reasons why the HCG has been considered a risky dietary routine is the lack of calorie intake. As discussed earlier in the article, an adult man requires about 2000 to 3000 calories a day, and the calorie intake for a healthy woman should be 1600 to 2400 calories a day, which is highly contrary to the ratio available under this diet regimen. Other protein sources that are allowed under this strict diet regimen are scallops, white fishes, buffalo, shrimps, lobsters, extra-lean beef, and chicken. Fattier fish choices like the herring, tuna, and salmon are off-limits. For more information about the HCG diet.

Dr. David Friedman says in conjunction with a meager and feeble calorie count, the genuine HCG regimen also suggests us to take daily drops (injections of the pregnancy hormone hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. During the imprimis stages of the first trimester, it immensely helps with the secretion of progesterone. This hormone is made in cells and formed up in the placenta, which nourishes the egg after its been fertilized and becomes attached to the uterine wall.

Some experts and dieticians highly recommend to consult the expert dietician before following the genuine HCG dietary plan because, according to many food experts, the low-calorie intake could drastically harm your health. Under this nutritional plan, you can take tea or coffee with no sugar. However, calorie-free sweeteners are allowed. The market is filled up with numerous standardized HCG Real HCG Drops, and its suppliers are lingering in the vicinity. Still, it would be best if you took care of yourself before practicing any diet plan for your healths betterment and safety. Lastly, it can be said that The natural HCG diet is a rigorous routine that can be followed for the sake of abstinence, but you have to scrutinize your health issues to maintain your health.

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Genuine HCG Regimen - Along the Boards

Jan 21

HCG has been at the forefront of cutting edge cancer research: Dr (Prof) U S Vishal Rao –

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld spoke to Dr (Prof) U S Vishal Rao, HCG, Bengaluru to know more about the cancer research in India and the steps being taken by HCG in cancer prevention and rehabilitation

What is India doing to create cancer care moonshot?India sees around more than 10 lakh new cases of cancer each year. We are actually churning out more cancer patients. As per the WHO's extrapolated figures for the next decade, we will have one in three cancer for the next coming years. This is very alarming for us to watch and see around us because the contributing factors to this are related to diet and nutrition, air pollution and the use of tobacco and alcohol.

This industry cannot survive without nicotine and it is the most potent addictive substance, it is a thousand times more potent than heroin. With the e-cigarettes, a formula was developed to increase the number of dosage of nicotine given at a much higher delivery form than what cigarettes were driving addiction for. This was a game changer product for the industry than waiting for slow products such as cigarettes.

As per the Lancet and others, nicotine does not help in quitting, it helps in reduction but not in quitting and on the other side, it helps to start. Now, the question was that it's not a harm reduction device, it's a powerful addiction substance, so do we need another addiction when we are currently grappling in this country with several such addictions due to which the health expenditure is being crushed on us. From the legal point of view, it has neither being a drug nor is registered as a drug if its a harm reduction device and it has also not gone in tobacco under the regulation. It was banned because of the potential harm it has.

Cancer Care Research and Innovation at HCGAs far as cancer research is concerned, India is way behind, compared to the rest of the world. This is because somewhere in Indian Philosophy we have not given enough thrust and funding for cancer research. HCG has been at the forefront of cutting edge cancer research through its own division for Research and Academics and through the support from government and non-government agencies. At HCG, we have made our own cancer moon shot on which we are working on.

This focuses on immunology, advanced radiotherapy, robotic surgeries, genetics immunology, and microbiomes. All of this is going to define the future of cancer, whether it is related to enabling technology, big data, precision or personalised medicine. We have recently introduced a journal of Precision Oncology which focuses on bringing in to highlight India's effort in the area of Precision Oncology as a game changer.

Onco Rehab at HCGAt HCG, we identified that oncology care was just not about treatment. We often misinterpreted as we believe that surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are the three important triads for successful cancer therapy. Now, the fourth dimension of this is the cancer rehabilitation that lies at the center of this triad. This particular aspect comprises a comprehensive thing that HCG took a lead on.

Through the HCG life programme we initiated a very comprehensive cancer rehab programme which encompasses about eight departments. This includes speech and swallow therapy, dietary nutrition, integrated oncology and pain management, Ayurveda, yoga and other alternative medicines, psycho-oncology, physiotherapy, and dental departments. At HCG we have also integrated a very common platform of both online and offline, where doctors sit together in the Cancer Rehab Programme at HCG life. They take a deep dive into each patient's rehabilitation plan and a small chart is drawn out which includes the demands and expectations of each patient and then we look at how we deliver that in a personalised and comprehensive manner.

Cancer care: Prevention vs rehabHCG has always believed in cancer prevention and rehabilitation. We are at the front end of cancer prevention. Our campaigns have focussed on the use of tobacco and alcohol, air pollution, garbage etc. We have been addressing the key social determinants of cancer. We have also been part of the Karnataka Government's cancer control committee.

