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Dec 12

Looking for an effective weight loss diet? Try the low-calorie, high-protein Atkins diet – Times Now

Looking for an effective weight loss diet? Try the low-calorie, high-protein Atkins diet  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: The Atkins diet is popular among people who enjoy eating different types of food. The basic idea behind the Atkins diet is to impose restrictions on the intake of certain kinds of carbohydrates to aid the process and maintenance of weight loss.

It also helps in improving one's eating habits. This diet promotes the intake of healthy fats that can help improve levels of 'good' HDL cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, it encourages protein intake, which would mean the consumption of fewer calories as protein induces a feeling of being full. The Atkins diet has four phases to it.

The foods allowed include eggs, sardines, salmon, coconut oil, avocado oil, chicken, pork, bacon, spinach, asparagus, kale, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate,green tea and coffee. Limited amounts of alcohol are also allowed.

The food to be avoided are candy, soft drinks, canola oil, soybean oil, wheat, rice, potatoes, bananas, grapes, apples, turnips, carrots, lentils, chickpeas and beans.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a healthy and easy to follow a diet to start your weight loss plan, the Atkins diet would be an effective choice to go with.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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Looking for an effective weight loss diet? Try the low-calorie, high-protein Atkins diet - Times Now

Dec 12

How your diet could help boost immunity as COVID-19 and the flu loom –

Maybe youre popping vitamins and upping your intake of key nutrients in the hope of strengthening your bodys defenses against COVID-19 and the flu.

But is this a sound strategy?

We consulted Dr. Nora Zabel Tossounian, an internist at Hackensack Meridian Health Primary Care and Womens Health in Lodi.

She cautions against too many megadoses of vitamins or overeating a certain type of food just because it may supply a specific nutrient.

There are some good medical studies that support it and there are some that dont, she says of foods and supplements touted as immune boosters. The main thing that it boils down to is healthy lifestyle habits and the importance of good, balanced nutrition and exercise and sleep. Cant beat that.

A vitamin-based defense and clean eating may possibly help mitigate health risks on some level, but theyre not a substitute for wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding crowds and washing your hands.

While some supplements may be advisable, Zabel Tossounian says we should start with our plates. Make that a moderately clean plate.

I always tell my patients to try to get the nutrients as much as possible from food thats minimally processed, she says.

Ditch juices in favor of whole fruit (in moderation), she says, and try to cut down on processed, refined and bleached carbohydrates.

That doesnt mean buying something just because it says natural or organic on the label.

Many people try to say, Well, these potato chips ... they say theyre natural, she says. Thats a processed carb.

Baking, a favorite pandemic pastime, can make us more vulnerable to reward eating. As we eat more carbs, our bodies produce more insulin to keep up with the sugar. Cookies can seem like a good quick fix for stress, but if we're trying to avoid inflammation, insulin spikes are not our friend. Steve Hockstein for The Star-Ledger

Zabel Tossounian points out that carbs in excess are problematic because they cause belly fat and weight gain and increase insulin levels.

What does that have to do with immunity?

Insulin is known to be a pro-inflammatory marker, she says. It can make it more challenging for our immune system to fight off infections.

Of course, starting in March, when grocery stores began to feel the strain of the pandemic, a whole lot of people were panic-buying chips, cookies and other treats. Even if the irony is a time-honored one, we were using unhealthy behavior to try to soothe our fears about the health crisis.

A lot of us during these stressful times tend to overeat or emotionally eat, Zabel Tossounian says. Mindful eating is so important. Sometimes we do make the wrong choice intentionally because we need to have that satisfaction.

If opting for oat milk, nut milk or other milk alternatives, look for products fortified with vitamin D. But this may not be enough to reach an optimal vitamin D level.Thomas Urbain | AFP via Getty Images

Want to enlist vitamin D in strengthening your bodys defenses?

Sources of vitamin D in your diet could include milk, cheese and yogurt. Zabel Tossounian tells her patients to stick with varieties that have reduced fat. Those who are lactose intolerant or vegan can opt for nut milks or milk alternatives like soy, almond, hemp and coconut. Oat milk has become one of the most popular, but check the labels.

Sometimes they may not fortify with vitamin D, Zabel Tossounian says. And even if they are fortified, the amount can be less than optimal.

The majority of patients in our practice tend to be vitamin D-deficient, she says. Many take supplements. (You can always ask your doctor to check your vitamin D level.)

Avocado on toast or not may have become a trendy food associated with the finances of millennials, but it is also a source of fiber, protein, healthy fat and vitamin C.Anna-Rose Gassot | AFP via Getty Images

Some studies in COVID patients have shown that (zinc) does help with the mechanism of the immune system fighting off this virus, Zabel Tossounian says. We also use it to a certain extent in certain hospitalized patients.

Natural sources of zinc include mushrooms, beans, chickpeas and nuts.

Most fruits and vegetables do have a fair amount of zinc, she says. Zinc is very important.

She tells patients who would prefer a supplement that they can try 50 milligrams of zinc a day.

Vitamin C is most traditionally associated with a perceived defense against ailments like the common cold.

Many patients during this time will down glasses of orange juice or take megadoses of vitamin C, Zabel Tossounian says. First of all, orange juice contains a lot of carbs.

People wanting to limit carbs should stay away or stick to one serving, she says. Those who are worried about acid reflux can avoid orange juice altogether in favor of a 500-milligram daily supplement. The catch: only do this if you can drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

The reason for that is long-term, higher doses of vitamin C in some patients can increase the risk of kidney stones, Zabel Tossounian says. Another option is to only take a vitamin C supplement during the fall and winter months.

