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Jan 11

Fitness Tips & Fitness Training | ACTIVE

Fitness Tips & Fitness Training | ACTIVE Need Help? Event Organizers ACTIVE WORKS

From marketing exposure to actionable datainsights, ACTIVE Works is the race managementsoftware for managing & marketing your events.

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Find Fitness Training Advice on Workouts, Gear & Equipment

Sculpt your core and build strong muscles with these fitness tips andtraining articles. From challenging workouts to recovery tactics, keep your body in tip-top shape with expertadvice.

Love handles, muffin top, side fat … call it what you want, but it’s one of the most difficult places to tone. Add these two moves to shed fat and sculpt your midsection.

Flatten your abs in just minutes. All you need is a few minutes a day for one month to sculpt your midsection. Get moving with these five moves.

Fitness Articles & Advice

Whether you wanted to lose weight or gain muscle, these awesome workout tips from 2017 delivered.

Weve put together our favorite workouts of the year to get everyone moving and keep the whole family healthy.

Fitness isnt always fun, but it can be funny. Laugh with us as we remember the best tweets, memes, T-shirts and more from 2017.

You aren’t destined to fall off the fitness wagon this holiday season. Here’s how to maintain your workout program.

These yoga poses will help you relax, reflect and replenish during a crazy week so you can continue being an amazing parent.

Dream of nailing the perfect gift for the active person in your life? Look no further than this gear-focused gift guide.

Because theres nothing quite like unwrapping a sleek new piece of fitness tech this holiday season.

Whether the athlete in your life is a runner, yogi or all-around fitness buff, we have plenty of stocking stuffer ideas for $50 or less.

There are thousands of exercises you can do to tune up your body. But which ones are considered the best?

Swing, jump, and crunch your way to a trimmer and leaner body with these 11 butt-kicking tabata exercises.

Make your fitness goals a reality. Take on this two-week workout plan to lose weight, build muscle, and gain endurance.

There are many stereotypical gym-goers out there, but some are more prevalent than others. Here are 12 you probably see often.

Short on time or need a change of pace? Learn what tabata training is and how you can get a butt-blasting workout done in four minutes.

Tight traps are bound to happen. Use these guidelines to deal with these tight muscles on your own

All it takes is 30 minutes and some space to do this quick, full-body Tabata workout. No equipment necessary.

Try Tabata workouts with in-app coaching in the worlds first community-based fitness app.

Doug Balzarini, CSCS, MMA-CC, founder of DB Strength and professional MMA trainer.

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Fitness Tips & Fitness Training | ACTIVE

Nov 25

Exercise & Fitness Equipment | Academy

Exercise Equipment

Whatever your workout of choice, Academy has everything you need to optimize the time you spend sweating it out at home. Trim down with high-quality cardio equipment and machines, including ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, steppers and more, or bulk up by using our selection of kettlebells, weight machines, benches and other durable strength training equipment. If you’d rather work your legs and arms with high-powered punches and kicks, browse our collection of MMA heavy bags, protective gear, training equipment and boxing gear to get ready for the big fight. Find toning accessories to mix up your normal routine, and explore our full range of flooring and mats to find the right level of support and cushion for you. We even carry your favorite As Seen on TV exercise equipment so you can get the latest fitness technologies at Academy’s always low prices. However you hone your body, we have the right home gym equipment for you.

Once you’ve found the best exercise equipment for your workout of choice, make sure you’re stocked up on the supplies that support your goals. Academy has a wide selection of nutrition and supplements to boost your energy, like shakes, protein powders and bars, energy gels, and more. Make sure you’re tracking your hard work with wearable technology, including fitness and activity trackers, sport watches and heart rate monitors, and then use the data to maintain or enhance your routine. If you’re recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one, shop our sports medicine braces, wraps, and tape to get the compression and support you need to stay active. Grab a duffel or gym bag to store your essentials so you’re always ready to go, and then stop by our training shop to find the affordable workout clothes you need to perform at the top of your game. Always get the most out your workouts with Academy’s great selection of fitness equipment and accessories.

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Exercise & Fitness Equipment | Academy

Nov 1

Fitness | Shape Magazine

The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

These eight moves will help strengthen your lower abs for a strong core and flatter stomach

Summer treats…in moderation.