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HCG has been at the forefront of cutting edge cancer research: Dr (Prof) U S Vishal Rao -

Jan 15

Need is to create a universal healthcare model for the country – The Hindu

Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG), Indias largest provider of cancer care, believes that introduction of universal healthcare model like those of western countries can provide relief to cancer patients whose number is set to grow in the coming years. Chairman & CEO Dr. B.S. Ajai Kumar speaks about the challenges, and his vision to provide quality oncology healthcare across the country. Edited excerpts:

Very serious. It is increasing by the day. India reported 1.5 million cases but I think it will be 2.5 million or three million cases in a few years. Going forward China and India will have the highest numbers in incidence of cancer. So it is very important that we treat it properly. Prevention is always better. So we have taken up the issue of smoking, we have filed a case in Supreme Court and have sought a ban on smoking. We have taken up preventive measures like early screening. We want to focus on early detection and prevention. But not all cancers can be detected. So when they come in advanced stage, if treated properly, the patients can have a good quality of life.

Because of environmental and life style related issues. We have seen lot of people having style and dietary changes. Every one is eating outside and having junk and oily food. We are using herbicide, pesticides and all these will contribute. Smoking and pollution are adding to the problem. Cancer is something that does not happen overnight. Now even 25-year-olds are getting cancer and this is a matter of great concern.

You must focus on lifestyle. Do good exercise, have proper diet and preferably organic food. If there is a family history we can look at the genomics criteria to see whether the patient will get cancer. One can predict. A saliva test can prove if someone has a higher chance of getting breast cancer. We are now getting more into genomics. So in future genomics will tell us who is likely to get cancer.

Today we have 24 centres in India, Africa, Middle East and Vietnam. But most of them are in India. We have an opportunity to grow. Currently we are establishing a big centre in Delhi, possibly in Kerala. We have opportunity to grow in the Middle East and Africa. But right now we want to consolidate. Because we have grown too much, we want to consolidate first and then get into the growth phase again. We would like to go for the asset light model. We dont want to own real estate. And we are also coming with models wherein we will not own the equipments.

In India the problem is that we dont have provision for universal healthcare. We have certain healthcare scheme for poor people. Today over 50% of the patients are paying from their own pocket. So naturally it becomes very expensive. In U.S. if you get a cancer treatment done it would cost $30,000 to $40,000. Here we are doing it in less than $8,000. The problem is that even if people are paying 5 lakh, they are paying from their pocket. But if you go to Singapore or Middle East the 5 lakh here is going to be 50 lakh. So it is very cheap here but people cannot afford that. That is why we have recommended universal healthcare.

The government has to be open and say let us create a universal healthcare model for the entire country. My frustration is that we have not done that yet. Unless we do that and measure the outcome, the existing schemes will not help. People are dying because they do not get the right kind of treatment. We have to bring that quality. Like I am a medicare recipient and have a medicare card in the U.S. When I was young I contributed for this. India has so many youngsters. Why can they not contribute? Their contribution can go towards universal healthcare pool. So billions of dollars will be there and people can benefit from that. There will be uniformity in care. When you become old you can benefit. That model has to be created. I dont know what is coming in the way of that model.

Very good. For breast cancer the success rate is 90%, colon cancer is 80 to 90%. The only challenge is lung cancer, but with new treatment the patients are living longer. We can have better control on brain tumours, head and neck cancer if we can detect them at early stages. Late stages are also treatable. The cancer field has changed now. It is now more of a chronic disease.

We have close to 650 crore debt. We are planning to reduce it. We have put an end to the capex cycle. We are now working on improving cash flow. Most centres are on the verge of breaking even. The whole idea is to improve the EBITDA and improve profitability. Then slowly we will reduce the debt.

All our centres should achieve full capacity utilisation. Then we will look at opportunity at asset light models. We are looking at operate and manage models and also areas where in we can provide our expertise. The entire Africa is a huge opportunity for us to provide good quality treatment. We have a centre in Nairobi and we want to build on this. We are looking at the partnership model like we have in Nashik and Ahmedabad. We want to grow through partnerships. Since we grew rapidly, I want to consolidate first.

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Need is to create a universal healthcare model for the country - The Hindu

Jan 8

How These Practitioners Can Help with New Year, New You Goals – Milwaukee Magazine

This is a sponsored story

The start of a new year is the perfect time to prioritize self-care and set health and wellness goals, so make 2020 your happiest yet with a new, enhanced version of you. Use this guide to find the doctors, therapists and practitioners that can help you look and feel your best.