Salmon: a good source of protein and healthy fats.Eric Piermont | AFP via Getty Images

Zabel Tossounian says that in order to avoid lopsided diets that are too heavy on the carbs, for instance, she counsels patients to make one third of their plate low-fat protein, one third vegetables and one third minimally processed starch.

Salmon is a good go-to protein and supplies necessary healthy fats, she says. Another option is baked or boiled (not deep-fried) chicken as long as the skin is removed.

Vegans and vegetarians can opt for beans, bean-based pastas and avocado for protein (and healthy fats). They can also choose plant-based meat substitutes, though Zabel Tossounian says to watch the fat content on your favorite plant-based burgers. Either limit how many times theyre in the rotation or cut down on fats and oils elsewhere in your meal.

She tells patients to limit red meat ideally lean cuts to no more than twice per week.

About those processed carbs. A lot of patients have been coming to Zabel Tossounian with weight gain in the pandemic what some have been calling the COVID 19.

In the beginning of the pandemic, aisles that normally stocked flour and sugar were half (or all) empty since many people started baking.

They loved it and they did with their families, she said. As we know, food, in all cultures, is a way of connecting with your loved ones. The kitchen became the most important room in the entire home.

Has your kitchen become a production line for cakes and cookies in the pandemic?Sarah Rice | The Star-Ledger

Why not focus on food when you can plan your day around the meal youre going to have at night? Of course, that makes it easier to overeat or stray from good eating, especially if theres a sense of reward involved.

A lot of it comes from entitlement, Zabel Tossounian says. Had a bad day at work or had a difficult Zoom meeting? You know, Im entitled to that Snickers bar. It gives temporary satisfaction. All of us do it, were human.

She suggests eating clean 80 to 90% of the time and leaving a bit of room for indulgence.

More vitamin D and C may not mean much without vitamin sleep and exercise.

Moving for at least 30 minutes five days a week can help us feel better.

Why? Its not just the lack of guilt for not exercising were talking about here. The happy hormones, or endorphins, released during a workout can help to ease stress, anxiety and depression.

This 24 Hour Fitness gym in Springfield reopened in September. If you can't get to a gym or don't feel comfortable going, there are many free options for online workouts. Patti Sapone | NJ Advance Media

Another benefit of exercise is that when you start thinking about how many pushups you may need to cancel out a candy bar, you may think twice and temper emotional eating, Zabel Tossounian says.

Even if your gym has gone out of business, there are ways to stay fit in the winter. Zabel Tossounian often recommends that patients check out free resources like the YMCA 360 website, which has on-demand fitness videos, or workouts on the Nike Training Club app.

Some local gyms are still offering online classes and virtual memberships to a wide range of workout programs are available online.

Thank you for relying on us to provide the journalism you can trust. Please consider supporting with a subscription.

Amy Kuperinsky may be reached at and followed at @AmyKup on Twitter.

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How your diet could help boost immunity as COVID-19 and the flu loom -

Dec 12

The Benefits Of Adding Hemp Seeds To Your Daily Diet – Benzinga

This article was originally published onCannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

Do you know that incorporating hemp seed into your diet comes with loads of health benefits?

This superfood is loaded with ahigh concentration of beneficial minerals and vitamins.

If you are looking to add hemp seeds to your diet, you should know how to use them and why theyre beneficial.

Here, you will learn about their health benefits and how to incorporate them effectively into your day-to-day diet.

Hemp plants are a special type ofCannabis sativagrown primarily for industrial use.

This plant produces hemp seeds.

Further, hemp plants are versatile, resilient, and grow extremely fast.

These plants can be processed and refined to produce a wide range of useful products, including paints, clothing, biofuel, biodegradable plastics, among others.

It will interest you to know that hemp seeds THC content is minimal.

Therefore, they are not psychoactive and do not get you high when you consume them.

One significant hemp strain that you should know is the Sour Diesel hemp flower.

It is a hybrid of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91.

The strain has a unique aroma, flavor, and effect.

It has been used to develop other hemp strains.

Its well balanced andSour Diesel hempis a powerful antioxidant.

You might not reap this products full health benefit if you dont consume it the right way.

In other words, you must eat the right amount of these seeds for significant results.

Adding theseedsto your diet is straightforward.

You can add them to your salad or take them raw and even add the product to muffins, homemade bars, and other baked foods.

Hemp seeds come with a nutty flavor that is similar to that of pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

To gain the full health advantages of hemp seed, you must not exceed the products recommended daily intake.

Bear in mind that your daily intake might change if you intend to use the seed as a food supplement or treat a particular health condition.

Generally, the minimum recommended daily consumption of shelled hemp seeds is 42g.

If you plan to use hemp seed as a medication or food supplement, do not hesitate to contact your nutritionist or health care professional for advice.

Hemp seeds andCBD hemp oilare now available online from a variety of retailers.

With hemp seeds, you can enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without feeling the high.

Virtually all parts of the hemp plant are nutritious.

Apart from that, they containCBD, which can help alleviate the symptoms of several ailments.

Here are some of the health advantages of incorporating hemp seed in your daily diet:

Hemp seedcontains beneficial ingredients that help to keep your skin smooth and glowing.

The product contains Vitamin E and omega fatty acid that nourishes the skin, improving your skin texture.