It might seem like bathroom humor, but this toilet paper Tabata workout is no joke.

16 top fitness experts share their go-to move for slim, sculpted hips and thighs.

Stop doing crunches and start doing these 3 flat-belly moves!

6 classic strength moves that fry fat and sculpt a sexy back and shoulders.

Cardio and a clean diet can only get you so far–amp up your metabolism with this routine to maximize your weight loss results.

So freaking simple.

My life was spiraling out of control with anxiety-induced chest pains.

Pulling on a skintight Cat Woman suit or a Beyonce bodysuit this Halloween? Amp up your booty work in the gym to totally slay in whatever spooky, sultry, or just plain silly costume you choose.

Portable and perfectly portioned.

This multi-tasking move can work wonders for your body, but are you doing it right?

Bye, varicose veins

Four minutes dedicated to carving your six-pack.

Bust out the wok because you’re going to be obsessed with this dish.

Including one never-before-seen move that will *rock* your body.

Slim, strengthen, and define your thighs with this power circuit!

Steal this volleyball athlete’s go-to moves to shape up from head to toe.

Strengthen every angle of your core with these killer moves.

BRB, stuffing our faces.

Lace up, get out, and no more negative talk.

Because ~plant-based~ is so hot RN

Ready to get sweaty? We’ve got workouts for your abs, butt, legs, and more.

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Fitness | Shape Magazine

Sep 8

3 Biggest Opportunities for Planet Fitness, Inc. — The Motley Fool – Motley Fool

Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) is disrupting the gym industry with its low-cost membership plans and “judgment-free”atmosphere. The company is enjoying strong increases in membership, revenue, and earnings — all of which have helped its stock outperform the market by more than 30 percentage points since its IPOin August 2015.

PLNT data by YCharts.

Yet more important to today’s investor is how the stock performs from this point forward. In this regard, here are some of Planet Fitness’ biggest opportunities for continued success.

Image source: Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is the most popular gym in America, with nearly 25% of all foot traffic, according to location intelligence company Foursquare. Yet despite its market dominance, the company is still early into its growth cycle.

Planet Fitness ended the second quarter with 1,403 fitness centers.That’s only about a third of a way toward its ultimate goal of 4,000locations. With the fitness center chain slated to open roughly 200 new gymsper year, this offers the prospect of more than a decade of solid growth still to come.

Image source: Planet Fitness.

In addition to growing its store count, Planet Fitness has a tremendous opportunity to increase sales at its existing gyms. And much of this growth will come from people who have never stepped foot in a gym before.

“We believe we are clearly growing the overall market by successfully targeting the approximately 80% of the U.S. population and Canada that currently does not belong to a gym,” CEO Chris Rondeau said in Planet Fitness’ first-quarter conference call.

To Rondeau’s point, approximately 40% of Planet Fitness’ new customers are first-time gym goers.The company’s welcoming, nonintimidating environment and affordable $10-per-month membership fees are proving popular with the masses. In turn, Planet Fitness has a market opportunity that is larger than perhaps any other fitness concept. That’s saying something, considering that the U.S. health club industry served more than 57 million members and generated $27.6 billion in revenue in 2016, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association.For a business that just recently surpassed 10 millionmembers, this massive — and growing — market should provide fertile ground for Planet Fitness’ expansion in the years ahead.

Image source: Getty Images.

One business’ pain is often another’s gain. And with much of the traditional retail industry getting slaughtered by the relentless and merciless growth of e-commerce, pain is in high supply these days.

With retailers shuttering thousands of stores, landlords are scrambling to find new tenants. That’s a boon for Planet Fitness, which is scooping up vacant commercial real estate space on the cheap. Moreover, the gym chain has become a highly desired tenant due to its strong operational performance.

“One of the benefits we get is we’re one of the first ones to get called now, when something becomes available,” CFO Dorvin Lively saidduring the company’s second-quarter earnings call.

All told, with its ability to obtain prime real estate on favorable terms, large runways for store count expansion, and popularity with first-time gym users, Planet Fitness has powerful opportunities for growth in the years — and likely decade — ahead.

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3 Biggest Opportunities for Planet Fitness, Inc. — The Motley Fool – Motley Fool

Sep 8

Couple Gets Married at Planet Fitness – People –

When Stephanie Hughes and Joe Keith started planning their wedding, they only had one unconventional venue in mind the Planet Fitness gym where they met.