When diet and exercise just wont provide the results youre looking for, visit Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge. They offer the only procedure that builds muscle. EMSCULPT has been proven safe and effective by the most reputable scientific methods. The procedure induces strong muscle contractions with Hifem (high-intensity electromagnetic) technology not achievable through voluntary contractions. This builds muscle and creates a sculpted, toned physique. Other services like CoolSculpting and Exilis also help clients reshape their bodies through nonsurgical, noninvasive methods. Skiin is the first and only CoolSculpting advanced education center in the nation. Another first: Exilis is the first and only device to combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin through heating and cooling.

Your face is the first place to show signs of aging, but there is a way to take back those years. Dr. John Yousif has received several awards for his research in facial aging. He has been practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery for over 30 years and has even pioneered new techniques like the Gortex Midface Lift and the Hyoid Suspension Neck Lift. At both Sier Medi-Spa and Ascension in Mequon, he offers surgical and nonsurgical procedures to reverse the signs of aging. All of the types of facelifts offered are long-lasting and natural looking, leaving clients feeling like a younger version of themselves.

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Aqua, under the direction of Dr. Christopher Hussussian, is a full-service salon, spa and med spa offering a wide range of services in a luxurious setting on Pewaukee Lake. Whether you are hoping to change the way you look or feel or both Aqua has a solution to enhance your skin and hair for both body and face. New services for the new year include hair restoration for both men and women using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) with biotin and a new weight-loss program using the HCG hormone. They also offer advanced laser hair removal, Clear Lift skin tightening, ThermiVa and CoolSculpting, a popular nonsurgical fat cell reduction with lasting results. A consultation can help you decide what services would work best to achieve a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Serving the Lake Country area, Dr. Tom Stamas is helping people put their best face forward, one smile at a time. He specializes in smile design, a full dental restoration and reconstruction for those suffering from tooth damage or loss, or for those looking to fix crooked, worn or yellowed teeth. During your personalized consultation, Stamas and his team will help you select which treatments will bring your smile to life. Dental treatments like bridges, dental implants, crowns and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools are all available to restore the health, function and appearance of your smile. Youll feel good about the natural-looking results, and your self-esteem will get a boost too.

What if you could use undesired fat from your belly to get rid of the bags under your eyes? Sounds too good to be true, right? Anew Skin and Wellness has a procedure that is done right in the office with long lasting results. The nano-fat transfer removes a small amount of fat with micro liposuction. That fat is harvested for re-injection to the appropriate areas of the face, neck, earlobes, hands and thighs. It can also be used to plump thin lips, smooth cellulite and scars and restore skin elasticity. The nano-fat transfer is safe, effective, economical and helps clients look their best. The in-office procedure provides long-lasting results because the bodys stem cells can turn the aging skin into new, rejuvenated skin. Its the natural way to tighten and smooth skin, allowing you to turn back the clock without a surgical face- or neck-lift.

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Dr. Arvind Ahuja has provided neurosurgical and endovascular care in southeastern Wisconsin for more than 20 years for brain, spine, artery and peripheral nerve conditions. Whether patients come to Neurosurgery and Endovascular Associates for neck and/or arm pain, back and/or leg pain or headache, the first step is always diagnostic testing to determine the cause of the pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. Often through treatments like medication, steroid injections, physical therapies and if need be surgery, patients achieve improved functioning and long-term relief. Ahujas specialized training in the nervous system is incredibly effective in treating spinal conditions, and his treatments give patients the opportunity to live a happier and morefunctional life.

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How These Practitioners Can Help with New Year, New You Goals - Milwaukee Magazine

Dec 20

How to Mix HCG Injections: The Ultimate Guide – Science Times

Are you trying to learn how to mix HCG injections? If yes, you should check out this guide with everything to know and do.

The fertility and weight-loss industries are massive. And both put a lot of pressure on their clients financially and medically.

Not to mention financially - the weight-loss industry in the U.S. generates $72 billion a year and the fertility industry generates around $15.6 billion.

A common product between the two is HCG, a compound that's used to help people have a baby and lose the baby weight. These may seem to be strange to pair. But to both industries, HCG is a vital component.

And if you eventually patronize these industries for common procedures, you will eventually have to learn how to mixHCG.

Learning What to know How to MixHCG

HCG stands forhuman chorionic gonadotropin. It's a hormone that the uterus excretes during the early stages of pregnancy. It's what most pregnancy tests are trying to detect.

In treating fertility, the injections are used to help the ovaries develop and release and egg. It is also used in men to help increase sperm count.

In weight loss, it's paired with the eponymous HCG diet. It's believed to impact how people experience hunger. It is also paired with a radical daily calorie count reduction, in some cases down to 500 calories a day. This is about a fourth of the calories that most healthy people are recommended to eat.

Mix It Up

If you get a low-cost HCG mixing kit, you will get a few key things: bacteriostatic water, a sterile vial, injection prep pads and a large mixing syringe

You will have to have the HCG prescribed to you by a provider. It often does not come with a mixing kit. Also, your doctor will give you a specific dosing needle and syringe.