Furthermore, it may also reduce the damaging effects of some environmental pollutants like Ultra Violet rays, dirt, among others, ensuring that your skin feels and looks attractive.

Hemp seed can also be used to treat skin disorders.

It contains the right proportion of Omega 3, responsible for alleviating skin conditions like eczema.

It works by moistening the affected region, reducing inflammation, and removing skin patches.

Furthermore, these seeds can alleviate psoriasis by minimizing water loss from the skin.

Hemp seed also reduces dark circles, pigmentation, fine lines, and the appearance of wrinkles by maintaining the skins oil level.

Hemp seeds are also useful for weight management as it contains abundant fiber that can help boost the digestion rate.

These seeds contain soluble and insoluble fibers.

The presence of both fibers in the seed helps to minimize belly fat.

The soluble fibers enhance the activities of gut microbes that can digest soluble nutrients. Also, insoluble fibers minimize toxin deposits in the body and improve gut health.

Stress can influence both the mental and physical well-being of the body, affecting an individuals overall condition adversely.

Some of the problems associated with chronic stress are premature aging, insomnia, loss of appetite, overheating, and an increased chance of developing health issues.

This superfood contains a large proportion of micronutrients that helps combat the symptoms of stress disorder in people.

It reduces stress by supplying the body with essential nutrients that will enable you to stay healthy.

Some of these nutrients include calcium, zinc, arginine, calcium, magnesium, glutamine, etc.

Hemp seeds also contain magnesium, a nutrient that improves thequality of sleep.

Therefore, you can alleviate insomnia and other stress-induced sleep disorders with the proper intake of this product.

The presence of omega fatty acid in Hemp seed gives it the ability to improve the health condition.

This superfood can maximize good cholesterol and reduce triglycerides in the body to enhance an individuals health.

Furthermore, it reduces the chances of developing conditions that restrict blood flow to the heart and boost artery pressure by balancing platelet aggregation.

Hemp seed is a dominant source for omega acid because it comprises bothomega-6 and omega-3, the most significant fatty acid.

It can also stimulate the production of docosahexaenoic omega acid (DHA) and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) in the body, which could minimize the chances of developing health conditions.

Hemp seed can be used in the treatment of inflammation and alleviate the pain associated with it.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is one of the constituents of Hemp seed that can reduce the severity of joints, tissue, and muscle inflammations; and alleviate pain in people suffering from intense pain.

This product has an antioxidant property, which makes it useful in treating muscle cramps and discomfort.

Apart from their nutritional benefits, you can use hemp seeds to combat and alleviate several health conditions that cause discomfort and pain in the body.

You can take the seeds raw, press to make oil, or grind them into a fine meal.

You should endeavor to visit your doctor or nutritionist for the recommended daily intake if you intend to use it to supplement or treat a health condition.

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Dec 12

Is Height Genetic? Why and Why Not? – Healthline

Humans come in a variety of heights and genetics play a key role in determining whether you will be short or tall.

Theres much more than just heredity to consider before assuming a person will automatically be the same height as their parents. Medical conditions, hormonal deficiencies, and more can all contribute to how tall you are.

Read on to learn about all of the components that contribute to a persons natural height.

Genetics are among the prominent factors that contribute to how tall youll be.

As a general rule of thumb, your height can be predicted based on how tall your parents are. If they are tall or short, then your own height is said to end up somewhere based on the average heights between your two parents.

Genes arent the sole predictor of a persons height. In some instances, a child might be much taller than their parents and other relatives. Or, perhaps, they may be much shorter.

Such key differences may be explained by other factors outside of your genes that contribute to height.

Aside from genetics, there are other factors to consider that can determine a persons height, especially during childhood and adolescence.

While eating more vegetables wont automatically make you taller, getting adequate nutrition during your growing years is critical in human development, including your height.

A diet based on whole, nutritious foods can ensure you will grow up to the height your genes might dictate. On the flip side, a poor diet could lead to a shorter stature compared to your parents.

Eating healthy isnt so simple for all families. Children of a poor socioeconomic status may be at risk of a lack of access to nutrition, along with poor access to adequate health care. This, in turn, can contribute to a shorter height.

You may notice that boys grow slower than girls at first, due to differences in puberty milestones. Overall though, adult males tend to be an average of 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) taller compared to adult females.

During puberty, hormones are essential for regulating body growth. These include thyroid hormones, human growth hormones, and sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

Any abnormalities in these hormones could alter growth as well as your overall height. Children who develop hypothyroidism (low thyroid) or pituitary gland disorders may experience shorter than average height compared to their parents.

Rarely, hormonal disorders can contribute to being taller than normal. For example, gigantism is caused by too many human growth hormones produced by pituitary gland tumors.

Some conditions present at birth may dictate a persons height. For example, achondroplasia (dwarfism) is a rare bone growth disorder that runs in families.

Another congenital disorder that can cause short stature is known as Turner syndrome. This rare condition causes delays in puberty. Unlike achondroplasia, Turner syndrome doesnt run in families.

Other congenital disorders lead to a taller than normal stature. These include Marfan and Klinefelter syndromes.

Marfan syndrome is caused by connective tissue enlargements, while Klinefelter syndrome occurs when males are born with an additional copy of the X chromosome.

Overall, theres no way you can increase your height. Each person is born with genes that will help dictate how tall they become, but other factors such as inadequate nutrition or medical conditions may alter this outlook.