The couple from Cincinnati, Ohio first locked eyes in the PF360 room at the gyms Western Hills location.

I was using the bosu ball, and he asked if I was using a piece of the equipment, and I looked up and was like, No, Hughes recalls, with a dreamy look on her face, in the couples wedding video. I was so nervous!

I definitely was like, Oh my god shes gorgeous, and thought I should go say something, Keith adds. Right when we first met I was like, oh shes so awesome, so I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

To the duo, a date night meant working out together every single night, before hanging around the gyms parking lot for an hour just talking and getting to know each other, Hughes says.

The parking lot was even the site of a major relationship milestone.

I first said I love you at Planet Fitness, it was in the parking lot, and Im a stickler for clean cars. Hers was filthy and I just wrote on the top of it I love you, Keith says.

I was pretty nervous to say it back, just because it was so soon, but I didnt think I would fall in love that fast but I did, Hughes says.

From Coinage:4 Ways to Work Out Without Killing Your Wallet

After Keith proposed, Hughes checked out other wedding venues, but kept coming back to her dream of a gym wedding.

I wanted to get married at Planet Fitness, she says. We checked out a few venues [but] I just could not see myself getting married there. When I wrote to Planet Fitness on Facebook, I honestly didnt think I would get a response, but I would be so mad at myself if I didnt at least try. Planet Fitness responded, Were going to make this a reality for you. I couldnt believe it.

They wed on Sunday, in a ceremony officiated by their favorite staff member, and are currently off on a two-week-long honeymoon.

I cant be without Steph, Keith says.

The rest is here:
Couple Gets Married at Planet Fitness – People –

Sep 8

Local fitness instructor overcoming adversity to compete in Ironman – Chattanooga Times Free Press

Gallery: Not-so-average Joes: Majority of Ironman made up of regular nine-to-fivers More Ironman coverage

Read more Ironman coverage by clicking on the image below.

Ironman is full of familiar faces: a local accountant, a neighbor, the stay-at-home mom from church, a local YMCA instructor.

There are professionals whose lives are dedicated to the sport, but Ironman primarily consists of age-groupers, the term used for the non-professional athletes who make up the majority of the race. They balance careers with families and hours of training, a sacrifice not just for the athletes but for their families and friends.

Some just want to prove to themselves they can finish the race, others dream of a high finish at this weekend’s world championships, hoping to be among the best triathletes in the world.

Marsha Goldberg

Marsha Goldberg had given up.

Her father unexpectedly died in March and she no longer wanted to train or deal with the pressure that comes with Ironman.

She was broken. It was not supposed to happen. Her dad, Robert Skinner, had been sick but he was supposed to be OK. Then, his heart stopped.

He had once traveled from his Georgia home to Chattanooga to watch his daughter compete in her first Ironman in 2015. She had spent months getting her body in top condition for both Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga in May and Ironman Chattanooga this month, but with his death Ironman no longer seemed important.

“We weren’t ready for him to go,” Goldberg said. “That affected me bad. I lost all interest in training. I couldn’t even get up on the bike or anything. I couldn’t.”

Elizabeth Baker, a training partner who first got Goldberg interested in Ironman, called and told her she could not quit; it would not have been what her father wanted.

“You have to do this for your dad,” Baker told her. “You have to push hard for him, because he would be so upset if he knew you gave up on your dream.” She was right and Goldberg knew it.

She got her father’s name tattooed on her forearm where she can see it while on the bike and training resumed.

With the help of trainer Robyn Wilham, Goldberg said, she quickly got back into racing condition for May’s Ironman 70.3. She finished in five hours and 22 minutes far better than her expectations.

Goldberg, a local fitness instructor, then began preparing for the full event. It involved early morning workouts and sacrifice, she said, but more than anything, it involved a supportive family.

“I could not do anything I do without my husband, without his absolute complete support and dedication to my goal,” she said. “He’s my rock.”

Goldberg starts her morning at 4 a.m. with a training ride or run. Her husband, Dan, a banker at Pinnacle, brings her breakfast once he wakes up. Then he gets their two children, 9-year-old Brody and 11-year-old Reese, ready for school, packs their lunches and gets them on the bus.