Step one:Assess the situation, make sure that you read all the instructions provided to you by your health care provider and the prescribing pharmacist. If there are conflicts in the instructions, call your provider and reconcile them.

Step two:Figure out where the HCG is stored and where it needs to be mixed. In some cases, the HCG will come in the vial that it will be mixed in; in other cases, you will need to use the empty sterile mixing vial.

The HCG will also likely be in a powder that needs to be reconstituted. It also may come in a condensed liquid. Both will need thebacteriostatic water to appropriately dilute and mix.

Step three: Grab the mixing needle and syringe. Attach if need be. Open the lid for the HCG and the water. For powdered HCG, measure out about half of the water needed in the mixing needle and inject it into the HCG. Gently swirl until dissolved. Remove the mixture and inject it into the empty mixing vial. Add the remaining water needed. Gently swirl.

For the concentrate, you will simply add the prescribed amount ofbacteriostatic water in most cases.

Then What?

From there, you use it as you need it for up to 72 hours. Store in a dark refrigerator. Some recommend wrapping the stored vial in foil to help prevent light degradation and to help ensure the vial stays cool.

Learning how to mix HCG is just one point in the collision of life and science. See the articles below for more on what you need to know about the scientific world around you.

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Dec 17

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Meghan Edmonds Anorexic Looking Body! – All About The Tea

Posted on December 16, 2019 at 5:30 pm

Meghan Edmonds has admitted to poor eating habits amid claimsthe The Real Housewives of Orange County alum looksanorexic thin.

The drama started on Friday, whenMeghan Edmonds, 35, shared a photo on Instagram showing herself at the park with her kids, playing on a swing set.Pushing each other along every day, she captioned the photo.

A fan commented, You look very skinny. I know you have a lot on your plate. And I can only imagine how hard it is to juggle it all. Take care of yourself momma, you cant pour from an empty cup. Sending you love .

To which Meghan Edmondsresponded, agreeing shes too thin. She added,Im a stress non-eater, she wrote, Im working on it.

A source close to the family reached out to to shed some light onMeghan Edmondsextreme thin frame.

Before they had kids,Jim thought Meghan needed to be more toned and he made her lift weights. A source tells then shes been obsessed with being thin as rail.

Then after she had the twins she started takingHCG injections. A source revealed to Her friend, Jessica, owns the med spa where she gets the injections done in St. Louis.

HCGreduces feelings of hunger and support weight loss by redistributing body fat from the thighs, stomach, and hips. According to the FDA, popular diet products containing HCG state that they reset the bodys metabolism and fix abnormal eating habits.

Now she rarely eats with all her stress. You could say shes starving herself to spite Jim but it doesnt seem to be having an affect on him.A source told

As reported,Jimand Meghan Edmondsrecently reached a custody agreement of their three children, on Wednesday, November 27.

The judge granted 50/50 joint custody andMeghan Edmonds,35, is PISSED with the deal whileJim Edmonds, 49, is super happy because that cuts Meghans child support down significantly.

EXCLUSIVE: JimEdmonds Steamy Affair While Meghan Was Pregnant With Twins EXPOSED D*ck Pics, Threats, Hush Money & More!

A family insider that Meghan Edmonds is not happy with the judges decision because, 50/50 custody drastically cuts the amount of child support Meghan will receive from Jim, and she was hoping Jim would just give her full custody.

The couples split turned ugly quickly afterMeghan Edmondsaccused Jim Edmonds of having an affair with their former 22-year-old nanny before Jim filed for divorce on Friday, October 25. Jim fired back, calling the cheating allegations, dangerous, irresponsible and hurtful.

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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Meghan Edmonds Anorexic Looking Body! - All About The Tea

Nov 26

HCG Diet Center – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go …


We specialize in the HCG Diet, which is an effective way to lose 40 lbs in 40 days!

-Physician Monitored-Safe & Effective-Patients report losing 1-3 Pounds of just fat Per Day-Patients report it might remove Abnormal Fat Deposits (double chin, potbelly and fat around hips and thighs)-Patients report Fat Deposits Removed Generally take 1-2 years to return if poor dieting resumes-Injection, Nasal Spray, Sublingual or Transdermal

The Diet involves administering shots of a hormone known as HCG and following a calorie-restricted diet. Patients report weight loss of up to and over 1lb per day!

We offer a variety of different programs, ranging from 3 to 8 weeks.

The HCG Diet is physician and nurse-monitored. It is safe, effective, and we offer 24/7 counseling and support.

Our clinic also offer cosmetic services such as Botox/Dysport, laser hair removal, Sculptra, fillers, and more. We provide preventative treatments such as colonics and IV vitamin therapy as well.

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HCG Diet Center - 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go ...

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