Hormonal conditions may be the few exceptions. If a lack of thyroid or human growth hormones is detected during childhood, then taking medications may help reverse the effects on height.

However, once you reach adulthood, taking hormonal replacements wont make you taller. At this point, your full height has already been achieved, and taking any medications or supplements wont make a difference.

Its important to focus on good nutrition during childhood, but sticking with these habits will also contribute to your overall health into adulthood and beyond regardless of your height.

Poor posture and lack of exercise can also contribute to poor stature, so correcting these items may help increase your height (or the appearance of it).

Its widely regarded that your genes will dictate how tall you become. However, there are other exceptions to this rule, including your gender, access to nutrition, and any underlying medical or congenital conditions you may have.

See a doctor if you have any concerns about your height, or if you have a child who isnt reaching their growth milestones. They can discuss nutritional issues with you, and they may help rule out the possibility of any hormonal issues.

Excerpt from:
Is Height Genetic? Why and Why Not? - Healthline

Dec 12

Exclusive: Fardeen Khan shares his workout routine and diet plan! The actors 20 kilo weight loss process – Times of India

A few years ago Fardeen Khan left everyone shocked with all that weight he had piled up on. Likewise, a few days ago he left everyone surprised, this time for looking much lean, in his fittest avatar! Well, frankly, when that initial picture came I had not even weighed myself. When I realised that it was time to focus on my health, I did check my weight and I had touched 100 kgs, says Fardeen with a smile, whos now lost 20 kilos!My effort was to regain my health physically, emotionally and mentally. I underwent a complete lifestyle makeover to achieve that. I gave up drinking one year ago, six months ago I quit smoking too. I also introduced changes to my food habits. Otherwise, I have been quite flirtatious with my diet. I also workout regularly these days, elaborates Fardeen.The actor began his fitness journey in May, when he came across the book The Fatburn Fix by Catherine Shanahan. At the time, I was 98 kilos. The book did impress me as it was educational. It took me through the nutritional changes I need to do in order to feel good. It also taught me about my metabolism and the changes I should make for my betterment.The Heyy Babyy actor also hired a fitness trainer. He says, The last few months I have been in London. So, I began taking virtual sessions with fitness trainer James Wallace from August. I converted the garage of my house into a gym. I ordered barbells, weight plates, dumbbells, a bench and I started working out with my wife (Natasha) in company. She has been an inspiration. She is much into fitness. She was my motivational factor as she has six packs and all! I was like I have a lot of catching up to do with my partner.Now in Mumbai, Fardeen is following a ketogenic diet and working out five days a week with James, virtually. By January he is looking at knocking down five more kilos! I literally feel like I am in my 30s again. I feel like a car whose all cylinders are working fine now (laughs!), he signs off.

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Exclusive: Fardeen Khan shares his workout routine and diet plan! The actors 20 kilo weight loss process - Times of India

Dec 12

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Chrishell Stause’s Diet Consists Of Lots Of Veggies And Peanut Butter Protein Bars – Women’s Health

Chrishell Stause describes her life lately as a "hectic whirlwind." Considering the longtime Days of Our Lives regular has also been starring on Selling Sunset and dancing her booty off on season 19 of Dancing With the Stars (and dealing with the rumor mill since news of her divorce broke in 2019), it's no surprise.

Between filming, selling multimillion dollar homes, and rehearsing new dance routines, Chrishell knows what it takes to fuel her body and feel balanced. (Hint: It involves lots of easy, portable healthy meals.)

"I'm the healthiest I've ever been," Chrishell tells Women's Health." In fact, she's been so excited about her new DWTS muscles, she did a bikini photoshoot to capture her toned legs, abs, and all.

Lindy Lin

She doesn't restrict her eating, though. "I was a vegetarian for so many years, but I don't put a label on it now," she explains. "I try not to eat meat, but I'm not saying that I'm vegetarian or vegan. I love animals, so I try and eat with a conscience."

So, what does the actor-realtor-dancer put on her plate? Here's what Chrishell Stause eats in a day.

Chrishell's jam-packed days call for a cuppa. "I love coffee. I definitely have coffee every day," she tells WH.

Caffeine isn't the only fuel Chrishell relies on in the mornings, though. "What I love for breakfast is eggs," she says. "My favorite thing is scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese and pepper."

Recently, though, a busy schedule requires a more grab-and-go breakfast. "Lately it's probably been more of a protein bar," she says. "When I'm busy, I normally either grab a banana and peanut butter or a protein bar. I'm obsessed with peanut butter."

Chrishell's love of PB usually determines which protein bar she reaches for. "I've had them all. Any protein bar makes a peanut butter flavor, I've probably tried it," she says. "I love these Papa Steve's No Junk Raw Protein Bars." A couple of other faves: think! Creamy Peanut Butter protein bars and ONE Peanut Butter Pie bars, which Chrishell says "basically taste like candy bars." Not a bad way to start the day, tbh.

Chrishell's mornings blow by so fast, it's time for lunch in a snap. "I'm definitely not eating again until lunch just because it's just been a little bit of a whirlwind lately," she explains.

Come midday, Chrishell loves to fill her plate with fish and vegetables. "I go to Erewhon a lot and they have this buffalo cauliflower that I'm obsessed with," she says. Broccoli, carrots, and corn are her other top veggies.

Believe it or not, Chrishell says she didn't keep snacks on-hand while rehearsing for Dancing With the Stars for five or six hours a day. She was simply too busy to stop and eat! "You're busy being active, so you're not thinking about it," she says. "Everyone gets in such phenomenal shape doing the show."