“If it wasn’t for him I couldn’t have done this,” she said.

She finishes her morning workout, teaches her fitness classes and finishes with a swim or other workout before picking up the kids from school and shuttling them to activities.

Goldberg teaches spin, barre and other classes between her two jobs at the Downtown YMCA and Balanced Studio on Signal Mountain.

She is a hit among her students, who speak highly of her character, her intensity and, most of all, her kindness.

“The thing you know about Marsha is you know it’s going to be intense, but you also know she’s working as hard as we are,” said Forrest Simmons, one of the men in her Wednesday spin class at the YMCA. “That’s the thing that I love about the class. You know she’s working as hard, if not harder, than anyone else in there, and it’s really motivational.

“She’s an inspiration knowing that she’s doing the Ironman, just seeing how fit she is. The other thing is that before and after the class, she’ll talk to you, and she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever know. She’s very encouraging.”

While the classes certainly help with her fitness, Ironman requires more specialized training that can’t come in her class settings, she said. So like many age-groupers, she trains, goes to work, gets off and trains some more.

Along the way, there’s been a missed birthday party, time away from her children and added pressure on her husband during the training.

This weekend’s race is going to be it for a while for Goldberg. She’s not completely calling it quits she may race again in the future and plans to continue to stay active in other events but it will be a while before Goldberg is again seen competing in such a grueling race.

Contact staff writer Mark Pace at or 423-757-6361. Follow him on Twitter@themarkpaceand on Facebook atChattanoogaOutdoors.

Read the original here:
Local fitness instructor overcoming adversity to compete in Ironman – Chattanooga Times Free Press

Sep 8

Diet and Fitness Expert Louise Parker Shares Her Top Tips For Jumpstarting Your Weight Loss in 2 Weeks –

If youre looking to reset your health and fitness routine for fall, A-list trainer and bestselling authorLouise Parker is here to help.

There are tricks of the trade that people can do after the summer and after the holidays, to give themselves a bit of a redo, the UK. based mom-of-three, tells PEOPLE. Perhaps theyve been flying or overeating or drinking too much. I think its normal to put on a couple of kilos after [a summer holiday].

The author ofThe Louise Parker Method: Lean for Lifebooks helps people reach and maintain their goal weight through 6-week and 12-week programs, which follow her four-pillar approach (think successfully, eat beautifully, exercise intelligently and live well). The@figuremagicianalso suggests ways to jumpstart your routine in just two to three weeks.

People want to feel better in a couple weeks. It may not be a total body transformation, but they want to feel better, says Parker who helped Emma Thompson drop two dress sizes. The good news is that you can make a difference in that time. Youve got to put your full energy into it. Youve got to go for it. A little bit of determination for a couple of weeks is good because it puts your habits back in place.

Here are Parkers tips to getting back on track in two-weeks time:

Cut out all the junk food.I mean all of it. I think its easier to [totally cut out] sugars than to dabble with it here and there, says Parker. On a longer program, wed ok a slice of birthday cake or whatever it is, but if weve got two weeks, we dont have time for it. Swerve around all alcohol, sugars and junk.Youve got to look at it as: if you dont smoke, you have to look at that stuff like you would a cigarette. I dont smoke, I dont do that. Dig your heels in for those two weeks within three days it gets easier.

Get savvy about hidden sugars.Parker talks about being organically overweight. People will say, Im doing clean eating and Im gaining weight. What the heck is going on? I think this is where people can really go wrong. [For example,] they are eating energy bowls made of dates and honey. Those foods are natural and nutritious and they may be organic and gluten-free. If youre feeding them to your kids, or youre using them to maintain your weight, they are absolutely fine. But if youre trying to drop a few pounds, its still sugar. If your body doesnt need it or it cant burn through it, its going to end up on your backside. Check the label and save yourself any misconceptions.Its one thing to know youre eating a candy bar, but its absolutely soul destroying when youre putting in a major effort eating gluten-free and organic [and still putting on weight].