When she does have a free moment, though, Chrishell squeezes a snack in before dinner. "I love fruit," she says. "I'll have mango, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples; I just can't get enough." She's also a fan of dried fruit.

To make sure she's not stuck without a dinner plan, Chrishell thinks ahead. "When life is crazy, I normally have some kind of frozen lasagna," she says. Her go-to is Cali-flour Foods Vegetable Lasagna, which is grain-free, gluten-free, and ready in five minutes flat.

That's not Chrishell's preferred evening meal, though. "If I'm not in a rush and I can go and eat like a normal human, I go out to dinner," she says. "Again, I love fish. I also love sushi and pizza." (Margarita is her all-time favorite pie.)

Chrishell doesn't discriminate against pasta, either. "I haven't really met a pasta that I don't like, but I guess my favorite would probably be bucatini with cracked pepper and Parmesan cheese."

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She's been known to cook up a mean pasta dish herself, too. "One dish I'm proud of is my spicy shrimp pasta. It's so good and has a little kick to it," she says. "I'll do it with whole-wheat noodles, sauted shrimp, red pepper chili flakes, and a spicier tomato sauce." She tops it all off with Parmesan and parsley.

Throughout the day, Chrishell loves to sip on Zevia Organic Peach Black Tea. "That's pretty much all I drink unless I'm going out and having a cocktail," she says.

On those night's out, Chrishell matches her bevies to the cuisine. "Some kind of fruit martini is my favorite, but I've found that with sushi I love hot saki or white wine," she says.

FYI: Her fave wine is not the Selling Sunset's Oppenheim Group private label. That, she says, is, well, disgusting. "It's so gross," Chrishell says. "I'd have to lose a bet to drink any more of that wine."

Though fruit often comes in clutch for sweetness earlier in the day, dessert is definitely a part of Chrishell's diet every now and then. "I have such a sweet tooth. I love dessert. If I'm out to dinner, I pretty much always get dessert," she says. "There are two things I will always order: strawberry shortcake and pineapple upside down cake. I know, super random, but every once in a while you strike gold and someone will have it on their menu." Fate, right?

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Dec 11

New Year, New Me A New Way to Profit From Resolutions – Money and Markets

You might remember the freshman 15 that first-year college students gain after months of boozing and poor diet choices without Mom looking over their shoulders.

Well, after months of spending a lot more time at home than usual, we now have the COVID 19.

Nineteen might be an exaggeration. But a study from Weight Watchers over the summer found that Americans had gained 12.5 pounds on average during the pandemic.

The start of a new year is always a time for resolutions to get in shape.

But with so many Americans having spent the last nine months or so at home and gyms closed or offering limited access well, I expect New Years resolutions to take on a new sense of urgency in 2021.

For many of us, getting back to normal will mean a newfound commitment to shed the pounds we put on in 2020. And for most of us, shedding the COVID 19 starts with eating better.

One diet stock is well-positioned to benefit from a flurry of New Years resolutions.

Its a smart way to play the generational trend of healthier living. One of the largest players in a booming beverage market, it boasts an estimated 30% market share:

This diet-friendly beverage was a $3.5 billion business back in 2015. By 2022, sales should top $7.3 billion.

The trend toward healthier living didnt start with COVID-19, of course. But the pandemic gave it a major boost and a major sense of urgency.

People struggling with obesity and diabetes are at higher risk for COVID-19. That was enough to convince my father-in-law to quit drinking and lose weight.

Hes lost close to 30 pounds since all of this started, and hes not done.

And now that he knows how it feels to be healthier, he has little interest in putting on the weight again. His lifestyle changes are permanent, or at least long-lasting.

Once the immediate crisis of the pandemic passes, well see public health officials making a newfound push to tackle obesity. We may not see another true pandemic for another century. Only time will tell.

But this year made clear that the obesity epidemic is a major threat to public health. You can expect the folks in charge to help nudge people away from junk food and into healthier choices.

The trend in this diet-friendly beverage is only getting started.

The company that weve identified to benefit from the trend rates a 97.8 in Adam ODells Green Zone Ratings system, meaning it scores higher than all but about 2% of stocks in our universe:

This stocks impressive Green Zone Rating.

Now, the story gets even better.

Not only is this highly-rated stock well-positioned to benefit from healthier living in 2021 and beyond but there is a potential catalyst to make it skyrocket and soon.

You see, this is a heavily-shorted stock. That sounds bad. If traders are selling it, it must be at risk of a major decline, right?

Not exactly. Remember: When you short a stock, you eventually have to buy it back. Youre hoping it falls so you can buy it back cheaper.

But if the stock rises, youll have to buy it back at a higher price. And here is where it gets fun. If several short sellers try to cover their positions at the same time, you end up in a buying frenzy that can cause the shares to rocket higher.

This is what traders call a short squeeze, and its caused the untimely heart attack and death of many a short seller.

I believe were on the verge of something like that today. The short interest in this stock is super high. The most recent data from late last month shows 7.7 million shares sold short, which represents 36 days of average trading volume.

A days-to-cover figure of even 5 can be cause for concern. And again this stocks figure is 36.

Imagine the potential pent-up buying here. If we get a proper short squeeze which isnt unlikely if the shares keep pushing higher we could see a major move higher.

Throughout this Holiday Investment series, weve told you about stocks that we recommended and are up big (one as much as 240%!)

But this one is a little different. You see, even our premium Green Zone Fortunes subscribers dont know about this stock yet.

Chief Investment Strategist Adam ODell and I are working on the December issue of the newsletter right now. Well release the details to our readers next Wednesday, December 16.

That means you can join today and be in this stock from the beginning!

When we reach out next year to tell Money & Markets readers how well this diet-friendly beverage stock performed as Americans tried to shed the COVID 19, youll already be in the know.

Click here now to find out more. Youll get the details on each of the stocks we covered in this weeks Holiday Investment series and youll get first dibs on this New Years stock next Wednesday!

Plus you can get exclusive access to Adam ODells Millionaire Master Class special report today for only $1.

While were planning for the new year, why not make your portfolios health a priority for a low price that you have to see to believe?

Money & MarketscontributorCharles Sizemorespecializes in income and retirement topics. Charles is a regular onThe Bull & The Bearpodcast. He is also a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.Follow Charles on Twitter@CharlesSizemore.

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New Year, New Me A New Way to Profit From Resolutions - Money and Markets

Dec 11

JYP Entertainment psychiatrist reveals the intense pressures on female idols to diet – PINKVILLA

JYP Entertainment's resident psychiatrist gets candid about the pressure on female idols to diet and its detrimental effects.

On a special episode of You Can Talk To My Sister, a confessional type reality talk show under SBS Plus, a psychiatrist from JYP Entertainment got candid about the stresses that female idols face when they are told by the company to diet. The episode was broadcasted on December 10, 2020 and featured a woman who had decided to undergo gastrointestinal surgery to lose weight. She had gained the weight in the first place, from her first pregnancy, after which she could not get back to her original figure. After she shared her story of humiliation, feeling inadequate and unwanted from having gained so much weight and the lengths to which she was willing to go to lose the weight, the shows host arranged a video call with JYP Entertainments resident psychiatrist Yoo Eun Jung.

Dr Yoo revealed that whenever she speaks to idols under the company, they share their troubles and stresses regarding dieting and maintaining an ideal weight. She continued by saying that, There is so much pressure to be slim that many female idols go on extreme diets. Even IU and Jang Nara had bulimia. If you are stressed out, your stress hormones can go up and it can affect your body. It will turn your body into one that has difficulty losing weight." With this, she emphasized how stressing over losing weight can have adverse effects and in turn make it harder to lose weight.

JYP Entertainment is notorious for putting a particular focus on idols appearances. Previously, during SIXTEEN, Jihyo revealed the problems and humiliation she faced for not fitting the Korean beauty standard when it came to weight. In a past V-Live, Momo from TWICE also revealed that the one strict condition for her to be able to perform in her debut showcase was that she would have to lose 15 pounds in one week. For that week, Momo did not eat anything solid, spit all the time to remove water from her body and spent all her time in the gym. All she ate for that time was one single ice cube a day and when she went to sleep every night, she would fear for her life. Despite all that, she did not lose the assigned amount of weight in the stipulated time frame. Eventually, she was given more time and she could lose the weight. However, the question still remains at what cost?

IU has also admitted to suffering from eating disorders in the past. During an interview in 2014, she confessed that she would stress eat and sleep all the time but instead of feeling energetic and happy, she would be lethargic and plagued with anxiety. IU has since been receiving treatment to prevent relapsing into a similar situation.

It is clear to see, therefore, that idols have immense pressures of dieting which affect their mental health and overall happiness. As such, critics and haters should think a hundred times before commenting on someones appearance because we never know what they might be going through. This problem of body image within idols still persists and it is something that will take decades to change. However, no step is too small. As long as fans continue to show unwavering support towards idols, regardless of whether they're their favourites or otherwise, female celebrities will face considerably less pressure to conform to the beauty standards that society puts on them. With everyone doing their part, maybe the world will be a slightly better place eventually.

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JYP Entertainment psychiatrist reveals the intense pressures on female idols to diet - PINKVILLA

Dec 11

Prebiotics vs. probiotics: Differences and health benefits – Insider – INSIDER

While probiotics and prebiotics are just a small slice of our incredibly complex gastrointestinal system, they are very important for our health. Here's what you need to know about prebiotics and probiotics and how they benefit our body.

Trillions of little bacteria, along with viruses, fungi, and yeast, line every corner of our body and make up a miniature ecosystem, known as our microbiome. In our gastrointestinal system alone, there are around 1,000 species of bacteria, all of which can affect our health.

Prebiotics and probiotics are both important to the health of our gut microbiome, which helps digest certain nutrients and protect you from infection.

On the other hand, imbalances in gut bacteria known as gut dysbiosis can increase your risk of diseases like diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and cancer. Gut dysbiosis can occur due to:

"If you have any kind of chronic health problem, symptoms could be slightly reduced if we could add to your gut health and shift your gut microbiome to a more health-promoting microbiome," says Terry Wahls, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

To do so, it's important to understand the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, and how to get both into a healthy diet.

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that the human body cannot digest, but can become food for the good bacteria in your gut. These fibers aid in the healthy growth of gut bacteria, and can be found in the food we eat such as raw vegetables, beans, and bananas especially when they aren't ripe.

There can be many benefits to consuming prebiotics, like:

Increasing calcium absorption. Ingesting prebiotics may increase calcium absorption in the lower intestines. Calcium is important for bone health and building bone density, especially for those at risk for osteoporosis, says Gail Cresci, PhD, RD, a doctor of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition at the Cleveland Clinic.