RELATED VIDEO:Jada Pinkett Smiths Weight-Loss Secrets

Watch the saltYou need salt in your diet its dangerous to eliminate it completely, but its a really good idea to keep an eye on salt, says Parker. [Start by] using half the amount of salt you normally would and check the labels of anything that is processed and not a natural food. You probably want to avoid anything in a packet because the reality is that they have to put salt in it to sustain its shelf life. [Too much salt]will make your limbs appear puffy and youll look bloated. If Im getting someone ready for awards season or an event, two to three days before we reduce the salt intake. Its incredible the difference it makes by just getting the salt out and increasing the hydration. Your body will get rid of that waterlogged tissue.

and drink plenty of water.Aim for about three liters of water a day, suggests Parker. But dont go bonkers about it. It can be dangerous and lead tohyponatremia.

Follow a food plan.Get your mindset on the good, healthy foods that you like to eat; dont focus on what you cant have, says Parker. Eat three meals a day and two snacks.Aim for each meal to have good dose of protein, which stabilizes your blood sugar levels, hormones and your appetite, fruit or seasonal vegetables and a little bit of healthy fats.

Exercise daily.If you want results quickly, I would say, aim to work out every day you possibly can. I have a little mantra: pay your daily rent, says Parker. If you do a little something and it can be four minutes or forty minutes everyday, youre just reminding your brain of your habit, which soon will become part of who of you are. If you want to make a difference in two or three weeks, youve got to put something into it. Those four minutes are not going to cut it, but it doesnt have to be long. It can be thirty minutes. The reality is if youre not in the mood and do thirty minutes, the likelihood is it will turn into forty minutes or even an hour.

Parker offers two exercises to get you started:

Squats on Fire1. Stand with your feet wide apart and sit back into a squat with thighs parallel to the ground. Ensure your knees do not cross over your toe line. Your hands should be clenched a the center of your body.2. As you stand up, really push through the left heel and extend your right leg into a side-kick, pulsing up and down at the top for 5 slow repetitions.3. Lower your leg and sit back down into the squat, preparing to push up again through the opposite heel.4. Repeat with the left leg and continue alternation until you have completed a full minute.

Slim Side Lunges1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and step your right food wide to the side. As you drop into a lunge, reach with your left hand to touch your right foot. Dont allow your right knee to extend beyond your tow line. Focus on keeping your chest lifted and your weight in the heels of your feet.2. Now push into your right foot to return to a standing position, then repeat the lunge on the opposite side. As always, remember to keep your core engaged. Keep alternation until youve completed one minute.

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Diet and Fitness Expert Louise Parker Shares Her Top Tips For Jumpstarting Your Weight Loss in 2 Weeks –

Sep 8

EXCLUSIVE: Gina Rodriguez Empowers Herself Through Fitness: ‘I’m the Strongest I’ve Ever Been’ – Entertainment Tonight

As a result, my body changed immediately. I couldnt fit into certain clothes, and I was a little curvier, she adds. Before, I would have beaten myself up. But my boyfriend gave me some great advice. He said, Dont be angry with your bodyit changed because your routine shifted. And that was like a gift.

Ive got to embrace the fact that when Im shooting Jane, I cant work out as much. My body is going to look different, and thats OK. Im not willing to wring the joy from my life to kill myself in the gym, she says.

Earlier this year, Rodriguez and her production company, I Can And I Will Productions, signed an overall deal with CBS Television Studios. Under the multi-year deal, Rodriguez will develop a wide range of projects centered around the Latino community.

Im living my dream, she says about her career. I want to say to women who are reading this story, try anything you want. Youre strong and durable.”

For more on Rodriguez, watch the video below.

Excerpt from:
EXCLUSIVE: Gina Rodriguez Empowers Herself Through Fitness: ‘I’m the Strongest I’ve Ever Been’ – Entertainment Tonight

Sep 7

Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton’s ‘Fitness’ for Office – New York Times

Mr. Trump sat down with committee investigators in the Capitol shortly before 9:30 a.m. and was expected to remain under questioning for several hours. The interview was being conducted by staff, but a handful of Democratic senators attended.

Mr. Trump entered the Capitol under cover and did not speak with reporters.

The June 2016 meeting came about after the younger Mr. Trump received an email from a family associate saying that potentially damaging information was being provided as part of the Russian governments support for his father. But in his statement on Thursday, he described his decision to agree to the meeting as the byproduct of the chaotic, seat-of-the pants campaign assembled by his father, rather than any attempt to collude with Russia.