Processing food quickly. The fiber found in prebiotics is important for normal bowel movements. A 2013 review found fiber's bulk and water retaining abilities can decrease the time it takes to digest in the digestive tract.

Controlling blood sugar levels. Numerous studies have found fiber from prebiotics can reduce your glucose absorption rate, which can prevent spikes in blood sugar, prevent weight gain, and decrease the risk of diabetes.

A large 2010 study in Caucasians, Japanese Americans, and Native Hawaiians between the ages of 45 and 75 found high intakes of fiber significantly reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Most people should eat between 25 to 38 grams of fiber per day. Foods high in prebiotic fibers include:

You can also take prebiotic supplements such as psyllium or methylcellulose, but Wahls says it's important to eat more vegetables and other fibrous foods first. That's because supplements won't provide important vitamins and minerals found in fiber-rich food.

"Everyone's needs are going to be unique, depending on your microbes living in your gut," says Wahl. "For example if you have more blue stools, perhaps because of inflammatory bowel disease, that's going to be a lower fiber intake. But if you're constipated, you'll have a much higher fiber need."

A doctor might recommend a low-fiber diet or one with less prebiotics due to Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or if you've recently had bowel surgery or a bowel-related problem.

Probiotics contain living strains of beneficial gut bacteria and yeasts. They maintain a healthy balance in your gut by boosting the number of good bacteria in the body and fighting off bad bacteria.

There are many kinds of probiotics, and each benefits the body in different ways. The most common species are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, both of which break down food and fight harmful bacteria.

The health benefits of probiotics include:

Strengthening digestive health. Probiotics may benefit people with digestive issues, such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers.

A large 2019 review assessed children aged 18 and under who took antibiotics. It found those who took probiotics alongside antibiotics were less likely to experience diarrhea.

Meanwhile, a 2014 review of probiotics and irritable bowel disease (IBD), found probiotics can aid in the remission of ulcerative colitis a form of IBD and pouchitis an inflammation after IBD surgery. But, there is little evidence that probiotics can aid in treating Crohn's Disease.

Improving mental health. Research has found that the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system communicate, most commonly referred to as the "brain-gut axis." A 2016 review found supplementing probiotics for four weeks was efficient in improving psychiatric disorder-related behaviors like anxiety and depression.

Similarly, a 2017 review found positive results when treating depressive symptoms with probiotics, but the probiotic strains and dosing varied, and further research is needed. It's always smart to talk to your doctor about improving mental health before attempting to treat it on your own.

You can get probiotics by eating fermented foods such as:

While some people may prefer a supplement, according to Cresci, it's better to consume probiotics through food.

"The yogurt has your probiotic in it, but then you have these beneficial metabolites that you'll also be consuming at the same time," says Cresci.

The number of probiotics you should consume daily varies greatly. Since there is such a diversity in probiotics, the amount is not set, and often it can depend on daily changes in your gut condition and your body's needs.

According to Cresci, people who should not take probiotics without a doctor's approval include:

That's because these individuals should not be introducing new microbes into their diet, says Cresci. But everyone should consult with their doctor or a dietitian before beginning new supplements or considering different strains of probiotics.

What we eat is incredibly important, both for our body and for our body's microbiome. Prebiotics and probiotics are both important for keeping our gut balanced and healthy. The difference between the two is prebiotics feed live bacteria in the gut whereas probiotics are the live bacteria in the gut.

"We want to be good stewards to our microbiome," says Wahls. "And that's having enough vegetables, having enough fermented foods so we're getting enough prebiotics and probiotics and then when necessary taking supplements to further support restoration."

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Prebiotics vs. probiotics: Differences and health benefits - Insider - INSIDER

Dec 11

Chloe Wise Keeps Her Butter Warm and Close – Grub Street

Illustration: Margalit Cutler

Ever since Chloe Wises infamous Bagel No. 5 Chanel moment in 2014, food and humor have pervaded the Canadian artists work and life and together, those elements comprise a sort of ethos. For me, it was never really a question: What should I paint? Should it be people?, Wise explains. It was just, like, I paint people Im a lover of humans. We have sex, and food and shelter and sleep but sleep is boring.

Wednesday, December 2Coffee, which I have every morning and which I make at home with whatever I have this time it was Peets and soft-boiled eggs with focaccia I made around 11 p.m. because Im into sourdough, as we all are in 2020. This particular focaccia had sesame seeds in the dough. It was a cute one. This was also lunch.

Ive always been into cooking. I hope I dont get into trouble for saying this, but I dont have a real kitchen; Im not supposed to have one in my studio. What I do have is a Breville smart oven and induction burner, and I have been cooking on that for years in the studio. COVID has gotten me into baking cause I hadnt done sourdough previously. So Im in full sourdough mode, which is very funny when you dont have a real kitchen.

My oven is essentially a glorified toaster oven, but it does the job. I can only cook such small amounts, so Ive learned how to paint and, honestly, with oil-paint-covered hands, I throw a bunch of vegetables in the oven, go back to painting, hear the beep, beep, and then I come back and take it out. But things are often room temperature, and Ill do them throughout the course of the day. If I dont have a friend over for dinner or a reason to cook dinner, I probably will just paint until four in the morning, and then my back will hurt and I wont have eaten and its a whole nightmare, so its good when a friend is like, Im coming over for dinner.

That means I have to stop painting, and I have to wash my hands because Im feeding someone else and I dont want to feed them oil paint unless they want it but, you know, its about consent here.