Mr. Trump has given differing accounts of his contacts last year with Russians. He told the Times in March that he never met with Russians on behalf of the campaign, a statement his lawyer has since said was meant to refer to Russian government officials. In July, he described the Trump Tower meeting as primarily focused on the issue of Russian adoptions, before eventually acknowledging that he took the meeting because he was told Ms. Veselnitskaya had damaging information about Mrs. Clinton.

But intentionally misspeaking to Congress is a crime, giving his statement on Thursday added weight.

He told investigators that working for his fathers campaign consumed his life. I had never worked on a campaign before and it was an exhausting, all-encompassing, life-changing experience. Every single day I fielded dozens, if not hundreds, of emails and phone calls.

He is the second person connected to the Trump campaign to tell congressional investigators that the campaign was, essentially, too inexperienced and too unfamiliar with politics to pull off a master strategy let alone coordinate with the Russian government. Mr. Trumps brother-in-law, Jared Kushner, painted a similar picture during an interview with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In his statement, Mr. Trump said he had some reservations about the June 2016 proposal from the meetings facilitator, Rob Goldstone, whom he described as a colorful music promoter he had come to know through the son of a Russian oligarch. Mr. Goldstone asked Mr. Trump to take a meeting that would include potentially damaging information about Mrs. Clinton.

Since I had no additional information to validate what Rob was saying, I did not quite know what to make of his email. I had no way to gauge the reliability, credibility or accuracy of any of the things he was saying, he said.

As it later turned out, my skepticism was justified. The meeting provided no meaningful information and turned out not to be about what had been represented.

In an email response to Mr. Goldstone, Mr. Trump wrote that if the promised information about Mrs. Clinton was as advertised, I love it.

As much as some have made of my using the phrase I love it, it was simply a colloquial way of saying that I appreciated Robs gesture, he said in his statement on Thursday.

See the rest here:
Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton’s ‘Fitness’ for Office – New York Times

Sep 7

Liverpool to take caution with Philippe Coutinho’s fitness – Jurgen Klopp – ESPN FC

Brazil have fun at the expense of a mascot, Marcelo dazzles in training and plenty more in The Sweeper. Paul Mariner says Philippe Coutinho must honor his contract now that he’ll remain with Liverpool. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Philippe Coutinho are among the surprise UCL inclusions for Manchester United and Liverpool respectively.

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool need to be careful with the fitness of Philippe Coutinho after he returned to Merseyside following international duty with Brazil.

Coutinho did not appear in any of Liverpool’s first five games of the season with what the club say was a back injury and then illness, having handed in a transfer request as he sought a move to Barcelona.

However, the playmaker appeared as a second-half substitute on two occasions for Brazil over the recent international break, scoring against Ecuador in a World Cup qualifier.

Speaking to the Liverpool’s website, Klopp was asked about the condition of Coutinho and Roberto Firmino after their travels with Brazil and said: “It’s a little bit different.

“Roberto played in the second game a little bit longer, but both are fit so that’s cool, they’re healthy so now we have to see.

“It’s of course different because Phil, I know what people think, but Phil had the back problem a few weeks ago and couldn’t train so that means he missed around about three weeks.

“Yes, he went to the national team and trained normally, but now we have to prepare for a normal season so we have seven games [before the next international break] and we saw training this morning and thought: ‘OK, maybe we should use him immediately’ because he was really good, but that doesn’t make sense.

“We have now to continue with the preseason, not too long, but in a few sessions we have to give ourselves the time because in the next month we have seven games.

“We always have the same decision to make, ‘does he need training or can he play?’ and all that stuff. Yes, he will now do a little bit more than the other boys but he showed up in a very, very good mood and looks really promising.”

Klopp has previously stated that Coutinho would be welcomed back into his fold, with Liverpool remaining firm in their stance that the player would not sold, having rejected three offers from Spain.

After Coutinho reported back to the club’s training ground on Thursday, Klopp said he had spoken to the 25-year-old.

“Of course — all good, all good,” the Liverpool manager added. “Nothing else to say, actually, so he’s back and we had a really good conversation, so good.”

Follow @ESPNFC on Twitter to keep up with the latest football updates.

See the article here:
Liverpool to take caution with Philippe Coutinho’s fitness – Jurgen Klopp – ESPN FC

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