Baking has been cathartic in a way, but its also been really useful because I dont find sourdough to be that time-consuming. I mix it, and then I paint, and then I fold it a bit, and then I paint, and then I have enough dough that I make a couple of mini-loaves, and then all week I have bread for myself. So you heard it here first sourdough is a time-saver. Thats my hot take.

I made dinner for my friend Carly. She loves my cooking, and I cook for her all the time. Salmon on top of fennel. Its kind of like the Alison Roman recipe because I love that cookbook Dining In, which has proved to be useful during COVID. So its like a cast-iron skillet with shallots, fennel, capers, butter, salmon, and then I put that in the oven, and then I serve that to my friend with my sesame focaccia. And some organic Swedish Fish called DelishFish.

Thursday, December 3I had coffee. Skipped breakfast. I had a weird brunch-lunch, which was prosciutto with figs and mozzarella. I just put them into little rolls while I did work, basically. I love figs, and then it was my assistants birthday, so I ordered her some cupcakes from Mollys Cupcakes.

I got her a bunch of different kinds. I told her to take them home, but I shared one with her safely, by the way that was blueberry cheesecake.

That night, I went out for dinner if you can believe it. I went to the Odeon, which I missed so much. My week that Im recording doesnt necessarily reflect my normal weeks because I hadnt gone out at all, but I went out twice on this weekend.

I went with three friends and we had the kale Caesar. I had the burger and too many martinis. Im a rare or medium-rare for the burger. Im not a sicko. Well-done is messed up. And fries as well. Naughty day. There was like a corn-flake cookie for dessert, and then we had whiskey at my house afterward, which as a combination is not ideal but, you know, I was fine. I dont want to set a bad example.

Friday, December 4Woke up late. I usually wake up at nine and have coffee the second I wake up and then start working, but this past week I went to bed at four many of the nights because I was either staying up super-late painting, or Id have dinner with a friend and theyd leave and Id keep painting, or Id have, like, the Odeon night and stay up super-late.

So this morning, I baked. I usually make a big batch of the sourdough and then Ill separate it out. I made a big loaf, a little loaf, and I made myself a little squiggle baguette, a squiggly little S.

Thats all I ate all day cause I woke up late, and that night I actually went to the Odeon again because it was Jenna Gribbons exhibition at the Journal Gallery and they had a dinner for her. To make it COVID-safe, it was very few people just the artists she had painted. The premise of her exhibition was she painted other painters. I was so honored. I was brought to tears. She did a painting of me. Its so lovely, especially because she painted my paintings in the background. Shes so talented.

I hadnt been to an opening and gallery dinner in so long, and it was just other artists because the gallerists sat at a different table. Like, we were at the kids table, so it was refreshing to be with people that I hadnt seen, even though we had to first take our safety very seriously. Everybody else had martinis, but I had tea because I was hung-over from the martinis of yestereve.

I had roast chicken with a side of broccoli rabe. I will say that Im usually much more vegetarian than I was this week. Then we had the sugar doughnuts for dessert. Theyre like brown-sugar-coated little doughnut dudes with a caramel dipping sauce. Really good.

This week was a lot of meat for me. I was vegetarian for ten years, and my mom is an amazing cook, so from the time I was 13 years old onward, Id be in the kitchen while she was making dinner, and Id be making a vegetarian version of whatever she was making. I was never gonna go into food or anything, but I had to cook a lot when I was younger, and a lot of the food sculpture I do is not only because food occupies a really important space in terms of community and identity, but also because I love food.

Theres this amazing girl, Paris Starn. Her Instagram is incredible. Were doing a dinner together next week actually for Hannukah. Shes amazing. I just was shown her Instagram, and I started being this absolute stan, and I went to this pop-up she had. Shell post recipes which is very generous of her, and Ill screenshot them and follow through and ask her questions.

I feel like whether its baking bread or painting or anything you want to learn, were so blessed in the digital-information age. Setting aside all the problems it gives us, were really blessed to have a lot of information at our fingertips if we want to find it. My ultimate procrastination is thinking, like, I should be painting, Ill start cooking. I should be cooking, Ill keep painting. But cooking comes up quite a bit.

In the summer, I learned to fish and forage. Baking sourdough and fishing and foraging theres a pattern here. I love to learn a thing that makes me not have to order. For me, it was never really a question: What should I paint? Should it be people? It was just like, I paint people because I love faces, I love people. Were social beings. Im a lover of humans, and so that was never a question. Similarly, food. It wasnt a question.

Saturday, December 5I had some sourdough bread and butter and coffee. I keep my butter at room temperature on my table next to a big bowl of Maldon salt, so I can take bread and just do dippers while Im having coffee.

I went to go see some art uptown also very rare for me but I left the house and I was hungry. My friend and I stopped at this bougie, organic-y spot that I had never seen before. Im thinking its called Biologique, but thats literally a moisturizer brand. It was something like that. I had a raw key-lime pie a little circle made out of, I dont know, chickpea flour or grass or something, and a charcoal latte, which sounded healthy but was just hot sugar.

That night, I went to Virginias with my friend Paul and my boyfriend, Eric. Virginias is a really good, sneaky spot. Amazing burger, which I had, even though I couldnt believe I was having a burger twice in one week. But I had to. Its so good there. I split it with my friend, and we also split the burrata and fries. I had a Moscow Mule, and, later, at midnight, it became my birthday, and I turned 30.

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